Cape Town, South Africa
Part 83

Yesterday was pool-cleaning day and Wingnut came over to help me, and then Steve came over and got stuck into work as well. We all got naked and the water was so damn cold that – believe it or not – not a boner in sight. But that was pretty horny as well. When Wingnut sits on the pool wall his dick hangs like a lazy python over his nads and it looks totally wicked – thick and smooth – even if it isn’t that long yet. And his curlies are starting to show again. The fresh air sorted me out, though. As soon as I started drying myself I got an instant boner. I checked Steve watching me – hehehe. So I dried myself reeaaalllly slowly, just to drive him crazy, and he started pulling faces at me. Wingnut had the brush and was brushing the bottom corners of the pool, and he looked like a little naked Tarzan with his black hair, strong body and dimpled butt reflecting through the water. Took a chance and sat next to Steve and gave him a stroke.

“Touch it – you eat it – as soon as the grommet is gone.”

“I think he’s hanging around.”


“Get him to eat you.”

“Yeah, Cody – right, Cody. Dork. I’m fucking desperate to get my lips around that fucking muscle of yours as well.”

“Want to wrestle? That’ll be legal.”

So while Wingnut was slaving away, Steve and I got up tight and wrestled, and we both got ragers. Made him even more horny. When Wingnut finished, he looked at us like we were crazy.

“Why am I the only one working here?”

“Cos you’re the youngest.”

“Probably the only one who can hold his breath that long.”

Steve put his first around his dick and said: “Here, hold your breath around this mother.”

“If I get that between my teeth I’ll circumcize ya.”

“And I’ll lube your tonsils before you get a chance.”

“Haveta catch me first, Blondie.”

So all of us were jacking around, and we were throwing Wingnut around from one to the other. He’s not that light, though, and he’s fucking strong.

Then I made us some sarmies and we just chilled sitting with our legs [dangling] in the pool.

This morning, Wingnut was bouncy as hell. “Was Steve serious?”

“About what?”

“Putting his dick in my mouth.”

“Hehehe. No.”

“Cool, cos I would’ve bitten the head off.”

“He would’ve choked you.”

“I’d dig to jack him, though. He’s got a really cool looking dick.”

“Oh – OK.”

“Not as cool as yours, but I would like to see that foreskin sliding up and down on his cockhead.”

“I’ll wear a condom next time and you can pretend [I’m uncut].”

“It’s not the same.”

“How do you know?”

“Cos I jacked with a condom once and it didn’t feel the same.”

“Where did you get a condom?”

“From Brian. He steals Alan’s.”

“Alan? What stupid bitch would let that slob fuck her?”

“Hehehe. You’re right. I think the only sex he gets is when Brian jacks him.”

Tomorrow the seniors are all going up the mountain for the day on an ecology trip. We’re going to look at the fire damage and the way the indigenous plants are coming through. I won’t be able to writeya cos we are meeting on the mountain road, so I’m not even going to be in school. I’ll writeya again on Thursday, though. Doesn’t mean you mustn’t write, even if you just wanta let off some steam.

Mark and I have a challenge in the pool – just for the hell of it.


Mark and I had our swim challenge at break, and a lotta the guys were there cheering each of us on. Wingnut was cheering me on with each race. Mark had me beat in all the damn freestyles but we were pretty close in the backstroke. But he touched the wall a second before me. AND THEN I NAILED HIM IN THE 200 FLY. But I almost died doing it.

Anyway, I’m in shit up to my ears right now. Wingnut disappeared before I started the fly, and then when we finished Robbie came to call me and said that Wingnut was in the boys’ room and that someone had kneed him. Well, the little dude was in fucking tears when I got there.

Robbie said that he and Wingnut had gone for a leak and a guy had followed them in there, and then kneed Wingnut in the nuts. Robbie said that Wingnut screamed cos the dude kicked him so hard. I asked Robbie to show the dude to me, and I quickly pulled on my track suit and followed him with Mark behind me.

The dude musta been about 16 and was a skinny fucking runt. Mark grabbed my arm.

“Leave it, Code. Let me book the fucker.”

“Book him later.”

I grabbed the fuck and he said that Alan had told him to do it.

“Leave him, Code. Let me sort it out.”

Then I kneed him, hopefully as hard as he had done to Wingnut, and he collapsed in a fucking whimpering heap. Then the slob [Alan] came out from behind everyone and spoke to Mark.

“I saw what he did so you better book him, Mr Prefect.”

“Why don’t you do your own fighting, you overgrown herd of beef?” [I said].

“So, c’mon, Cody. Take me now – if you’ve got the guts. We can get your prefect buddy to ref.”

Mark tried to pull my arm. “Leave it, Code. You’re already up shitstreet.”

I pulled away and walked into Alan’s fist. My tooth cut the inside of my lip and it started bleeding. Then he hit me again on the same fucking place. And then Mark stepped between us.

“You guys need to walk away now before this gets out of hand.”

I got so fucking mad at Alan’s smiling face. And then he glared at me and turned away with his squad.

“I could’ve taken him out.”

“Didn’t look that way.”

“I’ve taken him before.”

“That was before, Code. Anyway, you’re in enough crap. There were other prefects watching so I can’t even take your name off the damn book. You could face a fucking suspension.”

“[It would be like] early hols. I needta go and check up on Wingnut.”

As I was walking away Mark called me: “That was fucking stupid, Cody. It could’ve waited until after school.”

“No it couldn’t.” And I walked away.

Wingnut was still in some pain but a lot better. At least he was walking.

“Looks like you’ve been out horseriding.”

