Cape Town, South Africa
Part 76

Surf crapped out yesterday – the wind changed.

On the way home [from school] Wingnut was walking behind Mark and me, looking totally pissed off – hehehe. Actually, he was trying his best to look angry but I think he was trying to make Mark feel guilty more than anything [else].

“Hey, Cody, did you get detention when you were fighting the other day?”


“Oh – like a teacher’s pet, huh? Or is that prefect’s pet?”

(Mark) “You’ve got a choice here. Let me beat the shit outta you and I’ll let you off [detention]. That’s what I offered Cody.”

“Cool. Then am I allowed to hit back like Cody did? Cos I feel like giving you a fat lip.”

(Mark) “You’re getting fucking cocky. I could’ve put you on report for that fight, and you could’ve gotten suspended.”

“Kiff. More surfing time.”

(Me) “Drop it, Wingnut, before we all end up fighting with each other.”

“Oh, right – don’t want to see you get beaten up again.”

Then Mark turned around and grabbed him by the collar before he even realized what was going on. He was actually lifting Wingnut off the ground with his one hand. “Listen up. Detention is not a big fucking deal. I’d look like a right prick if I let you get off, and then book other guys. There’s always a fight on the grounds. We’d end up having a free-for-all. So shut the fuck up before I shut you up.”

“Whoa! Down, boy! Hey – I’m sorry. I was just pissing on your battery.”

Mark put him down, but I could see that Wingnut had gotten to him by then. He became typical Mark; pissed off with the world. He walked through his gate and just waved goodbye.

“Jeez, can’t he take a joke?”

“Now you’ve seen Mark when he gets pissed. I thought he was gonna clout you solid.”

“It was just a damn joke.”

“Read the fucking signs, and know when to quit next time. Being a prefect at school isn’t all it’s made out to be. He hates giving guys DT, but he’s right – he’d look like a right jerk if he let you off. He’s right pissed off now.”

“And you?”


“You pissed off, too?”

“Not pissed off. It’s just that I hate it when he gets like that, and you needta learn when to stop. One day someone is gonna really lay into you.”

“So long as he’s my size it’s no prob. I woulda beaten Robbie today if Mark didn’t stop us.”


“What doya mean ‘maybe’?”

“It didn’t look like he was playing dead forya.”

“That’s cos I was just getting started.”

He was so damn cocky – all the way home. He went inside [his house] and I could hear his mom raving about the torn shirt, and the blood on it, and the fight. He came over [to my house] after a little while. He started picking up the dog crap.

“Sounds like you’re in crap at home as well.”

“My mom’s gonna tell my dad cos the shirt’s torn.”

“Just as well you cleaned your face before leaving school.”

“During swim training. It helps. Hehehe.”

“Your dad will be cool.”


“All dads used to fight.”

“I’d hate to have to fight with your dad.”

“Well, don’t underestimate your dad. I think he’s pretty cool.”

“Serious? He’s not like your dad.”

“You just see him differently cos he has to be your dad. My dad doesn’t have to be your dad.”

“You’re frying my brain.”

“That’s cos you’ve stopped working. There’s still some crap out [on the lawn]. Wanta swim?”


We stuffed about in the water for about a half hour, and then he left to do some homework.

He told me this morning that he phoned Mark last night to say he was sorry. He said Mark was sounding pretty cool so it’s all OK - hehehe. He’ll learn. His dad lectured him about the cost of clothing. I remember one time my mom made me wear a torn shirt back to school. I wore my damn blazer all day and it was hot as hell.


Hot as hell here again today so we were told we could take off our [school] ties. Anyway, the swim team made it [the heat] an excuse to train during the breaks [recesses]. No hassles with Mark and Wingnut today – everything looks like it is back to normal.

We’re going through another heatwave here. The temp was 28 degrees C at 6:30am.

Yesterday arvie, after swim prac, Mark said we must wait for him while he changed cos he wanted to come with us to the beach and swim. So he just put on some boardies and grabbed a towel. He had his Speedos on under his boardies, though, cos the boardies hung down and you could see the top of the Speedos. We almost ran to my house cos we were so damn amped to get into the water, and then we did run down to the beach. It was weird that there were only about 7 or 8 guys wearing boardies and the rest were in wetties. They musta been boiling.

