Cape Town, South Africa
Part 29

By the time I got to the surf yesterday Wingnut and Steve were ripping. I couldn’t believe that Wingnut was handling it so damn well. He seemed to surf better in the bigger surf. My dad also told me, though, that guys our age didn’t have any damn fear about anything, and that worried him cos we just took off in anything [on any wave] even if we knew we were gonna get nailed.

The grommet is so damn stoked over his board. His folks are gonna buy him a board cover for his birthday whenever that is. Steve hadta leave early so Wingnut and I walked home on our own.



“I’m sorry about Friday night. I guess I took a bit for granted.”

“Hey, it’s cool what you did. It just wasn’t fine for the first time over [at my place], though. Remember what I toldya about not trusting anybody? Well, you don’t really know Steve that well, and you shouldn’t think that it’s OK. That’s all.”

“Yeah, I guess. I’m just curious, though, cos some of the guys at school tell me things and I want to be able to tell them things, too.”

(I laughed). “So, you gonna tell them that you watched Cody jack off, and he had this thick white stuff come outta his cock?”

“Nope. But at least I’ll be able to tell if they’re talking crap or not. Anyway, when does that happen? When will mine change from being all watery to that?”

He had me. I’m not sure I can remember when that happened. I guess the more I jacked off the quicker it happened. Not sure.

So we talked about jacking. All his friends jack off and brag [boast] about how quick they can shoot their loads, and how far. Maybe I shoulda taken him hiking with Darren – hehehe. He coulda taken part in the jacking comp.

Now, must tellya something about Ross. He thinks he’s got the best cock in the whole school and doesn’t mind flashing it around for the guys. Yesterday, after swim training he slaps his cock on my shoulder…

“You can go surfing, Code. I am going to find some horny bitch whose pussy is waiting for some REAL boy meat.”

“Take that thing away before I bite it.”

“Oh, jeez! Do you promise?”

Then he laughed. If only he knew what the fuck that did to me. It’s cool that he doesn’t have any hangups about it. I wouldn’t just hang my cock over any guy’s shoulder, though, cos I would think that he would right away think I was gay. Guess that’s just my hangup.

I’m in some crap and might end up in detention on Friday. A prefect fucko dissed me this morning – told me that I should cut my hair cos it looks like a rat’s ass – something like that. Told him to put a cock in his ear and inject some brain cells.

Fuckwit wrote me up [in his report book].

We got to the gym and there was nobody there, so we went in and took our jackets off. So he [the prefect] stands there and takes a Rocky stand – like a boxer.

“Come, shithead.”

So I did – ‘cept I was watching his right hand while his left hand found my ribs. Ouch! Damn!

I left it there. He walked with me back to the quad, and at least he never bragged about what happened. I can hearya now, G – head shaking – “Cody, Cody, Cody, when will you learn?

After swimming yesterday, I went down to the beach. Steve wasn’t there. He phoned last night to say that he got hung up with something at school. I couldn’t see Wingnut either, so I went in [the water]. It was freeeeeeeeeeezin’! Had a few really nice waves, though, and there were a few friends out. Then I heard him [Wingnut] shouting. He had connected with a few friends of his further down the line, and had been there all the time. I shoulda seen the shit. He was the only one without a wetsuit, and he looked this bluish color - hehehe. He doesn’t hassle about the damn cold, though.

Anyway, he hung around with me the rest of the arvie and we had a pretty neat time out. He was saying that his mates are pretty impressed with his [new] stick. :)

I hadn’t seen it, but when I pulled my wetsuit off at the beach shower…

“What’s that?”


“That blue spot on your side?”

Shit! I hadn’t seen it at home, but I’ve got a huge bruise where I was hit [by the prefect] in the ribs. It’s tender but not that painful.

I told him what happened at school. So then the little shit tells me that the next time I get into a fight, I better call him to help me – hehehe. The prefect woulda picked him up and thrown him away.

He came home with me and I made him a sarmie while he was listening to my Offspring CD. I’ve gotta tape it for him now – for his Walkman.

