Cape Town, South Africa
Part 31

Well, it’s Friday again and the weekend’s here. I’m looking forward to tonight [clubbing for the first time]. Steve is coming with us and that is cool. We’re going to a club called The Cornerhouse, which is in the city. Not sure how we’re gonna get home yet cos the trains stop running around 9pm, and Ross reckons that we’re gonna go ‘til at least 3am. Anyway, we’ll all be together, so that’ll be cool. Ross knows the guy at the door so he reckons we should be able to get in without a prob [about being underage]. I’m gonna wear my beige chinos with a white vest under a Billabong sweat.

The surf crashed yesterday, and it was just as well. Steve hadta go home early and Wingnut couldn’t come down at all cos he had homework, and I think his folks are getting worried about his obsession with surfing all of a sudden. So I finished my chores and then studied.

Well, I don’t need to tellya that I’ve got a huge headache this morning. We had a wicked time last night and only got back home at about 4 this morning. We hadta wait for hours for lifts cos the damn people just won’t stop for anyone, and I suppose when they see four young dudes who can’t even stand up properly then it’s worse.

We got to the club at about 10 last night, and it was rocking big time. It was packed. There was no prob in getting in cos the bouncers had their hands so full they didn’t even give us a second look. All the guys looked awesome. Steve was also wearing baggy chinos with the side pockets like mine. Ross was wearing Levis and a vest that showed off everything. Kevin was with us as well.

The first thing we did was get some beer, and then some more beer. And then I got dancing. They were playing a lotta techno stuff which is great for clubbing. Steve, Ross and Kevin went out for a smoke, which was cool cos they only asked me once if I wanted to join them, and when I said no it was no big deal. Ross was the one with the reefers. I knew they’d have them there so I’d already psyched myself up about not bugging Steve about it.

I tied my sweat around my waist cos it was so damn hot, and my vest got totally soaked. It’s neat cos everyone just dances on their own and goes crazy. Guys were dancing on tables. There was one dude who was totally fucking hot. He musta been about 18 or something. He did a strip right down to his briefs – the people were going crazy.

I met up with a really neat bird who danced with me quite a bit. Well, she danced next to me, anyway. I reckon I coulda fucked her silly if I wanted to. Ross disappeared with some bird for about an hour.

When we got home, Steve passed out on my bed, and I undressed him – hehehe – I could hardly undress myself we were so wrecked. But it was cool cos I sat on the bed and played with him and [I was] giggling cos I knew that he didn’t even know what I was doing. It gave me a good chance to have a long hard look at his bod. I sucked his boner and it was totally salty from all the perspiration. I actually had a rave knowing that he was so damn gone. I put his nads in my mouth and felt each one with my tongue. I musta played for ages before dragging him down onto the [spare] mattress and covering him up. And THEN –

I musta puked my heart out. I thought I was gonna die. Steve musta woken up about 9 o’clock and then he hadta get home. I was in pain like someone had buried an axe in my head, and I’ve still got a damn headache. But it was a really cool time, and I’m glad that we went.

I’ve seen that surf pic before. I actually imagined Steve laying on his board like that, and me laying on top of him with my boner up his crack. It’s a totally hot pic. [Can’t remember what pic Code was talking about. MrB]

Anyway, I’ve gotta have a shower and something to eat. Then I’ll feel better. I needta try and do some homework.

Saturday turned into a day of feeling sick and working hard. I think my dad musta known how I was feeling, and pulled every job out of his hat that he could think of.

On Saturday night he came into my room while I was listening to music.

“Rough night?”

“It was OK.”

“So how are you feeling now?”


“Meet any nice birds?”

(I smiled) “A few.”

“Here,” he said as he threw a condom at me. “It’s about time we had a word or two about the birds and the bees.”

“Dad! I’m 16 years old!”


I pulled a condom outta my wallet and showed it to him. He smiled.

“Well, at least you’re taking the right precautions. Did you get laid last night?”

“Nope. Had a lotta opportunities, though. I just danced the whole time.”

“So when was the first time?”

“About two years ago.”

“Was it good?”

(I laughed) “Dad, I was scared shitless.”

Then I heard about his first time, when he was about the same age, and how bad it felt cos of the way people were in those days. He just said that he wanted me to be more careful cos he knows what he was like when he was my age, and he didn’t want me screwing everything in sight like a battery bunny, and if there was anything I wanted to talk about then I hadta talk to him rather than my friends. He said that he wished he’d known about my first time cos he woulda liked to hear about it from me, and how I felt about it.

Yesterday, we had cooker surf and we were in the water all day. Wingnut was with us and he raved. It was pretty warm [for late fall] – water was damn cold, though – and we were in for almost the whole day. Not helluva big – it was 2-3 feet but it was good.

