Cape Town, South Africa
Part 77

Didn’t think you’d get this, didya? We’re leaving l8er this arvie [on the swim tour] so I had a chance to get a few things done, like sorting out the [Cody] news for February [2000]. It’s a crazy rush but I hadta do it before the guys [visiting the site] start freaking out.

I am on a total trip here. You won’t believe it. You’re probably guessing already – and probably right. Maybe!

Yesterday arvie, after school, Wingnut came around to see what I was packing to take with me [on the tour], and [he was] writing everything down on a piece of paper.

“What the hell r u doing?”

“Making a list.”

“What for?”

“My mom has packed in a hundred pairs of briefs and boxers, and another hundred pairs of socks and a hundred toothbrushes and a dozen tubes of toothpaste, and soaps and all sortsa shit. AND SHE’S PACKED IN A PAIRA PJs!”

“Cool. I’ve never seen you in PJs.”

“And she won’t let me take the things outta the pack. So I told her I’m coming [over] here to see what you’re packing.”

“Hehehe – then I took out a paira old PJs from my closet and packed them in [my bag]. They probably wouldn’t even fit Wingnut, they’re so old.

“You’re packing PJs, Code. Please tell me those aren’t PJs.”

“They are. We share beds on the trip and I don’t want some goon feeling my bod.”

“Crap. You won’t wear them.”

“Will, too. Oh, you haven’t put them on your list.”

“Fuck PJs.”

Anyway, after he left, I ditched them back into my closet. He is gonna freak big time when he finds out [I didn’t pack them]. Most of the guys sleep in boxers, and those that have their own beds just sleep naked. I’ve got plans for his PJs, though. Hehehehe.

After dinner last night I got a call:

“Yo, Cody here.”


“Yeah. Who’s this?”

“It’s been so fucking long since I’ve given you a blowjob that you’ve forgotten already.”


“Hey, Code, can I come around?”

“Uh … sure.”

He came around and he was wearing a paira boardies and a t. He looked fucking fantastic.


“Hey, bud.”

“C’mon in.”

My dad chirped him about making himself so damn scarce, and Steve just said he’d been busy.

He sat on my bed and we didn’t know what to say to each other. And no, I didn’t start getting a boner.

“Howzit going?”

“OK. Leaving on a swim tour tomorrow.”

“I know. Mark told me. A whole week. So I hadta check you out first.”

“How are things going with you?”

“You really don’t want to know.”

“Going OK?”

“No – going like shit.”

“How come?”

“Cos I fucked up badly, Cody. I’m not sure I can mend the damage I’ve done to you.”

“Hey, the face is almost back to normal. There’s a scar but the doc says it’ll disappear after a few months.”

“Mark told me he thought he [was the one who] gave you the stitches. Didn’t you tell him about what happened [during the fight at my house]?”

“Nope. It was between you and me.”

“He likes you a stack.”



“He’s been a pretty good friend – when he’s not beating me up.”

Steve laughed at that. “I don’t suppose that ‘sorry’ is gonna cut it, huh?”

“You said some mean shit.”

“I wanted to make you mad.”

“You did.”

“That thing with Steph and me. It was just me. OK, she gave in to me after a while but I knew even when we were doing it that her mind was thinking about you. Made me mad and jealous as hell that you had her. And I knew even then [that] I couldn’t take her away [from you]. She was hoping that you would never find out.”

“Shit happens. And we’re slowly sorting ourselves out about it.”

“That’s cool. She’s a really special chick.”

“I know.”

“What about us?”

“What about us?”

Then he looked down at his hands and he was fidgeting. “I’ve missed you, Code. You’ve no idea how I went on a downer when you walked out of my door that day [after we fought].”

“I’ve missed you, too. I‘d be lying if I said anything else. I’ve watched you in the Mall and in the surf and wondered if we were ever gonna get back [together] again. I just need to know something.”

“What’s that?”

“That dude who came into the house that day. Were you planning to have me beaten up by him?”

“I was scared shitless, Cody.”

“Of me?”

“Fuck, yeah. I’ve seen you beat the crap outta guys before, and I also knew you were mad as hell, and planning the same for me.”

“So he was your backup?”

“Yep. I didn’t think I’d damage you.”

“Hehehe – me neither. Fuck, you can throw a punch.”

“Scared punch.”

“Yeah, well, I never realized how fucking strong and big you were getting.”

“Can I call you shortass from now on?”

“Only ifya want a bunch of fives.”

“Can we be friends again, Code?”

“I’d like that.”

“Yeah, me, too. Listen, I’ve gotta get moving. I just had to see you before you go [on tour]. Want to walk [with me for] a bit?”


We walked down the road not saying a helluva lot. About halfway to his house we came to the tree. “Remember this?” [It was the tree they both juiced one night. MrB]

“How could I forget it?” Then we stood close to each other and we hugged. “Loveya buddy.”

“Loveya, too, Steve. Look after yourself. I worry about the shit you get into.”

“I know. Sometimes it’s like a roller coaster.”

“Well, look after yourself. I’ll try and phoneya from up there [on the tour].”

“Cool, bro.”

Then we went home [to our respective houses] and I was on top of the world.

Wingnut hopped the fence as I came though the gate. “Was that Steve?”


“You guys friends again?”


“Cool. At least now there’ll be somebody around that you can beat up on besides me.”

“Don’t bet on it. Packed your PJs?”

“Fuck, yeah. I’m warning you, Cody, you better wear yours or I’m gonna put fleas in your Speedos.”

