Cape Town, South Africa
Part 91

Hiya Gary,

Happy Father’s Day from all the dudes around the world. :)

I got my dad a paira satin sleeper shorts – like boxer shorts – and they say EAT ME! And I made him a cool card using the Endless Summer picture. He was totally chuffed. Mark slept over last night, and he also wished my dad a happy Father’s Day.

“Hey, Cody.”


“Can you ask your folks something for me?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Can I use your phone? I’ll pay for the call.”

“It’ll be cool. Go for it.”

“Ask your folks first. I want to phone long distance.”

Yeah, well, my folks said it was OK, and then I left Mark in the den and stood in the passageway. He called his dad in Johannesburg.

“Hi … Yeah, it’s Mark … Just wanted to wish you happy Father’s Day … It’s going OK … School’s great … Mom’s fine … No, she doesn’t know. I’m phoning from a friend’s house … Yes, I’ll pay for the call … No, I’ve got money. Stop stressing … I’ll see … When? … I’ll let you know … Maybe … Love you, too, dad.”

He paid my folks for the call. He was on the phone for about five minutes.

“And now?”

“Now what?”

“What made you call your dad? I thought you weren’t gonna speak to him again.”

“I dunno. Seeing you with your folks … and anyway things change. I can’t go through my whole life being a jerk and … I dunno. I want to see him again. We haven’t spoken face to face for years.”

“Are you?”

“He’s coming down [to Cape Town] on business, and wants me to go out with him one night.”

“That’ll be cool, huh?”

“I’m nervous.”

“Hehehe. Yeah, right. You?”

He went home cos he had things to do around the house before going to Carol’s. My mom made my dad a huge breakfast. Bacon, eggs, sausage, tomato, mushrooms and toast. Now I feel as bloated as a beached whale.

Anyway, last night Mark and I were chatting and listening to some music [in my room] until about 2 in the morning. We were sitting in our boxers. AND, YES, I WAS STARING!!!

“You want to sleep in my bed tonight?”

“Have I got a choice?”

“You’ve always got a choice, but I’d like you to sleep in my bed.”


“Cos I like to feel you up close.”

“I’m not Steph.”

“Oh … DUH!!”

Anyway, he climbed in with his boxers on and we laid up close [to each other], and my hand dropped on to his thigh right away. We haven’t slept together for fucking ages and I got an instant boner.

“Put the lights off, Code.”

In the dark, his hand moved up to my boner and we stroked each other.

The strange thing is, it never went further than that. It was weird. I never fisted his boner. And eventually, we fell asleep. And I cuddled up behind him with my arm over him and my hand [resting] on his stomach.

He got up early and had a shower, and that was that. Nothing happened, but it was just helluva special if that makes any sense. [Yes it does, Code. Very much so. MrB]

We all went to movies last night, and then for pizza. Wingnut was sleeping over at his new friend’s place.

Exams ended on Thursday, and yesterday was a public holiday. We surfed the whole day yesterday. Just me and Wingnut cos Steve went away for the long weekend. Wingnut was telling me how he chewed on Candy’s tit and bit it by mistake. I cracked.

“Hey, I can’t help it if my teeth got in the way.”

I’ve gotta do some chores around the yard this morning, and then I’ve got a neighbor’s garden to do. I need the damn cash cos we’re going on hols at the end of the week.

Wrote science on Thursday, and I think the paper went OK. It better [had] cos I’ve been studying my damn ass off.

Anyway, G, I’ve gotta jet before my folks get back from the shops.

Yesterday turned into a pretty cool day. My mom decided to take my dad out for a family lunch – hehehe. So I got out of the yard work cos I hadta do the neighbor first – the neighbor’s garden, G. Jeez!