The surf was good enough for Mark to bodysurf, so he swam out about halfway to the backline where the peaks were just right for him, and had a total rave. He bodysurfs damn well, almost all the way to the beach on every wave. Wingnut was pretty impressed, and so was Steve. I didn’t even see him in the surf until he paddled over to where Mark was, and they were chatting, and then Wingnut went over to say hi. I paddled out to a set and got a wave, so I was too busy [to say hi to Steve]. Steph came down [to the beach] as well, wearing those tight girl boardies and a bikini top. She looked totally outasight. She paddled out to where Wingnut and I were and had a rave. It was an awesome arvie. We were all stuffed by the time we went home when it was almost dark. Mark was raving about the [great] time he had.

“Next time you don’t needta wear Speedos under those things [boardies]. Nobody does.”

“Well, I don’t know why Wingnut bothers cos his damn pubes and [ass] crack show anyway, hehehe.”

“I’m serious. Nobody wears anything under their boardies. They’re supposed to be loose. And the girls dig it.” :)

“Yeah, I can see Carol’s face if I parade my pubes and ass around the beach.”

“She’d be chuffed that you belong to her.”

“I belong to me.”

“Yeah, well, you know what I mean.”

This morning my dad woke me up at 5:30 and we went down for a surf. I banged on Wingnut’s window but he musta been in z-land or something cos he just wouldn’t wake up. The water was like glass and there was a small swell but surfable, and it was hot hot hot even before the sun came up.

Wingnut was pissed with himself for not hearing the knock on his window but I guess them’s the breaks.

Well, Wingnut is so damn excited about leaving for the swim tour tomorrow that he’s talking about nothing else.

On Friday night I went out with Mark, Carol and Steph to Corners and had a really cool evening. Didn’t get ourselves too slaughtered, although when Mark and I were on the way home we really spoke a lotta shit and just laughed the whole damn time. I slept over at Mark’s place cos his mom had gone to an all-nighter with her bf.

We both got into bed naked but didn’t really get into anything [sexual]. Mark sleeps on his back, which is cool, and he passed out. I musta stared at him for like half an hour. I traced my fingers up his legs and under his nads, and the only sign of life was that he got a boner as soon as I touched it. My boner was running like a damn tap by then. I really got into exploring him a little. I just let my hand float over his chest and down his stomach so that I could just feel the warmth of his skin without actually touching his skin. I even thought about putting my mouth over his cockhead just to taste it but I was worried that if he did wake up he woulda freaked. If he woke up while I was just touching him that woulda been OK cos he’s kinda used to me doing that now. I lifted a drop of precum from his head and just tasted it, and I guess it tasted like just Mark could taste. His cock was like trying to rip outta its skin by the time I eventually got to doze off, and I put my hand on his chest and my head close to him just to smell him. Even when he’s sleeping he’s strong. His arm muscles and his pecs are defined even when he’s sleeping. I was still like that when he woke up, but he just moved my arm and then went to the bathroom to get rid of his piss boner. He woke me up with some coffee. He was wearing briefs.

“Hardly ever see you in briefs.”

“I enjoy wearing briefs now and then.”

“They look pretty hot.”

They were black briefs with very narrow sides. They had a pouch that he could stack everything in.

He had a loada shit to do around the house so I left him there cos I also hadta do some chores.

In the arvie Wingnut and I went surfing and it was pretty neat. Smooth and glassy but the break was more like a shore break and throwing over. We both got ourselves hammered on the sand a coupla times cos we ride the damn shore break all the way in.

Saturday night we all went for pizza and Steve was there with some of his school friends and their girlfriends. I’ve seen him with that girl before – she was pretty spunky. He came over to the table and said hi to us, but never actually made eye contact with me. He was looking fucking hot, and I got an instant boner. Steph musta thought that her hand on my leg did it, and she started to stroke the thing through my cargos. I was ready to fucking bust by the time we finished there.

