Cape Town, South Africa
Part 71

Friday after school I went to watch the junior swim trials. Wingnut looked totally strung out. Mindya, most of the boys did. He looked strong, though. He’s got the best bod of the lot by far. He was shaking his arms and stretching backwards and then twisting and stretching. He was breathing heavily as well. I liked that cos his stomach was going in and out like a damn steam train and showing off his abs. I tried to call him but I think his mind was definitely focused on the swim cos he never heard me at all. Darren, Ross and the coach and two teachers were doing the team selections, and the other teachers were being used to check the times. I think it was the first time that Wingnut had been put under this kinda pressure. My nerves were totally fucked by the time they started the first race. It was the 50m freestyle and Wingnut totally bombed, coming in 8th. He looked fucking miserable, and I really wanted to go and encourage him, but I didn’t wanta distract him. Anyway, he looked like he woulda planted anyone who even spoke to him.

The next race was the 100m freestyle and he fucked up again. Well, he never fucked up – other guys were just better. I thought he was gonna cry.

He never raced in the breastroke events. His next race was the 200m freestyle and he looked up at me and just shrugged his shoulders like he’d already given up. I tried to give him the thumbs up but he was already under the starter’s orders. After the second length – 100m – he was lying 6th. Then halfway through the third length he started to catch up [to the leaders], and at the start of the final length he was third. HE WAS FUCKING FLYING! His whole bod looked like it was on top of the water. AND THEN HE WON! I WENT FUCKING BALLISTIC! Mindya, Mark did as well. Couldn’t help it. The little fuck was as useless as me in the short races but in the longer races he was a star.

It was almost the same thing in the butterfly. He was useless in the 50, came third in the 100m, and then won the 200m.

In the 400m freestyle he came in first by a damn mile. He never raced in the relays cos he was useless in the 50m.


He made the junior swim team and the guys thought he was the greatest cos of the way he swam in the longer races.

He was totally amped when he came out of the change room with his track top on and his white shorts. Aaaaggghhhh! Those damn white shorts that he fills every damn inch of.

Mark disappeared right away cos he hadta fetch Carol to go to the cricket. Zimbabwe beat England and Mark says they had a helluva party afterwards with the guys from the Barmy Army. He says they’re a really great bunch and they know how to party. There was a lotta niggling [about Zimbabwe winning] but no fights. He said the only fight he nearly had was with one of Steve’s school buds who kept trying to hit on Carol until Steve told him to lay off if he didn’t want his face rearranged. Steve and them [his buds] left to go to one of the guys’ houses. Mark and Carol opted outta it. I think it was more Carol [who didn’t want to go] after what had happened, else Mark woulda ended up in a fight.

Steph didn’t wanta go to a movie so we went for pizza instead, and met Wingnut and his girlfriend there. They came out of the early movie and then met us. Steph gave him a huge hug and a kiss cos I was raving about how well he did in the swimming. They were both looking as cute as anything. He was wearing his tight black jeans and a loose red t, which showed off his pecs. His jeans showed off his furniture, especially when Steph was hugging him. His hair was gelled and spiked up. And FUCK he is so good looking.

We went for a piss together and he asked if he could stay over at my place on Saturday night. His piss comes out like a damn fire hose. He would make a horse embarrassed.

The two of them then met up with some of her friends, and Steph and I went to her house. Her folks were home so we couldn’t sit in her room. Her dad doesn’t like guys sitting in her room. We watched the end of the cricket and then sat listening to some music.

Saturday was a big clean-up at home: pool, garden, gutters, windows. And I had some ‘hood work to do – three cars [to wash].

[Something about Steve being with Code is missing from my notes because the next thing I have is this comment from Steve. MrB] “Believe it, bro. Oh, have you seen the new condoms? The ones with the barcode at the bottom?”


“Oh? You haven’t rolled yours down that far then.”

“Piss off. Hehehe.”

Wingnut came around l8 in the arvie with his stick and his surf bag. We took a run down to the beach to check out the surf and it looked like it was gonna clean up, but it was pretty flat. We took a walk along to the rocks and chatted to some of the fisherfolk.

Oh, I don’t think I toldya. The morning after Christmas my dad collected all the leftover food and took it down to the guys fishing, and then hadta hang around with them and share some wine. My dad calls it ‘donkey piss’ – but not in fronta them. It’s cool watching how my dad gets on with them. Sometimes if the fishing is good then he’ll get a fish or two from them as well. Sometimes there’s a really old colored guy – I think he’s 80 something – and he and my dad get on helluva well. My dad says it was the old guy who taught him howta fish [when he was a kid].

