Cape Town, South Africa
Part 57

Subject line: Blood and smelly armpits

It’s gonna be another cooker day here today with the temp at 32 degrees C.

We had a bitta drama at swim training this morning. A coupla juniors decided that they would pull a dirty, and a few of them went up to Ross, Mark and Kev and pulled their Speedos down all at the same time. Mark fisted the guy who did it to him and then wanted to alter his face. Ross and Kev got mad but didn’t do anything [to the juniors].

I held on to Mark and told him to quit it – it [pulling his Speedos down] was like a joke. He hit this little guy so hard that his teeth had opened the inside of his lip, and his face was a mess of blood. Nothing will happen to any of them [in terms of teacher involvement].

“Didya have to fucking overreact?”

“Well, if it was you that did that to me in front of everyone, I would’ve fucked you up too.”

“You went over the top, Mark.”

“Hey, whose fucking side are you on, anyway?”

“Hey, I’m your friend. I’m allowed to tellya when you’re outta hand. Remember?”

Well, everyone ignored him for the resta the session, ‘cept me. He’s my buddy. The little guy was taken to the medic for a coupla stitches. His lip looks like a football.

“So why don’t you just give me the silent treatment like all the other cunts on the team?”

“Cos I like your bod.”

“Don’t make me laugh, Code. I’m not in the mood.”

“Look, everyone thinks you overreacted this morning. They’ll get over it. It was just a joke. The juniors always get up to shit like that, especially at the start of the season.”

“Maybe it’s just me – Weirdo Marko – the mutant from hell.”

“Maybe you should just lighten up a bit. Smile more. A lotta the guys are shit scared ofya cos you always look like you’re mad at something.”

So he puts on a smile for me. “There ya go – hold that pose.”

“My face hurts.”

“Cos it’s outta practice.”

“Aren’t you worried the guys might not talk to you cos you hang with me?”

“You’ve got a serious compo [complex]. I think a lotta guys would like to hang with you if you give them half a chance. Maybe you should start by telling that little dude that you didn’t mean to hit him so hard.”

“He’s lucky you stopped me.”

“I’m lucky you never belted me when I did.”

“That too.”

When we were showering, he waited for everyone to finish as usual, and then I went in when he was busy [showering] and showered as well.

“That’s why they did it.”

“Did what?”

“Pulled your Speedos down. They wanted to get a good look at that pussy-eater of yours.”

“You’re a sicko, Cody. Man, are you ever sick.”

“Hey, of course I am. Look who I hang with.”

It turned out alright in the end, and it gave me a chance to challenge the little elastic band of friendship between us to see how far I could stretch it. A coupla months ago, Mark woulda told me to fuck off and leave him alone if I tried any serious convo.

It really is a stinker here – lotsa smelly armpits. :0

Had a really great weekend. The weather was super hot, and on Saturday we had fun surf – not great but it was cool for messing around.

Friday night I went out with Steph, Mark and Carol, and we went to Corners. Steve and his girl went to a club called Wipeout. They were having a big surf bash there.

We hadta get Steph home, and then I stayed over at Carol’s with Mark. I slept in the den, though, cos I knew that Mark and Carol wanted to be alone. Her folks are away a lot so we had the house to ourselves again. Mark brought me a sleeping bag but it was so hot that I just slept on top of it. He had boxers on and a roaring boner.

“Looks like you’re ready for something.”

“Trust you to notice. Listen, I don’t suppose you’ve got a condom with you.”

I gave him the condom I had. “Want me to slip it on forya?”

“Go to sleep, Cody.”

They were as noisy as anything, and I jacked off listening to him fuck her. Then I fell asleep. Carol woke me up with some coffee quite early.

“Hey, looks like Steph should’ve stayed over here last night,” she smiled. Trust her to notice my piss boner.

I went home, and then showered. Wingnut and Steve came around and we went down to the beach. It was rocking down there. Steve was totally hungover. Mindya, I was feeling tender as well.

