Cape Town, South Africa
Part 45

Mark had me in stitches this morning. I was holding the big punch bag while he was pretending it was Alan and his goons, and he was hitting it like hell, and then he was pretending to be a Bruce Lee and kicking the thing. I was collapsing and he was laughing as well. We had a total gas.

I sat in the change room while he was showering. He never had a semi but his solid dick was hanging away from him. He’s got quite low-hanging nads as well – looks like a double punch bag. Every little movement he makes pushes a muscle out somewhere. I think he knows I watch him even though I was hoping he doesn’t notice. It’s just the way he like puts his foot on the bench while he’s drying his legs [and I can see his hangers].

“You’ve got a fucking neat bod. It’s no wonder the girls finger-fuck [themselves] when you walk past them.”

He laughed like hell, and then: “Well, I think your bod’s got the girls twisted as well.”

“How come you called me a faggot that one time?”

"It’s a long story and I was being stupid – acting for the group [of guys I was with]. The last thing I expected was for you to react like you did. But I’m glad you did.”


“Gave me a chance to beat up on you.”

“So what was the story?”

“It’s supposed to be a secret.”

“Oh, OK.”

“Hey, but we’re buds so I reckon it’s cool to tell you. Anyway, you know what I’ll do if it gets out.”

Anyway, it turns out that he was out with Ross one time, and they got ratfaced, and Ross told him about how we jack off together on hikes and stuff, and then he told Mark that I was the horniest person he knows.

“So why didya call me a faggot?”

“Hey, I don’t know. I didn’t know you that well then. I’d only just started on the swim team, and I guess I was jealous of how fucking well you always did. You were just a target and I’m sorry I said that. I know now that I was out of line. Forgive me?”

“Yeah, sure.”

And then he’s only got a towel around him, and gives me a huge bear hug. That was so damn cool.

“Buds, right?”

“You bet. Can I askya something now?”


“Why are you always so aggro?”

“I don’t know. I think I know, but I’m not sure.”

“Wanta talk about it?”

“One day maybe.”

At recess I met up with Ross to tell him I’d be at swim training this arvie. Alan and his friends weren’t that far away, and one of them shouted, “Hey, Cody! Want some nuts?” And then grabbed his crotch.

Anyway, I showed him the finger and left it alone.

Otherwise, the day’s been pretty damn neat. Mark wants me to go out with him and his girl sometime. Said he’d organize a blind date for me if I wanted. I said I’d let him know.

We’ve got swim training in a while, so I’m gonna jet. My nads are still quite tender, though.

I met Mark this morning and he was back to being his aggro self. I asked him why but he said that he wasn’t in the mood for small talk, and that I could leave if I wanted to.

“Go? Hey, this is our arrangement. I thought you liked it when we trained together.”

”I do. I’m just feeling fucked up this morning. OK?” Then he gave me a long hard look. “And don’t – don’t ask a lotta questions. OK? I can’t tellya anything.”

“Hey, bet you can’t hit a moving target.”

“You serious? I’m in a fucked up mood and you wanta ring it?” [Spar in the ring]

“Why not? You’re not gonna hit me for shit.”

“You’re on,” he smiled – he’s got a great fucking smile. “But if I get you, you’re gonna be in pain.”

“Shuddup and let’s go.”

Well, I knew what was gonna happen but it was cool. He got me in the corner and pummeled me. But he took a lot of the power out of his punch. A coupla weeks ago he woulda killed me.

“You sure you don’t wanna chat about what’s bugging ya?” I asked in the showers.

“Yep, I’m sure.”

“Well, hey, I’ve got ears that aren’t too busy most times, so if you wanna give them some work to do, they’re all yours.”

“It’s my mom’s boyfriend.”

“Huh?” He caught me off guard cos I didn’t expect him to say anything like that.

“Oh, shit. It’s nothing. Drop it.”

“Well, I’m here if you want someone to offload onto.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

So now I wanna know what’s going on but I don’t wanna be too pushy with him either, else he’s gonna get mad.

