Cape Town, South Africa
Part 82

Swimming yesterday was so damn cool. It was definitely different cos Mark was in such a cool mood. I was stuffing about and he was laughing and dissing me, and I was dissing him. I asked him what was wrong.

“Nothing. Why?”

“I dunno. You look sick.”

“Talk shit. What do you mean?”

“You’ve got this huge lump in your Speedos. Looks like a boil’s growing there.”

“Har-de-fucking-har. Well, you haven’t got the same problem. Want to borrow a paira my socks?”

“You need a haircut.”

“Just had a haircut.”

“Above your Speedos? The curls are showing.”

“Those are man curls. It’s like the hair on your head that grows wild around my cock.”

“Let’s see.”

“Hehehe. Fuck off and swim, Code.”

Wingnut was away playing a cricket match, which his team won. He scored 36 runs and got 2 wickets, so he was pretty chuffed. Well, he musta been cos he went on and fucking on about the bails flying [when he bowled the opposition out].


Well, Steve arrived [at my house] and we locked the doors. It was all of ten minutes before we juiced each other, and then a knock on the door. It was Wingnut.

Steve stayed for a while, and had to witness the absence of pubes on my little bud. He’d already heard the story but he cracked [at] the way Wingnut told it.

“So I hear you look cute in a dress.”


“Want me to take you out on Saturday?”

Wingnut showed him a fist. “Want me to take you out now?”

That was [the way I spent] the arvie, and then I got stuck into homework with another interruption from the neighbors’ son.

“Code, I need some help with this math.”

That took another half hour. He was quite happy for me to do half his homework for him.

“Cool. Thanks, Code.”

Mark is on a mission. I noticed this morning that he and Ross were having a big confab while I was swimming. When I got to the end of my last lap, they both sorta bent down as if to speak to me. The next thing I knew, they had each grabbed a side of my Speedos and hauled me outta the pool. I think my nads were up where a person normally wears his bow tie. Fucking hell, I was in pain. They were really enjoying the fact that they managed to get my Speedos almost into my fucking rectum. Then one of the other dudes starts shouting in a high-pitched voice: “Hey, Cody! They’re looking for a soprano for the school [musical] production.” This made Mark and Ross crack even more.

I really hadta dig my Speedos outta my [ass]crack. It musta been one of the best wedgies anybody had ever given me.

In the showers, I stood in front of Ross and lifted my dick, and told him that my nads needed massaging.

“Fuck off, Cody, before I use them like a punching bag.”


“Fuck off, Cody – hehehe.”

For a sec, I stood in front of Jumbo but he glared at me as if to say that he would bite the things off if I even asked him. Anyway, it was good for a joke. Everyone was laughing about it.

I shouted, “Watch your backs, guys”, as I got in the shower.

Jumbo got in the shower next to me and I was thinking that if my hands were a lot bigger I could massage those damn gonads of his. And if he insisted I would bite them off as well – hehehe.

Classes were pretty much OK. The geography test was a breeze. When they start talking about high and low pressure systems it’s OK cos most of the surfers read the synoptic weather charts to try and see what’s gonna happen in a few days time.

It’s hot here so it’s gonna be good to get into the pool this arvie. I’m busy practicing my turns at the moment cos they’ve gotten slow. Mark’s swimming has just gotten totally awesome. I was watching him turn this morning and it is just too damn fast to even figure, so I’m gonna get him to try and check out what I’m doing wrong.


Got hold of Ross this morning and asked him to check out my turn, and he said that I was turning too deep, and it was taking too long to get back [to the surface]. So now I’ve been working on sorting that out and it’s going better already. Still need some practice but it’s cool to know what the prob is.

I was sitting on the bench looking at Mark who had just gotten out of the pool and sat on the bench [with his back] leaning against the wall. I think it’s almost illegal for a guy to be that good looking and at the same time have the killer bod he’s got. There’s not one ounce of fat on him, and he flinches a muscle with every little move he makes. He had this wet mop of hair hanging over his forehead, and he lifted the towel to dry the water off his face. I watched his biceps and forearms AND LATS THAT GO FOREVER. The water was running in a tiny river from his belly button down a thin line of black hair down to his Speedos. He normally shaves that hair off before a comp even if there is hardly anything there. He had his dick tucked down so it formed a neat little shiny package of lycra.

My trance broke when he musta realized that I was watching him, and he looked across at me and gave a sorta wave and smiled. Then he got up to come over [to me] and his leg muscles stood out. He and Wingnut have got similar bods. They are both in perfect proportion without being over-the-top muscular – if that makes any sense. The only diff is that Wingnut still has this thin layer of puppy fat, even though he’s got good definition. He just looks softer.

“Looks like you’re in another world.”

“My mind’s a million miles away. Not even sure what I’m thinking.”

“You look beat.”

“Oh, shit, I hammered myself in the pool after Ross told me about the turns.”

“Well, it’s cool that he saw what it was [that you were doing wrong]. Fuck, I couldn’t see it but after he mentioned it I could see it right away.”

When we went to shower I carried on checking him out, and I was trying my best not to get a full hardon. I had a semi that was dying for a paira lips.

I was watching the water run down his abs to his pubes, and then run like a little waterfall from the end of his dickhead. When it’s soft it is still thick, and hangs straight over his nads. His nads are bigger than mine and hang quite low in two perfect balls. ‘Cept for his pubes, his dick and nads are smooth as a baby’s butt. His crack? Yep, that’s smooth as well. I had a good look the other night. There’s still a red stripe where he was hit [by the bf’s length of hose] but it’s looking better. I think he was trying his best to ignore me while he was showering cos he knew I was checking him out. He’s got strong well-developed calf muscles as well, which he reckoned are from when he was little. He used to do BMX racing. Fucking hell, even his feet ooze sex.