Steph came down in the arvie, and it was cool.

Saturday, we all went for pizza at the Mall, and it was like [school] holidays there with all the guys. I think the hot weather put everyone in a good mood.

Wingnut slept over on Saturday night. My folks had gone out to some friends’ place for dinner and weren’t home yet. Got the spare mattress out for Wingnut.

“Hey, why do I have to sleep on that thing?”



“Cos my folks think it’s uncool for two guys to sleep in the same bed.”


“Hey, it’s just the way they are.”

He was wearing boxer briefs that really showed off his bod. They like clung to the top of his legs, and his dick made a big pouch. I tackled him and started to tickle him. He was laughing like crazy.

“Stop, Cody! Please! I’m gonna kill you! Stop!”

I stopped before he pissed himself cos he was laughing so much. Then he took off his boxers and climbed under the sleeping bag on the mattress.

“You gonna jack?”


“You want to do me?”

“You like that?”

“You bet. And you’re like the only person I can ask that doesn’t think I’m weird. I’ll do you after [me] if you want.”

“You don’t need to.” (I LIED)

“I want to. I like looking at you when I do it, and feeling you when you’re hard.”

“Well, I like it too.”

“What’s it like when Steph sucks you?”

“Pretty awesome.”

“What if you wanta piss?”

“You don’t. It’s weird, but you don’t ever feel like pissing when you’re being sucked off.”

We spoke until my folks came home and went to bed, and then he climbed into my bed next to me.

“Put your hands behind your head and don’t move them.”

He put his hands behind his head while my precum was pouring [out]. I lifted his boner and let some spit fall on to the head [of his dick], and then I played with his cockhead between my fingers. Then I put my fingers under his nuts.

“Oh, fuck, Cody! I’m gonna cum!”

Then I jacked him, and his legs went stiff, and he held on to my wrist, and let fly probably the biggest load he’s ever shot. He was almost crying when I finished.

“That was sooooooo cool! How’d you know about playing with my balls like that?”

“Well, guys know what turns guys on, and I know that if I play with my nuts while jack it’s intense.”

Then it was my turn, and he learnt quick. I think it’s also cos his hands aren’t as big as mine or Steve’s, and also he’s nervous. So feeling his fingers under my nuts was helluva intense. He’s also learnt to not make such a tight fist cos sometimes [previously] it felt like he was pulling my cock right off.

He wanted to talk after that but I was totally bushed and hadta get him to go back to the spare mattress. When I woke up he was already awake and chatting to my dad in the kitchen.

Yesterday, there was no surf but we hung out at the beach, anyway. We were playing volleyball and beach soccer, and just messing about. Even Mark and Carol came down for a while.

It was raining this morning and it was quite cold out of the pool. The guys were wrapped like Eskimos.

Anyway, this has taken forever. I’ll writeya l8er.


We froze our butts off at swimming this morning. You could tell by all the little pricks caught in pubes when the guys went to shower. :) You first had to untangle it from the pubes. Well, a lotta guys hadta.

Plans for this arvie? Mainly homework cos the wind is blowing on-shore so there’s no surf.

Typical Cape Town weather. The air was cold as anything yesterday, and last night was pretty damn cold. Looks like its gonna warm up today, but being Cape Town anything can happen. Took a walk down to the beach this morning cos I woke up early. There’s no surf – the water was like a lake.

Yesterday arvie, I got down to some serious homework. I’ve got a stack of assignments, some due next week. But if I want to chill the weekend then I hadta get moving on them.

Wingnut came around [to my place] quite late cos he had swimming practice. His folks got him a new paira Speedos for summer and he looks pretty damn funky in them. They’re black with narrow sides, and they’ve got the Speedo logo in multi colors across the ass.

“Why across the ass?”

