Cape Town, South Africa
Part 40

Hiya Gary,

I’ve just come on [to the net] quickly, and then I’ve gotta go with my mom to do some shopping for our trip up [to J-Bay]. Bet it’s spare undies and socks – hehehe. Actually, it’s just a normal shopping trip but she wants me along anyway. With [school] hols, the Mall is pretty crazy, so we’re going early, which is pretty cool cos the weather is warm, and I mean like summer warm here. The temp is gonna be 28 [C] and the surf is UP!

Now what madeya think of a password like popcorn? Hehehe. Now if I forget that one then you can blow me. [Cody had forgotten his previous password for MrB, so I gave him a new one he would never forget. It’s still being used by Steve and possibly Paul. MrB]

Yesterday we took a hike up the mountain. It [the weather] was also pretty warm, but a really neat hike. The mountain was fulla people. We hiked from a mountain road called Chapman’s Peak, up a valley called Blackburn Ravine, and then we had the most awesome view over a fishing village called Hout Bay [see pic at left]. Oh – it was me and Steve just in case you were wondering. The surf was small so we decided to go up the mountain for the day. It was pretty cool in the morning, but once we got to Chapman’s Peak it was hot already. The hike was about 17 km and went from ocean to ocean – from the Atlantic to a huge bay called False Bay. We stopped at a small dam called Silvermine to have our lunch.

Steve couldn’t believe that I pulled that popcorn trick. He was going on and on about it and how neat it was, but [also] how fucking stupid it was to pull it with Wingnut and that girl there.

“So, didya like it?”

“Fuck, Cody, do you know how fucking horny that made me – feeling that thick monster of yours in the box? I had a fucking hardon on like you won’t believe.”

“So why didn’tya just borrow my box and I coulda sorted you out.”

We spoke about the J-Bay trip and who we’d be seeing – some of the top surfers are gonna be there, and a lotta our friends are going up as well, but most of them are going with their folks or by bus. That’s pretty expensive, though, and we’re gonna need some cash when we get there.

Thanks for loading those [Kyle birthday] stories – I’m gonna try and read them later. And I’ve gotta catch up with the Wingnut and Daniel stories as well.

Anyway, I’m off to the Mall. I’ll try and get writing again later.

PS: Thanks for the mail about what happened with Wingnut. I guess it’s me who’s paranoid, but it’s just the way I am.

I managed to get onto MrB late last night and I never forgot the password. :)

The stories are awesome. I read all the Wingnuts and I read Kyle 1 & 2 – hehehe. That is totally different, and thanks a stack. It’s rad. The Wingnut stories are also totally cool. Now I need to catch up on the Daniel eps.

Yesterday I went with my mom to the Mall. Even though we were early it was packed. We stopped at a coffee shop where I had toasted bacon, cheese, egg and tomato on wheat bread - always a fav – with a gallon of orange juice. It’s cool sitting there cos you can watch all the peeps, and with everyone on school hols I saw a few of the guys from school who were hanging out.

“Hey, mom, howzabout you pretend to be my girl, and we walk around holding hands, and you kiss my ear every now and then, huh?”

She laughed and asked if that’s what the girls did now – kiss your ears.

Anyway, she knew there was no fucking way I was gonna walk around holding her hand. I got a new set of camping billies [pots], which was neat, and a new pocket knife. I guess that’s gonna be my birthday pres, which is totally neat cos it’s stuff I need. She also bought me a paira khaki denim cargo shorts with the side pockets.

When I got home I caught up with Steve in the surf. It was small but neat, and it was hot as well. Wingnut had gone out somewhere with Brian. He leaves [town] today for his school rugger tour. The beach was pretty well packed with dudes and dudesses.

In the evening I went around to Steve’s place for dinner. They had pork chops with chips [fries] and veg. Delish. Then we played a few vid games in his room.

“Hey, Cody, that’s not the fucking joystick.”

He bitched but he had a raging fucking boner anyway, and I reckon I probably stroked him to a borderline orgasm, which was especially neat when he returned the fav. So by the time I got home I was busting for a wank.

Got a few last-minute shopping things to get today but I’ll do that this arvie. Steve is coming around to my house before sunup, and we’re going on a dawn patrol, but I think the fucking wind has shifted to onshore, which is a bust.

I’ll writeya later.
Thanks for the stories.

I’m pretty damn lucky. I guess I’m probably luckier than most people I’ve ever known. And, oh, I found the missing ‘g’. It’s you – hehehe. So I guess I must start putting the ‘g’s in the words now – hmmm – maybe it’s just too much extra typin. [Cody was always leaving the ‘g’ off ‘ing’, but while re-typing The Codeman I’ve been adding it. MrB]

Yesterday, I said goodbye to Wingnut. He came around with his school tracksuit on and his hair all brushed, looking like a million bucks.

Steve and I went for a wave but it was pretty flat, and we spent most of the time just sitting [on our boards] out in the ‘pond’ talking. We were the only two nutters out there. Some of the guys told us [later] that they’d gone to Long Beach, and it was flat there as well. There’s a stacka guys going to J-Bay, so we’re gonna meet up with them there.

In the arvie I put all the stuff out [on my bed] that I needed to pack [for the trip]. My mom came into my room to have a look at what I was taking.

