Cape Town, South Africa
Part 60

Mark and I had another confab at first recess about the weekend:

“Tell your folks thanks for yesterday. I had a really good time.”

“That’s cool. So did I.”

“Do your dad and that lighty always fight?”

“Hehehe – nah, they stuff around with each other. My dad’s impressed by the way he comes back for more, and hands it out.”

“Fuck, my dad would’ve clouted me if I spoke to him like that.”

“Yeah, well, my dad can lose it sometimes but not for something like that.”

“I thought Saturday night [at my house] was pretty cool as well.”

“Yeah, I had a pretty good time.”

“So were you impressed?”


“My boner. I wasn’t that pissed that I never felt you touch it.”

“Just wanted to feel if it was up to standard and what Carol was getting so much of.”

“And … did it measure up?”

“This doesn’t sound like you talking.”


“Fuck, Mark! You’re like always so fucking shy about your dick you even sleep with boxers on.”

“I guess it’s cos you don’t give a fuck. It’s rubbing off. Anyway, you slept with boxers on as well.”

“Hey, if you had stripped I woulda as well. Believe me, I fucking hate sleeping with anything on. Ask my mom – she gets pretty damn redfaced some mornings when I’ve kicked the covers off.” He cracked when he pictured my mom walking in on me with a piss boner. “Ifya sleep over at my place, no boxers allowed.”

“So, you never answered me. Did it measure up?”

“Pretty much. That is some weapon.”

“Can I ask you something serious? And you don’t need to answer cos it might be out of line.”


“You ever jack anyone else off? … Fuck – you don’t need to answer that.”

“Yeah, I have. It’s no biggie. Had someone jack me as well.” I thought I’d blown it. Maybe I should have just lied, but I didn’t think it was such a big deal.

“Me, too.”

“What? You’re fucking having me on!”

“We were lighties – my friend and me – and we just fuckingwell did it.”

“Just once?”

“A few times. Fuck, it was the first sex I had, besides jacking [myself].”

“And you’ve been thinking how weird you are. Right?”

“Yeah, of course. How many fucking guys do that?”

“Stacks. Believe me. Fucking stacks.”


“No fucking maybes.”

“How do you know?”

“I just do.”

“Yeah, right, Cody.”

Then the bell went [for end of recess] and we hadta go into class. At lunch, the convo shifted to school stuff cos we had a mini [school] project to finish before we left.

I needta let him know that it’s no biggie about him and some guy jacking [each other]. I don’t want him to think I know some dark fucking secret of his and that he owes me or something.

Wingnut came around yesterday for a while just to say hi. He had a stacka homework to do.

Mark has stopped sparring in the mornings cos of swim training. He does some during recess sometimes but not often – swimming takes a helluva lot outta you. He goes to the gym during the week, though, to do some weights. HE’S LOOKING PRETTY BUFF!

Oh, he still gets aggro. Every now and again I might say something that pisses him off, but then I just leave it. I could start an argument but it’s never anything that serious. Mark still doesn’t like too many questions. Most of the time, though, his aggro is [directed] at his mom’s boyfriend who seems to be taking control at the house. And that pisses Mark off big time.

Anyway, G, I’ve gotta get down to the pool. Don’t wanna piss Ross off. Mark came l8 one morning last week and I thought he and Ross were gonna have a fisty cos it got so aggro. Anyway, I spoke to Ross afterwards about Mark having a lotta shit to do before he leaves home, and he’s hardly ever late for anything.

Been a pretty ordinary day. Only saw Mark at swimming this morning. He was working through the recesses to catch up on assignments.

I’ve gotta get down to some really serious studying, and my damn room wall is fulla notes and reminder posters, and I’ve even got theorems stuck against the inside of my wardrobe door.

Wingnut came around yesterday after cricket practice:

“How do you get [so] fulla mud and grass playing fucking cricket?”

“Sliding for the wickets. Cool, huh?” :)

Anyway, he went home and then came over [later] to swim for a while. Actually wore a paira Speedos. I sat at the pool catching up on some bio [homework]. Yeah, right, with a 12 year old Jean-Claude Van Damme in my pool.


Darren was down for the early morning [swim] session this morning; taking the juniors. He was ranting at them. I remember when he was captain of the swim team and how he used to hammer us. :) Got him, though, didn’t I – hehehe.

Got Mark this morning, too. He was waiting for the other guys to finish showering and I said to him that I didn’t wanta be late for class, and to come on [hurry up].

“It’s cool, Code. You go ahead.”

“Hey, c’mon – if anyone tries to rapeya I’ll help.” I didn’t tell him I’d help the rapist did I – hehehe.

He obviously didn’t wanta get into a long convo about it, and came into the showers. He looked so fucking uncomfortable cos of all the guys showering. He’s gonna haveta chill out about that or the guys are gonna start ragging him. Mindya, they probably know better than to do that.

Weather has turned out pretty hot, which at least makes it better each time I get outta the damn pool. No wind.

Mark actually doesn’t crack a boner that easily [when he’s] around the guys, not like some who seem to sprout as soon as they take their Speedos or briefs off. But he’s pretty well hung and I think he hates guys staring at it. ‘Cept me – hehehe – cos for sure he’s noticed that I do.

Well, the wind is back in force here but the weather [forecast] says it’s gonna change to North-East tomorrow, and that means   S U R F ! ! ! ! !

ALANIS IS COMING TO CAPE TOWN. Now, how’s that? Alanis Morissette is coming to Cape Town. Dunno what the ticket prices are yet, and it’s also like 50 km from where I am so damn – but I’m gonna try.