Mark and Carol went through to a club but I wanted to save some money [for the swim tour] so I went home with Steph. We first went with Wingnut to drop Candy home, and we couldn’t stop giggling when we saw how he was tongue-lashing her at the front door. I swear he opens his mouth so wide to kiss her that I thought he might swallow her head or something. He wanted to know why we were giggling and we couldn’t really tell him, so Steph made something up.

At Steph’s house, Wingnut sat in the den and listened to some music. Steph’s folks were out and she got down to some serious graunching and gave me a BJ. She musta got a month of protein from that lot cos I was so fucking horny I coulda flooded her house if she didn’t swallow.

Wingnut asked me on the way home: “Is that the noise you make when you’re getting a blow job?”

“What noise?”

“Like you’re a hippo giving birth.”

“How the fuck do you know what a hippo sounds like giving birth?”

“I don’t but I guess it would sound like that noise you were making.”

“How do you know it was a blowjob?”

“Just a wild fucking guess cos Steph spilt some [jizz] on your cargoes.”

Oh, fuck! She did! There was a huge sticky patch on the front of my cargos. Fuck! “It’s water.”

“Oh, yeah? What? Did she pour water over there to cool you off or something? I’m a grommet but I’m not totally thick. I know about these things.”

“Like what?”

“Like the mess your spunk makes when it messes on your clothes.”


“I’m sleeping over.”

“Says who?”

“My folks said it’s OK, and I knew that you would think it’s cool.”

“You just wanta sleep over so I can jackya.”

“Oh – I can jack myself now. I know how.”

He ducked before my hand could connect with his head. When we got into bed he sat on my chest.

“Could we do that again where I shoot all over you? I dig that.”

“Nah. You lay on your back.”

He laid on his back with his hands behind his head, and I gave him the soft hands treatment. I’d never given him that before. I let my hands explore his whole bod, and he’s like a little Mark with muscles in all the right places, and a flat stomach. My hands went everywhere except his dick, and I know I was driving him crazy. Eventually, when I did get to the business, he was ready to explode with the first touch but he managed to control himself, the little bugger. He ended up shooting his juice all over his chest and stomach and some on his chin. I gave him some tissue to clean himself.

“Can I do you, Code?”

I laid back to let him explore my bod. It felt awesome having his small hands all over my bod, and then he jacked me off.

“Your cock is still sticky from the blowjob. Smells kinda kinky.”

He kept jacking until he squeezed the last drop from the end of my cock. I didn’t shoot as much as he’d seen before cos of the BJ that Steph had given me.

“Cody, I think you’re running outta juice.”

After I’d cleaned myself we went to sleep.

Sunday, I spent most of the day at home to sort stuff out for the swim [tour]. Wingnut came around in the arvie.

“Are they really gonna shave the guys, Code?”

“Dunno. It’s not always the same.”

“I’ve got no damn pubes.”

“You’ve got a few.”


“You’re gonna itch.”

“I can’t walk around the pool scratching my balls.”

“Hey, they might just shave your head or color it or something.”

“My folks will freak.”

“No they won’t. You will.”

“Candy will laugh at me so I’ll haveta go into hiding.”

“You’ll end up looking like a tough dude.”

“You getting initiated?”

“Nope. Been through that already. I might end up on the initiation team, [though].”

“Cool. Then you can stop them from shaving me.”

“Fat chance. They might make you guys do the elephant walk like they did with me.”

“I’m not holding any guy’s dirty dick.”

“You hold mine, and it was still fulla sticky cum.”

“It’s different. I know you wash.”

“Just chill, and whatever happens, just do it – else you’re gonna be branded a total wussy boy.”

“Fuck! Fat help you are! I know if Mark’s involved he’s out to get me.”

“Crap. If Mark wanted to getya he woulda done it already.”

“Maybe he’s just saving himself up [for the tour].”

“Enough already. There’s [dog] crap in the yard.”

“Fucking dog.”

We’re having our last swim training session this arvie, and then tomorrow we’re leaving [on the tour]. I’ll try and writeya before we get on the road.

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