Cape Town, South Africa
Part 30

Had a totally cool session yesterday. The surf wasn’t that big but it was really great. I dunno how Wingnut can handle the cold water. It just doesn’t bother him. All the other guys are in wetsuits and he’s raving in boardshorts, which he keeps having to pull up, even when he’s on a wave. Now that’s a hoot!

Hiya Gary,

>You shoulda been a cocker spaniel hehehe.

Hmmm. Trying to read between the lines here. Now is that a cock, a Spaniard, or a Spanish cock? Actually, I could do with a Spanish cock right now. Just imagine a nice tight olive-skinned boner with a pink head, and smooth. Nice thick muscle running down the center. His cut-line just changing the skin color nicely to light olive on the top half.

And then the accent from the hunky Spanish surfer. “Hey, amigo, you gonna eeet eet or no?”

Well, tellya what – I’ll start with the meatballs – the sauce can cum l8r. :)

Hey, G, don’t let things get to ya [about the probs you’re having getting the site up and running]. You’ve come so damn far now. I don’t think guys do things like that intentionally. I think the prob is they make promises they probably know they can’t keep – and that’s a bust. And they do that cos they like you – a lot – and they try to impressya.

I can’t think of anyone in the whole world who would want to hurtya.

Here’s some Codyism…

If it was me – not saying you have to do this but if it was me – THEN

I’d strip naked…

Put my hands on my hips…

Stand in front of the mirror and imagine Steve or Paul or a nice dude from the net…

Watch my boner stand to attention…

Once it’s dripping…

Lay on my bed…

Wrap my fist around it…

And try to shoot the juice to land in my mouth…

And swallow…

Relax – close my eyes – and go to sleep with my cock still in my hand.

I signed off that email with ‘remember, YRG’. Hey, there was no way G would have taken my advice, but it was the thought that counted. Right? Anyway, I figured he would survive the current hard yards and get his site happening. It was meant to be.

[It’s worth mentioning here that during those hard and frustrating times, trying to get the MrB thing happening, I would lay on my back in bed in the darkness and imagine Cody as some kinda ghostly figure descending upon me. He would float just above me for a moment, and smile. Then he would come closer and give me a little kiss on the lips. It made me feel a helluva lot better. MrB]

Hiya Gary,

Hmmm – read the stories [about the rape] this morning. Yeah, yeah, I know I was supposed to be doing study work. So what?

Doya know when you get that cold feeling up your back, and then you get goosebumps? That’s what happened when I read those eps [episodes]. And my forehead was totally sweaty. I guess I shouldn’ta read it, huh. But my dad always tells me that if there’s a prob, then I needta face it head on to get it sorted out once and for all – cos it will never just go away. I guess things are gonna be fine, though, cos I feel OK now. It was just weird at the time [of reading] cos it was like reading a nightmare coming to life. You write too damn good, Mr B.

Weather has turned out real damn neat. I don’t know if you remember Mark. He and I had a tiff a while back. He got beaten up pretty badly last night [May 6, 1999]. He and some friends went to a club in the city and it sounds like they got pretty out of it. They got involved in an argument with some guys, and these guys were locals. The story is that Mark and his friends ran like hell cos these guys are like guys outta hell. But they caught Mark at the station and beat the shit outta him. Ross says he’s pretty bad. He’s in hospital for a day for observation. I’ll try and go see him over the weekend, and I’ll letya know what’s cookin’. Mark and I have become quite good friends since our fight. I know that he’s got a wild temper on him, though, and chances are he probably dissed these guys without thinking, or cos he was too drunk.

There’s no swim training today cos the teachers have to go to a teacher’s meeting. Cool, huh? Which means that I wouldn’t have had detention anyway.

So I’m gonna get home and meet with Steve and Wingnut, and then go to the beach. Tonight’s gonna be pretty damn lamo, though, without Steve around. Oh, well, maybe I can work on the PC for a while if my dad isn’t on it.

Well, I hopeya get sorted out with the comp this weekend.

Hey, there’s a link on my Friends Page to Fallen Angel. Go to his links page and look at some of those sites. The artwork is totally damn horny.

Saw Mark. He’s gonna be OK. He looks like shit, though. Looks like he got a boot in the head. But there’s nothing broken, luckily for him. When visiting time was up, he asked the nurse if I could hang around, so I did for a while. He’s had quite a few guys from school visiting, and all the fucking girls in town. Although, with his face [damaged] he’s probably not gonna get a girl for a while besides his girlfriend, and even she might think twice.

Mark comes out of hossie [hospital] today. He’ll be at home for a day or so before coming back to school, though. I think he’s hassled about how his face looks. His lip’s thicker than mine – hehehe. [Cody had a complex about this thicker-than-normal lips].

MARK’S BACK! To be honest, he looks totally hot [even] with his bruised face. He was at swim training but he was just doing slow laps. His bod is full of bruises – and I mean like blue-black patches all over. Looking at his Speedos, it doesn’t seem like anything else was damaged, though. Well, maybe I should ask his girlfriend. :)

Hiya Gary,

I’ll get to the FAQ page [on MrB] when I can log on [the net] at home.

