Cape Town, South Africa
Part 22

Hiya Gary,

Had swim training this morning so I couldn’t get a note off toya. I must tellya this – Ross, me and another guy were in the showers together and Ross got this totally awesome boner, and I started to rag him about it. Mine was starting to hug my gut as well. So he says that he was with his girlfriend last night and they got to the point where he was getting ready to fuck her cos they were both so horny. Then her dad walks in and finds them, and saw his daughter with Ross’ cock in her hand. Ross said the old man went totally ballistic. He tried to fist him, but Ross bolted outta there with his jeans around his ankles – hehehe.

Anyway, so her old man phones Ross’ folks, and Ross’ old man tells this dude that it was his daughter’s hand around my son’s cock. Anyway, Ross phoned her this morning and she’s not allowed to see him again. But that’s not gonna stop them from going out together this Saturday night to a club. Guess they’re gonna fuck like rattlesnakes. So what is it with her old man? Does he really believe that if his daughter and Ross love each other that they’re just gonna stop seeing each other like he wants them to? YEAH, RIGHT YOU OLD DICKHEAD. Not you – him.

Anyway, so Ross is stroking it in the shower and he’s got me as horny as anything. He thinks it’s cos of the story he’s telling me. So he chirps that if I had a pussy he woulda fucked me right there. So I turned my backside to him and pulled my cheeks apart, and asked him if it looked familiar. He cracked laughing, and so did the other dude. It was such a gas. I must tellya – there’s one thing I really like and that’s making people laugh. Like you do in your stories. That scene with the prayer [up the tree in B Meets The Captain] was fucking hilarious cos I could actually picture it all happening – hehehe.

When G answered, which he almost always did as soon as he received my mail, he asked me to squeeze in another before I left school that day so that he’d have something to read in the morning his time.

You want something to read in the morning, huh? C o o o l – how’s this one?

You know that dude who was in the showers with me and Ross this morning? Well, he’s turned out to be a total fuckwit.

At recess, he was standing with what must be his friends and he shouts across the quad, “HEY, GAYBOY!” to me. So I went up to him and said, “Say what?”

“Do you show your ring to everybody or is it just Ross that you fancy?”

So he and his mates started laughing, and then he says, “You’re a fucking faggot.”

By this time there’s a fucking crowd standing around, and this fuck is calling me a faggot in front of the whole school. Anyway, Ross heard what he said, so he comes behind me and whispers to me to sort the fucker out cos nobody will see anything. So, anyway, this dude is still laughing, and I fucking laid into him. What the fuck – it was only a one two, and he was on his fucking back, wiping the blood from his mouth and nose.

I could see then that he was raring to go at me but his mates stopped him. The teacher monitor came up to see what was going on but Ross just said that the dude had tripped and hurt himself.

And you know what, G? I feel fucking good about it. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. I felt like giving that fucker a hiding, and would have if his mates hadn’t butted in.

Anyway, Ross spoke to me afterwards and said he would pull the dude offa the swim team. I told him not to cos he got what was coming to him and it should be left at that. He just needs to learn that the guys in the team do exactly the sorta thing I did. Fuck, Darren used to jack off in the showers if he was feeling horny. And it didn’t matter if there were peeps around. And when we’re riding [in a bus] on tour, the guys always brown-eye the peeps in passing cars or in towns we go through.

Maybe I overreacted but I still feel fucking good. And I’ll tellya something else – hurting him actually made me feel fucking horny. Maybe it’s just that I’m getting sexually frustrated or something [without Steve around].

Anyway, we’ve got another swim session this arvie. I‘ll ignore the dude. I’m a fucking lover not a fighter. I just hope that I’m not gonna become one of those stupid guys who enjoys beating up on people.

So there – you wanted something to read in the morning.

OUCH! My hand hurts like fuck!

So what else could I have written? Well, it’s been an OK day. And it’s almost school break [vacation]. We break on Friday for a week’s vac. Don’t worry, I’ll still write cos we’re training through the hols.

Jeez, I can’t believe how I feel. I shouldn’t be feeling like this.

G's reply:

“Hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

“Well, you did what I would have expected. You didn’t back down from trouble. You confronted it. You’re one tough dude, Cody, and you don’t take shit. You’re gonna need to be tough, especially on the inside, if you’re gonna survive being gay in a str8 world.

“As for that fuckwit who called you a faggot, he got what he deserved. Not only that, the smartass got it in front of the whole damn school. But his days of misery have only just begun if he thinks he can elevate himself by stepping on other people to achieve it. He’s the one with the problem, not you. He wanted his mates to think highly of him. Well, all they saw was a kid making a fool of himself, and ending up on the deck with a cut lip and a bleeding nose. Hehehe. What a jerk.

>And you know what? I feel fucking good about it.

“Yeah, well you’ve often told me that you don’t feel quite right about admitting that you’re gay, so those two punches demonstrated once again that you’re no sissy. You once told Daniel that being gay didn’t have to mean not being a man. Hey, there’s no shortage of str8 wusses out there.

“It’s interesting that you didn’t deny being gay. You answered the jerk with your fists. There’s no need to admit or deny anything to anybody if it’s none of their business. Keep ‘em guessing – and bleeding – if necessary.

>Maybe I overreacted but I still feel fucking good.

