Cape Town, South Africa
Part 38

Subject line: Big Monday

Hiya Gary,

Well, I’ve gotta tellya – the surf yesterday was fucking huge. BUT the guys were out there.

“So, you going?”

“Dunno – you?”

“If you go.”

“Wanna try it?”

“If you go I’ll go.”

So we went – Steve and I. Wingnut was with us on the beach as well. We told him we’d suss it [the huge surf] out and let him know if I was OK [for an inexperienced grommet].

There were about 8 guys out. We sat on the backline for a while, just watching the break and where the peaks were, and also where the close-out was cos that was the hammer point. And then a huge set came through that moved the backline about 50 meters behind us. We paddled like crazy but eventually hadta make a choice to ride one of those mothers.

Steve caught the first one and made the turn OK – he was screaming down the wave – nothing fancy – just a thrill ride. I got one after that and my balls musta hit my throat. It was fast – damn it was fast but damn it was a cooker.

We only rode about three waves. I got hammered on my second ride – as I took off, the damn thing closed out in front of me and I was too late to get over the lip and it took me down. Got whipped around real damn good in that washing machine.

Wingnut sat on the beach. He was pissed when we told him that we didn’t think he would be OK out there. Even his buds were sitting there and saying that they weren’t going out, but the grommet was aching to get out [there]. I don’t think he was pissed with us; it was more like being pissed with himself cos he wanted to [surf] but was also a bit scared. Also I reckon if some of his friends had gone out then he woulda gone as well – although a lotta them are pretty hot surfers [for their age] and Wingnut’s still getting there. I must tellya, though, that he’s ripping already – but a lotta his buds are totally excellent surfers.

Anyway, that was the arvie. Then I hadta get home and do some homework. Steve went home and Wingnut dropped his board [at his place] and then came around [to mine].

“Hey, Cody, was it really that bad [out there] or was Steve just acting a bigshot?”

“Nope, it was pretty hectic.”

“I really wanted to get out there – you know that, huh?”

“Yes, I know. Hey, I don’t think you’re a wuss or anything. OK? I know you woulda come out [with us]. But one wave I took really wiped me out badly. Didya see that one?”

“Yeah, but it was [too] far out so I couldn’t see everything.”

“Well, it was damn hectic – just a little too damn big to be fun.”

“If Steve didn’t go, would you have gone out?”



“I dunno. I guess it’s just good knowing that there’s someone else out there watching out forya.”

“One day…”

“Yeah - one day – the two of us can go out in that [kinda surf].”

Anyway, he listened to some Offspring [music] before going home while I started on my homework.

So, that was yesterday. Steve phoned later and raved about being out there [in that huge surf].

Well, we’re having a quiet day here cos the teachers are having staff meetings and stuff. YESSSSSSSS! J

I spent an hour knocking the boxing bag around. I actually enjoy it quite a bit. I was on my own so it’s cool. I can think about things. It was cold but I ended up in just my gym shorts cos you work up such a damn sweat with that thing. You don’t hit it around for the whole time, though, cos your arms start falling off. You go for about five minutes and then do situps and stuff like that. Still no sixpack. :( The weird thing is that my legs get a damn workout cos they feel lead after all the hopping around.

I had a look at the free area of Ruso Club. Know what I like about those dudes? Their skin looks like white velvet and so damn edible – I suppose a lot like the way Kot’s skin is – although I like him tanned, especially with that red and black Speedo.

Didya ever read that story on the CodyTJ site about Damian? Jungle Fever. Not a story but more of a sex rush. I had the real hots for him then.

I’m gonna be going. Maybe go and look for crap with someone. I’m aching for a fisty.

I’ll give some thought to that free [MrB] area of yours. I know that if guys aren’t impressed with that, then they’re definitely not gonna spend their money. Hmmmm. Maybe I should stand there with my dick hanging out.

Thanks for the crit of the story. I guess that I just get too impatient when I’m writing, and can’t wait to get to the next bit.

I’m going home now – NO HOMEWORK. And there’s surf. It’s gotten smaller so that’s cool. At least Wingnut will get a wave.

Today’s been pretty cool. A whole lotta guys got together and we had a sparring competition in the gym – so I didn’t need to needle anyone – hehehe. It was pretty neat cos you could beat the shit outta each other cos we were wearing headgear. The boxing coach was in there, though, otherwise we wouldn’t be allowed to do it. The only injury was one guy who got it full on in the breadbox and just passed out cold. Some smelling salts soon woke him up, though. I’ve got a few bruises but nothing major. I was up against one of the guys who does boxing [regularly], though – so I didn’t do too badly. Mark does boxing in the team and he’s awesome to watch – he gets totally aggro during the session but then he’s like a different person afterwards.

Dark and brrrr cold. The damn wind turned yesterday so the waves just died. Wingnut had rugger trials for the school. He may be selected to go on tour during the hols. That’s pretty neat. It’ll be the same time that Steve and I will be in J-Bay – if we go.

So we stuffed around the house and listened to music. Wingnut had to leave earlier than Steve.