Hey, Wingnut’s in no danger from me. That’s a fucking promise. I’ll be honest withya. I think he’s gonna be a totally straight little dude. He’s got the fucking girls crawling outta the woodwork for him, and the older ones also hang around him. I think they can see the size of his cock or something. And if he does turn out straight, then I think that’s cool. I’d hate for him to haveta fucking hide and pretend to be something he’s not. It would change him big time. OK, so at the moment he thinks that girls suck (how did he know? – hehehe) and he hates the idea of hanging out with girls. If – big IF – anything happens with me and him it will be his doing, and I reckon to him it would be something natural that’s a guy thing.

I told him the other day [at the beach] that it might be an idea for him to wear his swimming Speedos under his boardshorts…


“Cos you’ve got a big cock.”

(He laughed). “So how am I gonna show it off if I’m wearing Speedos? Even you don’t get the girls sweating like I do.”

“One day you’re gonna be on a wave and your shorts are gonna end up in the wash while you’re in the tube.”

“Cool. I’ll be so damn stoked that I’ll come outta there with a huge woody for all the girls to sweat over.”

Steve and I were in stitches.

Actually, he looks pretty damn hot with his swim Speedos on cos they’re tight lycra. He’s right, though. With the furniture he’s got he’ll probably get a headache keeping them so crunched.

Anyway, like I was saying before I interrupted myself, Wingnut’s in no danger from me. I’d hate for him to lose any respect he has for me and Steve, and that’s why we play it cool around him – without even thinking about it.

When I say I’m desperate, I’m really desperate to be naked with Steve again. I get these totally fucked up feelings cos it’s been about three weeks since we sorted out our [fighting] probs, and we’ve not had a real chance to be alone.

You must be pretty excited about your site [almost happening]. I can’t wait.

I’ll give Mark the message: he shoulda stayed at home a few more days but his folks told him [if he doesn’t go back to school] then he’s not going out on the weekend. He reckons he needs to dip his lizard into some seafood, so he hadta come [back] to school.

I’ve been thinking about your note. I know I come across like a sex fiend sometimes but I really wantya to know that I would never touch Wingnut. Not that I don’t wanta. Shit, I reckon if there are any gay guys in his class he must make them permanently wet.

The things that have happened so far have just been so damn ordinary to him – like, hey, what’s the prob? I’ve got a dick and so have you. From what he’s told me, he and Brian just jack off together. OK, so they’ve jacked each other off once, but I can tellya that I reckon there’s a lotta guys here in school who probably still do that.

One thing that I will do – I’ll keep a damn eye on him cos I know that some of the older dudes on the beach are fuckups. I’ve had a few come on to me, and one even grabbed my furniture. He’ll think [twice] about it before he does it to anyone again. But if anybody tries to touch Wingnut, they’ll get fucked up good and solid [by me], and that goes for Steve, too. I doubt Steve would try anything with him, but if he ever did…

It would be interesting to see how Ron [in the Ron story] would handle a situation like that – although I haven’t read your story yet. It’s just that Wingnut has become like a real little bro to me, and it makes me feel so damn good to see how he’s ripping in the surf. And he’s got a good bunch of friends as well. They’re all pretty sporty. And it also makes me feel good to see how the girls fall over themselves to speak to him.

Anyway, I hadta clear that up cos I don’t wantya thinking that I would go that far with him. Hey, I can think what I like and jack off to it [a fantasy] but that’s it.

[Reminiscing about surfing with Paul] Paul and I were out on the backline at Long Beach. The surf was pretty big – I’d say around 4 to 6 feet. Both of us were just sitting there watching everyone. We were both shitting ourselves cos it was the first time we’d been out in surf that size, and I must tellya that Long Beach in that size surf rocks. The take-off is quick, and the wave hollows out something fierce, so there is only a little bit of water covering the sand – so going over the falls in surf that size is definitely gonna hurtya – big time.

Paul was the first to see the swell building up out to sea [while we were sitting on our boards]…

“Code, what are we going to do? Paddle for shit out over it or move to the beach?”

Well, moving to the beach wasn’t on cos it [the wave] woulda crunched us before we got there. I shrugged my shoulders cos I didn’t know what to do. So he said:

“Let’s go for it. If we get nailed, then fuck it.”

He was on the peak as the first swell came through, and took off. All I saw was his board flying up and him disappearing. He had gone right over the falls.

I decided to hang on to the tail of my board and ride it out on my stomach. As the next swell came through, it lifted me up and I saw that I had time to actually stand up – so I did and dropped down the face [of the wave] and did a quick turn. And then I saw it for the first time:

The green room.

I was riding on a glassy face, and the peak started to curl over my head. I bent down slightly, and then it closed in on me. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I didn’t know what to do when I was in there, and I was riding too far from the face and got caught in the waterfall, and got nailed into the sand.

I crawled onto the beach cos I wasn’t able to stand up.

The feeling? As I realized what was happening, a million butterflies attacked my stomach and my brain went dead, and my animal instinct took over. It was really a case of do or die. OK, so I did and died anyway, but it was like being in heaven.

I remember that night – it was the night that Paul and I made the best love that we ever had. I think it was the night that we both realized how much we loved each other.

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