Cape Town, South Africa
Part 42

[To answer your question, G] Nope, I don’t think Mark woulda kicked the dude [he had the fight with], but I know that day I climbed into him [at school] he got so damn mad cos he didn’t think I would [deck him]. I’m meeting him in a while. He says he goes to the [punching] bag every day cos it helps him to chill and take his aggro out on something that can’t hit him back. I know even when he’s sparring with me, I can see him get more and more aggro, which is weird cos he is otherwise such a laid-back cool dude.

Surfed for a while yesterday but Wingnut had rugger practice and never came down [to the beach]. He popped in for a few minutes late yesterday just to say hi, and find out what the surf was like. I told him it rocked big time, and then cracked when I saw [the look of disappointment on] his face, so the little shit knew that I was kidding. It was OK but no major. Steve was pretty quiet yesterday arvie. He says there’s nothing wrong and that he was just feeling down and couldn’t put a finger on [the reason] why. I asked him if he wanted to come around [to my place] before going home and he laughed, which was cool. He couldn’t come around, though, cos he had stuff to do.

Been an OK day, and now we’re going to swim training again. Training all arvie so I’m not gonna get a chance to surf at all.

Had such a good sparring session with Mark this morning. Just as well I was wearing headgear or he woulda punched my lights out. Got a graze on my ribs, though, from his glove laces.

While we were showering, I asked him why he always looked like he was in a shitty mood, and he said that he had a few hassles that he was trying to sort out.

“Anything you wanna talk about?”

“Nope. It’s personal stuff, anyway. It’s no biggie. I didn’t even think that I always looked in a fucked up mood ‘til you said so. Guess you’re trying to figure out why I beat you up this morning.”

“Yeah, fucking right. Who beat who?”

“Hey, in a real match I would flatten you in a flash. Don’t push it.”

“See what I mean? You’re getting aggro again.”

“I’m not. That’s just me being me. Stop seeing something that’s not there.”

“How’s the eye?”

“It’s cool. Bruise is almost gone.”

Anyway, we didn’t chat too much after that. I was too busy watching his cock. Almost asked him if I could soap it for him. YEAH, RIGHT!

Surf was shit again yesterday so we all went back to my place and listened to music for a while. Wingnut was taking the piss outta Steve cos his folks made him have a haircut – not that you can notice. He’s just had it tidied up and it looks fucking awesome. BUT Wingnut gave him a go anyway, and the two of them were wrestling with each other. Steve made the mistake of getting between Wingnut’s legs and was crushed – hehehe. At least they were both laughing about it.

It’s Friday and the weather is really shitty – howling wind and rain. Last night we had a fantastic thunderstorm, which is weird for Cape Town.

Swimming went OK yesterday. Stayed away from the sauna – it was full of old dudes sitting there naked and sweaty.

Managed to get a surf in yesterday arvie with Steve. Wingnut was at Brian’s but I saw him later. I promised him a center page from a surf mag, and he came around to get it. He looked pretty cool yesterday – he was wearing this thick fleecy top hanging loose over his jeans. He’s got good pecs cos his top hangs down from his pecs, and his stomach is flat and muscular, so the top sorta bypasses his abs. I’ll tellya something – his legs fill a paira jeans pretty damn well, not to mention his fucking bulge. AND I CAN’T TOUCH HIM. DAMN!

This morning, Mark flattened me [in the gym]. He is so damn good. He saw my hands go down, and he hooked me. Landed flat on my ass.

"That’ll teach you to keep your hands up next time, Cody.”

Fab day here today. And it started off pretty damn good. Mark’s asked me to come around to his place this arvie after swim training. I’ve told him that I may go surfing but I would come around after that. So he says yeah, that’ll be cool.

I’ve never been to his place so this is gonna be pretty neat. Maybe I can get into the drawer with his jocks [undies] and smell ‘em all – hehehe. His face is starting to look a stack better now that his eye is almost back to normal. I just needta convince him to grow his hair a bit longer. He’s always shaving his hair short so he looks kinda mean, but he’s not really. Actually, I think he’s a kinda lonely dude. He hasn’t got a steady girl anymore cos he reckons she have him too much grief. He says now he can just pick any girl he wants to go out with.

“Isn’t that the girl you got beaten up for?”

“Yep, but half of it was cos I just wanted to beat that guy up anyway. He’d been needling me all night.”

“Why are you so fucking aggro all the time?”

“I’m not really … just want the guys to think I am so they leave me alone.”


“Why fucking why? Enough with the fucking third degree already. Fuck!”

“Hey, cool it. OK?”

“Fuck – sorry.”

“See what I mean?”

He glared at me but at least he was sorta smiling.

I think you’re right about Mark. Found out yesterday that his folks are divorced. He’s got a really super mom and she seemed like over the moon when I went around there yesterday. They live in a small townhouse, and Mark’s room overlooks a small park area. His bedroom wall is covered with pics of rock groups and there’s one of a centerfold chick. Says it’s his wanking pic cos he can lay down on his bed and wank while watching it.

“You jack off?”

“Like you don’t?”

“Yeah, I do. I just thought with all the girls you screw and all…”

“Hey, Cody, I don’t screw everything that moves. OK? But I do jackoff almost every morning before I shower.”

