Cape Town, South Africa
Part 54

Went for a dawn patrol this morning, in the dark, and it’s raining and storming here but the surf is EXCELLENT. The winter swell has come in and it’s big and the lines are perfect. My dad woke me up and asked if I wanted to go down to the beach. I was so damn warm in my bed, and it’s really been freezing, but he was so damn amped to go.

It was totally wicked, though – just the two of us in this really gray light cos there’s no damn way the sun’s gonna come out today. My dad was catching some wicked waves. Never really seen him handle surf that big but he was fucking styling. We only surfed for about 45 minutes, and then I hadta get ready for school and he hadta go to work. He’s late this morning but I reckon he’s pretty damn stoked.

I’ve got a bit of an idea, though. I was thinking of getting Mark down to the beach on one of the dawn patrols. I want him to see what it’s like when the sun comes over the mountain and everything is so damn perfect. Maybe he can borrow a bodyboard or something and come out. It would have to be summer, though, cos he doesn’t have a wettie.

Mark is a helluva complex dude, and I know what Steph was saying about his moods. But if someone’s really a friend you’ll handle their every mood no matter what.

Things were pretty normal in the gym this morning. Mark was in a better mood at least.

“So what didya do last night?”

“Same thing as every night – nothing – homework, listened to music, watched some TV, and then bed.”

“What time you get to bed?”

“About 9 or so. You?”

“Shit, only about ten thirty.”

“That’s late.”

“Hey, if you get bored or anything, you must come around [to my place]. You don’t need an invite or anything.”

“That’s cool. Thanks. There’s always something around the house that needs doing, though.”

“You guys going out tonight?”

“Not sure what Carol wants to do. Maybe give the club a break and go see a movie or something.”

“I needta phone Steph and find out what she’s doing.”

“You guys OK now?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

So that’s about how the convo was going. Not sure what I’m gonna be doing tonight. A movie would be pretty cool. I needta check with Steve as well. If we go to a movie then Wingnut can come along – maybe organize a blind date for him or something.

Quiet day at school today. Nobody has said anything about yesterday. It’s better that way. Actually, I even saw Barry and Mark chatting during one class, which is pretty cool.

I’m feeling pretty stuffed – just tired. So the weekend is here just in time.

Wingnut was handling the big stuff [surf] with more caution yesterday, maybe cos Steph wasn’t around so he wasn’t gonna show off – hehehe. But he did pretty well. Got his ass kicked a few times but then so did Steve and I. Steve has got the new Californication CD from Red Hot Chili Peppers, and it rocks BFT. There’s a number on there called Scar Tissue and it is really awesome. They must play it on the radio there [in Oz]. You should listen to it sometime.

Nothing much happened on the weekend. Had some surf but not that great. Yesterday, hadta help my folks in the garden, mowing the lawn and cleaning up, and also cleaning the pool. Had a job at one of the neighbors as well – cutting grass. Didn’t take too long, though, and I got 30 bucks for it. Cool, huh?

Friday, went to the movies to see Big Daddy. It’s a hoot of a comedy. Wingnut went with us but I didn’t get him a date. He told me not to cos he reckons girls are a pain in the butt, and you’ve gotta buy them stuff.

“No you don’t.”

“Yeah – my dad says you’ve gotta buy them a chocolate or something, and then they think you’re in love or some shit like that – so don’t bother [getting me a blind date]. I’ve got enough trouble just keeping you and Steve under control.”

Anyway, he got a clip over the ear [from me]. Steph’s folks were home so I never bothered to go in [her house]. Anyway, it was l8 cos we all went for pizza after the movie.

Wingnut couldn’t sleep over cos he hadta get up early to go [out] with his folks. Steve didn’t sleep over [either] but he came home with me for a while, and we just listened to music until like 2 in the morning. It was pretty neat, though. We just played with each other and got each other off. Had a comp to see who could last the longest. I won. What can I say? :) It was hard, though.

Mark came around yesterday for a few. Said he had a quiet weekend ‘cept for Friday with us. He spent most of the weekend at home fixing stuff and doing chores around the house.


What a way to start the week! I’m totally pissed off. I had a diskette with the J-Bay diary on it that I was working on as well as the Teen Thrillway Cody-TJ story and the disk is fucked. I put it in [the comp] this morning to do some more work on it, and the thing is totally fucked, stuffed, kaputski. That’s like a few months work down the fucking drain, and I feel like starting over like [I need] an extra hole in the head. I had a little [more] to do on the diary [of J-Bay] and was hoping to finish it this week. Fucking hell.

Mark and I had a hard session this morning [in the gym] – one of those ‘let’s fuck each other up’ sessions, and I guess I’m lucky I was wearing headgear cos he knocked me about quite a bit. Didn’t have everything quite his own way, though. Never saw him at the recesses [during the day] cos I was [in the comp lab] fucking trying to sort out that disk prob. I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE THIS!!!

It’s always in my school diary but I guess it got stuffed up in my school bag – squashed or some damn thing.

Well, yesterday the surf bummed out but we spent some time on the beach chatting to some friends. Steph was down [there], which was cool – so Wingnut goes outta his way to make her red-faced. She wouldn’t have it, though. She told me about the convo last night.

“So he asked me if we’ve [you and I] had sex yet.”

I laughed: “So what didya say?”

“I told him I gave you a blow job. I’m honest.”

“And then?”

“Then he went red and asked, 'REALLY? What did Cody do?' So I told him you came in my mouth, and he gagged and said something about us being sickos. He wanted to know what you did so I told him to ask you.”

