Cape Town, South Africa
Part 75

Swimming went pretty well yesterday arvie. Wingnut managed to get a shot at Mark by shoving him into the pool while he was leaning over and helping one of the juniors. Then he ran to the top of the stands so Mark couldn’t get him. On the way home, Mark made him pretty edgy.

“I want to be in charge of your initiation [on the swim tour]. When I’m finished, you are not going to have one little itty bitty stitch of hair on you. Not one little bit.”

“Cody will help me.”

“I’ll beat him up.”

“Cool. Can I watch?”

Anyway, he got a clip over the ear from me, then we left Mark at his house and went home. Wingnut musta ripped his [school] clothes off and got changed in seconds before he jumped the wall. I was still getting into my boardies when he came into the room.

“Picked up the dog crap yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Then what are you doing in my room?”

“Shuddup. I’ll pick up the landmines in a sec. What did Mark mean about no hair on my bod?”

“Just what he said, I guess.”

“Not my pubes, Code. He wouldn’t do that, huh? No guy just touches another guy’s dick. Do they?”

“I’ve seen guys get shaved before. Are you worried about the hair on your head, though?”

“That’ll grow back quickly but my pubes will take another hundred years.”

“I’ll lendya some.”

“Very funny, Code. I’m being serious and you’re not listening.”

Anyway, we messed around for about a half hour in the pool, and then he hadta go and do his homework. I had a bit to do, and I finished that pretty quickly. Also did some work for an assignment for next week.

My dad was home early from work so it gave us a chance to chat. Wingnut came over again and asked if he could do some taping in my room. My dad asked if he wanted to borrow his Frank Sinatra CDs.

“Uh, no – it’s cool. I wanta tape some ‘Nudies and Jinger.”

“[Real name], I’ve got some Abba as well.”

“No … really…”

My dad was trying his best to be serious but when Wingnut left the yard he totally cracked.


Swim training this morning was a damn chore – sprints. I’m not even in freestyle [events] but they’ve got me doing sprints. I think it’s to make the other guys feel good or something. Mark was in a piss-off mood this morning but at least he was talking. Wingnut wanted to chirp him about something cos he hasn’t learnt the [mood] signs yet. I grabbed him and pulled him to one side and told him to lay off [Mark] or get flattened.

“Mark wouldn’t hit me.”

“Just lay off. He’s not a happy boy this morning. OK?”

“Sure. Cool.”

Friday night, went out with Mark, Carol and Steph to Corners. It was pretty cool. Mark and I got slaughtered AGAIN! Which totally pissed the girls off, not that they showed it but you could see – hehehe. Mark went home with Carol. Not quite sure what he managed to do, though, cos he was a wreck, and laughing all the damn time. I sorta walked with Steph – sorta cos I’m not even sure how I got home from her place. I know we kissed but that’s the last I remember before waking up on Saturday.

Saturday – wind has been totally crappy so no surf the weekend. I did my chores and then had some stuff to do around the ‘hood. Wingnut came along to give me a hand. I think I was still hung over cos my head didn’t belong to me. It was good to have the grommet there to help. He made some bucks, though, cos I just split everything 50/50. I think it’s the most money he’s ever had so now he wants to get going with working for the neighbors as well. He got 75 bucks [rand] on Saturday, so he phoned Candy and told her he would take her out for Valentine’s Day. They ended up going to the movies and pizza. I stayed home on Saturday night cos I had a [school] project to finish, and I worked on it all day yesterday as well – until the cricket started [on TV]. Also hadta stuff about with the pool pump cos the damn thing was jamming up. Wingnut went skateboarding with some friends at the Half Pipe. Musta had a good time cos he was pretty stoked up when he came home.

Yesterday arvie I spent doing some homework, and then I hadta backwash the pool and clean it. Wingnut came over and picked up the dog crap, and said he was taking Candy for pizza, and he bought her a leather strap neck chain with a silver surfer on it, and he made her a card.

“Hey, Cody. What doya think she’ll think of the surfer necklace?”

“Hey, it’s pretty cool bud. She might even giveya a blowjob for that.”



“I know that – don’t shout. Is the card OK?”

“It coulda been a bit more romantic.”


“Well, I don’t think something like:

Roses are red,
Violets are pretty,
Lift up your top
So I can feel your titty…

…is very romantic. But, hey, whatever blows your hair back.”

“She’ll know it’s just a joke. Anyway, she knows I like touching her tits.”

“She let you touch her tits?”

“No – just through her top. But they feel cool, like pecs with bumps.”

