Cape Town, South Africa
Part 92

Winter’s here for sure. Raining like hell, and it’s cold, and the north wind is howling. Never went for a surf yesterday. The wind was blowing right but the swell was real storm chop.

Yesterday morning, I practiced with Mark in the gym.

“Don’t you wear a box [jock strap] when you’re training?”

“Not always. Depends if I know I’m gonna spar with someone or not. Today I’m just skipping and hitting the bag – or you – whichever comes first. I think it’s gonna be you … I think.”


“Because I can feel it coming.”

“That’s why you should wear a box.”


“Well, if you do start cumming then it will land in the box. Right?”

His satin shorts were like laying in a soft layer over his buns and his furniture. “So? Am I the only one who notices?”

“Fuck, Cody. You’re so fullashit. You should be a sailor cos you’ve got a real semen brain.”

“Yeah, well, you should wear something cos I can see your dick clearly through your shorts.”

“Shut up, Cody.”

“Well, go check in the mirror.”

“Hey, are you going to talk shit all morning or help me here?”

Then, after school I stopped at his house for a while, and watched him undress in his room. “How’s it going at the pizza place?”

“I’m still in training, but I need to work during the hols.”

“So when’s that gonna be?”

“Fuck knows. When the owner thinks it’s OK to let me loose, I guess.”

“Hey, why do you always turn your back to me when you undress?” He was putting on some clean boxers and he ALWAYS turns his back to me.


“It’s not like you’ve got anything I haven’t been up close to before.”

“You’re obsessed with my cock.”

“It’s not that. I just wonder why you’re like that, even with me.”

“It’s just me. OK? Now drop it.”

“Drop what? My boxers?”

He laughed. “Fuck, Cody, under which rock did I find you?”

“I’m being serious, Mark. It’s just that I thought – well – I just thought that it wouldn’t hassle you to get naked in front of me.”

“Why is it such a big deal?”

“It’s not.”

Anyway, then I hung around while he put the laundry in the [washing] machine, and started to tidy up his breakfast stuff [in the kitchen]. He made us some coffee.

Wingnut and a coupla guys were skateboarding outside the house when I got home from Mark’s.

“Hey, Cody.”


They were dressed like Eskimos. Wingnut was wearing his baggy cargos and a thick surf sweat top. I just chilled and listened to music and read for a while before [there was] a knock on the door.

“Hey, Code. Can Sean and I come in for a while? I wanta show him our room.”

“OUR room?”


“Hey, neat!” [said Sean]. “I dig the poster.”

“Yeah, it’s an original. Cody got it signed by John Whitmore – the man.”


Then they rifled through my CDs. I think Wingnut thinks he owns the room – just cos he’s cum in here a few times – hehehehe.

Sean was pretty chatty, and he seems like a helluva cool dude and a good friend for Wingnut.

Yesterday [I] had a cool day. The surf was small but neat, and had a rave down there. Steve couldn’t make it but Wingnut and I went down and it was a rave. His buddy Sean came down l8er. There were quite a few guys out. AND THE SUN WAS OUT – for a little while, anyway. That Sean is not such a bad surfer. I was quite impressed, and he looks good in a wetsuit. AND he’s loaded [in the furniture department]. :) So, I notice these things. Wingnut was trying 360s and he’s getting there. Fell on his ass most of the time but he’s definitely getting there. I hadta laugh [at] the way he was swearing at himself, though. He’s trying to copy Steve. I gave up on 360s. Too much hassle, and it’s much more fun just styling down the wave.

When we got home, there was a message from Steph.

“Hey, lover, my parents are out and I’m horny.”

“I’m coming now.”

“Not before you get here,” she laughed.

Then Wingnut came over [here] before I left [for Steph’s].

“Hey, Cody, can I do some taping?”

“Yeah, but listen – I’m going over to Steph’s for a while.”

“She’s horny, huh?”

I cracked. “Maybe.”

“She phone you, or you phone her?”

“She phoned me.”

“She’s horny. Can I come over and watch?”

“Fuck off. It’s not a sideshow.”

“It could be. It’ll be fun watching you trying to find that little white thing and then put it into that slippery pussy.”

“You’re fucking gross, but catch this.” I gave him one [punch] right on the sweet spot on his thigh.

“Fuck off, Cody. That is fucking sore.”

“Supposed to be.”

“You’re not fucking funny. I’m fulla bruises from you and Mark. So can I do some taping?”

“Yeah. Should be OK. I’ll get my mom to check up on you and make sure you’re not breaking my stuff.”

“Har, har, har.”

