Cape Town, South Africa
Part 53

I wanted to tellya about Wingnut sleeping over on Friday night. I was loaded with a shitloada homework and it was a case of getting it done on Friday or stuff up the whole weekend worrying about doing it. Anyway, Wingnut asked if he could stay over and I told him that I would be busy with homework the whole time, but he said it was OK … he would watch telly. My folks had gone out to some friend’s birthday party so I organized a vid for Wingnut. Managed to get hold of Mortal Kombat. He’d seen it before but watched it again anyway. I sat in the den and did some of my homework cos it woulda been a shit to leave him sitting alone. We were watching some music vids when my folks came home quite late. Then we went to bed.

“Hey, were you serious about me being all hunky the other day?”

“Why? The girls lost interest in you?”

“No, but they’re a pain in the ass. Every time I wanna hang out with my friends then they come around and start giggling and acting like fucking girls.”

“Yeah, but they’re not giggling at you. Tellya what, look yourself in the mirror.”

He was standing in his boxers and posing in fronta the mirror and making muscles. He’s got a really strong bod for a little guy, and his back and shoulder muscles have developed a lot since starting surfing, but I guess rugger does that too. He’s got strong muscular legs from rugger.

“Hey, you’re getting a boner. You’re turning yourself on.”

“You wanta jack me?”

“Nah – you’re too ugly and your weenie’s too tiny.”

“Yeah, right on.”

So he drops his boxers and poses again in fronta the mirror, and right away I thought of you [G]. Fuck, I can imagine Gary’s face if he hadta see this! His boner looked like it was glued to his gut [cos] it was so hard.

“Check it out. That’s not a weenie. That’s a cock!”


So he jumps on me and of course by now I’m dripping. “You’re getting weak,” he says.

“Giving you a chance before I beat the crap outta ya.”

“Just lay there … I wanta see something.”

So he pulls my boxers down and then sits right between my legs up against my crotch, and pulls my boner up.

“What are you doing?”

“Checking something.”

He held my boner and his together and was obviously comparing sizes.

“See? I toldya – it’s a weenie.”

“Hmmm. It looks like a miniature of yours, but it’s almost as thick.”

He was right. His boner was almost as thick as mine, but shorter.

“Hey, Cody, can we jack each other?”

“You like that, huh.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

So he laid on his back and I jacked him first cos I know when I’ve shot my load it’s cool to go to sleep right away.

I got him going, so he hadta grab a pillow and put it over his face to stop from screaming out loud. He’s a noisy little fuck when he’s cumming, and his whole body goes into these spasms and stiffens up. Just after he’d like shot his last jet, I held him down and then rubbed his cum all over his gut and chest. He was swearing but he couldn’t shout in case he woke up my folks – hehehehe.

Anyway, then I straddled him. “OK, so jack me.”

“You must lay down.”

“Nah – I wantya to jack me like this.”

“Why? So you can juice my face?”

“I’ll tellya when I’m gonna shoot and get off [you].”

So he jacked me like that. It was pretty horny cos I could feel his abs under my buns. It didn’t take long before I offloaded – ALL OVER HIM.

“Fuck, Cody – I fucking toldya. I’m a mess now.”

He was so damn slow that every damn one of my jets hit him. His hair and face were covered [in my juice]. I was fucking giggling all the time cos he like shot off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean himself. I was still giggling when he came back.

“It’s not fucking funny. Next time I’m gonna cum in your mouth.”

Yeah, right! If only he knew what I was fucking thinking. Anyway, so he climbs into bed next to me.

“Thought you were mad at me.”

“Nope – well, kinda.”


“Haveya ever tasted your jizz?”


“Cos I got some in my mouth.”

“Sorry about that.”

“Have you?”


“Tastes kinda weird – like salty nothing.”

“Oh – I thought mine tasted more like juice.”


“Boy juice.”

That got him giggling, and eventually we fell asleep. He couldn’t be too fazed about it cos he never said anything more. I remember the one night he stuck his finger in my juice – he’s obviously forgotten it.

It’s a great day here today – just like the weekend – so we’ll probably have some decent surf. It’s not big but at least it had good shape and speed.

Sorry I haven’t read your mail yet but I will l8er and then answer them. Surf was up again yesterday but Steve couldn’t make it, and Wingnut only came down l8 cos he had rugger practice. After rugger prac he ran all the way to the beach with his stick. Steph was down there as well, and that was cool cos it gave me time to chat to her.

So who arrives just as she leaves the beach? Yeppo… Wingnut.

“Hey, Cody, what’s wrong with Steph?”


“You make her cry?”

“Guess so.”


“Drop it.”

“You guys argue?”

“Just drop the subject. OK?”

The surf was good but it pretty much turned into a lamo arvie. I thought Steph woulda phoned last night, and I thought of phoning her but – nothing. I guess I’ll phone her today if she doesn’t come down to the beach. Wingnut must be thinking that I was a real SOB to her. He was quiet with me as well for the rest of the arvie.

Didn’t surf yesterday cos it was shitty, so I did some work around the house.

Wingnut says he’s gonna buy my dog a birthday pressie – to cork up its backside cos it shits so much – hehehe. He stopped off after rugger practice again, fulla mud and stuff, and looking like I could fucking eat him. Anyway, after he picked up the dog crap, I asked him if he would scoop up the leaves in the pool.

S P L A S H !!

Hey, I couldn’t resist. The water was freezing cold and he shot outta there like a mule with its ass on fire.

“I oweya, Cody. I definitely oweya.”