I totally fucking cracked when he said that, and then he looks at me as if to say ‘what’s so damn funny?’ “What if she wants to show the card to her folks?”

“Oh – I bought her a really soppy one for that [eventuality].”

“You really like her, huh?”

“She’s neat, and we laugh a lot, and she’s always telling me how hot I am, and I’m always telling her how hot she is.”

“She touched your dick yet?”

“Through my jeans, yeah. I think she wants to, though, cos I think she’s impressed.”

“Yeah, well, you two guys must just play it as it comes. Don’t rush it.”

“You taking Steph out tonight?”

“Nope. I bought her a heart [shaped] chocolate, though.”

“That’s neat. Anyway, I must beetle. I’ve picked up the dog crap and helped with the pool, and now I’ve gotta go and do some homework.”

“Cya, buddy.”

“Cya, Code.”


Wingnut says he had a good time last night. He got home early cos Candy’s folks wanted her home by 8 cos it’s a school night.

Have just finished a mindblowing training session. I think all of us are totally stuffed. The juniors had pool training first, and we hadta go into the gym for some weight and circuit training for an hour. The circuit was a total bitch, and a few of us were buggered at the end of it. Mark was OK but I think it’s cos of his boxing training cos he skips almost every day. He’s got a skipping rope hanging next to his bed, and I’m sure it’s to remind him to skip. He sweated along with all of us, though. Then we hadta shower before going into the pool cos the coach didn’t want our ‘sweaty slime’ laying on the [surface of the] water.

Then for swim training we did sprints, just for endurance, and my arms were already stuffed.

Actually, I [still] feel stuffed but it’s a really good feeling – hard to describe. Exhausted but relaxed. Does that make any sense?


[Swim tour next week]. Sorry – forgot to tellya about the circuit training. Well, you’ll understand why we get all damn hot and sweaty. The circuit is for cardio-vascular training to build up stamina and endurance.

Mark and I normally work together. It helps to have someone pushing you to stopya from slacking. Prob is Mark is like a damn slave-driver on the circuit cos he’s so damn fit that he creams through most of the stuff. I like working with him, though, cos you can see him getting totally pumped up. The one person who can outdo Mark is Jumbo, and he works with heavier weights as well.

You get one minute to use each piece of equipment, and then 30 seconds break, and then another minute on the next set, and that’s how it goes. We start off on the running machines and, cos we’re supposed to be fit, they set the damn things at a steep angle and a hectic speed. The next machine is for lat pulldowns, for building up the lats. You sit on a bench and there’s a bar aboveya head, and there’s a cable and pulley attached to it, with weights on the end. You pull the bar down – first to behind your shoulders, and then in front ofya chest.

The next machine is steps. It’s a stepping machine, and you have one minute to climb as many floors as possible. Thenya go on to the bicep machine and do bicep curls. Then to the rowing machine. I enjoy that one cos the machine is quite neat cos it letsya race against the machine. You do a one kilometer race. I win every time. Then you go on the pec machine.

Then you do a separate circuit of situps. There are five different sections in the ab routine, and by the time you’re finished there you can hardly damn walk.

Thenya do leg curls, first for your hamstrings and then for your quads. Then you go on to the calf machine, and the last thing you do is cycle for five minutes – [it’s] supposed to be a cool-down but Mark races that damn cycle and pushes me to do the same.

The guys on the swim team call it the ‘circuit from hell’ cos the coach and some of the seniors like Ross and Mark push everyone to their limit on the thing. After that you do free weights, and we [also] work on the pull-down weights for shoulders, and also bench and leg-press. Mark works with dumbells (NO, NOT ME) as well, and does bicep curls and shoulder presses.

Not a helluva lot happening today. Did some swim training this morning, and at recesses Mark has been on grounds duty – it’s his duty day. He hates that. The guys seem to like him, though. The juniors think that he’s a bit rough so they try not to make him mad. He doesn’t give them detention or anything, he takes them behind the wall and tells them off, or just gives them a clout if they give him too much lip – not too hectic, and he’s only had to do it once so far.

Had a total rave surf yesterday arvie. Wingnut came down with me and he was disappearing cos the waves were way over his head. Saw him go ass over tit a few times when he got nailed. He just kept on paddling and coming back for more. We surfed until almost dark and then still had homework to do.

Steve was out [there] with some friends. Wingnut went over to him and said hi.

“Steve says hi.”


“You gonna go and say hi [to him]?”

“Nope. I’ll wait for him to come over [here].”

