Cape Town, South Africa
Part 41

Hiya Gary,

Had a really good trip to J-Bay. The surf wasn’t up to scratch while we were there but we did manage to get in a few good sessions. We left there on Friday morning and got back to Cape Town early hours Saturday morning. I slept over at Steve’s house and then went home.

There were quite a few days when the [surfing] comp didn’t happen cos of the shitty surf. All the really good surfers were there and they were awesome to watch, even in the small surf. Sunny Garcia, Mark Ochiluppo, Shane Dorian, Tim Curran, etc.

I managed to keep a rough diary of all that we did. I got a fantastic birthday pres from Steve while we were on the highway still [hitch] hiking. :) And I’ll be honest withya – I wasn’t expecting it. It was way past midnight and we were sitting at one of the roadside picnic spots [where be blew me].

The stay in J-Bay turned out to be pretty damn cool cos we met these chicks on the beach. Well, Steve met them and we got speaking. They were staying at their folks’ holiday house on their own and they invited us to stay there. That was a plus. They were really nice. One was 18 and her sister was 15. Their house was pretty neat and close to Super Tubes where the comp was held.

Saw Wingnut on Sunday. He says they had a fantastic [rugby] tour. They lost one game but won the other four that they played. I asked him about the initiation and he said that it was pretty damn wicked. Some of the guys got their hair cut, and they were all checked to see if they had pubes. He said that only he and one other guy had pubes, so the guys running the initiation shaved them. I laughed when he told me about how itchy it got. He said he scratched the whole damn time.

“So didya get a boner when they shaved ya?"

”Fuck, you should’ve seen it. This dude was holding it down in his fist so he could shave me. I felt like pissing in his hand.”

Wingnut said that the other guys [without pubes] had their heads shaved, and others had artwork done on their backs.

“So your pubes grown back yet?”

“Well, check it out,” he said as he pulled his track pants down. “Does it look like the fucking things are ever gonna grow again?”

Don’t need to tellya [G] what that did to me – hehehe - seeing that fat little chopper hanging down just waiting for my fist.

He said the tour was really great, though. They went to the elephant park at Addo for a day.

There should be surf today, so we’re all gonna go down to the beach and enjoy the last week of the hols.

I haven’t had a chance to see the latest [MrB] stories yet, but I’ll try and get into the site this evening.

Jeffrey [your neighbor’s grandson] sounds pretty damn neat. Dunno how you control yourself. :)

Managed to upload the new [Cody] news page but you know that already. [#2, July, 1999]. But I’ve cocked up the index page, I think.

As I tried to send this [email] I found out that our service provider’s connection is down, so I’ll send it later.

Yesterday was pretty neat until the wind picked up and blew the tops off the waves. Wingnut is doing so damn well with his surfing now. I reckon he’s gonna be pretty gnarly if he keeps it up. The big trick is that he’s scared of nothing, and goes for everything. His folks bought him a rash vest, which is like a wettie top but quite thin. He looks pretty hot in it, though, cos his boardies hang low and the rashie is quite high up, so when he’s surfing you can see his abs – and I must tellya they’re getting pretty well developed with all the surfing he’s doing. So where the hell did I go wrong [with my abs]?

Steve hung around my place yesterday arvie. Wingnut went down to Brian’s.

Had a cooker surf yesterday. Steve, Wingnut and I went down around midday. The line was packed but everything was going pretty well until Wingnut dropped in on a dude’s wave. Steve and I were sitting on the line waiting for a set when Steve asked me to look at what was happening on the beach. We saw Wingnut and this dude face to face, and this dude was obviously giving the grommet a hard time. I caught the next wave in to see what the prob was.

This guy is in my class at school, and he’s normally quite cool, but I could see that he was pissed. I got there just as he flat-handed Wingnut [across the face] – but so damn hard that he was sent flat on his ass. That’s when I saw a part of Wingnut that I hadn’t seen before. He was crying, and he jumped up off the sand and charged into the guy, fisting him and swearing at him. Then this dude flat-handed him again. I got in front of Wingnut to stop him from climbing into the dude again. Then I faced the dude.

“What’s the prob?”

“That little fucking grommet started it. Ask him.”

“You started it,” Wingnut screamed. “You called me a little mother fucker.”

“Why? Cos you won’t fucking listen, you little prick. You keep jumping on my waves – every fucking time.”

“Fuck you!”

“Hey, Cody,” the dude asked, “do you know this brat?”

“Fuck you,” the grommet continued. “You fucking moron.”

Then this dude takes a swipe past me at Wingnut, but I managed to stop him.

“Hey, chill! What’s the big deal? There’s enough surf out there for everyone.”

“Get that little fuck outta my face!”

Wingnut coulda shut up but didn’t. “You’re a wanker!”

So I hadta stop him from hitting Wingnut again. Then the dude piped up with a warning.

“Cody, you just wanta move outta the way?”

“Nope, you guys are both fucking way outta hand.”

“What are you saying, Cody? That I must come through you to get to him?”

“Hey, why don’t we stop this crap and just go surf?”

Wingnut and his big mouth: “Let him come, Cody! I’ll fight my own battles!”

“Yeah?” the dude snarled. “You and your mother!”

“No! Me and your mother!”

I was almost wrestling with the guy to stop him [from getting to Wingnut].

“Move out of the way, Cody, or I’ll move you!”

“This is fucking stupid.”

So the dude pushes me outta the way and clouts Wingnut again.