Going home now. It’s turned into a cooker day here and the wind is already shifting. Got swim squad this arvie for a coupla hours and then home.

Weather report: the wind is still blowing up to shit and we’ve had no surf at all this weekend.

On Friday evening I ended up going out with my folks. We went to see some friends that they hadn’t seen in ages and we had a braai. You guys call it a barbecue.

Saturday arvie we watched the rugby [on TV]. Wingnut was around and he was pretty devestated by the result [of the match]. I think he woulda started bawling if anybody said anything wrong to him. My dad? He just swore – hehehe. It was a pretty good game.

“Hey, buddy, you OK?”

“Yeah.” If he hadta say anything more [than that] I swear he woulda started crying. He takes his rugby seriously and he’s a helluva supporter of the ‘Boks.

“It’s just a game.”

“I guess.”

“You still going out with your friends tonight?” He had plans to go trick or treating with his friends. It’s more like a ‘let’s tear up the neighborhood’ thing, and I was going out with Steph, Steve, Mark and Carol to a Halloween party.

“You wanta go to the movies with me before you go hellraising?” At least that made him smile a bit.

So the two of us went to a movie called Deep Blue Sea, about shark research where the sharks become super intelligent and start attacking the humans. GO SHARKS!!

I thought about trying the popcorn box trick with him but then decided not to. He was pretty chuffed just to be at the movies, and he started to lighten up a bit.

I found out that Wingnut had a good time as well [on Halloween night]. He and his buddies managed to lay their hands on some beer and they all got outta their brackets. Luckily, he was sleeping over [at a friend’s house] or his folks woulda freaked big time. He met a girl there that he’s gotten nutty about.

Yesterday arvie we watched the All Blacks [rugby team from New Zealand] get the surprise of their lives by being beaten by France, so that means we play them in the playoff, and that should be a pretty wicked game.

We had a pretty good party Saturday night. Mark came as the crow, dressed in skin-tight black vest and black jeans and some black makeup on his face. He looked fucking wicked. I put on a black cape and a ghost mask, and the girls made themselves up like something outta Frankenstein. Carol even dyed her hair like five different colors. Steve covered himself in green body paint and wore a torn t and torn shorts, and came as the Hulk. He looked pretty fucking awesome as well.

Mark was pretty outta it this morning. Looks like he’s a bit hungover so he musta been hitting it with Carol yesterday. He arrived late for swim training and he’s hardly said anything at all this morning.


Anyway, today has been OK. Mark’s been in a shit mood and hardly said a word. So what the fuck has happened since Saturday night? And why was he late this morning? He’s not talking. Fact is, he’s almost keeping to himself. I wish he’d fucking speak to me.

Wingnut was around yesterday arvie for a while for a swim. Made him pick up the dog crap first, though. :) He didn’t hang around long cos he had work to do. Just as well, though, cos so did I, and I was up til l8 doing it. Never went on to the net last night at all, and I’ve gotta get moving with the November [1999 Cody] news page.

Yep, Mark did shake off the mood. He phoned me last night. Why? Just to say hi and ask how it’s going.


Mark’s been OK. He was swimming like the bomb this morning so whatever it is [that was bothering him] he swam it outta his system.

Anyway, we both shot damn buckets. I left before his mom came home from whatever social thingy she was doing so he wouldn’t get into crap. [That must have been the tail end of something Cody wrote about him and Steve getting up to mischief at Steve’s place. I didn’t save all of what Cody wrote about his escapades with Steve to the Wingnut and Mark story notes because those two guys were unaware of the kind of shenanigans Steve and Code got up to, so they seemed irrelevant to those stories – at least that’s what I thought at the time. MrB]

Wingnut was waiting cos as soon as I got home he jumped the wall to come over and swim, and listen to some music [later] in my room. Hadta lend him a paira my shorts, though, cos all he had on was his Speedos and he woulda had no damn prob laying on my bed with them all wet. Got my pillow wet with his hair, anyway.

I hadta get to the beach yesterday arvie, just to get down there, and Wingnut came down with me.

“Cody, do you wake up with a boner every morning?”

“Yeah, well, you’ve seen what I wake up with, and yes it’s every morning.”

“Why do guys get that?”

“Well, you get it cos your body is like a cum factory and it’s trying to squeeze it out while you’re sleeping.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“Hehehe – yep. I dunno. It’s got something to do with your morning piss and the pressure on your furniture.”

“I tried to jack mine away, and even after I came I still had it [a piss boner], but then I couldn’t piss right away either.”

“Yeah, it’s a guy thing. I try to piss before I jack in the morning.”

“Hey, that girl phoned me – wants to take me to a movie.”

“Which one?”

“The cute one with the baby tits and blonde hair. You know – she had an open midriff thing on.”


“Reckon she’ll blow me?”

“Fucking hell, you’re not shy. You’ll frighten the hell outta her and she’ll never wanta see you again. And she’ll run to her folks. Take it cool. Are you so desperate to be blown?”

“Yep. But, OK, I won’t ask her right away. So what am I supposed to do then?”

“Hold her hand.”

“You’re fucking kidding, right? That’s for kids.”

“You’re a kid.”

“Not in my pants.”

“Just hold her hand and kiss her or something. Stay away from her pants and tits until you both know [that] you wanta [go that far].”

“So, should I go [to the movies with her]?”

“Do you wanta?”


“Then go with her. Who knows? Maybe she’s dying for you to eat her pussy.” *giggle*

“You’re fucking gross, Cody.”

“But you want her to eat you, right?”

“That’s different.”

“How so?”

“It just is. Fuck, you’re gross.”

Hehehe. He laughed about it, though. No surf. We walked along the rocks and just chilled.

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