I tackled the blonde mother and got him down on the bed with his t off. Then I took him on a bet that I could get him to get a boner without touching it. So I took his boardies off, and he laid on his back on the bed. I got down so that his nads were eye level, and folded my arms so that my elbows were across his legs, and my chin was [resting] on my hands, and I just stared [at his dick]. I had a rager.

I watched it slowly come to life. I think he was trying damn hard to stop it. Hehehe.

“Hey, Steve, since when doya pull your foreskin back like that?”

I noticed for the first time that his foreskin was pulled right back – like his dick was cut.

“Shows you how much you notice. I’ve been pulling it back for ages now cos it looks neat – like yours.”

It actually looked fucking neat. When it got hard, though, you could see the skin pull tight under the foreskin – that part that attaches it to the head. I looked at his nads and the muscle in his crotch. It was like a rod was there. Anyway, what the hell… I started to stroke between his nads and his ass crack.

“You’re not supposed to be touching.”

“I’m not touching your dick.”

“Fuck, Cody, that’s not fair.”

“Hey, you were half fucking hard when I pulled your boardies off, anyway. So shuddup and relax.”

I opened my mouth and took his nads in there. I could feel his whole body like [going into] spasm. IT FELT SO FUCKING UNREAL WITH HIS NADS IN MY MOUTH!

He started to stroke himself, and I just let him [do it] cos it looked so damn awesome.

Then I heard my mom arrive home so we stopped. DAMN! Canya imagine what I was like by then?

Anyway, I enjoyed it even if we didn’t go further. I had such a jackoff last night, going through the whole thing [in my mind] and seeing his body laying there with his sixpack stretched out, and his chest kinda towering above his flat gut.

We should be getting our exam grades today, and I should know tonight whether I’m going t o J-Bay or not.

I haven’t had a chance to get onto the [MrB] site yet to check the stories. I can only do that at home cos I’ve got my damn password pinned in my wardrobe.

My dad made a chicken curry supper last night.

Anyway, G
Seeya later.

[Hehehe – don’t you just love the way Code could go instantly from talking about sex with Steve and jacking off, to exam results and chicken curry? Krazy kid. :) MrB]

We got our grades early this morning, and it’s a big fucking bust. The whole damn grade has done badly. The teachers reckon it’s cos they deliberately set the papers up high. OK, so which teacher is gonna explain that to my folks? Cos my damn grades have come down on average about 15%, which takes me down to an average C+. My folks won’t freak cos they know that I worked hard, but they’re gonna be pretty disappointed – even without saying anything.

So we’re actually just doing our own thing. Earlier, we were sitting around [in the school yard] chatting, and we were talking about girls. Most of the guys reckon that they’re a total damn pain in the ass cos they always wanta hang around, and when you go serious then they wanta know what you do every damn minute of the day. The only guy who has a steady girl is Ross. He got mad when one of the guys asked if she was as good a fuck now as whe was when he was screwing her. Thought we were gonna have a real battle on our hands. Ross went totally like a beet, and I thought this dude was gonna be dead meat.

I told Ross it was probably cos his dick is too small.

“Fuck you, Cody. Fuck you! Wimpy.”

So I whipped it out [my dick] and all the guys cracked big time. So, of course Ross hadta whip his out as well – which is kinda what I had wanted. We’re about the same size so it wasn’t a contest.

“Wimpy, huh? Then I guess you must be as well.”

He laughed. “Guess we could demolish a coupla pussies with these things, huh?”


Anyway, then we got down to talking about music and movies. The new Star Wars movie opens here on Friday, so a lotta us are gonna go see it.

Hiya Gary,

Well, it’s almost hols – one more day [of school].

So, whatsup? Wingnut got into the [school rugby] touring team. There’s thirty of them going up to Eastern Cape. That’s where I met Kim [the friend of the dude who raped me on the swim tour]. Actually, Steve and I won’t be far from there in J-Bay. YES! I’m going. My folks weren’t too fazed by the midyears [exam results], which was cool.

Had a good [surfing] session yesterday. Both Steve and Wingnut couldn’t come down so I was on my own – well, not quite. There were quite a few guys on the [back] line. But I had a really good session. It was cold, though. Well, nothing that a wetsuit fulla [warm] piss couldn’t sort out.

Last night was quite cool – listening to stories from my folks and what it was like in the early days over here. My mom was a surf groupie – hehehe. That’s how she met my dad – at the beach. I asked her what it was about him that got her attention. She said it was his wicked smile. Cute, huh?

Had pork chops with mash [potato] and veg for supper.

OK, now wouldya believe that I jacked off for about 40 minutes last night? Well, I got this email from a friend who told me to try it. You jack off and just before you know you’re gonna shoot, you stop for about five minutes, and then you start again. You repeat this over and over again until your cock just disobeys you and shoots anyway. I gotta tellya that this is totally fucking hectic. I musta built up a tankload of cum cos it shot everywhere, and boy was it loaded.

He does this with his friend, and they take bets to see who’s gonna screw the other or who’s gonna be the person getting screwed. The loser gets screwed. I can’t wait to try it again tonight. It is so damn intense!

I’ll writeya later.

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