Cape Town, South Africa
Part 48

On Saturday morning after I wroteya I went and laid on my bed and just watched the two sleeping beauties for a while. And then who rocks up? Yeah, you guessed it – hehehe.

“Hey, Cody, you gonna be able to surf today?”

“I can’t buddy – got the [finals of] the swim comp this evening.”

“You gonna watch the rugger?”

“Yep, but we’ll watch it at the health club.”

“Can I come?”

“Hey, I thought you were coming anyway.”

“Yeah, I wanna see you whip some ass [in the swimming]. You were awesome yesterday. [Pause] Are Steve and this other dude excited about something?”


“They’ve both got woodies.”

I cracked cos I looked, and both Kim’s and Steve’s covers were like Arab tents.

“Check out this dude’s cock,” I said as I lifted the covers off Kim to show Wingnut the size of that monster.

“Fuck! That is big!”

Then Kim woke up, and Wingnut was his usual uncultured self.

“Hey, you gonna jack that thing before it bursts?”

“Say what?”

Kim wasn’t expecting Wingnut to say something like that. He got up and went to the bathroom. It sounded like a horse pissing. He still had a huge hardon when he came back into the room.

“You’ve got an awesome bod,” the grommet observed.


“Bet the girls go crazy, huh.”

All the time, I was watching Kim as he was stretching, and thought about how neat it woulda been if he wasn’t such a dickhead. We coulda been good friends.

“Hey, Wingnut, you wanna go and make us some coffee?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Hey, Cody,” Kim said after Wingnut had left the room, “last chance, bud. You want to come and shower with me? This thing’s ready for you.”

I was just thinking how neat it would be to suck that mother dry. “But you’ve got such a shit attitude, and you’re so fucking fulla yourself.”

“Yeah, well, it’s your loss. I’ll go and lose it in the shower … unless your surfing buddy [Steve] here wants to do the honors.”

“Toldya – he’s str8.”

“Never stopped me before.”

“I bet.”

“What about the little dude?”

“Lay off. I’ll tellya something, though. When he’s your age he’ll knockya inch for inch on dick size.”

“Yeah, right.”

Then Wingnut came in carrying the coffee. “Hey, Wingnut, do me a fav and drop your shorts. I wanta show Kim something.”

So Wingnut dropped his shorts, and he had this raging fucking boner, so I don’t know what was going through his fucking mind [while he was] making coffee.

Kim was pretty impressed. “Awesome cock, dude. Stuck it into any pussy yet?”

“Nope, not yet.” Wingnut was enjoying showing his cock to Kim, and enjoying it even more cos of Kim giving him the compliment.

Kim went to shower, and then Wingnut jumped on top of Steve, yelling, “Wake up! Wake up!”

“Oh, jeez! Wingnut, fuck the hell offa me, huh? You’re crushing my nuts.”

“That’s cos you’ve got a woody. You gonna jack?”

I cracked cos he was asking Steve the same damn question he asked Kim.

“No, are you? Cos I can feel that your cock’s not lazy this morning.”

Steve said that he’d go surfing with Wingnut, so the little guy disappeared to go home and get his stick. Then Steve went into the shower after Kim [had finished].

The winter swim champs for me was a bit of a disaster, only ending in one final, and then I crashed to 4th place in that. It’s probably the worst comp I’ve been in.

[I remember Cody telling me about a pretty serious fight he had with Kim. They were arguing about Kim’s reluctance to do anything while his friend was raping Cody at the farm during the previous summer’s swim comp. Cody really wanted to hurt Kim, and did, but for some reason - probably because it didn’t relate to the Mark and Wingnut stories - I didn’t save it in my notes, and the original email has been lost. MrB]

[At the finals of the swim comp] Mark saw the scratches on my back that I never noticed before. It happened when Kim grabbed me on the floor [of my room] when we were fighting. He scratched my back.

Told Mark that I’d had a fight with Kim, and then Mark did something really special.

He asked [the coach] if he could swim the open of the 200 backstroke, which put him up against Kim. Kim hadn’t lost a single race ‘cept for one heat. And the best part is that Mark beat Kim in the open by about a half second, with the rest of the swimmers like miles behind. He couldn’t get the medal, though, cos he wasn’t on the original entries. I could see that Kim was totally pissed to lose against him cos he knew Mark was my friend.

Had a good [gym] session with Mark this morning. His mood’s better, so I think it’s gonna be a good week.