“What areya doing tonight?”

“Not sure. Carol was talking about going out to a movie or something. Then I’m going to sleep over at her house.”


“What movie?”

“I’m not sure. As long as it’s not one of those soppy fucking things. Why don’t you and Steph come along [with us]?”

“If I know Steph and Carol then that’s probably the arrangement, anyway.”

“Don’t let Steph organize your life. If you want to do something else, then tell her.”

“And Carol and you?”

“We have this agreement – I organize the clubs and she organizes the movies, and we pay for ourselves – unless I feel stupid and generous. But it would be cool if you come with us. Check with Steph. Or just tell her – unless she tells you first – hehehe.”

At recess, all the senior swimmers were at the pool doing a cleanup of the area, and we hadta paint the benches. I hated not having a chance to dive in cos it got pretty damn hot.

This evening I’m not sure what’s gonna be going on but it might be going to the movies and pizza. I always like Fridays. It’s just like a total relax. Of course, if there was surf it woulda been a hundred times better.


At recess, Wingnut and Robbie were at the seniors’ common room door cos they wanted to watch the cricket on telly. Alan shouted for them to get the hell outta there but I managed to convince the group in there to let Wingnut and Robbie in if they were just gonna be quiet and watch telly. Well, there was no way for Wingnut to be too quiet but he wasn’t evicted.

Alan sat there glaring at them like the total shit he is.

“Hey, Alan, when are you gonna stop being such a shit?”

“Fuck you! When are you gonna stop hanging around your friends so I can kick the shit outta you?”

“You’ve got a short memory.”

“You got lucky. Anyway, fuck off and leave me alone.”

So I left and sat with the other guys watching cricket.

Wingnut nudged me in my back and whispered, “Thanks, Cody.”

I whispered back, “You owe me.”

“I’ll pick up the [dog] crap when I get home. It’s no biggie.”

So [then] we go and lose the damn [cricket] match in the last over. What a bust.

Wingnut had picked up all the [dog] crap, and then he came around [to my place] with his surfboard. He’d knocked the thing over in his room and he got a beautiful ding in it. Anyway, it took a while to sort it out in the garage, and then he took it back home. The hardener was still sticky on it so I just told him to be careful with the damn thing. He’ll sandpaper it down himself.

Steve came around and we all skated down to the beach, just to soak in some sea air. There was some storm surf and some guys were out but not too many. It was just huge slush.

After a movie and pizza on Friday night, I went home with Steph to her place and had a graunch at her front door. He folks were home so that left me with an unserviced boner. So I get home and there’s a [spare] mattress on my floor with a body in it. It was Wingnut. His folks went out and my folks said it would be OK for him to sleep over. TIME TO PLAY.

He was fast asleep. I pulled the covers off of him and he musta been having a decent dream cos he had a semi, which was laying up towards his belly button. I let my fingers explore his chest and his flat stomach, and down to his prickly pubes, which are now starting to show some curls again. As soon as I touched his nads his boner was instant, and then he started to wake up.

“Hi, Cody. Your folks said it was OK to sleep in your room.”

“That’s cool. What were you dreaming about?”

“Not sure - but it feels good.”

“Hehehe – looks good as well.”

“Want to jack me?”

“Want to hop into my bed?”

He hopped into the bed and under the covers, and I undressed and climbed in next to him. He put his hands under his head, and I pulled the covers down so [that] I could check him out while I played with him. He closed his eyes while my fingers explored under his nads, and that muscle between his nads and his crack. He straightened his legs and his thigh muscles bulged.

“That feels pretty cool. Does Steph do that to you?”



I waited until he had a run of precum, and I stroked it into his boner, and then started to jack him off. He tried to make it last as long as possible but then he lifted his ass and offloaded all over his stomach. He’s becoming like a cum factory. I took a lot in my hands, and then massaged it into my boner, and it felt fucking awesome. Then I felt his hand tighten around my boner and it was my turn to lay back. His free hand was playing with my pecs and I could feel my nipples were stone-hard under his hand.

After we finished, he rolled on his side and I moved up close behind him with my dick against his back. I put my arm over him and held his semi in my hand. Well, it didn’t stay semi for long. We fell asleep like that.

When I woke up I hadta tell him to move over to the [spare] mattress before my folks woke up.

On Saturday, Steve came around and we spent the day surfing. The surf was pretty damn good. Wingnut was really styling. The water was icy-cold, though, so Steve and I wore wetties. Wingnut just had his boardies on, but he didn’t seem to feel the cold. Candy was down [there] with some of her friends, and every time he surfed close to shore he’d wave to them, and they’ve wave back. When we had a break he went and sat with them, and I swear he made those girls’ panties soaking wet.

Saturday night I went out with Mark, Carol and Steph. We just went to Wipeout, and the place was packed with people who were down [here] for the cycle tour, which was on Sunday. Mark and I got totally wasted AGAIN. Anyway, he was sleeping over at Carol’s so I walked home with Steph and then to my place. Wingnut wasn’t in my room this time. Kinda missed that.

Sunday we watched the cycle tour for a while. There were just thousands and thousands of cyclists. Saw quite a few of our friends from school. Then we went surfing again.

During the school hols I am going away with my folks. We are going up the coast to the “Garden Route” and staying in holiday bungalows. We haven’t been on a family holiday for a long time so it’s gonna be a total rave. Steve is going to Durban with some guys from [his] school. They’re flying up there, and staying with some family of one of the guys.

Carol’s going away with her folks so I wanta check if it’s OK for Mark to come with us. I think he would have a rave cos there’s quite a good vibe there [up the Garden Route] and there’s something on all the time for us to do. I’m not sure what Wingnut’s doing for the hols. I’m gonna find out first from my folks how much extra it’ll cost to take them with us.

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