Cape Town, South Africa
Part 49

Mark came around to my house and he looked spiff. He musta got dressed up special just cos he was coming around [here]. He was wearing beige chinos. You could see they were carrying hefty baggage. Damn! And a white t hanging loose over it. He and my dad hit it off right away, which was way damn cool.

After dinner, Wingnut’s mom phoned my mom to say thanks [for the wettie]. My mom called me to the phone. Wingnut’s mom went on about how much it musta cost, and I told her it was a second-hand one and it wasn’t a lotta money.

My dad spoke to me later about it:

“Hey, can I give you a hug?”

“You know you can, dad. Why?”

“Cos I think you’re a pretty special person, and mom and I are pretty damn lucky.”

“I’m the lucky one.”

“Yeah, well, [for you] to have such a good looking dad is lucky, I guess.”

Then we wrestled a bit before he left [my room]. A little later there was a knock on the window.

“Wingnut? Hey, you’re supposed to be in bed asleep. It’s like 11pm.”

“I know. My folks don’t know [I’m here] cos I climbed out my window. I hadta … It’s just … I dunno … I wanted to say thanks again. You guys going surfing tomorrow?”

“Yep. We want to see the girls go weird when they see you strutting in that wettie.”

“Seeya, Cody. You and Steve are awesome buddies. I gotta jet. Thanks.”

“Seeya, buddy, and happy birthday.”

So it was a pretty good day, and I jacked off picturing my little buddy in his wettie cos he looked fucking hot.

About remembering things … well, I guess I’ll remember standing [there] watching Wingnut looking into that mirror and the look on his face – like he was in a dream. And I guess I am lucky to have a little guy like that to be a bro to. If he’d been my real bro we probably woulda beaten the crap outta each other so maybe it’s better this way.

Wingnut coming around at 11 last night was the best thanks he coulda given me. I mean, if his folks hada caught him he woulda gotten into so much crap, and I’ll bet he was feeling like shit this morning. He’s quite an early-to-bed dude from what I can make out.

It’s hot here today. Had a neat session with Mark [this morning] as well. Got a screamer in the showers.

“Hey, Cody, do I do that to you?”

“I must be doing something to you,” I laughed. His cock was just sorta lifting but I had a rage one. “I think I’m just gonna jack here,” I said as I fisted my boner.

“Fuck off, Cody, you’re not jacking here in the showers. I’ll annihilate you!”

I cracked cos he got so paranoid, but at least he knew I was just joking. “OK, you want me to do you, rather?”

He couldn’t hide the damn thing. “I don’t even know why I’ve got a fucking hardon. And NO you can’t.”

“I know [why you’ve got a hardon] – you’ve been rubbing the soap in too hard.”


So why am I making a big deal outta this? Well, it’s cos both of us had these damn erections and it didn’t seem to faze him a helluva lot. And I’m glad that he got one [as well] so that he didn’t think I was coming on to him.

Anyway, back to the damn shitsheet [school-work] analysis.

Hot again. It’s like the middle of summer here, which is pretty neat.

Mark and I worked up a helluva sweat this morning. I’m starting to handle his punches a lot better now, and I think I’m punching harder too.

We’re both wearing boxes [jock straps] under the boxing shorts now cos the last thing I want is for him to hit me in the nads without any protection.

I tellya what, I think if you had to see him with his headgear and his gumguard in a dark alley you’d probably run a mile. Now, imagine him walking down the street with Nancy [your next-door neighbor with her huge dresses and flamboyant hats] dressed like she was [in the pic you sent me]. What a couple! Hehehehe.

And I mean NO crap [on the lawn]. Normally when I get home from school the first thing I do is chuck some bread into the toaster, haul out the peanut butter or cheese, and then go outside and pick up the dog crap. Yesterday, I thought my dog musta been constipated or something. So I went and tidied up the den cos I had a lotta my stuff laying around, and then [I went] back to the kitchen and did what my mom hates – grab the juice bottle [from the fridge] and suck right outta it. Anyway, my mom wasn’t around. :)

I’m still busy with the toast when Wingnut walks into the kitchen. I must remember to lock the door.

“Hey, you going for a wave?”

“Hmmm – yeah, I reckon. I just gotta check up on some chores, and phone Steve.”

“I’ve already picked up the dog shit.”

I had a mouthful of juice, and I think it sprayed all over the place cos I just couldn’t help it. I cracked big time.


“As soon as I came home from school … otherwise you take too long [to do it], and anyway I’d probably end up picking it up – so I just did.”

“That’s cool. You wanta phone Steve, too?”

So he did, and we did, and we had a really good wave.


My little buddy looked fucking awesome in his wettie, especially when it was wet, and the reflection showed off his bod. He looked like one of those super-hero [comic strip] guys with the skin-fitting costumes. Steph was down there with us, and she actually got Wingnut to blush.

“Wingnut, you’re going to need to wear Speedos under that thing [wettie]. Actually, it looks kinda cute. Hmmm … maybe not.”

Hehehe -  think he’ll wear Speedos next time.

He got a neat Billabong surf top from his folks [for his birthday], and some money from other family people.

Steph came into my house on the way home, and the four of us listened to some music and rapped for a while before my folks got home, and then everyone split.

