Cape Town, South Africa
Part 36

Hiya Gary,

Thanks for the mail. When I read about you turning down that job [commercial writing for three months] I kinda worried cos that’s quite a lotta money for you and I know you need the damn stuff. [I was about a week away from launching MrB and couldn’t afford to spend 8-10 hours a day away from home. MrB]

Got home yesterday and my mom was busy baking. Hehehe – she makes the most fantastic scones.

“Hi, honey – Steve phoned.”

“Did he say what about?”

“No – just that he was going to the beach for a while.”

“Can I go down, mom? For a surf?”

“Cody, you know what we said about your exams – and you agreed.”

“Just for a short while, mom – I won’t be long. I really need to just get the cobwebs out.”

“Don’t be long. OK?”


There wasn’t any surf. It was flat, and I couldn’t see him [Steve] at first. Then I saw him sitting on the rocks on the far side of the beach.

When I got there, he was just sitting and enjoying the sun. His shirt was off, and I had to admire that fucking bod of his.

“Hey, Steve.”

“Hey, bro.”

“Mom said you’d called. I thought there would be surf.”

“Nope – I guess I just wanted to find out how things are going.”

“[Trig] paper went well, thanks to you.”

“Math is logic, man – nothing to it.”



“What’s up?”

(Hehehe – he looked down at his crotch). “Well, now that you’re around, it’ll be up soon enough.”

We both laughed.

“Cody, what’s up with us, dude?”


“Like we seem to go out [of our way] to hurt each other all the time. Our friendship is so intense. I’ve never had anything like this before.”

“Like what?”

“You have no fucking idea how I feel about you, and sometimes I’m not sure myself… like when you’re not around or you can’t go out at night with us. My fucking mind is like… ‘OK, so what’s Cody doing now?’ I never slept last night cos you were so fucking mad yesterday and I still can’t figure it.”

“So try me.”

“You get upset whenever I talk about fucking girls. Why for fuck sake? All the guys talk about it … and, yeah, so I enjoy it. But it’s fucking – know what I mean? – it’s just fucking. The two of us, you and me, on a sleepover – that is so different, so intense – so fucking neat.”

“I dunno … I guess it’s just that I get so jealous.”

“Want to know something?”


“Remember that night at the club when Ross and I went to the car and we screwed those chicks?”


“Well you were fucking raving on the dance floor on your own. After I offloaded into this chick, she says to me, “So what’s your friend’s name?” And I’m like ‘what’? “I’ve just fucked you and you wanna know what my friend’s name is? It’s Cody.” And then she tells me how cute you are and [wants to know] do you fuck. So I told her that you’d rip her pussy apart with that monster dick of yours. Did she ever come on to you that night?”

“Not her.”

“Oh,” he laughed. “And I also saw Claire [your ex].”


“She asked about you.”

“Fuck her, too?”

“Nope – I don’t think she was interested. She asked about you, and [wanted to know] did you have another girlfriend.”

“What did you say?”

“I told her that you haven’t had another girlfriend since her. I guess that’s what she wanted to hear anyway. I thought she might try and connect with you.”


“Hey, bro, can we sort ourselves out? I’ve never had a friend – ever – like you. I don’t think I ever will. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me. I don’t mean to hurt you when I talk out. I just want to share things with you without you getting pissed and angry all the time. You’re always fucking angry. You’ve still got the bruise on your face [where Kev hit you].”

“I guess a lot of it is just fucking being jealous cos you go out all the time and I don’t.”

We spoke for a long time about all sorts of things. I guess at the end of the day I felt like I’ve been kinda stupid putting the guilts on him. I gather he’s trying to be as normal as possible, and not letting our friendship totally rule his life. I agreed that I would try and do the same. But we also agreed that we would always be there for each other, and connect as much as we can.

And I had a good evening cos I remember one of the last things he said: “You’re not just the best friend I’ve ever had, you’re about the only friend cos you’ve taught me what being a friend is all about, Code.”

I’m cutting this short [G] cos I’ve gotta get going. I’ll writeya later.

PS: Massive Destruction sent me an awesome pic – I’ll see if I can download it here [in the comp lab] and send it to you without anyone seeing me.

Mark’s at school already. Normally, I’m one of the only people in school at this time of the morning, ‘cept when there’s swimming, and then the team is here. He arrived at the same time as me.

“Hey, fuckhead, what are you doing here so early? Come to screw Miss Bio?”

I laughed cos our bio teacher is totally fucking hot, and all the guys get wet just looking at her.

“Nope – came to watch you fuck her – is that OK?”

Anyway, he says he comes in early twice a week and we probably miss each other. He does [punching] bag work in the gym, just for fitness. So that’s cool cos I can join him. I enjoyed it the other day.