"I feel like a real little prick cos you guys aren’t talking to each other, and I don’t know if I go and speak to him whether it’s OK with you or not, and the other way around.”

“Hey, it’s cool. Steve and I have got a prob at the moment that doesn’t involve you. So it’s cool for you to speak to him.”

“So what’s the prob? Maybe I can help.”

About then a huge set came through, and we hadta paddle like crazy to get moving. Wingnut took off on a huge damn wave and I got nailed cos I hadta move outta his way, and couldn’t make it over the lip. From then on it was just paddle, paddle, paddle and surf, surf, surf.

Both of us were pretty trashed and shivering on the way home. I think it was only cos his boardies were wet and clinging to him that they stayed on cos with the shivering his stomach was totally flat, and his dick had almost disappeared inside out. :) Talk about fucking yourself – hehehehe.

Hehehe. Wingnut has had his first high school battle; over a damn cricket bat. And guess who the prefect [in attendance] was? Bummer for him.

Mark and I were sitting, chatting [during recess], and saw the guys running across the field where the lighties were playing cricket, so we went over [there] to see what was going on.

Wingnut and another dude were wrestling and fisting each other on the ground. Mark pulled them both up. Hehehe – it was fucking priceless. Wingnut’s nose was bleeding and his face was fulla dirt and blood, and his shirt was torn at the buttons. The other dude had a fat lip and a torn shirt sleeve. It [the scene] looked like it was outta some war movie.

Mark just stared at them. “What’s going on?”

(Wingnut) “He wouldn’t let us play with his cricket bat.”

(Other dude) “He always wants to bat before me. It’s my bat!”

(Wingnut) “That’s cos I’m better than you, shithead.”

(Mark) “Whoa! Watch the language.”

(Other dude) “Says who?”

(Wingnut) “Says me. And you’re acting like a spoilt brat.”

(Other dude) “Piss off. You’re always batting first. You always take over.”

(Wingnut) “I always open. We agreed.”

(Mark) “Is that why you guys were fighting? Over who’s going to bat first?”

(Wingnut) “When I tried to take the bat he hit me with it, so I flattened him.”

(Other dude) “Fuck off! Who flattened who?”

(Mark) “You’re both going on detention.”

(Wingnut) “C’mon, Mark, it’s no biggie. Not detention.”

(Mark) “You’re written up, boyo. Detention Friday.”

(Wingnut) “Can’t Friday.”

(Mark) “Why?”

(Wingnut) “I think there’s gonna be surf.”

(Mark) “Any more crap [from you] and I’ll put you on [detention] for the whole week. Now go and clean yourselves up.”

Wingnut and the other dude walked through the crowd that had now gathered.

(Wingnut) “See what the fuck you did?”

(Other dude) “Me? You started first.”

(Wingnut) “I should flatten you again.”

(Other dude) “Piss off. You couldn’t flatten horse shit.”

They were still shoving each other when they went into the boys change room.

Mark just shook his head. “He’s a damn hothead – like his friend.”

“Who? Me?”

“Yeah, you. You’re a bad influence.” (At least he smiled).

“Looks like he got off worst. Maybe he’ll learn a lesson.”

“Oh, yeah, right! Like you learn a lesson every time.”

“Am I really that bad? I thought you’ve got a shorter fuse than me.”

“Only when I’m pushed. Wingnut’s gonna be pretty pissed at me, huh.”

“You worried?”

“Not really. I’ll just beat the shit out of him if he is.”


“Were we like that when we were lighties?”

“Hehehe – probably worse. We still act like that so we can’t really judge.”

“I think Wingnut’s suddenly found out that guys aren’t just gonna lay down and die if he challenges them.”

“Yep, but I know somebody who thought that about a year ago.”

“Hey, Code, when you didn’t lay down and die I just killed you anyway – hehehe.”

“You needed a gang.”

Wingnut came running across the ground towards us. He had his blazer on to cover his torn shirt.

“Hey Mark!”


“Please, please, please take me off detention.”

“Can’t do that. You were fighting and everyone saw you.”


“What’s the big deal? Two hours of yard duty at school, then it’s over.”

“TWO HOURS? Fuck.”

“I could make it three.”


“Hey, I’ve got nothing to do with it, buddy.”

“Mark … please?”

“No. Fight with the best and you die like the rest, boyo.”

“The best? He’s a prick.”

“It’s a figure of speech. Anyway, he’s your friend.”

“Besides that [he’s still a prick].”

Anyway, G, I’ll writeya in the morning. Maybe by then Wingnut will have had his block knocked off by Mark if he keeps it up.

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