Cape Town, South Africa
Part 35

Saturday, spent the morning studying while the Pakis [Pakistanis] were batting [in the cricket] and giving our bowlers a workover. Then my dad said I could watch the South Africa innings – Y A W N – Hehehe – that was until Zulu Klusner came into bat. Lance Klusner is an awesome cricketer, a total allrounder. AND GUESS WHO CAME TO WATCH AS WELL?


“Hey, Code, is it OK if I come and watch the cricket withya?”

“Later on, OK? I’ve first got some studying to do.”

“Willya call me?”


So he sat there with me and my dad. He and my dad were having a big convo about the batting and bowling. He’s a pretty cluey sportsman. My mom made us some snacks, and I think he [Wingnut] had a rave. My dad thinks he’s a pretty bright kid for his age. Well, I know that he’s a pretty horny lighty [young guy] as well cos I don’t think he was wearing anything under his trackpants cos you could see the damn tent.

Steve came around yesterday for a few [minutes]. He was studying the whole of Saturday and he hadta do stuff for his dad as well. He was going surfing for a coupla hours, so I asked my dad if I could [go with him]. We went down [to the beach] for a few hours. Surf was crap, though. Wingnut was with us. What else? But it was good to get wet and get the brain cells all clear.

Hiya Gary,

I’m off [home] now. Had a good paper this morning. Wrote for three hours which was quite hectic, but it went OK.

You asked me about Steve’s email addy [in case anything should happen to me]. The only email he has is his family’s addy and he’ll kill me if I give that to anyone cos it’s in his dad’s name, and it goes through their normal internet service.

I dunno if there’s a prob with my mail or not but I’m not getting any from anybody. Eudora is starting to have a shitloada probs over the last few weeks.

Anyway, I hope that everything with you is OK. Yesterday arvie, when I was studying, Steve came over and we sat chatting and listening to music [in my room] for a bit, and then Wingnut arrived. He thought I was alone and he wanted me to ask him some questions to help him study. He had his schoolbag with him. His schoolwork is pretty neat, and he can draw well. Looks like he takes a lotta time with it. Anyway, Steve was asking him questions cos I was busy with a math prob that I hadta solve. Did I tellya that Steve was a math boffin? He showed me an easier way to work it out after I’d finished, and it takes like half the time.

Anyway, after Wingnut went home, I told Steve:

“Hey, buddy, I need an oil change.”

“You, too?”


So I did him first. I sat on the edge of the bed and he stood in fronta me. I could see the bulge in his jeans. I undid the buttons and then pulled his boxers down. I pulled his foreskin back over the head and stared at it. I see pics of good-looking dicks on the net but Steve’s is awesome.

“Hey, Cody, are you gonna just stare at the fucking thing or are you gonna eat it?”

I took my time with it cos it has been such a damn long time. I knew when he was gonna offload cos he grabbed my head and pulled me into him. Thought I was gonna gag as he offloaded.

“You’re starting to taste like fucking weed.”

It’s true. His juice is starting to taste like a joint.

“Well, then don’t get too high blowing me, huh?” he laughed.

Then it was my turn.

He sat on the bed and I stood in fronta him. I only had my boxers on, and they were already wet from my precum. He put his mouth over my boxers and sucked me through the material. It felt wicked. Then he pulled my boxers down and took me into his mouth. I really wanted to fuck his face, so I grabbed his head and I went for it. I musta offloaded half my weight down his throat. I thought it would never stop.

After that, we both just laid there on the bed.

Then he screwed the whole scene up.

“Hey, Code, you got any condoms?”

“Yep… why?”

“I need one.”


“I just do.”

“You gonna jack off with a condom?”


“Then why?”

“If I tellya you’re gonna be pissed off again.”

“OK, so I’m gonna get pissed off now if you don’t tell me.”

“I met a girl the other night and I’m seeing her tonight. She’s the hottest fucking babe ever.”

So I took the condom outta my closet and threw it on the bed.

“You’re pissed now, right?”


“You are!” Then he jumps on me and wrestles me to the floor, and sits on my chest. “Admit it! You’re pissed at me.”


He pulls his dick out and waves it in fronta my face. “You don’t wanna share this, right?”

"Hey, if you wanna stick that thing into any fucking hole that comes your way, that’s fine. Just don’t fucking use me. OK?”

“Fuck off, Cody. I don’t want to go through this again.”

“Through what?”

“You and me aren’t fucking married. I love you and you know that, but don’t ask me to stop fucking girls. I enjoy it. OK?”

“Hey, that’s cool … whatever.” (Do I sound pissed, G?)

Anyway, he left soon after that and I fucking fumed. And I thought about it afterwards that he’s right. I won’t ask him to stop with the girls. I just don’t wanta lose him again.

Anyway, I had a quiet evening studying after that – when I could concentrate, anyway.

Hey, South Africa Vs Aussie in the cricket on Sunday. I’m gonna be watching [it on TV]. We play New Zealand on Thursday.

OK, so I’m gonna be going. I’ll writeya later.