Anyway, the fisherfolk know me cos of my dad and they talk to me in Afrikaans. They call me ‘klein baas’, [which means] little boss. Wingnut likes them as well; I think mainly cos the one guy told Wingnut that he could see by the weather that there would be surf on Sunday. These guys can tell the weather better than anyone I know. We chatted about the cricket and stuff, and Wingnut got totally into the convo.

On the way back, I hadta tell him how they knew me, and he thought they rocked cos they are just so laid back, and they fish to feed their families.

My folks went out to some friends’ place and left us at home, and that was all Wingnut needed to get naked and walk around the house like it was his own little island. We swam, and then made ourselves some toasted sarmies, and watched a vid of Scream and Airforce One. It got cooler in the evening so we put on boxers and a t.

Obviously, he got naked before diving into bed and under the covers. And as soon as I got in he gave me a huge hug.

“What’s that for?”

“For helping me with the swimming after school.”

“I got a total boner, but so did he.

“So what didya do with your girl last night?”

“Oh – just kissed and stuff.”


“No – just kissed.”

“You should get her to giveya a massage.”

“You can.”

He rolled onto his stomach, with his hands under his chin. He’s a fucking god and too young to have a bod like that. I got going on his shoulders, and you could feel the tough hard muscles all along the tops of his arms from his neck. I rubbed down his back, and down his lats, and traced my fingers across the muscle lines.

“Your muscles are really showing now.”

“Think so? Like yours?”

“Probably better.”

“Yeah, right!”

His buns are hard and smooth, and I skipped over them to his legs. He’s got helluva strong, powerful legs, and well-developed calf muscles. Then I got him to roll over and I carried on with his legs; massaging his thighs. His boner was standing up away from his stomach, and had a string of precum hanging from the head. I picked up some of the precum with my fingers and then put my fist around his boner, and started to stroke him. He closed his eyes and arched his back, and his legs went stiff. I hadta control myself from putting my mouth over that beautiful piece of boy meat. His [cock]head is now quite a bit wider than his shaft, and pink down to his cut line. His shaft is now longer as well, and I can get my hand comfortably around it. His nads are like two perfect eggs in a sac, and they were pulled up against him. I put my other hand on his abs and felt them contracting as his body shook. I stopped before he shot his load, and just held his boner tightly, but he couldn’t control himself, and jetted his juice all over his stomach and chest.

I gave him some tissue to clean himself, and then I laid on my stomach to let him massage me. He straddled me and I felt his buns on my back. He had a strong touch as he worked my shoulders and back. I dozed off while he was giving me a massage, and woke up when he slapped my backside.

“You sleeping?”


“Roll over.”

So I rolled over onto my back. He rubbed his hands over my chest and down my stomach to my boner, then up the inside of my thighs, and then my nads. I felt his fist close around my boner and slowly stroke it.

“Does that feel good?”


“Yeah – it did for me, too.”

I bent my knees and contracted my stomach as I offloaded. I let out a little scream cos I couldn’t help it.

I went to the bathroom to clean myself, and then we laid there [on the bed] talking. His finger was playing with my damn nipples, and I got hard again. He hadta move onto the [spare] mattress before my folks got home, and when I heard him sleeping I jacked off again. He’d gotten me horny as hell, and I wished Steve was there to blow me.

Sunday, and the fisherman were right – the surf rocked – big time. The shape was totally perfect and the wave was fast – not that big – around 3 to 4 feet – but big enough. We went out at [a place called] Rivers, and got stoked. The weather was overcast and the water was cold but we were so damn amped we just surfed in boardies. Steve was styling as usual and Wingnut was gunning for every damn wave he could get, like there was never gonna be another wave. He’s not that difficult to spot cos of his wide leg stance and his boardies so low [on his hips] that when he crouched his whole damn [ass] crack showed.

Steve got off on one wave and took off the top and did a beautiful air. Turned a 180 and then came down with the peeling wave and carried on. Wingnut tried that and saw his ass, but I reckon the way he’s going he’ll probably get it going pretty soon. I had some awesome rides – went for an air on one but got trashed cos the wave closed out as I came back into it.

Steph came down at lunch time and she also had some really cool rides. She wore a wetsuit that totally molded to her bod. Mark and Carol showed up for a little while, and Steph and I went to talk to them for a while. They told us about Friday night – not about the ‘almost’ fight, though, and yesterday with Carol’s folks away they just spent the whole day in bed [together].

It was a perfect day, and ended up just as perfect. Wingnut hadta go home and finish homework, and Steve and I walked Steph home. Then we went to Steve’s house. [And once again that part of the story is not in my Mark/Wingnut notes. :( MrB]

This morning, I had swim squad, and we’re also training for team trials. I felt like lead, though, probably from the surf yesterday. So I didn’t go that great. Mark is swimming like a damn fish, and I think he might cream Ross this season.

Wingnut was going on about the rave surf yesterday and I’m sure he musta been boasting to his friends this morning.

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