Well, I must tellya we had the most awesome surf ever yesterday. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it working that good [when it’s] that big. After swim training, I got hold of Steve and Wingnut and we ran down [to the beach]. The surf musta been around 8 feet average, and that is huge. The sets were coming through at about 10 to 12 feet. The best is that the waves were breaking so neat that they could all be caught [ridden]. And I must tellya that Wingnut got locked in [the green room] yesterday. We still dunno whether it was by accident or whether he actually worked it.

Both Steve and I were paddling back out after we had caught a wave and we saw Wingnut take off on this awesome peak. He did a bottom turn and then cut back towards the wave. It was like slow motion cos the peak lifted over his head, and for a sec he stalled his stick, and the next second he was locked in – right inside the fucking green room – and we were right in line to see him. He was fucking screaming but you couldn’t hear him cos of the noise of the surf. It was too much for us. We rode the next wave in and caught up with him paddling back out. He was like a blubbering idiot.

“Didya see it? Didya see it? Didya see it? Fuck! DIDYA SEE IT?”

We both raved with him, and he was so damn stoked. AND BLUE. The air temp was freezing but I think he musta been feeling so warm inside that it didn’t hassle him. We stayed in the water until almost dark cos it was so damn fantastic.

Wingnut didn’t get another tube but he had some really good rides, and Steve had an awesome session. It was a really good feeling on the way home. We were ice cold and totally fucked. Every muscle in my bod was aching, but it was one of those really good feelings.

Wingnut came around after he had supper and kept on raving about how good it was. My dad was giving him a big head as well, saying how impressed he was with the little guy for getting on so far [with his surfing skills] so quickly.

Then he came into my room and dive-tackled me on the bed, and tried to pin me down:

“I’m fucking invincible and can beat everyone – even you.”

He was trying to get his legs around me to squeeze me in a scissor grip. So I grabbed a handful of his nuts and started squeezing. He let go quickly enough.

“Shit, Code, don’t be jealous just cos my nads are whole,” he laughed.

Yesterday arvie, Wingnut comes into my room and he’s still carrying his school stuff. He went home with Brian after rugger training, and Alan came in [to the room] and started to diss me to the grommet. Wingnut’s got a big mouth so he starts on about how Alan hasta have a million bodyguards and he’d be too scared to take me on my own. So Alan flathanded him and cut his lip open. He hadta come to my house to clean up before going home cos his mom freaks if he gets into fights. According to Alan, I’m a weak little wuss who wouldn’t dare take him on unless there was a coach or teacher watching. He can say what he likes – that doesn’t hassle me – well, it does but not enough to start a fight. But he’s a fucking bully and he didn’t needta lose it with Wingnut. Brian is like his best friend, and I can see that [friendship] getting screwed up as well. I’m fucking shaking while I’m typing this [note] up. Anyway, I’m gonna meet up with Mark [this morning]. I’m not gonna tell him what happened, though. He’s already carrying a lotta baggage without taking on my shit too.

Maybe hitting the bag around a bit will make me feel better anyway.

The surf turned into a wash yesterday so we didn’t stay down too long. Steve stayed over for supper, which was pretty cool. And at least Wingnut’s lip didn’t swell up, so he got away with telling his mom it happened in rugger.

Mark right away this morning asked if he and I were swapping moods cos he was feeling pretty good and I was still shaking mad. I didn’t tell him what it was [about], though, but he could tell that I was mad, and I think he was feeling it at the end of my [punching] arm. Hey, he does that to me all the time. He didn’t ask too many questions, though.

At mid morning recess, I told him that I had something to do. Fact is, I saw Alan and a friend go into the change room, so I followed them.

Alan was zipping up [his fly] when I walked in there:

“Cody, buddy – feeling nutty?”

They both thought it was a pretty cool joke.

“You’re a fucking coward and a fucking bully, and I think we needta sort things out between just the two of us. And I wantya to leave Wingnut alone. He’s got fucking nothing to do with what’s going on.”

“Yeah, well he thinks you’re a big fucking hero, and he’s got a big mouth.”

“And you’re a fucking pedo.”


“A pedo. You came onto him when he was sleeping. I toldya I’ll tell the whole fucking school if you want me to.”

“He’s a fucking little liar.”

“Coming from you that’s pretty lame.”

I hadn’t seen Alan’s friend go out, and there was a group of them in the change rooms by then.

