Cape Town, South Africa
Part 66

Another rocker day here in Cape Town. Went surfing with Wingnut this morning and he’s in the school pool now [as I type this].

“Where you going?”

“Up to the comp lab.”

“To do what?”


“How long you gonna be, Cody?”

“About twenty minutes.”



“Nothing. Just hurry.”

[In the comp lab]

Went out with Mark and the girls last night; to Wipeout again. Got ourselves a little bit plastered, and then Mark and I took a walk down to the beach after taking the girls home. It was pretty cool – gave us a chance to just chat together.

“So, you going hiking with us again next year?”

“You better believe it. That was one of the most unbelievable experiences I’ve ever had.”

“I’m gladya liked it cos it was cool having you along.”

“And the guys are all pretty great as well.”

“Yeah, well, Gareth fancied your nads.”

“Hehehe – he tried it once. But that was pretty cool, too … the way the guys are totally relaxed around each other.”

“I thought you would blow a gasket when he did that.”

“I almost did.”

“And the other night?”

(Silence) “Can I be honest with you?”

“You know you can.”

“It [what I’m about to say] doesn’t go to Steph.”

“You fucking crazy or something? Fuck, what doya reckon she’d say [about us jacking each other]? ‘That’s cute, Cody.’ Don’t think it would go down [well] with the girls at all.”

“No – just Steph.”


“When I was going out with her I always went on about fags and queens and gays. I was fanatical about it. If you even tried to touch me in those days you would’ve ended up in a hospital or worse. I don’t want her thinking any different.”

“Like she hasn’t noticed a difference in you?”


“All of a sudden you’ve got a load of friends. School prefect.”

“I haven’t got a load of friends, Cody. You, Steve – sort of – Ross when I’m swimming well.” (Mark doesn’t think of Wingnut as a friend – more like a grommet that hangs around).

“Anyway, we’re drifting here. You were gonna say something – about being honest.”

“This is so difficult. It’s just that the other night – us – I enjoyed that and my mind is fucked up about it.”

“Why? Cos it’s supposed to be a gay thing, and you’re not supposed to enjoy it?”

“Maybe. But it’s because I enjoyed touching you and being touched by you. I can’t explain how good it made me feel for us to be that fucking close and – it should feel wrong.”

“Well, it felt pretty cool for me, too. Not as good as the blowjob I shoulda given you but, hey…”

“Fuck, Cody, don’t joke about it. I’m not comfortable with this convo as it is.”

“I worry as well.”

“About what?”

“Well, you once called me a faggot and I was wondering if that was going through your head on Monday night.”

“I’ve never thought of you as a fag. I’ve [already] told you that. Got your attention, though, didn’t it? Hehehe.”

“And now?”

“If I labeled you now then I would have to label myself. I’m feeling kinda guilty about it but at the same time…”

“At the same time?”

“I’m almost hoping that we can do that again sometime. When and if it felt right for both of us. Fuck! Now I’m pissing you off, aren’t I?”

“Hehehe – yeah, right. You’ve given me a fucking hardon. Wanna blow me?”


“So you really enjoyed it?”

“It was like when I’m with Carol, and we’re naked together. But different. Fuck, I don’t know what it is. I’d explain it as explosive.”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about being that close to you for a long time. For me, it just makes our friendship that much more special. It started months ago when I used to meet you for boxing in the mornings. The shoulder rubs. The shower boners. I felt pretty close to you then. You were just so damn paranoid about getting close to me or any guy. The other night – afterwards – when you put your leg and arm over me and were right up close – that was pretty damn special. The jacking part is cool cos I can touch your cock, but just being close was special. You surprised the shit outta me whenya did that.”

“I guess it had [already] gone so far I couldn’t give a fuck by that stage. And I also wanted to get that close.”

“Tellya what, though, if we do get another chance, I might want to try and go further.”

“You know I wouldn’t let you do that, and I don’t think you should try. It would just screw up everything [between us]. Have you gone further [with someone else]?”

“You really want to know?”


By then we were both getting cold just sitting there in our tank tops, and the wind had come up. So we took a slow walk to my place and said goodbye. I hugged him and he hugged me back with a pat on my back.

“Cya, Cody.”


His brain musta been going like a fucking overwound clock after that. I know mine was.

I jacked off thinking about us, and I could see his juice explode in huge spurts outta his cockhead, and his body convulse each time – his muscles tensing. I could feel his fist tighten around my cock each time he shot. I guess that’s how come I offloaded almost at the same time.

I guess the summer of ’99 is gonna be one to remember for me. [Cody wrote that on January 6, 2000. MrB]

I better get moving before Wingnut drowns or something. He’s begging me to sleep over tonight but he’s supposed to be going out with his girl to the movies first.

[This is another example of my pasting the tail end of something about Steve and Cody to the Mark/Wingnut notes because at the time it didn’t seem relevant, and I hadn’t anticipated losing those original emails through viruses, comp crashes, etc. MrB]

Steve moved on to the spare mattress when he heard my dad’s alarm. I giggled at his muttering.

“This fucking sucks.”

Wingnut breezed in there right after my folks [had] left for work. “Surf’s up. Hey, Steve, the spunky ladies’ man. So how goes it? You need a piss. You’ve got a boner.”