[At the time of writing this, April 25, 2003, – or should I say retyping Cody’s words – it’s probably appropriate that I mention Steve, who hasn’t written for about six weeks. Not a peep since March 13. So naturally I’m concerned. Hopefully, Steve will read this chapter. It’s from my Mark and Wingnut notes, and is missing from the Cody mail that Steve managed to resurrect from Eudora, so it’ll be new to Steve. Normally, I didn’t save a lot of stuff about Cody’s relationship with Steve cos it didn’t relate directly to the Mark and/or Wingnut stories. But this time I did save it, and I’m glad I did, particularly for Steve’s sake. BTW, I’ve been meaning to give you the URL for the Hike story. I’ve checked my notes and I only have part of what Cody wrote about it, so I must have taken the rest directly from his email, which then became lost. The Hike story is not an exact copy of Cody’s words, but it is essentially the story as he related it to me, minus the ‘hehehes’ and the ‘anyways’. It’s a great story cos it was Steve’s, Mark’s and Wingnut’s first hiking experience with Cody. :) MrB]

Got back from the swim tour just after midnight last night, so I’m off school today. Thought I’d take time just to write what I can remember before I forget everything.

Hope everything is going OK [with you]. I haven’t checked mail yet but I will when I log on to send this [note]. I also needta catch up on some [MrB] stories. I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms.

Well, the swim tour went well. Not a lotta BJs or anything but it still went well. A lotta guys walked away with medals, so the coach is pretty stoked.

We met at the school and there was a bus waiting for us, and all our folks were there. Even Mark’s mom was there, which was pretty damn neat. He gave her a huge hug. Fuck, I noticed cos Mark never shows that kinda thing in front of anyone. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him hug his mom. Wingnut’s mom nearly choked him [cos] she hugged him so hard. Hehehe – he was like struggling to get our of her grip. My mom gave me the usual bear hug but my dad knew better than to make too much of a fuss, and he just gave me a quick hug, and shook my hand. I think some of the folks were more excited than us cos now they could go home and fuck without worrying about their kids walking in on them.

The bus ride started off with the normal noise, and guys ribbing each other, but after a while everyone started nodding off. Roy, one of the juniors with Wingnut, musta been having a wicked dream cos he had this massive boner, and all the guys were walking down [the aisle of] the bus to have a look at it, and pissing themselves laughing. Robbie gave his dick a smack, and he woke up swearing at all of us – hehehe.

We stayed in a block of holiday flats – apartments. We had six flats. I was billeted with Mark, Ross, Kevin, Jumbo and Carlos. There were seniors in two other flats, and the juniors took up three. The juniors’ flats each had a double bed, and they hadta share. Wingnut got a single bed. He had Robbie, Brian, Michael, Marvin and Dane in the flat with him. Two rooms had two singles, then the one with the double bed. Our flat had three rooms all with two single beds. The view was kiff – over the beach and the surf. Mark and I shared a room, and then Ross with Kev, and Jumbo with Carlos.

The first day we spent down at the beach, and we were watching the guys surf at Hobies. [Hobie Beach]. I wanted to borrow a board but we weren’t there for long enough. Wingnut hung around his buds most of the time on the first day. I think they were all shitting themselves about the initiation. Mark, Kev and Ross were on the initiation committee. I opted out cos of Wingnut. I would’ve ended up feeling sorry for him, and that would’ve been uncool for him in the end. All the seniors who have been initiated were allowed to watch, though. We went down to the aquarium, and the dolphin show was awesome. Dolphins are beautiful with their shiny smooth muscled bods jumping out of the water. The aquarium is a research station for dolphin behaviour, and they get a lotta dolphins there that beach themselves, or get caught in boat propellors.

The evening, we went down to McDonalds to get burgers and chips [fries], and we met one of the other schools that was competing. They were also from Cape Town, and our arch enemies. There’s this one dude there, Brandon, who thinks the sun shines out of his ass. For the last three years, he’s been winning everything in his age group. He started the shit by shoving one of the juniors away to get into the front of the queue. Wingnut turned and told him to fuck off. Wingnut didn’t know him.

“Fuck off? I’ll fuck you up, lighty. Go back to your fucking ghetto.”

Ross was watching, and then moved Wingnut aside. “Hi, Brandon.”

“Hi, Ross. What’s with the lip from your lighties? You need to keep them under control, dude.”

“I will. Just watch yours, though. They [ours] were in the queue first.”

“Says who?”

“Says me. Now move, or should I get you moved?” Ross was fucking amped for a fight. I could see it, and I think Brandon could, too.

So Brandon stepped aside and let the juniors in front of him. “Kiss my ass, Ross – when you’re behind me [in the pool] tomorrow.”

Then Ross walked away. The juniors thought Ross was tops [cos of] the way he handled the whole thing, and he was treated like a hero. For a while, anyway. Mark was sitting [at a table], sussing out the chicks and talking about the cute ass on one [of them], and the cute tits on another. Mindya, the chicks were giving the whole team the eye as well.

Back at the flats, all the juniors were called into the coach’s billet, and Ross gave them the rundown. They all hadta report to our flat wearing their Speedos, and they must bring their towels – nothing else. The coach was out of the whole thing. He was going out with some of the other coaches to a function. The coaches all seem to get along OK until the comp starts.

When it was dark, all the juniors were called. The furniture in the lounge [living area] had all been moved into one of the [other] rooms, and the seniors were all standing behind the table that the committee was at. Fuck, we all knew what was coming - if it was [gonna be] anything like the ones [initiations] we had [when we were juniors].

Mark, Kev and Ross also had their Speedos on, and they had the most serious fucking expressions [on their faces] when the juniors came in. We were trying our best not to piss ourselves laughing. Wingnut was looking like it was the end of the world – he was crapping himself.

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