Friday, after school, I went home and my mom was out. Phoned Steve but he wasn’t home yet. Anyway, it was OK. I had some left-over macaroni and cheese and some juice, and then I quickly did something my dad asked me to do … I hadta strip the lock on our back door cos it was jamming. It’s the damn salt air that does it. Anyway, it was pretty quick. I just stripped it and cleaned it, and then put some oil on it before putting it back. So my dad was pretty chuffed – it was one less chore for him over the weekend. Wingnut came around and asked if we were going for a wave, and I told him I was waiting for Steve to get home. Told him to get something to eat, so he also grabbed some macaroni and cheese.

“You guys going out tonight?”

“Don’t think so. Anyway, Steve’s got something on.”

(Face lights up). “Hey, any chance I can sleep over again, and we go for an early surf?”

“I dunno. I’ll need to check with your folks first, and then with mine.”

“It’s cool with my mom. I’ve already asked her.”

“You cheeky little fucker – without checking me me first?”

“So? I’m checking now.”

“Don’tya have friends like your age where you sleep over?”

“Sometimes… but you’re like right next door and you’re my best friend.”

“OK – let me just check with my mom if it’s OK.”

Steve eventually got home from school and arrived [at my house] out of breath from the running. He was held up helping somebody with math. Oh, yeah – he’s a bit of a brain surgeon when it comes to math.

Had a really nice session [in the surf]. Met some of the guys from school and then we chilled on the beach for a while before going in [the water] again. It was late when we finished.

Wingnut was pretty stoked. He’s managing to stay on his board more often now, and he’s starting to style a bit. He even managed a semi-floater.

After Steve went home, I checked with my mom if it was OK for Wingnut to sleep over. She said that we were all supposed to be going out for dinner with some friends, but it was up to me if I wanted to come [with them] or not.

Dinner with friends of my folks? Yeah, right! Be bored outta my tits. I acted really disappointed, and said that I had already told Wingnut that it was OK [to sleep over]. They didn’t mind that I wasn’t going [with them]. My dad said that he would stay with me rather, and then my mom pulled his ear – hehehe.

I made some popcorn and we watched a vid – an old surf movie called Big Wednesday. I’d seen it before, and Wingnut was glued to it with the huge surf.

So we ended up in my room. Wingnut gets naked and sits on my bed.

“You going to keep your clothes on? Like you’re shy or something?” he asked.

“Shy of who? You? What for? Mine’s ten times that size anyway.”

His cock had grown into a boner. I think it’s like when the air hits it or something. I tried not to stare but for somebody who was like 11 he had something that some guys in the swim team would wish for – except they would want some hair around it.

“Ten times?” he giggled.

“OK… well, maybe not quite, but it’s bigger.”

“I’ve got the biggest one in my class.”

“You guys all compare?”


“We did that as well [when I was your age].”


“Well, I wasn’t the biggest in the class.”


“You’re a cheeky bugger.” (I felt like cracking him one across the chops but I laughed).

So I got undressed and sat down opposite him.



“That! It’s as thick as anything.”

“And much longer.” (I couldn’t help saying that). “Well, let’s just say it’s longer. OK?”

“Hey, now that we’re alone, are we gonna jack off together?”

“This is like a whole thing with you, huh?”

“I’ve been wanting to jack off with you for ages.”


“Cos we’re friends and Brian and me jack off together.”

I passed him some [sheets] of the toilet roll.

“Hey, when you’re finished, I want to see what yours looks like.”


“Cos Brian says that his brother’s is like thick and white, and I’ve never seen it.”

(I laughed like crazy). “You’re something else. Do you know that?”

“Yeah… that’s why you and Steve like hanging with me.”

I clouted him over the head, and then he grabs me and wrestles with me.

Hey, that was totally cool. It’s about the only time I can ever touch the dude, and it was hot wrestling with him.

When I eventually pinned him down, I said that we better get some sleep, else we’re not gonna be able to get up for an early surf.

“Cody, you going to do it with me? Please?”

“Turn the lights out.”



“Brian and me do it with the lights on so we can see each other.”

I stopped arguing with him.