It’s 4pm here and I’m only just leaving school. I thought I’d check to see if Eudora was up before going home, and all your mail is here.

The math paper was difficult but I think I cracked it.

So why am I late? Mark saw me after the exam.

“Hey, bud, what’s up?”

“Nothing… why?”

“You look lower than shark shit.”

“Just feeling a bit down – dunno why.”

“Got some time?”

“Yep – why? What’s up?”

“I want to show you what I do when things are getting me down.”

So we went through to the gym.

“You got any togs here?”


So he threw a paira boxing shorts at me. “Put these on.”

Then the two of us went through to the small training room, and they’ve got a few punch bags there. He started to hit out at one and I sorta wonder [now] how come he never just punched my lights out when he had the chance [in the quad after I decked him]. The muscles on his shoulders and arms were like huge.

So I started to punch the bag – and it started to feel pretty good. The two of us spent like almost two hours in there – punching the bag and doing situps and pushups, and punching the bag [again], and then he would hold it for me to hit, and I would hold it for him. We were covered in sweat by the time we were finished. The silky shorts were clinging to me.

Then we showered.

“Feeling better now?”

“Fucking hell – and how! Thanks, Mark, I needed that.”

“I could see … so what’s the prob?”

“I dunno. I guess it’s not being able to surf, and the exams, and the studying.”

“Yep, I know the feeling.”

AND I FELT FUCKING GREAT AFTER ALL THAT. Besides - got a good stare [at his furniture] while we were showering. :)

I’ll readya mail and then I must go home.

Hiya Gary,

Enjoyed Daniel #80 – read it last night. :)

Got the second math paper today – geometry and trig. I’m useless at trig. :( Geometry’s not too bad, though. Cute curves and angles – hehehe.

“So was she worth it?”

“Fuck, yeah.”

“Gonna see her again?”


“How didya meet her?”

“At a club.”


“Last Friday night.”

“I didn’t know you were clubbing last Friday.”

“Didn’t tellya cos I knew you wouldn’t be able to come.”

“How the fuck didya know that?”

“Hey, let’s not get into a fight. OK?”

“Who’s fighting? Is she good looking?”

“Cody, she’s in her twenties so I’m not gonna get all hooked on her. OK? I’ll tellya something, though – she’s the best fuck I’ve had – better than the fucking groupies. Taught me a thing or two.”


“I can hear [that] you’re pissed. I’ll chat to you tomorrow.”

“I need some help with some trig – I’m writing [the paper] tomorrow.”

“I can’t come around tonight, Code. My folks will bust a vessel if I do.”

“Can I ask you on the phone?”


So we went through some of the stuff on the phone. I think I’ve got it sorta taped. Never saw Wingnut yesterday either, but I heard his mom shouting at him – hehehe. Guess he was getting into some sorta shit like:

“Mom, can I go over to Cody’s house?”

“Do your homework.”

“Can I go over to Cody’s first, though?”

“Do your homework.”

“Can’t I do it later?”



“Do your damn homework.”


Anyway, G, I’ve got a few things to do. I’ll writeya later.

Just finished writing [exams] and going home early today. J

The stuff Steve told me about last night [on the phone] is exactly what we got in the damn [trig] paper so it went well.

Hey, don’t get your knickers in a knot about the Steve issue. Yep, I’m pretty pissed about it.

The fact is he is fucking hot. He’s got the looks – the bod – the boner – he’s good at everything he does. He’s a hot surfer – he’s funny – and he gets on [well] with everyone. I kinda think I’m lucky to have him as a friend. I guess I’m gonna haveta accept the way he is or lose him totally. STOP FUCKING SHOUTING! - I CAN HEAR YOU!!!!!!

The same sorta thing happened with Paul. There was one night that I was with my girlfriend and he started to screw his girlfriend in front of us. There was a huge fucking fight over that.

You know the [mental] image I have whenever I think of losing him [Steve]? I remember him laying on my bed naked – leaning on his elbows, and his pecs and ab muscles are contracted. His belly button looks like it needs a fucking tongue stuck in it, and his slack dick is laying like a huge sausage across the bottom of his stomach, with his nads hanging like a bunch of grapes between his legs. And his hair is sorta hanging in his face, and he’s smiling, and we’re laughing together, and we have a just don’t-give-a-fuck attitude.

I know what it is. I get totally fucked up jealous at the thought of someone else being with him – and I’ve gotta learn to try and control that. It’s just difficult when I’m not sure sometimes whether he’s coming back [to me] or not. I also know that he hates it when I get mad at him, and then he gets this “that’s life” sorta attitude – take it or leave it.

I almost get the same damn feeling with Wingnut around – the fact that he’s a little fucking hunk, and I know that never in a million years will I be able to get near enough to him.

When Paul left [for England] I never thought in a million years that I would ever get that close to anyone again. Then along comes Steve to screw that idea up.

Anyway, I’m going. Got a loada studying to do. I’m feeling pretty fucking miserable, but as Steve says: I’ll get over it.

I just needed to offload all this stuff – thanks. Fact is, my brain is totally fucked at the moment with exams as well.

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