So the [MrB] site is gonna be up today, huh? That is totally damn awesome. I can’t wait to see your damn counter going like an old Chevy speedo. AND THANKS FOR THAT PIC – IT IS TOTALLY DAMN AWESOME. Reminds me of the pics my grandad used to show me of his old cars. One looked like that [your Morris Oxford]. It was a Morris Minor 1000 or something.

Wingnut was around to watch the end of the cricket against New Zealand yesterday. And my dad came home early to watch it as well. Ended up being a bit boring but at least now we [SA] can still go through to the semis even if Aussie whips our ass on Sunday.

Put a link on my links page to Massive’s page of art. All her art is totally wicked and horny. Also put a new link on My Friends page to Riverboi from Germany. Some nice pics on his page of Adam Rickett.

It’s raining here but I’m hoping it’ll stop this arvie cos the wind is right for surf, but the rain might just flatten it. It’s cold! I know cos even with a boner it looked midget size – hehehe – well, sorta.

Anyway, G, I’ll writeya later – gonna go hit the bag [with Mark].

PS: Hope all goes well with the launch [of MrB] today. [June 15, 1999]

Just about to leave [school] for the day. It’s been one helluva week [with exams, etc]. Big plus [during exam time] is we go home earlier than normal, though. :)

I’m hoping there’s some surf up. I’m dying to get wet. I’m also hoping that I can go out tonight. You said it was strange that even though I’m sixteen my folks still treat me like they do. Well, they’ve always been kinda leniently strict – if that makes any sense – cos I’ve always been allowed to do things up to a point, but there’s also always been rules, and those rules are still there – although, if I go out, there’s no curfew. And during exam times, it’s almost a no-no to go out and rave. But they’ve always had a long elastic, and it’s only been a few times that I’ve stretched it so far they’ve gotten totally mad [at me].

Had a great workout this morning with Mark. He is actually such a neat guy, it’s hard to believe we were [once] beating each other up.

OK, so I’m gonna be going. Seeya at the cricket.

Saturday, I had a few chores to do around [the house] and that went pretty quickly cos my dog crap picker-upper was around – hehehe. On Saturday night he stayed over cos his folks were going out, and they said it was OK if he slept over at my place.

“So why don’t I just share your bed instead of going through all this mattress-putting-out stuff?”


“Cos why?”

“I dunno – just do it.”


We sat [on the bed] listening to music for a while after we’d watched a video of Mortal Kombat. What a crap movie, but Wingnut raved about it.

“You’re getting a helluva shadow there, huh?”

He looked down [at his crotch] and smiled. “Cool, huh? But it looks dirty.”

“That’s cos you don’t wash.”

And then he jumped on me and tried to pin me down, but I just rolled him over and then put my knees on his arms and my knuckle in his chest, and he quickly gave up.

“That thing is huge!”

“Yep, but for a little dude, yours isn’t so damn small either.”

“I know,” he giggled. “It’s bigger than Brian’s.”

Feeling his body under mine just made my damn boner totally hard. When I got off him, his boner was stuck firm against his gut. He pushed it down, and it made a huge slapping noise as it hit him on the stomach.

“Hey, Cody, can we jack off together again?”

I watched as he closed his fist around his boner and started to massage it. He was laying on the end of my bed and I thought, “Fuck, if my folks had come into my room then!”

Anyway, I watched as he arched his back and made little crying noises. His juice is still pretty thin but he shot it a helluva way up his gut.

Then I started to jack off, and I had this image of him in my head shooting his load. I had my eyes closed, and just as I was about to offload, I felt his fingers under my nuts. I thought I was going insane cos it felt so damn fantastic, but I [also] got a fright and let go [of my boner] and my juice shot all over the damn place. It actually felt really weird and almost painful.

“What are you doing?”

“Just wanted to see something. Brian did that to me and I did the same thing as you – shot all over the damn place.”

“Brian did that to you?”

“Yep – felt awesome. Hey, Cody, what’s it like the first time?”

“First time what?”

“With a girl?”

“Feels pretty damn good. Why?”

“Well, there’s this girl who’s a friend of Brian’s brother. She’s like your age, and she put her hand on my shorts the other day at his house. She was laughing and saying she wanted to know if it was as big as Brian’s brother’s. Anyway, I showed her. What the hell, I was bragging.”

“And then?”

“She just smiled and told me that it was pretty awesome.”

“And then?”

“Nothing. But I think if I wanted to I could probably get to go with her.”

“Want to?”

“No way! Brian’s brother would beat the crap outta me.”

All this talk gave me another boner, and his was back to normal as well.

“Just be careful.”

“Hey, I’m not even sure I wanta put my woody into her pisshole.”

Eventually, we went to sleep, and woke up early in the morning.

He stayed to watch the cricket, and Steve also came around [to my house].

Last night, I was studying.

Well, G, you say it’s natural but I tellya – when I felt Wingnut’s fingers under my nads I panicked cos it happened as I was starting to offload, and I think my whole fucking body went into spasm. I was waiting for him to grab my cock to stop it from acting like a fire hose that was outta control.

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