His wet jersey and shorts were sticking to him – looked delicious. “You can’t go inside with your clothes all dripping.”

“Canya get me a towel?”

So I get him a towel and he strips off naked in the backyard and dries himself. I got him one of my trackpants and a t to wear.

“Better hang your togs [to dry] on the line for a while.”

Steve came around and he cackled when he found out what had happened. Then we made some toasted sarmies and sat in my room listening to music. Wingnut’s mom phoned to find out if he was there [with us], and he got shat on from a dizzy height cos he never told her [that he was coming here], and she was getting worried cos he was late home from school.

Mark and I did some noholds [barred] sparring this morning, and he really connected me in the ribs a helluva shot. He’s got this one thing of his where he hits up, like an uppercut, but gets it just under the ribs, and shit it smarts cos his punches are like a fucking train coming in.

The thing is, my fucking eyes are going all over his bod and I lose concentration cos of all the sweat just waiting to be licked up. :)

THEN I REMEMBERED: I watched him and waited for him to hit, and I connected him with a roundhouse right under the arm – HIS WEAK SPOT!

Then he covered himself. It was a good workout for both of us, I reckon. He even told me that I’m getting better. He [normally] never fucking compliments anyone.

Steph and I had a long chat yesterday and it was cool. I asked her what it was like when she was going out with Mark. She said that she liked him a helluva lot but couldn’t handle his moods from one day to the next. She never knew what mood he was gonna be in. She thinks I’ve got a pretty neat room [at home].

Had a good session this morning – not sparring – hitting the bag and shadow boxing. Mark was totally wired the way he was hitting the bag. Thought he was gonna bust the damn thing.

And it’s pissing with rain today. Rained all through the night.

Had a bit of drama in school today. One of the guys in class told Mark that he was a pretty lucky dude. So Mark asked why. He says to Mark that Carol is the best fuck he’s had in ages. Mark was on top of this guy before he knew what was happening. It took three of us to pull him off the guy.

The guy gets up [off the ground], wiping the blood from his mouth and nose. Looked a lot worse than it [actually] was, and he tells Mark to come on…

“Come on, you mother fucker.”

So the teacher walks in just then and wants to know what’s happening, and obviously nobody says anything. She sends this other guy to go clean himself up, and Mark says [to me that] he wants to go to the boy’s room. I knew what he was fucking thinking so I’m outta there tailing his ass.

“What d’ya think you’re doing?”

“Fuck off, Cody. This is none of your fucking business.”

“Yeah, it is, actually.”

I’m trying to grab him and push him against a wall to stop him [from beating the crap outta that other dude].

“What makes it your business, huh?”

“Cos you’re my fucking friend, and you’re gonna end up on suspension.”

“So who the fuck cares?”

He’s so mad that he’s almost crying. I’ve never seen him that fucking crazy before. “I do. Leave it ‘til the morning. Take it out on me [in the gym] rather.”

“Hey, tell you what – friend and all – if you don’t move I’m gonna fucking move you.”

“Yeah? OK, so go ahead and hit me. It’s the only fucking language you understand, anyway. So go for it.”

He pushed me on my ass and ran down the passage [leading to the boy’s room]. I got to him when he was pushing this guy up against the wall.

“So come on,” he says to the guy, “we’re alone. Now tell me what a good fuck Carol is, huh?” Then he smacks the guy flat-handed across the face.

“Leave him, Mark.”

“Stay out of it, Cody.” Then he turns to this other dude who is giving him the evil eye and smacks him again. “Hey, I’m talking to you. Who’s a good fuck?”

“You’re such a big shot, figure it out for yourself.”

“Your mother?”

I tried to pull Mark away but he just shrugged me off and glares at this other dude.

“What’s the story about Carol?”

“No story. I was bullshitting. Someone dared me to rile you.”

Mark turned to walk away, and then swung and hit the guy right on the cheek. Then he walked out. I left the other dude to sort himself out and followed Mark.

“Makeya feel better?”

“Fuck, yeah.”

I could see that it didn’t, though. He looked so fucking miserable. “You know why they do it, dontya.”

“Do what?”

“Piss onya battery.”

“Cos they can?”

“No, cos they know you’ve got a short fuse. Obviously Barry didn’t [know] or he wouldn’t have taken the dare. You messed him up fucking good.”


“Hey, just stop for a sec.” So he stops and glares at me. “We’re like really up and down friends, you and me. I wish you’d just listen without getting aggro. You could get suspended if Barry goes to the head[master].”

“I’ve been suspended before. It’s no big deal.”

“A suspension goes on your report. No sport privileges.”

“So what? What do you want, Cody?”

“I wantya to know that you’re my friend, and I’d rather you talk to me about things than fly off the fucking handle. I could see the guys baiting you, and I don’t think they really wanted it like this.”

“I know you’re my friend and [that] you know me. But I’ll tell you something about friends – once I get on a suspension and kicked outta the boxing and swim teams, then let me see what friends I’ve got.”

“Hey, you can still come and shower with me in the morning in the gym.” That made him laugh and that was cool. It was all I wanted.

“You’re crazy – totally fucking crazy. Nobody else would’ve chased after me to stop me [from hitting that guy].”

“I didn’t stopya.”

“You tried.”

“Yeah, cos you’re so fucking trying, that’s why.”

Well, it ended OK. Barry hasn’t told anyone what happened. Guess he’s gonna sort his mates out, though, cos most of the guys know how short Mark’s fuse is.

Hills and fucking valleys. Today was too damn tense. It’s been too quiet for a while. I need a wave.

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 Codeman Part 54