“He’s wicked. He’s trying to learn the whole sex encyclopaedia in a few days.”

“So when can I give him a yes answer?”

“About what?”

“Us having sex.”

I’m glad she couldn’t see me going red on the other end of the phone. “I guess we’ll both know when it’s gonna be cool.”

“I’m patient. I can wait.”

OK, so after the beach, everyone came around to my house and we listened to some music. Wingnut hadta go home and do his homework, and then Steph and I just chilled for a while before my folks came home.

Had a good session with Mark this morning. Well, I know he did cos he had a rip-roaring boner in the shower.

“You thinking of Carol or you just excited to see me naked?”

"Seriously, I’ve noticed whenever we have a really hard session [sparring], I get a hardon when we’re finished."

“Must be from me touching ya.”

“Fuck, Cody, be serious. I mean, look at you as well.”

“Yeah, I get hard everytime I smack you around, hehehe.”

“[You] can’t be serious – not even for a minute.”

“Hey, I don’t know what brought it on. I’m forever getting a damn boner.”

“So I noticed.”

“Oh? So you noticed?”

“Fuck off. You know what I mean.”

Yeah, well, I can’t help it. I reckon it’s also cos of the sessions – gets my blood flowing or something. Problem was I was horny as a rattlesnake seeing him like that, and there was a trickle of water running off his nads as well.

At recess, he was saying how his mom is going out more and more with her boyfriend. He thinks it’s great that she’s going out but says that the boyfriend doesn’t seem to like him too much, and the feeling is mutual.

I told him that if he feels like coming around [to my place] anytime then he must – rather than sit home alone.

“Don’t hassle. I’ve always got stuff to do at home and it gives me a chance to rave to my music at full blast. But the same thing [applies] – you can always come around to my place – anytime.”

“Hey, can I askya something about you and Carol?”


“Doya eat her?”

“I think you’ve asked me that before. Nope – and she hasn’t asked [me to]. Why?”

“Dunno. Just thought that with Steph blowing me she might be expecting me to eat her out or something.”

“Just use your finger on her if you’re not into it. I’ve gotten Carol to climax over and over just with my finger, and then when I get my dick in there it makes her total crazy.”

“She always at the bottom?”

“Not always. The best is to lay down and have her sit on me – or doggy style – then I can play with her tits as well. Now, can I ask you something?”


“How many girls have you been with, Code?”

“One – once.”

“Thought so.”


“Steph said you’re helluva nervous with her – not to me – to Carol. Anyway, Carol told Steph to treat you gently and give you time.”

“Carol tell you everything?”

“Pretty much.”

“You tell her everything?”

“Most stuff. She’d freak if I told her everything.”


“Like nothing.”

Then the subject changed quite quickly.

I wish I knew what the hell the weather was gonna do. It’s warm but it’s clouding over, but it might get sunny or it might even rain. Oh, well…

Surf was really flattened yesterday but we went out [in it] anyway. Wingnut was in the water first and paddling out like a bat outta hell. He’s gotten helluva surfing fit and it’s so fucking cool to watch, especially when he tightens his buns as he lifts his chest and paddles. :)

“Hey, Cody.”


“What was it like?”

Hehehe – I knew what was coming. “What?”


“What about her?”

“What she did.”

“What was that?”

“What she did with you.”

“She kisses great.”


“Oh… that… Pretty wicked.”


“And what?”

“What does it feel like?”

“Well, I’ll tellya that your dick will feel like it wants to burst outta its skin when there’s lips and a tongue around it.”

“Better than jacking?”

“Way better.”

“So what did you do?”

“Came in her mouth.”

“Not that – what did you do for her?”

“Sucked her tits.”

“Didn’t you have to go down there?”


“How can she put your pisshole in her mouth like that?”

“It doesn’t taste like piss.”

“How do you know, anyway?”

“I just do.”

“Hey, would she suck me like that? … Only joking.”

And then he started to giggle. I could see he had a rip-roaring boner through his wettie, though, cos of the convo.

Steve didn’t say a word about the convo [between me and Wingnut], and I was happy about that cos he was sitting there [close by on his board] smiling like a fucking Cheshire cat.

When we got home, Steve asked me, “What’s it like?”


“Having a paira lips around your cock. I don’t know.”

“Wanta find out?”


Well, [G] there’s no prize for guessing what happened.

Mark came around during dinner [last night] and my mom forced him to have some with us. My dad got chatting to him about boxing, and then he helped my mom with the dishes while I went and brushed the pool. He stayed until late listening to music [in my room] and just chatting. I tried to get into the MrB site last night but I couldn’t. Not sure what the prob was. Could’ve been just my service provider or something.


This morning I had a bit of tendonitis in my left shoulder, and I told Mark about it, and you’re never gonna guess …


“Hey, I’ve got some Reparil gel here. Want me to rub some into your shoulder?”

“That would be cool. Thanks.”

He’s good. He’s VERY good. He found the spot right away and dug away at it with the gel. Hurt like hell, but before he finished he rubbed his hands clean on my back – different. And he couldn’t hide his boner.

“So why didya say you can’t tell Carol everything?”

“Guy’s gotta have some secrets from his girl.”

“What sorta secrets?”

“Private stuff, so stop asking.”

He wasn’t gonna budge. :( He said that I needta rub my shoulder out again before going to bed tonight, so I told him that if he’s got nothing to do …..

“Hey, if you really want me to, I can come around [to your place] after supper.”

“Serious? That’d be cool. Bring some tapes and we can tape some music.”

So it’s arranged. :)

Anyway, G, I heard that the surf is up – small but at least there’s a wave.

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