Cape Town, South Africa
Part 55

Mark came around [to my house] but was later than the previous night cos he reckoned he didn’t wanta make a habit of arriving during supper.

“Damn, you’re late! The dishes are done already.”

So my mom stands up for him and says that I must stop trying to find guys to do my chores – like a certain little guy who picks up the dog crap in the yard.

Hey, what the hell. I can try. :)

“So how’s the shoulder?”

“Feels a lot better than [it did] this morning, so that stuff helped.”

“Want me to rub it again?”


So I pulled my t off and laid on my stomach on the bed and he rubbed the gel into my shoulder.

“Hey, there’s another spot!” So I rolled onto my back and put my hand on my dick.

“Fuck, Cody, you’re going to get me into some sorta shit. Don’t do that.”

“Only kidding.”

“I know that, but what if your folks walk in while you’re kidding?”

“Don’t sweat – I’m not totally dumb. Want me to rub some of that [gel] into you?”

He like hesitated for ages, and then took off his t.

“Wanta lay on the bed?”

“Nah, I’ll just sit here.”

“You worried about what my folks might think?”

“Just hurry up, willya.”

So I rubbed his shoulders out; both of them. I gotta tellya that that dude is solid muscle. Every little arm movement causes the muscles in his shoulders and back to ripple. It’s the closest I’ve really gotten to him, and it was totally hot. His t went back on as soon as I finished, though. It’s like he was nervous as anything. Cock Mark – nervous about being around me. Maybe I shouldn’t have done the dick thing [while he was massaging me].

So guess what I was thinking [about] when I jacked off before going to sleep? No prizes.


Mark was so damn quiet and moody again this morning and I thought I knew why, so I asked him.

“You got a hangup about me giving you a backrub last night?”

“I did have. Have you?”

“Fuck, no. What’s wrong with it? If I was the coach and gaveya a rub it wouldn’t make a diff, so why should it make a diff if it’s me or you?”

“I know. It’s just … fuck, I don’t know.”


“I don’t know.”

“Hey, if it’s cos it makesya horny then fuck, I’m the same. Don’t let people start rubbing stuff on me – it’s instant boner.”

“You giving me a rub is the last thing that’s gonna give me a hardon, so just drop it. I don’t know what it is.”

Yeah, right. So I didn’t see his boner when I was done [massaging him].

“Then fucking smile, willya! You look pissed off with the world again. I wrote something once – about friends shouldn’t be afraid to be close. Think about it.”

“You’re not fucking normal. Doya know that?” But at least he started to lighten up.


“Fucking hell, Cody. Nobody likes me at school but you hang with me and still keep your [other] friends.”

“Why doya say that?”

“Cos it’s true.”

“Bullshit, dude. You’re carrying baggage and taking it out on everything. You don’t let guys near you – like you’re paranoid to make new friends. So how come you’ll hang with me?”

“Hey, you invited yourself.”

“You never chased me?”

“You’re different.”


“Shuddup. You gonna train or what?”

Then we just concentrated on training. At recess I told him again that he should try and at least speak to the other guys, but he wasn’t into the convo, so I dropped it.

Anyway, looks like surf time this arvie.

Surf was ripping yesterday. On the way home from school, I saw a friend from the neighborhood running down [to the beach] with his stick. He said the surf was wicked.

Wingnut came down late cos he had rugger practice, so Steve and I were already into it. It got pretty crowded as more and more guys came down but at least Wingnut stayed outta trouble.

The guys showered at my place before going home.

Sorry I’m late this morning but the school net was down. Cold as shit here. Surf was pretty funky yesterday, and it was just me and Wingnut down there. Steve had stuff to do for his folks and hadta go to town. I think Wingnut raved, though, cos it was just him and me. He was chatty as hell, asking all the wrong questions, like the ones he’s asked before – like how does it feel to have someone sucking your dick, and where doya shoot off.

“Inside their mouth.”

“Then where do they spit it?”

“They don’t – they swallow.”

“Fuck, that is so gross.”

“Hey, you’ve forgotten something.”


“The one day that you stuck your finger in my jizz and tasted it.”

The little fucker starts going red in the face. “That was different.”


“I just wanted to find out what it tasted like.”

“And how did it taste?”


“Hey, ifya really want a taste you can blow me and I can offload down your throat.”

“Ugh! Stick your pisshole in my mouth? No fucking way!”

He was really styling on the waves – getting totally stoked.

Steph phoned last night and asked if I wanted to go with Mark and Carol to Corners tonight. My folks said it was OK, so we’re in for a rave again.

Had a cool session with Mark this morning, too. Mainly just hitting the bag around, but worked up a real good sweat.

Friday, we went down to Corners and it was a total rave. From there we went to a place called the Purple Turtle, and Mark told me he’s gonna treat me to some fancy drinks. Steve and his girlfriend stayed for a little while, and then they hadta leave, but it ended up with me getting myself slaughtered, and I still hadta get home. The last thing I remembered was us getting a lift with some dudes who took us all the way home. I remember getting out of the car and then it was lights out. I woke up in Carol’s bedroom on the floor, covered with a sleeping bag, and I was totally naked. Mark and Carol were in the bed, and I found out that Mark took Steph home cos she hadta be home when her folks woke up. Mark said that he carried me over his shoulder and I puked down his back, so Carol hadta wash his clothes and tumble-dry them. Serves him right for giving me those freebies. And it was Carol who undressed me.