[The detail of what happened at Steph’s place is missing from my notes, but I gather from the next part of Cody’s convo with Wingnut that Cody had forgotten to bring a condom with him. MrB]

So I phoned my place and asked my mom if I could speak to Wingnut.

“They’re in my underwear drawer, buddy.”

He musta run all the way [to Steph’s]. Steph had a gown on, and opened the door when he arrived. She gave him a huge hug and then just about shut the door in his face.

“THANKS,” I shouted.

By then I was so damn horny, I was breaking out of my skin. So I put the condom on. I reckon if Steph [had have] touched my dick it woulda lost my load right there.

Wingnut was still at my place taping when I got back.

“Must’ve been good. You’re glowing.”

“How’s the taping going?”

“Pretty cool. Just about finished. Hey, Cody, can I have one of your condoms?”


“I dunno. Just in case.”

“You’re gonna jack with it, huh?”

“It’s just in case. And I bet you didn’t know [that] there’s a joint hidden under your underwear.”

“Yeah, right! Go ahead and take one [condom]. You owe me. The joint’s Steve’s, and it’s been there for ages.”

Mark came around [here] after dinner for a short while. He was spaced, but luckily he was acting str8.

“I’d hate for my folks to see you all spaced out.”

“Your dad knows.”


“He gave me the eye when I came in. I could check that he saw it right away.”

“Ah, fuck, man.”

“Stop stressing. Do you think your folks never smoked the stuff?”

“It’s not that. It’s just that they both think so damn highly of you. I don’t want that to change.”

“What’s gonna change that? Fuck, Cody, don’t be so thick.”

Anyway, we ended up chatting to my folks, and we want to have a mask party next Saturday for my [18th] birthday. It’s gonna be cool.

I’ve gotta jet. I think I’m gonna beat some sense into Mark this morning.

Hiya Gary,

I’m stoked that you liked those banners. Steve gave me the idea for the books. And didya check the cover of the book has got Daniel’s pic on it?

Mark’s just left here. He stayed over last night. Well, if you think you’re moody – fuck – try Mark. He got totally shitfaced last night, and he and Carol had a fucking major argument. Then he lost it and gave her a fucking smack. I couldn’t fucking believe it. I’ve never seen him lose it [with Carol] like that before. It started cos he didn’t wanta jive with her [at the club] so when someone came to ask her to hit the [dance] floor she did, and Mark got totally fucking aggro, and started pushing the dude around on the floor. I hadta pull him away, and that fucked the whole evening up. [That’s one ‘fuck’, one ‘fucked’ and four ‘fuckings’ in the one paragraph, Code. MrB]

Steph was fucked up with me as well for getting assholes. Anyway, Mark and Carol were fucking arguing on the way home, and she told him that he was a drunk. That’s when he smacked her. I don’t think he knew what he was fucking doing.

Anyway, I lost it cos I hadn’t seen him hit any girl yet, and I flathanded him across his head from behind. I hit him so hard that he almost fell. Then he saw fucking red and the two of us were climbing into each other, and the girls were shouting at us to stop, and trying to pull us off each other.

I thought he was gonna annihilate me. He just sent his damn fists flying. Mindya, I was mad as hell and didn’t give a shit, and I was hitting him back. Eventually, we stopped and I told him [that] he was a cunt for hitting Carol. Then the two of them disappeared ahead of Steph and me and were chatting.

Steph started to diss him and I told her to shut up if she was gonna talk shit about him. So she didn’t even bother to kiss me goodnight when we dropped her off [at her house].

I told Mark to come over to my place. I put the [spare] mattress out [on the floor], and he laid down on it, fully clothed.

“You want to talk?”


“You gonna sleep with your clothes on?”



“Because I’m not in the fucking mood for you to be getting off staring at me. OK?”

“What the fuck’s wrong with you?”


“I can giveya a massage to ease the tension,” I giggled.

“Hey, do me a favor and for once keep your fucking sexual preferences to yourself. OK?” Then he rolled over [onto his side].


He was quiet.

I rolled over and thought about what he had just said to me, and for the first time I felt this huge crack in our friendship.



“Cody, I’m sorry. I never meant that.”

“Well, it was obvious what you were thinking.”

“I’m pissed, Cody. I never meant what I said. I’m sorry, OK?”

“It’s cool.”

“You still want to massage my shoulders or something?”

“It’s cool, Mark. Go to sleep.”

He woke me up with some coffee this morning. “You OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“I’m sorry about last night, Cody.”

“Hey, we were all shitfaced.”

