Cape Town, South Africa
Part 62

Wingnut was around for a few minutes yesterday but he also had studying to do. I think he was hoping that I would drop the books for a while but I’ve gotta nail this lot. Looked a bit down in the dumps when he left but I’ll make it up to him when the pressure’s off.

That second language paper sucked big time. And it’s such a shit cos I’ll never need it unless I wanta talk to some Dutchman farmer out in the wilderness who refuses to speak English. Actually, most of the farmers are pretty cool and always helpful but my dad says a lotta them have got this huge chip on their shoulder about the new set-up over here and they’ve lost government subsidies that they used to get [under the old apartheid regime].

Actually, I’m not really going nutty about Y2K but I think that with everyone sorta focusing on it it might be a good time for people to throw away their old baggage and take a totally new look at things and start fresh. I know that’s supposed to happen every new year but maybe people will think more [about it] this time around.

Today we’re writing technology 1 so it’s gonna be cool. It’s mainly to do with working with Microsoft packages like Office.

Never saw Wingnut all day yesterday. Felt kinda weird not having the little bugger mess up my bed.

Writing English 1 this morning so that should be pretty cool. It’s essays and letters. Next week we’re gonna do English Lit and that’s also pretty cool cos I really enjoyed the main book we were reading called To Kill A Mockingbird. That book rocked.

Our net was down yesterday arvie so I couldn’t write [you] before leaving school. I went with Mark to the gym for a while. It was actually pretty neat. We did the circuit. It helped to relax him quite a bit. He is stressing big time with the exams. Dunno why cos he’s pretty damn clever and creams most of the papers. NO, NOT THAT CREAM!!

We’re planning another hike the first week of the summer hols and I’m gonna check if Wingnut can come with us. Mark is quite keen [to come] and Steve is as well. I’m gonna phone Darren and see if he can get off from his summer job for a week. That is gonna be so cool; to get back into the mountains and just chill out for a while with no school hassles.

It’s cool that I can lip read. I just heard Mark shouting for me downstairs [below the comp lab] in the quad, and when I looked down he shouted, “GET YOUR *silent ‘fucking’* ASS DOWN HERE! LET’S JET.” Hehehe – so I better be going before he throws a nappy [diaper].

Studied yesterday and Wingnut came around.

“So where were you yesterday?”

“Went to visit Candy.”


“Hey, I just went [over there] to say hi and stuff.”

“What stuff?”

“Just hi, and we talked about stuff.”

“What stuff?”

“I told her she was cute. You happy now?”

“Hehehe – and what did she say?”

“Stuff.” He went all red in the face.

“What? Like stuff off or stuff you or you’re stuffy?”

“If you tease me I’m going home after beating you up.”

“Reeeeeealy! OK, I’ll try not to teaseya.”

“She said I was pretty hot and she liked me a lot.”

“Well, she’s got good taste.”


“Serious. You’re a pretty hot little dude. Candy’s pretty neat, too. You’ve got good taste.”

“Yeah, well, she thinks I’m gonna look like you when I’m bigger. So I asked her if she really thought I was gonna turn out that ugly – hehe.”

So I tackled him and we wrestled around, and I got him on his back and pinned his arms with my knees and drilled his chest with my knuckles. “Say what?”



“Oh, my fuck, Cody, that’s sore!”


“Handsome – hunky! Fuck! Get off!”

Then I made some sarmies and we had some juice cos my studying was screwed for a while. He asked me how come his cock got rock hard whenever he and Candy kissed. I coulda had fun with that one but I just said it’s a natural reaction for guys. Her panties were probably wet as hell, too.

The weather here is weird. Rained all damn night and the sun is out bright this morning, with big dark clouds hanging over the mountain.

We’ve got our Old Boys vs School swim comp this arvie and that should be pretty neat. There’s this old boy who was a butterfly wizz and I wanta kick his butt.


Well, the swim shoulda been fun but it turned into a shit. Drama from Alan and his fuckface goonies. Mark thrashed my ass at butterfly and I came in 4th behind two old boys; the fucker that always beat me, and Darren. I couldn’t believe that Mark could swim so fucking fast.

After we got outta the water, Alan and his buddies were shouting how great Mark was, and ‘well done’ for beating Codfish. Mark got totally fucking redfaced cos everyone could hear them. I just tried to ignore them, although I was really fucking pissed off that I swam so badly. I swam in the freestyle as well but it’s always been a shit for me. Mark and Ross touched the wall at the same fucking time, just about. Ross won it by a split second. I was beaten by them and Jumbo and and and. The worst was having those fuckers [Alan and his goons] carry on in the stands. This time Ross got the shits and went up to them and told them to swim or shut the fuck up.

There’s this new dude that hangs with them. He was on the swim team but dropped it, and said that he could beat me as well. So right, they put him into the breast stroke. I told Ross to put him into the backstroke cos I know it’s a better stroke for me. Mark’s fucking beaming cos he reckons it’s cool cos I’m like third best breast stroke swimmer in the school. Well, just to cut it [short], this dude not only beat me but did it in like two body lengths. So besides getting another fucking barrage from the stands with this fucker acting like a fucking jerk hero, Mark comes to me:

“What happened? Did you feel sorry for him or something? You should have creamed that race, Code.”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

“Those guys are getting to you, huh?”

“Nope. I’m just swimming like a fucking jerk.”


“Thanks. I needed that.”

