Cape Town, South Africa
Part 52

It’s turned into a hectic schoolday today. Every damn teacher is giving us a stacka homework. That sucks big time.

Wingnut came around to my place in the arvie and was asking questions about big-wave surfing. I told him that what I do as soon as I’m not sure [about particular conditions], I wait to see if a lotta dudes don’t go out then I rather not. OK, so sometimes you get stupid and go anyway. The thing to keep in ya head then is that you’re probably gonna get drilled. Just be prepared for that.

He picked up the dog crap without me even asking. :)

“Hey, Cody, can I showya something?”

“Yeah, what?”

“Check this out.”

So he pulls his shorts down and I’m staring at his dick laying down across his nuts. OK, so I start getting a fucking boner. Can’t help it.

“Yeah, you’ve got a few more curlies.”

“No, check out my balls.”

His nads were starting to fall and that’s what he wanted to show me. They weren’t so tight up to his crotch.


“Does that mean my voice is gonna go deeper?”

“Yeah, it will eventually. Why?” I was trying really hard not to laugh.

“Well, there’s this one dude in my class, and his voice is totally screwed like he talks in squeaks. And he said it was cos his nuts dropped and he’s going through puberty. He’s almost 13, though.”

“It doesn’t always happen. My voice just sorta changed without going through the squeaky bit.”

So now he’s forgotten that his shorts are still down and his cock is reacting to the air, and he’s getting a boner, and my track pants are a fucking tent already. He’s gonna have cute hangers – hehehe – just a nice handful for someone.

Anyway, we chatted and listened to music while he was paging through my surf mags – probably looking for some pics. Then he hadta go and do homework. I had such a load of homework to do, and then Steve arrived.

I bought Steve a Quicksilver surf ring that I’m gonna give him today. Wingnut made a card for him. [September 1]

Steph phoned as well. She’s being busy with school work and sports, and she wanted to know what the surf was like. I told her about Long Beach and Wingnut. She said she’d like to go out with me until Wingnut’s a bit older and then switch – hehehehe.

No surf A-FUCKING-GAIN – FUCK! I dunno what is happening with the surf. We had that storm set and now there’s nothing, and it’s a bust getting to Long Beach and back.

Wingnut was waiting for me to get home from school yesterday. He’d already been to check out the surf and said that it was a total mushy washing machine.

The card he made [for Steve] was really neat. I think he traced a pic of a surfer doing an air, and then he did this bubble writing on the front, which said ‘Happy Birthday to a surf buddy’. Inside it said: ‘To Steve – thanx for not treating me like a grommet and for being a friend. Have a super-rad-awesome birthday – from Wingnut’. And he wrote the date on the back.

Steve was helluva chuffed with the ring. It’s silver with a turquoise shell center, and the Quicksilver surf logo done in silver on the shell.

So Wingnut sits on my bed and says, “So now I’ve got two old fogeys for friends." Hehehe. He was testing us, so we both tackled him and started to tickle him and work him over. NOW this is why I say that guys play contact sports cos it makes them horny. While we were razzing Wingnut he got this damn boner, which of course gave us boners as well. I can just see him getting a boner every time he’s in a scrum or gets tackled. Jeez.

After Wingnut went home, I stood behind Steve and put my hands down his jeans and stroked him. [Steve can probably tell us what happened after that. I’ve forgotten, and I didn’t save Cody’s description in my Wingnut notes. MrB]

Just about to jet [home from school]. Mark was totally damn aggro this morning again. So he gives me a coupla good ones – sent me to the fucking mat once. So, in the showers:

“Hey, can I askya something?”


“Like – you and I have become pretty good friends, right?”

“I reckon so. Not too many people would let me hit them around like I just did.”

“You fucking hurt me this morning.”

“Hey, Cody, you wussing out on me?”

“You know it’s not that. I can handle anything you throw at me.”

“Yeah – fucking right.”

“I can but this morning you were totally pissed, and it seemed like you took it out on me.”

“Shame. Did I hurt you?”

“Fuck off. I’m being serious here.”

“OK. So?”

“So what’s the buzz? What’s hassling you?”

“Guess my mom’s boyfriend pissed me off.”

“So take it out on him for a change. What’s he doing?”

“Everything is fine when he’s not there. But he walks in and tries to run my fucking life for me – like he’s my fucking father or something.”

“What’s he do?”

“It’s just the way he talks to me – like I’m a fucking lighty.”

“So tell him to fuck off. Nope – I’m kidding. Haveya tried to talk to him?”

“I did tell him to fuck off once, and we ended up fighting. Fisted me so hard I stayed off school for a few days.”


“A while back – before I met you.”

“What does your mom say?”

“I don’t think she can actually see what’s going on. Prob is she really likes the guy, and he’s good to her, and good for her. She’s also had a rough time since my old man walked out.”

“You’re gonna need to sit down with them and talk – before you do something really stupid.”

“It’s cool. I’m OK.”

“OK? Like this morning?”

“Hey, just let me deal with this thing.”


“Beat you up every morning to release the tension.”

I tried to punch and bear-hug him but forgot that we were both naked, and he pushed me away.

“Fuck, Cody! Put on some pants, dude. What if someone walked in [here] and saw us wrestling nude?”

“Yeah, you’re right. Sorry.”

“It’s cool. Just think first.”

Anyway, he’s gonna try and come around [to my house] again tonight. Maybe I can give him a BJ to release his tension. ;)

Had a loada chores yesterday, and the surf was crap, so I just got on with the chores. I’ve still got unfinished school assignments so I wasn’t too fazed [by the lack of surf]. Wingnut came around yesterday and was into one of his real deep convos:

“Hey, Cody, doya think I’m good looking? Not like – well - you know what I mean.”