Steve laughed. Fuck it was good to hear him laughing and watching him and Wingnut do their normal wrestling trick. Steve pulled Wingnut’s shorts right up and gave him a wedgy he’s gonna remember for a while. :)

Surf was up and we spent the whole day raving. Wingnut’s made a few friends in the surf, which is pretty cool cos they all get on pretty well. All of them are copying him - the way they wear their boardies, so there’s all these little grommets with their boardies just being held up by cocks and buns. :)


We all stayed over at Carol’s on Saturday night. Well, Mark, me, Steph and Carol did. Carol and Mark slept in her folks’ bed and Steph and I were in Carol’s bed. It was another pretty special night for her and me.

Last night we went through to the Mall and had some pizza, and met a whole lotta friends there from school. A lotta the guys have been away on holiday and it was neat seeing them again. Wingnut and his girlfriend went and sat with a few friends [of theirs] and then they went to play vid games. Steph, Mark and Carol and I just sat chatting for hours. We were telling the girls about the hike, obviously leaving out a lotta the good stuff. They said they want to go with us when we do it again. YEAH, RIGHT!

The wind is howling like shit over here and there’s no surf at the local. Later this morning Wingnut, Steve and I are hiking through to Long Beach. Heard it’s going ballistic down there.

Last night Wingnut slept over and was asking me about the school and what some of the teachers were like. He wants to play cricket and rugger as well as swim. Well, the swimming and cricket might clash so he’s gonna have to see what he can sort out.

“Cody, are you into having a jack?”

“Yeah, I guess. You want me to jack you?”

“That would be cool.”

“Come and sit on my stomach.”

Then he sat on my stomach. Fuck, those hardcore legs of his on the side of me felt fucking awesome. I got him to lean back on his hands. His boner was pointing str8 up and I pulled it down a bit. It was tight as hell. His cock is looking better and better all the time. He’s got this thick muscle running up the length of it and it’s like a light pink color until [it reaches] his cut line, and then his [cock] head, and a bit down the shaft is a dark pink. It feels strong. Anyway, I spat on my hand and slowly started stroking him. He closed his eyes. He’s already got a killer bod so I can imagine what he’s gonna be like when he’s like 15 or 16 [in 2003]. I haven’t really taken the chance to feel his whole bod yet – don’t wanta freak him out. But I often imagine running my hands along his legs and across his chest. And his back muscles are helluva defined now, cos of the surfing, I guess.

“That feels awesome, Code.”

“You liking this, huh?”


“Has she stroked you yet?”

“I tried to put it up against her hand once but she kinda freaked.”

“You Frenching [tongue kissing] her?”

“Yeah, and I get a boner every time. Dunno why.”

“How does she kiss?”


Then his body like convulsed and his cock danced in my hand, and he shot his load all over me. It came out in thick wads.

“Oh, shit! It’s all over your face, Code. I’ll get some tissues.”

“Just stay there, little bro.”

I grabbed the head of his cock and squeezed out the last little bit onto my fingers and then put it in my mouth.

“Fuck! What are you doing?”

“Trying to find out how you’ll taste when she blows you. Mmmm. Not bad.”


“Taste it.” I put a finger into his mouth.

“Tastes like salty nothing – like yours. You gonna eat all of that?”

“Yeah. Wanta help me?”

So he stayed sitting there, and the two of us ate his juice off me [my bod] using our fingers.

“You wanta sit on me now?”

“Nah. I’ll just lay here.”


He got off [me] and laid next to me and I closed my eyes. I could feel his fingers tracing lines on my abs. And then he spat on his hands and started to stroke me. Well, it lasted about 30 seconds before I couldn’t control myself anymore, and I offloaded.

“That was fucking boring [cos it was too quick].”

“Why? You enjoy stroking my dick?”

“Yeah, kinda. It’s huge compared to mine and I like it.”

“Guess that’s why she won’t touch you, cos you’re pretty huge as well.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Serious. Check yourself out.”

He got on his knees and compared dicks. “Yours is so damn thick.”

“Yours will get there.”

“You reckon?”


“Hey, Code, what’s it like when Steph blows you?”

“Pretty awesome.”

“Can I askya something?”


“This is gonna sound pretty lame.”

“Go for it.”

“Would you let Steph blow me?”

“Whoa! You’re gonna have to ask her.”

“Yeah - but would you let her?”

“Hmmm. I’ll haveta think about it.”

“It’s cool if you don’t want to. She’s your girl and all.”

“Let me think about it. She might just swallow that tiny thing [of yours], though.”

“Well, she hasn’t swallowed you yet. Right?”

I cracked, and then punched him a mousey on his leg. Got him on the sweet spot and he crumbled in pain – hehehehe.

“Oh, fuck, Cody! I owe you one.”

“I’ll watch my back.”

We spoke for a while about Steph blowing me and what it was like, and did she swallow. The normal Wingnut questions.

He fell asleep before I did and he musta been having a good dream cos he had another damn boner. I cuddled behind him and put my fist around it. I’m sure he musta felt it cos he moved back closer to me.

This morning he hadta go and do chores around his house and [said that] he’ll meet up with me l8er.

School starts again on Tuesday and it’s gonna be a hectic year.

Meeting Mark again tonight. He wants me to sleep over again cos his mom’s going away this weekend.

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