[Later…] I’ve been in such a crazy mood today. This morning I was hitting the bags with Mark and he does this thing where he stands with his gloves on his head, and then I’ve gotta box his abs for half a minute, and then later again – three times. Well, this morning I asked him if he would do that to me.

“You serious?”


It felt like being hit by a sledgehammer but he was pretty impressed that I managed to last two of those half-minute sessions.

“Hey, why didya do that thing with the swim [against Kim] on Saturday?”

“I knew I could beat him. You could as well.”

“How so?”

“It’s like wishing for things. You put this thing in your brain that you can’t do something, and you never do. The opposite is the same – you convince yourself that you’re better, and you are.”

“Oh, you mean like my cock is better than yours? Like that, you mean?”

He cracked. “You know exactly what I mean, and your cock will never be better. It would have been cool to take his [Kim’s] medal, but at least he didn’t get the gold.”

“That’s for sure.”

“Cody, can I ask you something serious?”

“Hmmm – you’re sounding serious.”

“What was it with you and that Kim guy?”

“What d’ya mean?”

“How come you hated him so much? I mean, he was a dick, but you really hated that dude.”

“It’s a long, complicated story.”


“Willya understand if I say I can’t tellya?”

“Must’ve been pretty bad then.”

“I don’t like keeping things from you cos you’ve become a pretty good friend. It’s just that it’s something I can’t talk to anyone about.”

“OK, but just try and remember this, though – don’t ever think you can’t talk to me about anything. I can at least listen.”

I felt like crying cos I know that I can’t really talk to him [about the rape]. You’re the only person [G] who knows what happened in Port Elizabeth [last summer].

Yesterday was the best. We spent the whole day in awesome surf – me, Steve and Wingnut. Steph came down [to the beach] in the arvie and she had her stick [with her]. She is helluva good [in the surf]. All I gotta do now is to tell Wingnut to stop pulling his damn boardies down lower every time he sees her, else he’s gonna lose it.

Anyway, this arvie is gonna be surf and surf with Wingnut and Steve and probably Steph. I know you’re not really into girls but I wish I could tellya what Steph was really like. She’s different – really special – and she’s always hugging everybody – even Wingnut. I’ve just gotta tell him that you’re not supposed to get a boner EVERY time you get hugged – hehehe.

It’s like a summer day here. Even this morning when Mark and I were busy boxing it was warmer than usual, which was neat cos it meant MORE SWEAT. I had a prob with my right shoulder so Mark said that he had some Reparil gel that he could rub in for me after we showered.


Shoulder feels better now – hehehehe.

Seriously, I’m sure he saw me get a rise outta him rubbing my shoulder for me. Dunno what woulda happened if he was rubbing anything else.

He wants to come around to my house this evening. Says I’m always talking about my folks, so he wants to meet them. He’s seen my mom at the swim meets, and I’m sure that’s the only reason he wants to come around – hehehe – only kiddin’. Shit, my dad would beat the crap outta him if he started to ogle my mom.

Anyway, he rubbed my shoulder out pretty damn good cos it feels great. Dunno what the prob was. Probably just overdoing it with all the swimming and everything.

Well, after all the excitement of getting down to the beach we stared at this mush and ended up laughing. How weird is that? I stood there and said, “fuck”, and Steve and Wingnut looked at me and cracked. We ended up having a lotta fun taking off on the same waves and trying to push each other off our boards, so you can imagine how crap the surf was. Steph came down later in the afternoon. She wears a short-leg and arm wettie. We call it a Springer.

“Hey, Wingnut, are you gonna pull your boardies down?” (This while we were way out [back] and could see Steph paddling out).

“So he pulls them right down and screams, “Hey, Steph! Suck on this!”

He’s lucky she couldn’t hear him, and he knew it, otherwise he woulda copped a smack around the chops.

We messed around for quite a while in the water. Steph and I spoke quite a bit. I think she’s trying to suss me out. When we got under the beach shower, she came behind me and pulled my [wettie] zip down, and then I pulled hers. She’s got really cute tits – like puppy dog noses that point a bit up, and she had this neat bikini top on, which looked more like a piece of cloth but was actually a top.

“Want me to helpya outta that?”

“You a tit guy, Cody?” she giggled.

“Yeah, pretty much – and legs.”

