Cape Town, South Africa
Part 85

Sorry for not writing earlier this morning but we had our inter-house swimming gala this morning.

Yesterday was a brilliant day. It was stinking hot and we spent the whole day surfing. The beaches were packed and everyone was down there. Steph came down to surf with us, and Mark and Carol were down – they were just swimming, and Mark was bodysurfing. Wingnut wasn’t wearing any damn Speedos under his boardies so he was out there mooning everybody. Couldn’t believe how cold the damn water was, though – and we all had boardies on. Luckily the air temp was hot.

Candy was down there as well with a whole bunch of her friends, so Wingnut spent quite a bit of time showing his pubes. Well, the little that have started growning back. :)

For lunch we all went for a burger and Coke at the local [pub] across the road from the beach. Wingnut sat on the wall outside, and I swear the girls were like coming off the beach to chat to him and just say hi. And Candy didn’t mind. She’s cool. Anyway, he was pretty chuffed cos the grommets were getting boners checking her out with her boardies and her bikini top not hiding much of her puppy dog tits. She’s good looking with a really cute figure. Anyway, he didn’t do anything to hide the tent in his boardies. In fact, I think he wanted the girls to notice that he didn’t have the average 12-year-old dick.

Steph went up to Wingnut and put her finger in her mouth to wet it, and then stuck it in Wingnut’s ear. It’s called a ‘wet willy’. He jumped when he felt it.

“I’m going to get you in the surf, Steph. But I guess you know that already.”

“Promises, promises.”

We were cracking cos he was trying to dry his ear, and his face looked like he was in pain.

Steve had his normal groupies around him, and he was looking hot as usual with his wet fringe [of blonde hair] draped over his face, and the hair on his neck a total contrast to his bronze tan.

We surfed the rest of the day and only really got outta the water when it was starting to get dark, and the roads were crammed with traffic.

Wingnut came around after supper and sat listening to music, and we were just chatting.

“Hey, Candy touched your dick yet?”

“She’s getting warmer.”


“I saw her staring down my boardies today – and I had a huge woody.”

“The whole fucking world knows you had a woody.”

“Pretty impressive, huh? Didya see the chicks try and check it out from up close?”


“My boardies are too small. Need to get bigger ones.”

“They’ll fall off. Your boardies are already only being held up by your dick and your fat ass.”

“Fuck off. My ass isn’t nearly as fat as yours.”

So I pinned him down on the bed and drilled his chest for him. The little fuck then managed to get his legs around my waist and almost crushed me to death.

“Like you said, Code, ‘play with the best and die like the rest’.”

He’ll remember that mousey on his arm for a little while. I see he’s got a bruise there this morning.


The swim gala has been great. It’s been hot again so it was a pleasure just getting into the water.

I was swimming all the 200 and 400 events, and hadta swim against Mark and Ross cos they’re in different houses to mine. Managed to clobber both of them in the ‘fly and backstroke – hehehe. Revenge is so damn sweet.

They both totally screwed me in the freestyle, though. Left me like I was dead in the water.

And the prob is that Wingnut is in the same athletics house as Mark, so he was cheering Mark on, and dissing me each time I was beaten. Boy, has he got it coming.

He was also beaten in the short distances but took control in the 200 and 400. He is so damn powerful during the last length – he seems to find extra energy when everyone else is fading.

Their house won the gala by miles, so the two of them were pretty chuffed. In fact, they were acting like two old friends, and really giving me a hard time in the change room.

(Wingnut). “I think we need to swap Cody for a friend that can swim.”

(Mark). “You’re right. It’s the age, though.”

“Actually, it’s cos my dick’s too big and it holds me back in the water. You guys with weenies are lucky when it comes to swimming.”

Mark ducked outta this convo but Wingnut took the bait. “Your dick’s too big? Hehehe hahahaha. That little thing? I bet you’ve finished cumming and Steph’s asking when you’re gonna put it in – hehehe hahahaha.”

“Yeah, and by the time you’ve shot your drips of water your hand’s fallen asleep.”

That got everyone in the change room laughing, and he went red – hehehe. He was mad but didn’t dare say anything. “It’s pure mayo.”

“Did Candy tellya that she’s allergic to mayo?”

“Har-de-fucking-har. Anyway, you guys got your ass whipped and you can’t take it.”

Jumbo stood up in front of him with his giant dick hanging over his huge nads. “What’s that you said?”

Wingnut spoke almost in a whisper. I think he thought that Jumbo was gonna clout him, or he couldn’t believe what he was seeing [hanging from Jumbo’s crotch]. “I just said that you guys were beaten fair and square.”

“What was that about ass?”

“Nothing. I was kidding.”

“That’s good, cos if you were serious I’d shove my dick up your ass and cum out of your nose.”

Everyone collapsed [laughing]. Jumbo was smiling, and Wingnut looked like he was ready to shit himself.

In the shower he whispered to me, “Hey, Code, he wasn’t serious was he?”

“Maybe. I believe once before, a junior dissed him and Jumbo tore his ass to threads with that dick of his.”


“Hehehe. No, I’m kidding.”

“His dick is like [the size of] my leg. Bet he suffers from loss of blood when he gets a woody.”

Good news! They’re both coming along [with me and my folks] on our holiday. Mark’s mom gave him some cash to pay for himself, and Wingnut’s folks did the same. Wooohooo!!!!!!!!!