“Under the circumstances, I don’t think you had much choice. You were being confronted by a group of dickheads and your honor was at stake. Your action was swift and positive. Those guys are gonna think twice before giving you any more lip. Unless, of course, they’re cowards, in which case they might try to bully you as a group. Anyway, whatever happens, you did what you had to do.

“As for feeling good, I guess those two punches also helped to relieve some of the frustration you’ve been suffering over Steve.

>And I’ll tellya something else – hurting him actually made me fucking horny.

“Power is the ultimate aphrodesiac. :) Besides, you’re horny 24 hours a fucking day. So what else is new? Hehehe. I don’t think you’ll become a person who gets pleasure from beating up on people. You’re far too caring and sensitive for that. And you’re right. You’re a lover, not a fighter. But you fight when you have to. You’re not my hero for nothing, y’know.

>OUCH! My hand hurts like fuck!

“And I’ll bet it’s your wanking hand, hehehe. You’d better get Ross or Steve to help out for a few days. Jeez, when you said that Darren used to whack off in the showers when he felt horny, and didn’t care who saw him, I was blown away. As a kid, I was so damn secretive about that kinda stuff. When I think about those priests and teachers who made me feel embarrassed about and even ashamed of my body, I’d like to screw their fucking necks. Religion is basically designed to turn people into robots and keep them under control. When Jesus was here, he didn’t create a religion. Christianity was created by men long after he’d gone.

>Hey, don’t panic. I’ll be back to normal as soon as I sort myself out. :)

“Bloody scallywag. Well, there’ll be no shortage of stuff for future Daniel stories, that’s for sure. BTW, I found a story site – The Secret Diary of whoever – a 13 year old kid. Hmmm -sound familiar? The guy calls himself the Bard, after Shakespeare. He knows nothing about basic grammar, can’t spell, and can’t construct a sentence properly. And his characters lack substance. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But he can’t even do that properly – hehehe.

“Well, sunshine, I’m wondering what happened when you saw the fuckwit at swim prac yesterday arvie. I hope it’s good news. Onya!

“Hey, that guy who’s trying to raise money for my site [domain name registration, etc] just called. He’s had no luck with his mates, but he wants me to present some facts and figures to his board. I’m gonna write something today. Meantime, can you write a sort of reference for me? Just say that Daniel is largely based on you, and something about the success of my last site/s, and me as a story teller, etc. They’re a conservative bunch, so keep it nice hehehe. Ta.” :)

A reference? I’d never written a reference for anyone in my life before, ‘cept a coupla fake ones for school assignments. Anyway, I kinda got a bit carried away. It wasn’t what G wanted.

“I decided not to use your ‘reference’ in my submission cos it referred to your being 15 at the time, whereas my site is supposed to be ‘adult’. It also didn’t relate to what a bunch of accountants wanna know – will the site make money.

“But I’ve decided to use it on the site. Yeah, it’s a great email and deserves to be read by peeps – but not accountants. Hehe.”

It was the next day that I wrote G again. I sent him a short note saying that I’d write him later. I had it out again with ol’ fuckwit yesterday arvie, ‘cept I wasn’t expecting it.

How’s this for a hunk? Name Mark. Eyes green. Hair light brown. Bod outasight with strong shoulders. Sixpack. Lats to his cock. Strong legs, strong biceps and forearms. Except he’s a prick.

This is the dude who dissed me yesterday. He was at swimming yesterday arvie and never said a word to me all through the session. I was the last one outta the pool, and he was waiting for me.

"OK, so there’s nobody around to see us, now let’s have it out."

"I’ve got nothing to have it out for. I hit you cos of what you said in front of the whole damn school."

So he pushes me. Anyway, I started to walk towards the change room and a friend of his comes out and stands in my way. I coulda taken his friend out right there and then cos he was a right fucking weed.

Anyway, he says he’s not letting me through until Mark says it’s OK. So I turned to look at Mark and he’s fucking hit me right in the breadbox. I dunno for how long my lights were out but one of the junior kids was looking over me when I opened my eyes. He asked if I was OK cos it looked like I’d fainted. I couldn’t have been out too long, though, cos I went to the showers and a coupla guys [from the team] were still there. I’ve got a huge bruise on my ribs, though, and I think I was kicked when I passed out – or I hit the ground damn hard.

Anyway, this morning this Mark guy smiles and winks at me as I get to school, and his friends are all smiling at me. It’s like a message that if I fuck with them, I’m gonna get fucked. I know if Paul was still here it woulda been all out war. I’m not gonna do anything more about it unless Mark starts his shit again. Then I’ve gotta stand up for myself, right? I know that the way things are now with his friends and all, I’m likely to get nailed, but I just can’t let them walk all over me like a wuss.

So far, this Mark guy and his mates are pretty much leaving me alone. I reckon now that they know they hurt me it’s cool. Yeah, well, I don’t enjoy the fighting anyway.

Next day, Mark was behaving in a way that surprised the hell outta me. Guess what? That Mark dude is trying to make up for his fuckup the other day. He tried to start a convo with Ross and me this morning, but even without Ross saying anything he got the message from Ross to fuck off outta there. I must say, though, that I felt kinda sorry for Mark. I think he realizes that he’s fucked up badly. Prob is, if I try to make friends with him I’m gonna send him a message that what happened to me was cool. And my fucking ribs have got a huge black bruise on them, and my swimming’s been screwed since then cos I keep getting these pains in my side. And Ross will also get pissed off if I just start chatting like nothing happened. Damn, it’s hard. I hate being on bad vibes with people.

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