As usual, Wingnut was blue, so Steph grabbed her towel and started to rub him down. The little fucker got such a boner, so I guess he jacked off double time last night. Wish I coulda helped him. He was telling me how his cum is getting pretty thick now.

OH – and he’s got a little [pubic] bush growing as well.

I’ve got a surprise for him. Found a really cool second-hand wettie at the surf shop. It’s 310 bucks, which is quite a stack but I’ve managed to save up 240 and I think Steve’s gonna throw in the rest. I’ll know this arvie.

Notice I haven’t mentioned the rugger [between Oz and SA]? :) Wingnut has, though.

The weather yesterday [Wingnut’s 12th birthday, August 14, 1999] was way damn awesome – HOT.

Yeah, well, when I say Wingnut’s got pubes it’s like a dark shadow just above his dick hehehe. Like the sun’s shining from the back hehehehe.

Steve came around to my house and we both decided that we would leave our wetties at home. We waited for Wingnut to come home from rugger practice. I didn’t even ask where he managed to find mud cos everything’s so dry. I kinda wonder if he doesn’t smear mud on himself on purpose.

Then we had to wait for him to have a shower – hehehe. I could hear him next door: “Moooooom, I’m going into the surf now! I don’t need a shower! C’mon, mom!”

After a while, he came out all clean, with his boardies falling down and his stick under his arm.

“Where are your wetties?” he asked.

“It’s hot, so we’re gonna be brave like you.”

“Hehehe, you guys are gonna go invert.”


“Your dicks are gonna turn inside out.”

“So you reckon we’re not gonna handle it, huh?”

“I reckon you will but you’re gonna turn blue.”

It was really cool just wearing boardies again, and Wingnut was right about the water [temp]. I think my cock went bye-bye for the arvie. His didn’t, though. I think the cold water and surfing excites him too much.

But the surf was good, and the sun was hot, so we raved anyway. Steph didn’t come down. She phoned me later to say that she had homework to do AND THAT SHE MISSED SEEING ME.

When we got home, we told Wingnut to come over to my house, and we got him into my room.


Steve blindfolded him, but he kept pulling the blindfold off. “What are you guys doing?”

So I tied his hands up behind him, and then Steve blindfolded him again. It took both of us to hold the little guy down. Then we got him to stand up, and I undid his boardies. His cock was sorta sagged down cos he didn’t know what the hell to expect.

“What are you guys doing?” He sounded scared.

“Hey, buddy, it’s cool. We’re not gonna hurtya.”

Then we made him lay on his back on the bed, and I got the wettie out [of my closet].

“What the fuck are you doing, guys?”

“It’s my old wettie. I just wanta see if it fitsya.”

“Your old piss-filled wettie? YUCK!”


It took a while to get the bottom of the wettie on cos it fits him like a glove. It was funny, though, cos we got him to stand up, and then we each grabbed a side and pulled it up – lifted him off the floor.

“You’re crushing my nuts!”

“That’s OK – they’re just little ones.”

“Sez you!”

I put my hand down the front [of the wettie pants] and arranged his cock properly. His boner came back. Then we planted him in fronta the mirror and Steve took the blindfold off. The grommet just stared and stared [at his reflection].

Steve spoke first: “Pretty cool, huh?”

Wingnut never said anything. Then he put his arms in the sleeves and lifted the collar and turned so that I could zip it for him. Then he looked in the mirror again. It fitted him like a glove. His chest, his flat stomach with all the muscles – his legs – HIS BONER – showed perfectly.

Eventually, he spoke: “Hey, Code, this isn’t your old wettie. This is a new wettie.” He just kept staring at the mirror.

“Well, it’s not quite new but it’s in helluva good nick.”

“Oh, fuck! This is so awesome! But I can’t take it.”

My heart sank. “Why?”


“Cos why?”

“Cos I see you doing chores and stuff to make money and this musta cost a whack and I’m never gonna be able to giveya anything like this ever.”

“Hey, Wingnut, it’s not about you giving me or Steve anything ‘cept just keep on making us laugh and having fun. And it didn’t take a lotta chores, and Steve put some [money] in as well. And we knew that you would look after it. Besides, the girls are gonna love it.”

“This is so cool,” he said, looking back at the mirror. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Thanks would be cool.”

“It doesn’t sound like enough, though.”

“Well, a hug then.”

Then he gave Steve and me a huge hug. Even through the wettie you could feel his tight bod and, yeah – he looked fucking awesome.

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 Codeman Part 49