“She coulda left my boxers on.”

“She wanted to check out your cock.”

“Bet she was impressed, huh.”

“Made her horny as hell, so while you were sleeping, we – uh….”

Fuck, I was sleeping and I coulda had a good gawk at Mark humping Carol. Damn! I would lovedta see his boner going at it.

Saturday was a rave day. I went down to the beach and Wingnut as already in the surf with some friends, who he dumped when he saw me – little shit. The first question he asks is did I screw Steph. He laughed when I told him I’d passed out. Surf was good.

Steve came down much later and still looked like a wreck.

Saturday night, Steph and I went for pizza with Steve and his girlfriend, and Wingnut came along with us. That little dude turns so many damn heads at the Mall, and one of the waitresses asked if he was my little bro. I told her no – she could have him for nothing – hehehe.

Sunday, I had a stacka work to do at home, and my dad threatened to stop my Friday and Saturday nights out if I didn’t get the chores done. [He said] something about priorities – mumble, mumble, mumble. Wingnut said that the surf was better than Saturday. He helped me for about an hour after he got back home, picking up grass and packing it.

I told Mark basically whatya said I should at recess; that I’m there if he ever wants to chat about stuff that’s bugging him. I asked him if he really wanted to know about why I baited Alan, so I told him.

“If you told me that [he’d messed with Wingnut] before, I wouldn’t have given you a chance to get to him.”

“That’s why.”

“Is that the little guy you spent your money on for a surfboard?”


“Why did you do that?”

“He’s like a little bro and I think he’s a pretty cool little dude.”

“Fuck, for a surfboard I’d almost blow you. I said ‘almost’.”

So he started to laugh – first fucking time all day.

“Now that’s an offer I must think about. When do you wanta start surfing?”

“Fuck off, Code. You’re almost being serious.”

“OK … for some surf wax can I jackya?”

He was cracking up big time. Then he stopped and was all serious. “You ever jack someone else before?”

“You really wanta know?”


“And if…?”

“If what? You tell me and I’ll tell you.”

“Yeah, I have. Now you know one of my best kept secrets.”

“The little dude?”

“No. Don’t be fucking stupid.”

“Someone I know?”

“Now who’s being quizzy? Anyway, you said you’d tell me something.”

“I have, too.”

I must’ve gone dead fucking quiet cos he almost hadta wake me up.

“Cody? You there? Earth calling Cody. Bet you’re fucking disappointed.”

“Why should I be if I have [jacked someone else] as well? Do you still?”

“No. Don’t be crazy. It’s like cool when you’re little but now guys would think I’m gay. Do you?”


“Don’t you worry about what guys will say [about you]?”

“Who’s to know? Anyway, you’ve already called me a faggot.”

“That had nothing to do with anything. You know why I did that.”

“So are you gonna tell Carol or Steph?”

“I’m not fucking stupid. And then lose you as a friend? Anyway, you could tell the whole world that I’ve jacked a guy and been jacked off by a guy if you wanted to screw my life.”

“By the way, you’ve got a boner.” He had a massive boner and didn’t even know it. “Do you feel weird about it?”

“About jacking another guy? And there is only one, just in case you’re wondering. Yeah. I had the guilts forever about it. Thought I was a freak.”

Then the bell went for recess to end.

“Am I the only person you’ve told about it?”

“Yep. Haven’t even told the person I jack yet,” I laughed.

“That’s a pretty fucking huge secret to be telling me, Cody. You worried?”

“Should I be?”


“Then I’m not. You’re my friend. And one day whenya want to tell me anything, I’m there forya. Just remember that.”

I wished that recess could have gone on longer cos we were totally chilling with each other, and it was so damn cool.

I hardly slept last night. I spent the whole damn night thinking about Mark, and what he’d said to me, and what I’d said to him. I musta jacked about six times during the night cos I couldn’t sleep and my hand was bored. I don’t feel that tired, though. Guess it’ll catch up with me soon enough.

Steph is going away for the school hols with her folks. We spent ages on the phone last night. You won’t believe that she blew me on the phone, and gave me such a damn wicked boner. And when I told her she couldn’t stop laughing.

Wingnut came around last night after dinner and crashed on my bed to listen to some music. He said that he’d help me during the hols [with my chores] else he’d probably get bored.

Things went great with Mark this morning. Had a good session [in the gym]. He and Carol are going to the Camel Experience tonight but I won’t be going. Needta start saving some bucks. It should be cool, though. Grace Jones is gonna be there, and she is awesome on stage. I see there’s a poster advertising Just Jinger at a club live, so I’ll probably go to that and get mashed in the mosh pit or something.

Weather’s good here, so maybe it’ll be a cool Spring break for us. I’ll try and writeya during the hols cos I think we’re gonna be called for a swim training prep [at school where I can use the comp lab].

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