He laid down next to me, and we started jacking. It didn’t take long before I shot my load. I was horny from seeing him jack off, and from wrestling with him. I musta shot a truckload, and then I just laid there.

It took him ages to offload. I thought that maybe he wasn’t going to. He was groaning, and then he stiffened [his bod] and shot off. I’d forgotten what my juice was like when I was his age. It was like a clear thick water.

He grabbed the toilet paper I gave him, and he cleaned himself off, and then kneeled next to me.

“Brian was right about you guys. That is pretty damn awesome, and it’s a stack!”

I was feeling pretty big-headed cos he was so impressed. Then he stuck his finger in my belly button where there was a big blob of juice.

“Fuck! Don’t do that!”

“I just want to feel it.”

“So clean your damn finger now.”

“He cleaned his finger and I cleaned myself.

“Better get on the [spare] mattress and sleep now, huh?”

I turned the lights off and lay there for ages. I’m not sure why I couldn’t sleep. I was kinda worried that Wingnut would go and talk about me and him jacking together, and I needed to find a way to ask him not to speak to Brian.

“Hey, Cody? You still awake?”



He turned the lights on and then kneeled next to my bed like he was gonna say a prayer or something.

“Thanks for doing that with me, Cody. It’s going to be our secret – best friends – right?”

“You’re not gonna tell Brian?”

“Uh huh. No way. He jacks off with his brother but you’re not my brother, and it might sound weird … so, no way.”

I suddenly felt different about Wingnut. For a little guy, he was so damn mature, and he didn’t see anything wrong with us jacking together. I think when I was his age, I jacked with friends cos I already knew that I liked guys. With him it’s different. It’s like something totally damn natural.

We ended up talking for hours. My folks came home and went to bed, and we still spoke. We spoke about swimming and surfing and music and movies, and he wanted to know about girls. He thought it was totally gross to put your boner into a girl’s piss hole. He had me laughing almost all night. He wanted to know about my first girl, and then he asked if Steve and I had ever jacked each other. Every now and again he would pop these questions into the convo.


“Well, do you think it’s weird if two guys jack each other?”

“It depends.”

“On what?”

“If you’re good friends or not, I suppose … and as long as both of you want to do it.”

“Brian and me are best friends.”


“So, we’ve done it.”

“How was it?”

“It actually felt cool cos Brian has got this little woody and he’s pretty impressed with mine.”

“Hey, I’m impressed with yours. You ran to the front of the q when they were handing them out or something.”

Anyway, I told him that Steve and I had jacked each other off cos he made it sound like nothing [to be concerned about]. I asked him not to tell Steve about us jacking together, and he just said that it was our secret and nobody else would know about it.

We eventually got to sleep and still woke up early. The wind was blowing up to shit so we left our sticks [at home] and walked down to the beach. We just sat there and watched the sunrise. There was no surf – it was like a washing machine.

He’s gone shopping with his folks this morning, and my folks have gone to the shops as well.

How do I feel about what happened?

I’m not sure. I don’t wanna encourage him but at the same time I don’t wanna stop him. I want him to feel he can do what the hell he likes around me – to a certain extent. Hey, G, I’m not thinking anything like you’re worrying about so stop it.

Hope the damn pic [I sent] works this time. I’ve gotta send this [note] quick cos my folks are around. Thanks for the mail and your comments. I appreciate that. I hopeya realize how hard this is for me cos Wingnut is pretty damn hunky for a kid his age and size, and watching his hand around that awesome boner of his was driving me crazy.

Yesterday, we went through to Long Beach. Wingnut couldn’t go cos he hadta go with his folks to a mother’s day thingy at his gran’s place. The surf was cooking and both me and Steve got so damn nailed you won’t believe it. That’s for being so damn cocky in the surf.

CRAP yesterday.


So we just hung around the beach. Steve and I were chatting to some birds [girls] and Wingnut met up with a mate of his, and the two of them went into the washing machine. I usedta do that – go out in any old surf. Mindya, I suppose if it was just me and Wingnut yesterday, I woulda done the same thing.

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