“Cos the guys at Speedo know that nobody [competing against me] is gonna see the label on my cossie unless it’s on the back.” *Smile*

“I’ve never seenya really swimming. You that good at school?”

“Depends on what stroke I’m swimming – crawl and backstroke are my best, and breaststroke is not too shitty. Can’t do butterfly, though. Shit, not like you [can].”

“Yeah, well, it takes a bitta work. So didya just come around to show me your Speedos?”

“Yeppo, and to pick up the dog crap, and then maybe we can have a swim in the pool.”

“Quick one.”

So when it came to getting into the pool, he takes the Speedos and dumps them [on the lawn].

“One day my mom’s gonna walk in and see you all naked like that.”

“Or maybe Steph.”

“You like her, huh?”

“She’s a cool friend and I’m glad you two are going out together cos now I’ve got like a sister as well.”

Not much happened yesterday. Mark was around last night and we rapped for quite a while. And Wingnut came around for a few while he [Mark] was there.

“So when areya gonna beat Cody up again?” Mark just laughed. “Seriously. I wanta watch.”

“You’re a really good friend, Wingnut. Now beat it.”

His mom was keeping him tied down to do his homework so he couldn’t hang around. Mark says he can see why the girls think he’s cute cos he’s got a helluva bod for a kid who’s only twelve. Mark’s description – so he does notice.

Surf turned out small yesterday. Hadta battle to get rides. ‘Cept for Wingnut. He takes off on a nothing and turns it into a ride. I’m actually pretty proud of him cos I remember when he was falling all over the damn place and getting hit by his board and getting pissed with himself and the world. And the best thing is that it doesn’t matter how shitty the ride is, he always gets stoked about it.

Steph was with us yesterday and that was a plus, and she was in such a hot mood as well. The weather was hot so we were all in boardies. She was wearing girl’s boardies and a bikini top so you can imagine what that did to Wingnut. He pulled his boardies down as usual – my old boardies - and Steph said to him: “[Real name], why don’t you just ask me to give you a BJ instead of hinting all the time?”

Well, Wingnut almost fell off his damn board, and went as red as a beet. Last night, he rushed over and came into my room, and wanted to know if she was serious. I cracked totally cos he was like shitting himself and all excited.

“Hey, Code, what’s it like, huh?”


“Having someone suckya?”

“Hey, it can be painful, bud, especially if they’ve got sharp teeth and they bite you by mistake.” It was cool cos he was swallowing every damn word. “Hey, Wingnut, I’m playing with your mind, dude. Don’t believe everything everyone tellsya. It’s a cool feeling being blown.”

Then he went on about how serious Steph was and I hadta explain to him that she was having him on (I THINK), and that she enjoys playing with his mind.

“Wish she’d rather play with my dick.”

“Hey, she’s my girl.”

“We can share.”

We had a totally cool training session this morning. Went helluva well. Tired as shit afterwards, but it was a good tired, though.

I’m hoping to go surfing this arvie. Haven’t been for a few days now and I need to clear the cobwebs a bit.


I guess there’s not a helluva lotta difference between a cactus and a rose, they both look beautiful when they flower. The cactus? Well, he’s a loner, like a rebellious teen probably who likes to jack off when no one’s looking, and has the time of his life. The rose? Needs a lotta friends around. I’ve never seen a rose on its own, but when the cactus flowers it’s an event and it makes a statement.

You remind me so much of that cactus [my mom bought for me]. And when you flower, well, it’s gonna be a fucking event. Take my word for it.

It’s turned into a beaver day over here. It’s really hot and even if I don’t surf I’m going to the beach this arvie. Even convinced Mark to come down for a swim. He reckons he can bodysurf if the surf is up. But by the looks of it, it’s gonna be flat again. [Definitely my kinda surf. MrB] Anyway, it’s good for just jacking around and cooling off.

Swim training was hectic this morning. Darren was there and he even swam a few [lengths] with us. Ended up with the whole damn team wrestling in the water.

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