Meantime, G was getting himself into a writer’s pickle about the relationship between Daniel and Greg, and asked me if I’d give Daniel some “teen” advice.

Hiya Gary,

Well, I’ve just caught up with the [MrB] stories. I’ve written to Daniel [saying] what I think. I’ve gotta tellya that I’ve missed a class – with permission cos I said I had some things to do in the comp lab. I think the stories are getting even better. The conflict between Daniel and Greg is totally the way I reckon it would happen if I hadta share my house with someone.

Hey, I gotta tellya, last night Wingnut came around. He’d been surfing with his buds. Yeah, so I felt shitty cos I wasn’t with him. He’s got a battle wound on his leg. The stick flew outta the water and came down with the fin on his upper leg and cut him pretty bad. He’s got a nice bruise as well. Anyway, he was pretty proud cos he raved about it. :)

School’s going OK. We’ve got tonsa work right now, mostly revision stuff. I’m grounded for this whole damn week and that sucks. Not cos I’ve done anything wrong, but my folks have said that I can surf during the weekend – BUT THE FUCKING SURF IS UP RIGHT NOW! Anyway, sulking didn’t help. My dad told me if I’m gonna be miserable then I must do it in my room. They’ve also asked Steve not to come around for the rest of the week – and that really sucks.

Anyway, it’s not like I’m dead or anything. Hey, cousin Sam [in Daniel's Diary] sounds a bit like Wingnut.

Hiya Daniel,

Whoosh! You’ve got fucking big time probs and I thought that I had those. Now I’m gonna come from someone who doesn’t haveta share his fuckin house with anyone. I reckon if I had a choice, I’d like to have Steve as a bro cos we both like the same things, and then – guess what? – we’d be beating each other’s fucking heads in within a day or two cos we’d get so fucking bored with each other. I reckon life’s not just about sucking cock or swimming or surfing (well – hehehe – maybe) butya get my drift. There’s gotta be a lotta things going on or you’d be bored to fucking tears, man. Having Greg in your house – now that is something. Having a st8t hunk living withya and he allows you to blow him. OK, he doesn’t needta know that you told me – he’d probably beat your blonde head in if he knew. OK, so I’m drifting here…

OK, listen up, and I hope you’re sitting down – and I’m thinking here before my fingers start mouthing off, cos I don’t wantya getting fucking mad at me. OK? You’ve created a large part of the prob by giving yourself a label, man. You’ve labeled yourself gay. Greg’s as bad cos he’s labeled himself str8. Those fucking labels are like str8jackets cos they stop us from being normal. Normal? Doing what the fuck you want when you want to. I went clubbing for the first time the other night with Steve, Ross and Kevin. If I’d felt like it, I coulda screwed a hundred birds who were flapping their wet pussy lips around. All I wanted to do was dance and rave. I was being normal.

Yeah, so I admitted on my new home page that I’m gay. It doesn’t mean I’ve got a fucking stamp on my forehead, and I’m not gonna let that stop me from screwing Lindy with the nice tits if I hadta meet her. She sounds pretty awesome, and she’s pretty lucky to have Greg, even just as a friend.

What would I do with a new bro? Well, I think I’d get him interested in things I enjoy doing. Take him to the gym to swim with ya, wrestle with him, argue, fight, and then hug and make up. That’s the best part of it. Find out what things he likes doing and maybe join in. He might not like having your cock in Lindy at the same time as him but, hey, what a thought.

You and Greg like each other – no doubt about it. You feel like he’s invaded your mom’s and your house. Hey, dude, you’ve got some fucking waking up to do. The house is now yours, your mom’s, Greg’s and Andy’s. I’m not gonna tellya to like the idea, cos I’m not sure how I would handle it without going through that sorta thing.

I guess the first thing would be to lay down some rules for you and Greg. Protect your turf – your bedrooms – where you can do what you like, whenever. You can jack off in private and so can Greg. Bet he jacks off thinking about you sometimes. Yep, I do. Why doya think str8 guys play rugby and wrestle and get physical? Cos they get fucking excited by the contact of another guy. Str8, gay – labels. All guys are basically the same, I think. It’s society that’s laid down the fucking rules of how we should be. You and Greg needta find some sorta balance. Did you ever see [the movie] The Karate Kid? Find a balance that you can both share and enjoy. You can get naked and he can keep his clothes on, and that’s normal.

I hate to seeya being hurt, Daniel, butya need to sort this out before it eats you up.

I don’t know if I’ve been any help here. It’s not like I can even relate to what you’re going through. Find a balance, please, cos I loveya tons.

While you’re about it, suck on this…
8==============> and swallow ------------
Hehehehe – give Greg a hug for me


[I often invited Cody to write to Daniel. He enjoyed being involved in solving Daniel’s probs, as well as in his life generally. To that extent, Cody and I were partners. MrB]

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