“There’s these girls who are hitting on me, and they’re like having a competition, so I wanna know what they’re seeing.”

“Well, you’re fucking ugly so they must be after that bulge in your shorts.”

He wasn’t supposed to take me seriously. You shoulda seen his face – hehehe. Then he looked down at his shorts and rubbed his hand over his crotch.

“It’s impressive, huh?”

“It was.”

“So you think that’s it?”

“Hey, buddy, you must lighten up. I was taking the mickey [outta you]. You’re fucking good looking for a little guy, and you’ve got a hot bod. The girls must be wetting their panties trying to get you to go out with them.”

So his face lightens up. “Really?”

“Yeah – and I’m a guy, so just imagine what the girls think. Doya think about girls whenya jack off now?”

“Not really.”

“What then?”


“What stuff?”

“It’s stupid.”

“Yeah, well, if you can’t tellya friends stupid stuff then who areya gonna tell?”

“It’s really stupid.”


“I think about me and you when we jack off together.”

“So what’s stupid about that? I do too, sometimes.”

So now he’s going. “Hey, Cody, doya think I’ll look like you when I’m older?”

“Like me? You must be desperate. I think you’re gonna be much better looking.”


“Yeah, why?”

“Just wondering, cos you’ve got Steph who thinks you’re a hunk.”

“Who says?”

“She told me.”

“She told you?”

“Yeah. I said to her, 'Doya like Cody?' And then she told me she thinks you’re a hunk.”

Well, OK, so he returned the fav and my ego got a boost. Then I showed him the Springbok Nude Girls CD that Mark had lent me, and he listened to that before going home. I hadta hear [from him] about these girls who were after him, and that he might haveta cometa me for advice.

I was up on the roof pushing in some tiles when Mark arrived. He came up and gave me a hand. Some of our tiles had shifted when we had the storm. It was cool having the help cos I felt like I needed four hands. Said he was going to Carol’s place afterwards, but he just needed to chill with me for a while, and also to collect the CD cos she wanted to tape it. It was cool having him around – besides watching his biceps bulge every time he shifted a tile back.

This morning we just hit the [punching] bag around a bit, and I spotted for him while he did some weights.

Hey, guess what? I ended up in the changeroom alone with Alan. He was taking a leak. He saw me but never said a fucking word.

Sunday had some really neat surf but only got going about lunchtime. Everyone was down at the beach cos it was such an awesome day. Wingnut was down from early in the morning. He was pissed cos he came around and I wasn’t home. So he went down [to the beach] on his own and met some of his buddies. He wasn’t pissed at me – he was just disappointed but I think it turned out pretty cool.

Anyway, he slept over on Friday night and that’s a different story. I’ll writeya about it l8er.

Saturday night we went out to Corners. Steve came with us – WITH A DIFFERENT CHICK. Mark, Carol, and Steph were all there and it was a rave. Mark had too much to drink and got aggro with some dude but at least it didn’t end up in a fight. Coulda, though, but this dude backed off when he saw that Mark was serious. The dude was dancing with Carol and Mark just lost it.


Sorry I hadta rush off this morning but I was running a bit late. Mark and I had a really good workout this morning. He was skipping rope when I got down there. He was already shiny with sweat, with little rivers running down his bod. He had a bubble of sweat in his belly button. I suddenly got this thirst but decided against it.

We did this thing with a medicine ball – supposed to be good for your abs. He laid down on his back on the mat, with his hands behind his back, and then I hold the medicine ball about two feet above his stomach and drop it. Then he tightens his abs to stop the ball from crunching him. My gut feels like more than a medicine ball has landed on it.

At recess, Mark was quizzing me about Steph, and then I found out why. He was asking if I screwed her on Saturday night cos her folks were out, and I said no, that we just got into some necking and stuff.

“She gives fucking good head, huh?”


Then he laughed. She’d phoned Carol first thing on Sunday morning to say she’d gotten into my pants. “Said you seemed to be nervous as hell, especially when she got your cock in her mouth.”

I felt my fucking neck and ears start going red. “Yeah, well, I wasn’t expecting it.”

“Oh, yeah, fucking right. Into her house and nobody’s home? And you didn’t want to fuck her lights out for her?”

“I didn’t have any protection on me, anyway.”

“You getting mad with this convo?”

“Nope. I’m just pissed that she phoned Carol with the details.”

“Don’t sweat it. I’m sure Carol gives her all the details of me and her as well, anyway. Steph’s been talking about wanting to see you naked ever since that first night you guys went out. She’s not disappointed, so just enjoy it.”

“So what’s the story? Each time we do something she phones Carol?”

“Cody, chill for fuck sake. We do the same thing.”

“I guess. Just caught me by surprise that you knew all the details.”

“Welllll, she described it [your dick] the way I see it every morning in the showers. So how was it?”

“It was fucking awesome.”

“So when are you going to fuck her?”

“Fucking hell! Why is that so fucking important to you?”

“Whoa! Hold it! I‘m sorry I even brought it up. OK?”

“I’m not mad atya. It’s just a huge thing that all the guys in school have to be laid.”

“Well, it’s better than spending every night wanking.”

“I still enjoy jacking, especially when I imagine that it’s you sucking me off.”

“Fuck you.”

We both laughed like hell.

“Fuck, Cody, you are twisted, bro.”

Anyway, the convo coulda gotten into an argument and I’m glad it didn’t.

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