I lost my rag then, and climbed into him. By now there was a stacka people around as well. I don’t know how many punches we threw at each other before some beach connie came up to us and told us to stop. I had a bleeding mouth, and this guy’s mouth and nose were also bleeding. Wingnut’s face was red from the smacking he’d gotten.

Back out in the water, Steve was going on and fucking on about what a cool fight it was, and then Wingnut piped up about the guy being a cunt. I kinda lost it with him:

“I’ve toldya fucking over and over again about dropping in on other guys’ waves and hassling them.”

The rest of the arvie was a bit of a downer cos Steve and Wingnut were chatting and surfing together, and I was being given the cold shoulder. I actually just went into a ‘fuck ‘em’ mood and did my own thing.

After we got home, Wingnut came around.

“I’m sorry about what happened. And thanks for standing up for me.”

“Hey, it’s OK. I shouldn’ta lost my cool with you. But I’ve spoken to you about that sorta thing so many times, and I was waiting for something like this to happen.”

Anyway, he hung around my room while I was busy sorting out some stuff before he went home.

Steve phoned later and asked why I was so quiet in the surf. It’s ridiculous – cos I thought they were ignoring me. Anyway, it sorta ended up all OK.

Wingnut’s just left to go home and get his stick. He stayed over last night. We watched a vid called Urban Legends, which was a pretty wicked murder movie – lotsa blood and gore, but tame compared to some I’ve seen. Anyway, he wanted to see the thing as well, and his folks don’t allow him to watch those movies. My folks didn’t bother to watch cos they don’t care much for those sorta movies, anyway. Hehehe – Wingnut sits with a damn pillow the whole time and covers his face every time something [gory] is about to happen, and then I haveta tell him what happened.

Went surfing yesterday arvie. Nothing major but it was good, though. Just damn cold. I dunno how Wingnut handles it cos he wears this new rash vest that his folks bought him, but his boardies and vest don’t meet cos his boardies are being held up by his dick, and hang so low. He comes outta the water blue. Steve got one cooker wave cos he was in the right place. It was only about 3 feet, which is pretty small, but the damn thing peaked perfectly and he went inside [the green room]. He was stoked outta his skull.

Wingnut hadta go down to Brian’s house cos they had something on.

Guess you’re busy, huh. First day [back] at school was OK. The weather has turned out pretty damn fine, and I’m definitely going for a wave when I leave [school for the day]. We should be finished in about 45 minutes.

It was cool seeing all the guys again. Mark’s got a black eye – got into another club fight. And you thought I was aggro? And what did they fight over? Some guy tried to make out with Mark’s bird while he was getting drinks. I would hate to get into a serious head on with him cos I reckon I would get hurt. I’ve seen the way he hits the damn punching bags.

Just thought I’d drop you a line b4 I leave school.

Cya l8er allig8er.

On Saturday the surf was damn neat. We spent almost the whole day in the water. Both Steve and Wingnut stayed over on Saturday night, and it was a total fucking rave. I heard some wings flapping around so I guess the damn [MrB] pink fairy was looking as well. The three of us were sitting on the bed and Steve and I were telling Wingnut about the J-Bay trip, and some of the things that happened. Well, not ALL of the things that happened, and he was telling us about the rugger tour. It was like we were re-living the hols.

Wingnut’s a lot like me cos he always gets into fights. He got into two fights on the tour – both of them were on the rugger field with guys from the other teams. The one time he was sent off [by the referee] was cos he fisted a guy for tackling him too hard – hehehe. I told him that that was just part of the game, and that he’s gonna get tackled harder when he gets bigger. So he says. “Well, then, I’m gonna haveta hit harder.”

After we went to bed, I could hear Wingnut jacking. He’s gonna haveta learn to be a bit more quiet. Anyway, I put my hand down on the other side of the bed [where Steve was sleeping on the second spare mattress] and felt for Steve’s boner. He grabbed my hand and giggled. I guess he heard Wingnut too. Made us both horny as hell but we obviously couldn’t do anything about it. But he let me stroke him.

Got up early to hit the surf, and we were lucky cos it crapped out later in the morning when the wind picked up. I hadta get stuff ready for school, and so did they, so we split, and I spent the resta the day at home.

Well, we’re back to swim training today. It’s gonna be hard training, though, cos we’ve got winter champs coming up against a whole buncha schools.

The surf was crap yesterday, so I just got stuck into some homework. Steve had a stack as well, so he said if there’s no surf he’s just gonna stay at home and finish it – unless I want to blow him. Hehehe. Told him to hang til later in the week. Then Wingnut came around and I hadta hear about his first day back at school. He says that there’s a whole buncha guys at school who surf, and the one guy’s dad’s got a VW bus, and he’s offered to take them to Long Beach one day this weekend. Neat, huh? Miss him when he goes on his own, though. Damn!

So you want to know who was banging the punching bag around with me [this morning], huh? Mark – who else? His eye is still pretty swollen. Asked him if it was worth it:

“Fuck, Cody, you’re lucky it wasn’t you. I totally fucking lost it. And that guy will think again [before he picks another fight with me].”

“Looks like he got a punch in.”

“Yeah, his last fucking punch before I kicked his fucking brains in.”

“You’ve got a short fucking fuse, huh?”

“Nope – just don’t fucking mess with me. Simple.”

“So how come you didn’t beat me up whenya had the chance?”

“Cos you’re a fucking wuss and I didn’t want to make you cry.”

“Yeah, fucking right – take this!”

I hit him harder than I wanted to. Luckily, he just saw it as a joke. Anyway, he’s promised to drown me [in the pool] this arvie.

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