“I’ve gotta go and see Carol. I’ve fucked up big time.”

“I’ve never seen you like that.”

“I lost control.”

Anyway, he drank his coffee and then split. I’ve got some things to do around the house, and then I’ve gotta get into the surf. I’m desperate [for a wave].

Saw Wingnut for a short while yesterday morning. He was going around to Sean’s house, and the two of them were going to the Mall, and then hang around skateboarding.

He’ll probably be in the surf today sometime.

Well, it looks like the weather is gonna be good for us during the [school] hols. Sunday had really nice sunny weather and good surf – not great but good.

After I sent the mail to you, I made my folks some coffee in bed, and then helped my dad clean up a bit around the yard. Then Wingnut rocked up wearing his wettie with the top pulled down.

“Thought you’d be in your boardies.”

“No. My blood’s thinning with age.” My dad cracked when he heard that. Then he told Wingnut that he was a wuss.

“It’s Cody’s fault. He influences me, and now I’m so used to wearing my wettie in winter.”

[More missing material from my notes. But it seems that Steve brought his new girlfriend Tammy to the beach. MrB]

“Yeah. She’ll sit on the beach. Anyway, it’ll give Wingnut something to jack over.”

Well, he did bring her down, and she’s drop-dead gorgeous. And she and Wingnut hit it off right away.

“Hey, Steve, can I have your leftovers?”

“You wouldn’t cope.”

“What? You scared she’s gonna compare?”

“There is no comparison, winky.”

“That’s it. You’re scared she’s gonna compare.”

“Hey, shithead. Go stir your hot chocolate with it until you know how to use it. OK?”

That was a challenge for Wingnut, so he actually started to make passes at her during the day. Steve tried to ignore him but Wingnut made damn sure that Steve took note.

Steph and Carol came down to the beach.

“Hey, Steph.” Wingnut’s hormones were screaming again.

“Hey, buddy. Howzit going?”

“Cool. You?”

“OK. I might join you [in the surf later].”

“Cool. Then you can teach Cody how to surf.”

I just glared at him, and he knew [that] he was interrupting something. So he hit the water.

“Where’s Mark?”

“Serving pizza.”

“He got the job?”

“Yeah, and they asked him to come in [to the restaurant] this morning and write the test. And if he passed, he was working.”

“You guys patch up last night?”

“We’re going to meet tonight and talk. Didn’t have time this morning because they [the pizza boss] phoned him at home before he came to my house.”

“I don’t think he meant to smack you.”

“No, he didn’t. But you and he don’t give a shit when you’ve been drinking, and it’s as much your fault as his.”


“He uses you for a drinking buddy, and you use him.”

“Crap. So it’s my fault [that] you caught a smack? You girls are paranoid.” Then Steph got involved, taking Carol’s side. Well, she would, wouldn’t she? “I think you girls are reading too much into it. We felt like getting trashed cos of the hols and stuff.”

“You’ve always got an excuse.”

“Don’t need one. If I wanta get trashed, I will.”

Fuck, Gary. Haveya ever tried talking to two women who had their knickers in a knot?

Steph: “Typical male; escaping from the real world.”

“Hey, I don’t need to escape from anything.”

Carol: “You and Mark just lose control. Steph and I might as well not even be around when you [two] drink.”

“Hey, who lost control when they decided to dance with another dude? You knew what would happen. So don’t go dumping all the baggage on me.”

Steph: “Who’s Tammy with?”

“You know her?”

“Seen her around.”

“She’s with Steve.”

“Should’ve guessed.”

Carol said that she was going home. I think she was getting pissed off with me taking Mark’s side.

Steve came out [of the surf] and chatted to Steph, and then went and sat with Tammy for a while.

“You coming for a wave?”

Steph: “I think I must stay with Carol for a while.”

“I think you’re both making a huge thing out of nothing.”

“You would [cos you’re a guy].”

“Ah, fuck, man. What’s gonna make you happy? Carol and Mark splitting [up]? If you’re gonna be with her then get her to chill. Actually, you should rather butt out and let them [Carol and Mark] sort it out.”

Then she left in a huff, and that put me in a right pissed off mood for the day. Afterwards, I felt sorry for Wingnut cos he was in the water to rave, but I was obviously no fun [to be with]. Steve and Tammy left early – probably to carry on from where they’d left off.

Wingnut and I walked home [together] and he was quizzing me about what happened. But I didn’t tell him too much. That’s all I need is for him to start raving to Mark about the two of us fighting on the road [on the way home from the club]. He didn’t hang around. He phoned Sean and they went skateboarding.

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