Alan’s around [at school] but he’s laying pretty low. He’s still doing his stuff and buggering [pushing] the little guys around but he lays off if he sees me or any of the other guys [from the swim team]. That’s why we don’t see a helluva lot of him. Jumbo doesn’t hang with him at all anymore. He’s more [into hanging] with a coupla the guys from the team. I’m glad, though, cos Jumbo’s a helluva nice guy. Besides that, he’s good looking with an awesome defined bod, and he’s hung like a horse.

Mark and I had a good workout this morning. I was totally tired at the end of it, and I’ll tellya that it takes a lot to make me buggered [tired]. Never even got a boner in the shower, so you can just imagine. He and Carol are gonna come with me and Steph tonight, and I’ll check with Steve as well.

Anyway, so after surfing, Wingnut and Steve came to my place.

“Hey, why can’t you just shower at your house? It’s right next door.”

“Cos I wanta shower here with you guys. It’s OK, isn’t it?”

“Lighten up, Wingnut, I was only kidding.”

So we all showered, and took off our wetties in the shower. No, we didn’t do anything [sexual], and Steve and I both kept our Speedos on. And you were right – Wingnut didn’t wear Speedos under his wettie. He says he’s gonna [wear them], though, before he gets crotch rust. So he was the only dude naked in the shower.

So why did Steve and I keep our Speedos on? Well, it’s a thing we’ve got when Wingnut’s around … we want things to be pretty normal, but at the same time we don’t want him to think that we live for being naked together. YES, I KNOW WE DO!

I hadta lend Wingnut a paira my shorts, and they kept landing around his ankles. Anyway, he didn’t stay too long after that – one toasted sarmie and he left cos he had homework to do.

Had a really cool night last night. Steve couldn’t make it so it was just Mark, Carol, Steph and me. Probably drank a bit too much but at least I didn’t embarrass myself. All of us danced most of the night anyway so we were kinda str8 when we started home at about 2 this morning. I was kinda hoping that Steve had come along cos then I coulda slept at his place – my folks don’t like me getting outta it [drunk].

So I get the key [hidden] in the normal place and try not to make too much noise going to my room, and I close the door and put on the bedside light, and there’s this fucking lump in my bed.

I pull the covers down, and guess who’s sleeping in my bed.

“Hey, Cody, I tried to wait forya but I fell asleep.”

“Hey, what are you doing here?”

“My folks went out and I asked if I could sleep over here, and your folks said it was OK.”

“So what did you do [while I was out]?”

“I was watching TV with your folks, but I fell asleep and your dad put the [spare] mattress out for me.”

I saw the mattress at the side of my bed. “So why aren’t you on it?”

“I thought I’d keep your bed warm for you when you got home.”

“I hope you didn’t get your juice all over my covers.”

“No, I haven’t jacked yet. I was waiting for you. You wanna?”

“Doesn’t look like you’re up to it.”

His dick was laying across his leg all limp but sorta waking up. I had a raging boner cos when I dropped Steph at home I was playing with her tits and she had her hand in my jeans. I think she was pretty impressed [with my furniture] by the way she was pressing up against me.

Anyway, I got undressed, and Wingnut was definitely [sitting] up when I took my boxers off cos my cock bounced right up against my gut, and it was aching for service.

“Cody, you don’t haveta jack me if you don’t wanta.”

“Hey, who said I was gonna jack you?”


Hey, chill. Fuck, don’t get so mis[erable]. I was pulling your damn chain. OK?” Then I climbed onto the bed and sat on him. “So who said you could just get into my bed without my say-so, huh?”

I grabbed a handful of his nuts, and his boner was definitely alive. He triedta grab mine but I was sitting on my nuts, so he got holda my boner instead.

“I’m gonna shoot all over your face if you don’t let go.” He was giggling like crazy.

Then I shifted next to him and grabbed his boner and started jacking him. He was feeling so good that he forgot about jacking me. “Hey, your hand lazy or something?” Then he started [on me]. I was laying on my side, and I was looking at this 12-year-old muscle boy on my bed with his thick cock, and I wished I coulda taken him in my mouth. I coulda taken him all the damn way.

It wasn’t long before he was arching his back, and he offloaded onto his stomach. That was enough for me. I offloaded mine, and it shot across him and onto his stomach, too.

“That was awesome!”

“Hey, how come you’ll jack me but you freaked with Alan?”

“It’s the way he did it, I guess. Anyway, he’s a fat slob, and his dick is all hairy like an old guy’s.”

Anyway, we chatted for a while.

“Didya go with her?”


“Steph … didya screw her?”


“You gonna?”


“Hey, ifya want, I’ll do it. You must just tell me how.”

I cracked cos he was almost serious – if it hadn’t been for his smile.

“Go to sleep,” I ordered before I hit him with the pillow.

“Hey, can I sleep here with you ‘til morning?”

“Yeah – whatever.”

I rolled over to go to sleep and I felt him cuddle up behind me, and he still had a bit of a boner.

“Night, Cody.”

“Night, buddy.”

I hadta wake him up this morning when I heard my folks moving around [the house], and he quickly jumped onto the [spare] mattress.

We’re all going surfing later, and Steph’s meeting us as well, so that’s gonna be cool.

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