“Take him out, Alan. He’s a little wussy boy.” [One of them said]

I couldn’t recognize who’s voice it was. My gut was in knots cos I didn’t wanta attract the flies – especially his.

“Hey, Cody, one on one now. Come get me.”

So he pushed me and I fucking lashed him, and split his fucking cheek open on the same place I’d hurt him when we were boxing. My hand hurt like hell.

Then he stood up and pushed me again, but one of his goons had gone down on all fours behind me, and I went flying backwards on my ass. That’s when two of his guys grabbed me.

Alan was so fulla shit then, and the blood on his face made him look pretty crazy.

“So what are you gonna do now, fucker?” he snarled.

“He’s not going to do anything, and neither are you or your friends.” It was Ross speaking from the doorway.

“Fuck out [of here], Ross,” Alan ordered.

“Well, it’s not just me.”

They were all outside – Mark, Kevin, Ryan, Troy, Craig, Timmy and the surprise of all, Jumbo – all the guys from our swim age group.

The two guys holding me didn’t know what to do, so they let me go.

“It’s not your fight, Ross,” Alan insisted.

“You turned it into our fight when you were too fucking chickenshit to take Cody on his own. He gave you a chance, and you fucked it up.”

“OK, big shot, so what now?”

“You want to take Cody on? Right now?”


“Then it’s over. If you or any of your so-called friends get in Cody’s way, then you deal with us. And there’s another thing…”


“Leave the little guys alone – in and out of school, or the same will apply.”

Back in the school [grounds] I spoke to Mark:

“Thanks. How didya know what was happening?”

He laughed: “We’ve all known since last night.”

“Say what?”

“Brian phoned me. Remember Alan and I used to be mates on the boxing team? Brian told me about them baiting you into the change room. They were gonna make sure that you were carried out of there.”

“You mean it was like all arranged?”

“Seems like it.”

“Why did Brian phoneya? What sorta bro is that?”

“Well, he said that Alan beat up on a friend of his called Wingnut, and that Wingnut was also a friend of yours. I couldn’t understand the whole story but you told me once about Wingnut and I guess that’s him – your grommet surfing buddy.”

“And Jumbo?”

“Well, Jumbo said that he didn’t want to ever end up in a [boxing] ring with you after what he saw, and you’re his team mate. He’s also seen the other side of Alan.”

“Think it’s over?”

“Oh, yeah … Alan’s a bully and bullies are chickenshit on their own. I know cos I used to be one.”

I laughed cos I knew what he was talking about.

“There’s one helluva thing that happened here this morning,” Mark said.

“What’s that?”

“Well, the guys on the [swim] team are always looking after themselves, getting better times and fighting for places on the comps. This is the first time I’ve seen them like a real team – with a common goal.”

“Anyway, thanks a stack. But Alan needs to thankya as well.”


“I was gonna hit him so hard that he’d get a speeding ticket in Johannesburg.”

We both laughed at my own joke.

As for Wingnut, well I guess he’s gonna meet a lotta Alans. He’s just too much of a hunky 11 year old not to, and I’m not just saying that. And I guess I’m lucky that I’ve got the sorta friendship I have with him cos he’s got no hangups. Yeah, I guess in a way he has cos he’ll never talk about what we do [in my room]. So, hidden down deep there must be something telling him that it’s not all acceptable [such as what Alan did]. But one day he’s gonna haveta stand up to a bully who’s older and bigger, knowing that he’s gonna get hurt. To do nothing else but keep some sorta self respect.

Tomorrow night, Mark and his girl and I and a blind date thing are going out. Steve will probably come with us with his girl, or should I say a girl. He’s not getting too involved these days, which is cool. Guess he just wants a girl pussy to sink into every now and again.

Now I just need my folks to say it’s cool [to go out]. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t needta ask them [for permission] but I just do and if they say no, well then it’s no. I will be pissed, though, COS CODY’S BEEN A GOOD BOY – hehehe. :)

[In a previous chapter, Cody referred to a certificate he’d been awarded at school when he was a ‘Little Cody’, and the fact that he’d just received a second one. I’ve just remembered what it was for. I sent him an e-card – an award for being totally scrumptious hehe. I often called him scrumptious; a name I’ve never given to anyone else, before or since. MrB]

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