“Whoa! You said it, not me.”

“Yeah, well, whatever.”

“Don’t get mad at me. I’m on your side.”

“I’ll live.”

“You’re fucking mad at me. I can see it.”

“No, I’m mad at my fucking self for thinking for a sec that I’d get some support.”

“I don’t believe what you’re saying. You’re being a jerk.”

“Yep, a real little jerk-off.”

“Well, fucking whatever. Shit, Cody, you need to cool off before we say things to each other we don’t mean.”

So thereya have it. Cool start to the weekend, huh. And I’m supposed to be going [out] with him and Carol tonight with Steph. I’m so fucking mad at Alan and his goons that I can spit.

I guess there’s a plus in that Mark swam fucking well. I’ve never seen him swim like that before. Ross has got some serious compo [competition from Mark] this season, and I think he saw that today.

Mark actually hit it on the head this weekend cos we got into the fucking-girls convo, and when I told him I still hadn’t fucked Steph [yet] he said it was cos I was probably scared that I wasn’t gonna be able to meet her expectations, and that it was all in my head.

That convo with Mark happened on Friday night cos I stayed over at his house after we went out. We just ended up going for pizza cos Steph hadta be home early. Her folks are being strict cos of exams, and Mark and Carol had a helluva argument so he took her home early. It was after that that he got into the convo [about fucking girls]. He was pissed cos he was looking forward to a night of lovemaking with Carol, and she had pissed him off about something. He won’t give me the details about his and Carol’s convos.

Anyway, so I’m laying next to him in his bed. We both had our boxers on. I think he’d freak if I went naked. But hehehe, the fucking bed covers told their own story cos we both had boners. I guess it was just the way the convo went [about girls], but all cos I could fucking smell that he was horny, and he’s got this wicked fucking smell. Also I couldn’t keep my eyes offa him. I guess it’s the sorta situation that Daniel is in right now [with Greg]. When we went to sleep, my hand rested quite close to his cock, and when he was snoring I would just lightly rub up against it and it would twitch. I wanted to jack [myself] but I don’t wanta freak him out.

Saturday we had wicked surf. Spent the whole damn day on the beach with Wingnut and Steve. Steph couldn’t come down. Sunday I studied the whole damn day. We’re writing English 2 today. That’s a language and grammar paper.


The paper this morning was OK.

We’re busy looking into the hike thing, which is in about two weeks time. Getting permission from people and so on, and looking at who’s going and food and and and…

I used to think that Mark was such a fucking jerk until I got to know him better, and he smiled and I got a hardon. :) Fact is, Mark has got real hassles with real people, one who is very close to him. How can anyone really judge him? I know a lotta guys think he’s a total fuckwit at school cos of his attitude. I don’t get involved cos it’s not easy to explain other people’s probs to guys who don’t wanta understand in the first place.

I sometimes wish I was like Wingnut. His life is so damn uncomplicated. I guess I used to be like that; like nothing can hurt me, and I’m invincible cos I had Paul around. Hehehe – fuck, we were both invincible.

Sorry for not writing this morning. Got up totally l8 and almost missed the start of the paper. I was feeling pretty damn stressed cos I hadta hot foot it all the damn way to school. Guess I could blame it on Mark. He knocked on my damn window at 1 this morning.

“Doya know what fucking time it is?”

“Chill. I just want to hang out for a few minutes.”

“Hey, I’m serious. Doya know what time it is?”

“I’m sorry. OK, I‘ll jet. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Hey, wait. That’s not what I meant. What’s up?”

“I just had the shits with my mom’s boyfriend and we ended up in an argument. He pulled a length of fucking hose on me and I split.”

“He pulled a what? Did he use it?”

“Hehehe – nope. I was too damn fast for him. He has before, though.”

“Were those the blue marks you had across your back a while back?”

“It should be cool now. I’m gonna split home. I’ll checkya l8er.”

(The whole damn time he was giggling and so damn different).

“So don’t fucking tell me then ifya don’t want to.”

“Hehehe – it’s not that I don’t want to tell you. Fuck, you talk about me having a short fuse. I met Steve tonight.”

“My Steve?”

“Well, yeah – your surf buddy.”


“He was fucked out of his bracket, man. Then he lit another joint and we shared it. Hehehe – fucking hell, I’ve never felt like this before. Then I went home and the shithead saw right away that I was stoned and tried to beat me.”

“What for? You’ve beaten yourself already.”

“Oh, c’mon, Cody. Steve told me you’ve smoked it up before with him, so don’t get fucking heavy with me.”

(Steve’s got a big fucking mouth).

“Yeah, well, you’re acting like a fucking girl.”

“Cheers, Cody. Go fuck your hand.”

Then he left. It was lucky that my folks never woke up. I hardly slept after that. Haven’t had a chance to chat to him [at school] yet, but I’ll be phoning Steve this arvie.

Wingnut came around yesterday arvie but only for a little while. He had a quick swim and then hadta study as well. And I had my nose in my books.

Steve phoned yesterday arvie and asked if I wanted to come around to his place. I took a chance and asked him about giving Mark a joint, and then he said that Mark was there [at his place] and that it was Mark who said that he should phone me. I just said I was busy studying. I was, anyway.

Ever get that feeling when you’re feeling really fucking down and don’t know why? That’s how I feel now. Just want to be alone for a while.

Got a history paper tomorrow so haveta get down and study.

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