I asked if I could ask Mark [to come] along [with us] but when I phoned he’d already gone to Carol’s, and it wouldn’t be fair to ask my folks to pay for both of them. So I invited Steph to come along with us. It was pretty cool. We went to a restaurant on the rocks in Kalk Bay called The Brass Bell. The entrance is right on the railway platform. From there, you can watch the guys surf Kalk Bay reef. It’s a wicked break with a quick-drop turn. The locals have got it taped but you can see the guys who are new there cos they get trashed. A few guys have got themselves seriously bruised on that reef in the last coupla years.

It was a cool arvie. After that we walked around to Kalk Bay fishing harbor and went to the fish shop, and my dad got chatting to a coupla guys on the fishing boats. Steph and I took a walk along the pier and did a bit of graunching when we were too far from anybody to make us out. It was pretty romantic.

Steph came home with us and we hadn’t even closed the car doors yet when Wingnut was over the wall.

“Cody! You’ve gotta get down for a surf! It’s wicked!”

“You been already?”

“Yeah, but I’ll go again. Hi, Steph.” His eyes stayed on her tits, and she knew it, too.

“Hey, Wingnut. Out of your trance, buddy? Those are mine.” [She said].

“Steph doesn’t mind if I look. Right, Steph?”

Steph bent down so that she was next to his ear, and then he looked down [at his crotch]. She’d whispered to him that he had a boner – hehehehe.

He just smiled back at her and said it’s cool. “Bigger than Cody’s, huh?”

He never ducked in time [to miss my hand giving him a clout over the ear].

Anyway, Steph hadta go home so we both walked her, and then Wingnut and I had a surf. It was the first time I’d been in the water in ages [after the flu], and it was totally wicked to be out there again.

Wingnut spoke a lot about his new [surfing] friend – the spunky blonde dude. From what I can pick up, they definitely don’t do anything [sexual] together. Not yet, anyway. But they did sleep in the same bed, and both with boxers on. Nope, his buddy wears briefs but he had sleep shorts on.

After surfing, I hadta try and do some of the yard [work], and then I just chilled and watched some telly.

The whole cricket-match fixing thing [assertions that bookmakers are paying cricketers to throw the match] is like a fucking Nurenburg trial over here. You’d swear the guys [according to the media] were mass murderers. Everyone is supporting the guys, though. I think it’s all a little over the top, and I’m so sick of seeing nothing else on TV.

Anyway, we’ve got a last week of school, and then it’s hols for almost a month. Lots of surfing cos the surf is definitely rocking.

Yesterday morning Mark hit the shit outta me when we were sparring. I don’t think he was aggro, and I didn’t bitch about it. I just hit the fucker back. Prob is he blocks most of my damn punches.

I guess it’s worth it just to be in the showers with him afterwards – hehehehe. We wear headgear, though, otherwise he’d knock me cold. Actually, I thought one little guy who was sparring with a friend of his was knocked cold cos his friend knocked him flat on his back. One of the seniors got a helluva fright and checked up on him, but he was OK.

Mark hadta go to the pizza place last night for training. He was working in the kitchen where they prepare all the toppings, and he’s gotta know each and every pizza, and what goes on it, and what it looks like when it comes outta the wood oven. He will only start getting paid once he starts waiting on tables.

“So if you give me a shit pizza I can send it back.”

“I’ll kill you if you embarrass me in front of anyone.”

“Promise? When’s your dad coming?”

“Dunno. Haven’t heard from him yet. Maybe it was a mistake. We’ll see.”

“You want to see him?”

“Sort of. I’m not sure what we’re gonna say to each other.”

“You gonna take him to your place?”

“No way. He hates my mom’s boyfriend, and vice versa. Anyway, my mom doesn’t want to see him.”

“Does she know you phoned him?”

“Yep. And then I got into an argument with the heavy [bf].”

“It’s got fuckall to do with him, anyway.”

“That’s what I told him.”

Yesterday, we got our mark sheets back from the exams. Oh, fuck, my folks are not gonna be impressed with me. My math mark dropped 20 percent, and my languages are down as well. Science, biology and history are up. Geography and computer studies are about the same [as last time]. FUCK! It just means I’ve gotta work harder next term.