“At night?”

“Sometimes – but in the morning I have this total fucking piss cockstand and so I prefer it then. You?”

“Fucking hell – every damn night.”

“Hey, you heard the latest Nudies CD?”

OK, G, I can see I’ve lostya here – Nudies is short for Springbok Nude Girls, an awesome local band. Their music is similar to Just Jinger.

“You got it?”

“Yep. Hey, you going to the Garbage and Placebo concert?”

“Nah – too damn expensive. It’s like 80 bucks.”

“Fuck, you’re gonna miss a rave.”

I felt kinda shitty cos I can imagine going to a concert like that with him would be totally neat.

“Yeah, I know it’s gonna be cool. Steve’s going.”

Then he put on the CD and we listened to it and spoke about it. While we were listening he got undressed and changed into jeans and t. I hadta try and think about something to take my mind offa his cock.

When I got home, there was a message from Steve. He’d been around. So I phoned him and told him that I’d been to Mark’s place to listen to his new CD, and that Mark was going to the Placebo and Garbage concert on Saturday. The surf was crap so he’d gone home after having a look at it. He caught up with Wingnut at the beach and they walked back together.

Never saw Mark this morning so it was a bit of a bust. I ended up hitting the bag a bit but it wasn’t the same [without him there]. He came in late and said he overslept. The guys are all talking about going to the Placebo and Garbage concert on Saturday night so I think I might just dig into my savings and pull out 80 bucks to go along. They’re both pretty awesome groups. I know that Steve was saying that he’s going, and Mark’s going, and I wouldn’t be fucking surprised if Wingnut’s going as well. So I’m going. Actually, 80 bucks isn’t that bad. They had Bryan Adams here, and that [concert] cost about 220 bucks.

Mark’s gonna lend me his Nudies (NO – NOT HIS UNDIES) CD to tape. I’m not reading too much into the connection between Mark and me, and I hopeya fucking wrong about yesterday [when you said that Mark’s probably aware of the attention I’m giving him]. I don’t want him even thinking that I’m eyeing his fucking bod – not like that, anyway. Steve and Mark get on pretty well together. They hit it off at the stripshow we did [with the swim team], so I don’t think there’s gonna be a prob there.

Had such a wicked weekend. Yesterday, the surf came through and we all got pretty stoked with the clean swell. It wasn’t that big but a funky ride. The strong storm winds that we had have changed the break and it’s a hundred times better. The rides are longer and the peaks are more clearly visible now.

Steve and Wingnut both stayed over on Saturday night so Steve and I couldn’t get into anything ‘cept jacking. On Sunday morning Steve dissed Wingnut – he told him that his cock shoulda been on a horse. Anyway, Wingnut dove across my bed to Steve’s mattress and then pinned Steve down with his boner in Steve’s face. Steve already had a morning boner, but you shoulda seen that thing start splitting its skin with Wingnut’s ass resting on his chest – and then starting to get precum. I got so fucking horny that I started stroking myself [as I was] looking at them. Anyway, Steve’s pretty damn strong so he got his arms around Wingnut and then forced him onto his back. He put his one arm under Wingnut’s leg and lifted it right up to his face like a wrestling hold. So it wasn’t long before Wingnut was calling for me to help him – hehehe. “Hey, you started it, you finish it.” Anyway, Steve let him go. Then the three of us sat on my bed and just chatted about shit.

The surfing was wicked, though. I musta had the longest ride ever and I was so damn stoked. Wingnut and Steve both had some really good rides, and Wingnut even got a few floaters going after watching how Steve did it. He’s gonna be a wicked surfer.

Anyway, G, I’m going down to the gym. Mark said he’d be there this morning. Maybe I can give him a hug – hehehe.

My mom’s got a rule. We hug and say ‘I loveya’ whenever we leave the house even if it’s just to go up to the Mall, cos it might be the last time we see a person for whatever reason.

When I met Mark this morning he was helluva quiet. I’ve seen him quiet before but I thought that the way things were going with us that he’d lighten up a bit. So while we’re sparring he hits me around like he’s hitting a punchbag.

“Hey, Mark! Fucking cool it, dude. You’re hitting the crap outta me.”

“So are you here to fuck around or spar? I want you to hit me back if you’re not too chicken.”

So we both ended up losing it and beating the shit outta each other. It’s no fucking wonder my lips always look so swollen. It’s cos they keep getting hit.

The worst part is that he just stayed quiet.

“Hey, Mark, whatsup, buddy? You look like you’re on a mission.”

“Nothing. Just another fucked up day.”

“Hey, if you can’t talkta me then who you gonna talk to? Anyway, you beat me to a pulp so I deserve to hear why.”

“It’s nothing, Cody. Don’t stress about it.”

That’s when I saw like if he carried on talking he woulda started crying. So I dropped it. I wish I could climb into his head and see what’s going on.

When we walked outta the gym he put his arm over my shoulder – just for a sec.

“Sorry if I lost it this morning, buddy. Guess I just needed to let off a lotta steam. I’ll be OK now that you’re hurting.” And then he giggles.

Caught up with him at recess, and he’s back to normal.

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