“Very funny. So how’s the wall you’ve walked into?”

My lip’s not that bad. Bit of swelling and bleeding on the inside.


I’ve just come out from the Guidance Counselor’s room for a suspension hearing and they’ve given me work-squad duty instead, cos they reckon that my energy was misguided just cos I was helping a friend take revenge. What a loada crap. Mark spoke up for me at the hearing cos he saw me sorting out a bully. Nobody else was called in.

“It’s better than a suspension, Code. At least it’s not on your record.”

“I guess. Thanks for whatya said in there.”

“Yeah, well, it’s the truth. Just be careful of Alan. Two weeks ago he and another guy kicked a dude from another school into hospital. Just watch your back, that’s all.”

“How come I never heard of that?”

“Cos nobody’s saying a damn word in case they’re next.”

“The trouble is it’s Alan who does all the needling. When everyone else is just chilling, then he starts the crap. I can’t just sit and be a fucking target for him, and I won’t allow Wingnut to be.”

“He uses Wingnut to get to you.”

“I know that, but why must the little guy get beaten up for nothing?”

“He knows it hurts you. That’s why. What are your folks going to say about the letter from the counselor?”

“They’re gonna freak, as usual. Another fight at school. My mom will freak big time. My dad takes it a lot better. I think he was a scrapper at school, so it’s in the genes.”

“Hehehe – yeah. Levis or Wranglers? You’ve got some balls, Cody.”

“You should know. You’ve seen them up close.”

“Fuck off, you pervert.”

Cya, G. I’m up the mountain tomorrow.

[Cody did find the time to send me a short note later that day. MrB]

Wingnut came around this arvie after school and gave me a big hug. I pulled his shorts down to check out his nads and they look fucking bruised. I cupped them in my hand and – YES, HE GOT A BONER – he winced cos they were so tender. I thought maybe I should give him a BJ to make him feel better. :) But he woulda freaked and run for the damn hills.

My mom and dad freaked about the letter from school. I was surprised at my dad. He asked me if he’s gonna get a phone call one day to visit me in hospital cos I’m always getting into fights. He didn’t give a shit about me putting down a bully. In fact, it worried him even more.

Mark came around as well and reminded me about how stupid I was to do what I did in school. He said that I must be fucking careful of Alan cos he can be totally out of control sometimes.

I know what you’re saying about Alan and his friends, and you’re right. I can feel my temper flare even when I just see the guy, and I feel like hitting his lights out. I’ll try and figure something out cos Mark says it’ll happen again and again.

Had a totally cool day up on the mountain yesterday. I took Mark into the Boomslang (tree snake) Cave and showed him the caverns. You’ve gotta crawl on your belly to get through most of the tunnels but the caverns are cool. We looked a total mess when we came out, though – covered in sand and dirt. NOW YOU’VE GOTTA SEE MARK WHEN HE’S COVERED IN SAND AND DIRT, AND HIS SHIRT’S OFF. AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

We didn’t go back to school afterwards cos we came down [the mountain] quite late, so Mark came home with me.

“Hey, you can wash most of the crap off in the pool.”

“Have you got a pair of shorts to lend me?”

“Shorts? Just get naked, bro, and jump in.”

“What if your folks come home?”

“They won’t be [home] for a while but you’d make my mom so horny that my dad’ll pay you to do it again.”

“You are so full of fucking shit, Cody.”

“Yeah, I know. Look who I pick for friends.”

Anyway, he took off his clothes but he took like ages to pull his boxers down. By then I was in the pool. After the boxers came down, he jumped in right away and went to the deep end. I hopped up and sat on the wall and just drip dried. I didn’t have a boner, though. It’s weird but I noticed just lately that I don’t just get a boner for nothing – not that Mark’s nothing – but he didn’t have a boner either.

“Come take a seat here [beside me].”

He was gonna chirp me about it but he lifted himself up and sat next to me. Then I slipped back into the pool and swam up to him, and put my hand on his legs. He started to get the fucking shakes.

“You cold or something? I wanted to see if you are able to lift me outta the pool with your legs.”

“You’re a light-weight, Code. I can do it any day of the week.”

I hung on with my arms around his lower legs and my hands on his calves, and he lifted me up. The muscles on his thighs looked like they were bursting out of the skin. AND HE STARTED GETTING A BONER. Yeah, I won’t lie. Me too. We just sat for a while and then I went inside and poured us some juice. I gave him an old tracky of mine to put on, and his bod filled the places that mine never did. It clung to him.

“Haven’t you got anything my size?”

“No. I’m not that fat.”


I had some [school] project work to do so I spent the rest of the time working on that. Wingnut only came around in the evening. They had an away cricket game and they won, so he was pretty chuffed.

“Hope you picked up the dog crap.” [He said].

“Nope. There’s gonna be a double pile for you tomorrow. Of course I picked it up.”

“So how was your day on the mountain?”

“Pretty cool. There were some chicks up there so Mark and I got a blowjob in the caves.”

“No kidding! Were they like teens?”

“Yeah … from Steph’s school. They were playing hooky [truant].”

“Did the other guys [from school] check you out?”

“Yeah. They stood in a circle while we were getting blown.”

“Yeah, fucking right. I should know better than to believe everything you tell me. So how was it?”

“Pretty neat.”

“Missed you guys at school today.”

“Miss the bruises we give you?”

“No. You know what I mean.”

Then he borrowed some [music] tapes and disappeared.

This morning I hadta get to school earlier than normal, so I skated on my own. Just want to test my new [MrB] username quickly.

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