Mark’s marks (hehehe) … start again. Mark’s results were up but he’s been working his ass off while I’ve been surfing.

Now, listen to this: Wingnut got 74 percent for math – 74 PERCENT! This, after asking me for help. He’s gonna be another damn Steve.

He came over [here] after school yesterday.

“You going for a wave, Code?”

“Yeah. You?”

“Yep. No homework. None. Zippo.”

“Steve’s going down [to the beach] as well.”


“How the fuck did you do so well in math?”

*Wingnut smile* “Cos the teacher thinks I’m cute?”

“How the fuck did you do so well in math?” [I repeated].

“How the fuck must I know? Probably cos you and Steve helped me.”

“That’s pretty good.”

“My mom said she’ll wait for the end of term report before she goes out and does a somersault.”

He was laying on his stomach on my bed, paging through a surf mag, and looked so damn cute. His butt was forming these dimples and they showed off through his cargos.

Steve eventually arrived, and then we went down [to the beach] together. Wingnut’s friend was down there, and I got a good look at him. His name’s Sean, and he’s pretty damn spunky. He looks older than Wingnut, and he’s got a good bod on him. He’s got a bit of a puppy-fat gut, though, but it still looks neat. I guess [that’s] cos his bod’s in proportion. He’s pretty good looking.

Steve looked as hot as ever, and it was good to be surfing with him again.

We didn’t go home too late. Steve came into my room with me, and we chatted for a while. They don’t get their results [at his school] until the last day of school. He was bitching cos the last day was such a waste of time, but he hadta go [to school on the last day] else he wouldn’t get his report. It’s the same with us [at our school]. We only get given our reports on the last day.

Oh, jeez, I think I’m hurting all over. Yesterday morning Mark was in a total wicked mood, and we were supposed to do some sparring. He asked if I watched Goldberg on the World Champion Wrestling during the weekend and I said yes I did, but I prefer Shannon Moore. So he asked if I wanted to wrestle in the boxing ring. Well, he threw me all over the damn show, and it’s not like we were holding back. One time he grabbed me and swung me into the corner. All the damn guys doing boxing training stopped to watch the two of us. Then he found out how ticklish I was and got me down. It was totally awesome. He must be the strongest dude I’ve ever met. I got him in a scissor grip between my legs. Normally when I get Steve like that it’s all over. Mark just forced my legs apart, and then throws me all over the place. We were totally damn hot and sweaty after that.

“Hehehe. That was a loada fun. What madeya decide to wrestle?”

“I wanted to hurt you,” he laughed.

“No kidding?”

“You are so fucking ticklish, Cody. How do you ever get it inside Steph?”

“Well, I’m not gonna kid ya. It takes ages to get something this long into that little hole.”

“Yeah, right. So if she tickles you it helps you to wiggle that little thing in. Does it?”

“It’s not so little. Ask Carol.”


Then I laughed at his face, and he knew I was just joking. So he gave me a side-on mousey right on the bicep. Shit!

He stayed in a wicked mood the whole damn day. It must be cos of school hols coming up or something.

Even Wingnut couldn’t make him mad.

“Hey, Conan. Heard you’re into wrestling now. Want to take on someone more your strength?”

We both grabbed him and hit him black and blue. Well, not quite hurt him but he caught a few mouseys.

“One day, you guys are gonna haveta watch your backs cos I’ll takeya out one at a time.”

Later, we went down for a surf. Wingnut came down much l8er cos they had a last rugger game [to play]. Sean was with him. They were still in the surf when we left [for home]. They really get on pretty well together.

He came around [to my place] in the evening just to chill.

“I’ve got bruises from you and Mark.”

“Hehehe. You’re just lucky that Mark was in a good mood.”

“You’re lucky I’m not six inches bigger.”

“Where? In your boxers?”

“Nope. He’s big enough.”

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