[The next time Cody emailed me [according to my notes] was after the school hols, during which time he went with his folks, Wingnut and Mark up the Garden Route, where he met Nick. MrB]

Still haven’t had a chance to catch up on the [MrB] stories. We are being given a lotta prep work to do for the leadership camp. We haveta fill out three questionaires for three other people going on the camp. I’ve got Mark’s, Jumbo’s and another guy’s. I’ve given one of mine to Mark, Ross and Kevin. It’s like personality profiles with some really weird questions, which have almost double meanings. So you’ve gotta read them carefully before circling the option you think fits.

Mark's been involved in prefect meetings, which is about normal for the beginning of term. He doesn’t really enjoy them, though, but a lotta the guys really think a lot of him. Maybe they’ve all seen him in the shower. :)

Hiya Gary,

Sorry that the [holiday] story seemed to end in such a rush but time was getting on and I just wanted to finish the damn thing else I’d never get it done. There’s a million other things I’d liketa have written but time just pissed off on me. But I know you’ll sort something out.

I tried to phone Nick last week but he wasn’t there. I tried again on Sunday but he was away for the day. At least I know that he’s still there. The only contact he’s got for me is my email addy. I’ll tell him about what you’re proposing [- that when he arrives in Australia, you’d like him to be involved with MrB Stories]. I think about him a lot. The whole thing with him giving it to me, and how gentle he was, and how he was coaching me when I went first, and it was like … I dunno … it’s difficult to describe it.

When he went into me and I felt the pain, and he stopped to let me relax, and then went in further until I could feel his nads up against me. And then he didn’t just start [pumping] right away. He stayed like that and we spoke, and he explored me with his hands, and I only realized [that] he’d started again when my butt muscles involuntarily contracted, and then I felt the pressure inside me, and suddenly it felt so damn good. And all the time he was looking into my face.

The feeling of something that big inside you? It felt like my whole inside was being filled up by something huge and hard. And when he offloaded you could feel his boner jerk and thicken with each shot. It was a helluva special night for me, and one that will probably be a secret. The next question is do I do it with Steve. Hmmm, it felt so good that I reckon it might happen now.

We have had rave surf the whole weekend – not too huge but the shape has been perfect and all rideable. Had some rain today, and with the north wind blowing there is gonna be surf again today.

Hardly saw Mark [during] the weekend but that’s cos we were surfing. I called him at home but his mom said that he was at Carol’s. When I phoned Carol there was no reply and I didn’t get another chance.

Sunday night I went around to Steph’s and her folks were there, so we just went for a walk down to the beach. It was a really nice evening – no wind. Then we stopped at my place and my dad was chirping Steph about when she dumps me, he’s available. My mom gave him a clip on the ear.

Monday we surfed again the whole day, and last night I sorted out some stuff for school that I’d left ‘til the last minute.

This morning, Mark was in a shitty mood again. I haven’t seen him like that for ages. So what was wrong? He couldn’t sleep the whole damn night.

“What were you thinking about?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I feel like shit.”

“How was your weekend?”

“Pretty quiet. Carol and I spent most of the time in bed – in between walks.”

“That’s why you couldn’t sleep.”


“You were over-tired. Fucked out.”

Then he smiled. “You were peeping, huh?”

“You needed a wank. You should’ve called me.”

“Fuck off. Why am I not surprised the convo’s gone in this direction?”

“Hey, seriously. If I needed a wank I would’ve called you.”

“I’m going to beat the fucking shit out of you one day and don’t tell me that you never asked for it.”

“If I call will you come?”

My arm felt like it had been dislocated [cos] he hit me so damn hard – and without any damn effort. “Ow! Shit, Mark. Fuck!”

“Hey, you asked for that.”

“Fuck off! I was just jacking around. Do you have to hit so fucking hard?”

“Wussy boy.” My arm had gone dead on me. I swung and tried to hit him but he jumped back out of the way. “Wussy boy can’t hit for shit.”

“You’re chicken.”

Then he hit me again. Same spot. Worse pain. “Chicken, huh? Wuss! C’mon, wussy boy, come get me.”

“Doya like that? Do you like seeing me in pain?”

“Yeah … c’mon, wussy boy.”

“You’re acting like a cunt, Mark. Fuck.”

“Cunt? Hey, are you starting to get all serious, huh?”

“No.” *I lied. I wanted to hit him so fucking badly*.

“I didn’t hit you that damn hard, Cody.”

“Check it out, man.” I unbuttoned the top of my shirt and pulled it down over the top of my arm where there was a massive bruise starting [to show].

“Ouch! Didn’t realize how tender you were, bro,” he laughed.

“Get some fucking sleep tonight. OK? So you don’t needta beat up on me tomorrow.”

“Now you’re sounding like Wingnut.”

“Oh, piss off. You know what I mean. You’re on a fucking mission to hurt someone so I’m like the most convenient target.”

“So why don’t you hit back?”

“You fucking know why.”

“No. Tell me.”

“Cos you’ll blow a fucking fuse and it’ll be like a war.”


“I hate it when you’re in these fucking aggro moods.”

“That’s life.”

“Aaaagggghhhhh! I hate that fucking saying.”

“Cool. I’ll use it more often, then.”

“Why are you doing this, Mark? Just to make me mad?”


I just walked away from him cos he was really in one of those shitters. It’ll be cool [again] by this arvie. My fucking arm feels like lead.

anyway G
ill writeya in the mornin
your friend

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