“Hey, mom – [are] you not gonna pack for me?”

“The last time I packed for you,” she laughed, “you threw most of it out, but I hope that you’re going to take enough clean underwear and socks.”

“Yeah, mom – right.”

“Oh – and Steve wants you to go around to his house at 7.”

"Oh? I thought I was gonna go for pizza with you and dad?”

“We will, but you need to go to Steve’s first.”

So I went around to Steve’s place, where he was in his room listening to music.

“Hey, you need to put something on under your boardies cos your fucking nuts are hanging out one side, and your dick outta the other.”

“Really? Didn’t think you’d notice. So, do you want to arrange them so that they don’t stick out?”

“OK, so my mom said you wanted to see me.”

“Huh? Fat chance. I’d rather look in the mirror. You are  u g l y.”

“So I put my hand up his boardie leg and grabbed a handful of his nads.

“I’m what?”

“Hehe – you are  u g l y, dude. Fuck, Cody! Don’t squeeze!”

“Seriously, my mom said you wanted to see me.”

“Yeah, I remember – but I can’t remember why now. Hey, you want a beer or something?”

“Better not a beer cos I’m going out tonight with my folks for pizza.”

“Hmmm – OK.”

We sat there listening to music when the phone rang.

“Cody, it’s your mom. They want to go to the Mall and they’re waiting [for you]. I’ll walk around to your place with you.”

So we walk to my house and I go in the door with Steve behind me. And the house is quiet.

Anyway, I walk through to the den and you won’t fucking believe it – Ross, Mark, Darren, Gareth, Kevin, Jumbo, Little Joe – and the girls. They’re all there, and there’s a fucking cake with candles burning, and they all shout ‘happy birthday’, and Steve’s grinning like a Cheshire cat behind me. My eyes were burning like mad.

My mom gives me a huge hug. “You didn’t think you would leave [for J-Bay] without us having a small celebration, did you? Dad’s got something for you.”

G, you’re not gonna believe this. My dad gave me this box all wrapped up, and inside was a brand new fucking wettie. Brand fucking new! Pitch-black, brand-new Rip Curl wettie. I couldn’t fucking believe it. I just stared at it. My folks musta gone bust to buy the thing.

I got a Nirvana collection CD from Darren, and the other guys gave me cards and cash. Then I got another parcel.

The card had a pic of a surfer on the front, and inside it said: “Hey, Cody. Bet you’re surprised. Your folks planned this a week ago but I knew I couldn’t be there. Thanks for being a big brother to me, and for everything. This is just something really small but I hope you like it. Wingnut.”

It was a Quicksilver keyring with a surfer logo on it.

The guys didn’t stay too long – they all had plans. But it was so cool that they were all there. Darren stayed a while and chatted to my dad about how college was going.

Steve gave me a keychain that goes onto the zip of the wettie.

I tried the suit on and it fits like a glove. It is so damn awesome, and it’s a 4-3-2 so it’s great for cold water.

Steve came with us for pizza, and we actually had an early night. I battled to get to sleep, though, cos my mind was so damn full of this whole trip and what had happened [for my 17th birthday].

My dad’s gonna take some time off from work and drive us over the mountain for a bit – probably about two hours outta town to a small town called Riviersonderend on the N2 highway. He says it’ll be easier for us [to hitch] from there.

From there we’ll travel to J-Bay along the N2 going past Knysna, George, and Plettenberg Bay. J-Bay is about 70 km this side of Port Elizabeth. We reckon that we’ll probably get there very late tonight [July 1] or early tomorrow morning, depending on the rides.

I’m packed and ready to go. I just needta sort out the vacation reply on Eudoramail [for my web page] and a few other things.

It’s gonna be a rave trip.

I’ll be thinking of you, and I’ll be keeping a diary every day along the trip.

I hope that you have a good week. I’ll writeya as soon as I get back.

I’ll be here for a few hours still, so ifya reply [in time] I’ll try and look at it.

Cya G
Your friend
*Huge fucking hugs*

[As I wrote previously, the diary of the trip didn’t eventuate because the disk became corrupted. But I do remember Cody telling me that on July 1, Cody’s actual birthday, while they were on the road hitching to J-Bay, Steve gave Cody a blow job for his birthday. :) MrB]

Some months ago I asked Steve to write a piece about his best friend, Cody. But Steve said that he couldn't bring himself to do it - that he couldn't find the words. Well, by accident he did find the words. He wrote this the other day [April 2002] in an email not realizing that he was paying tribute to his most remarkable friend. Steve's recollection says a lot about Cody, and about the impact that Cody had on his friends.

Steve: I remember one time on our hitching trip to Jeffreys Bay when I was 16 and he was 17. It was in the dark and we were talking as we walked along the road thumbing a ride with our boards tucked under our arms and our rucksacks on our backs. He suddenly stopped and said to me, "Listen!" I listened and heard fuck all. He got mad and said, "Just listen you dumb fuck!" Then it became a loud noise of beetles which were making that high pitched whistling sound that beetles do. It was so fucking weird. I never heard them at all until Cody told me to stop and listen. Then when we started talking I heard them all the time, and the night became more special. It’s like the crashing of waves at night. I can hear them every night now and I couldnt before. Just took it all for granted until Cody asked me to stop and listen.

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