Cape Town, South Africa
Part 93

[Cody probably began this email with a question, something like “bet you can’t guess what happened” because what I have here is only part of the opening sentence. MrB] …actually, probably you do. WINGNUT SLEPT OVER!! It was fucking awesome.

Anyway, I phoned Steph yesterday evening and it [the convo] started out cool. Well, cold, actually, cos I asked her what was up with her. Whoa! Did I cop it in the fucking ear! Anyway, I got nasty and told her she needed a good fuck. Then she slammed the phone down on me.

Wingnut came over. His one hand and elbow had the skin off. He came off his skateboard.

Aren’t you supposed to wear safety gear?”

“Yep, but we were in a hurry when we went ‘boarding.”


“Nah, it’s OK.”

Then the phone rang. It was Steph crying at the other damn end. She said she’s sorry, and that she’s PMS, and that kinda put things in place. I know my mom goes off when she’s about due and gives me and my dad a hulluva time. Why is it that women got this raw deal? Mindya, rather them than me. Anyway, I told her it was cool and asked if she wanted me to come around. I told her that Wingnut was with me.

The two of us hit around there [to Steph’s] and she was feeling a lot better than she sounded on the phone. I had a beer, and Wingnut had a Hunter’s cider, which has got a lot more alcohol than my beer had. Steph just made herself some tea.

“You need to clean those grazes before they go rotten.”

“They’re cool.”

She got some stuff to clean Wingnut up. He took off his shirt cos he had a graze on his hip as well. He never showed me that. He grimaced while Steph was cleaning it so it was obviously more painful than he was making out.

Steph winked at me, and I looked [at the spot] where her eyes were waving and Wingnut had a huge boner. Steph put her hand over it and Wingnut almost shat himself and jumped.

“Stand still if you want me to clean this [wound]. I just need a handle to hold onto.”

“Big handle, huh?” He smiled.

I hadta control myself cos I could see his whole bod was like shaking. Actually, I was concentrating on the folds of his abs as he was sitting – with those two lines [obliques] going down into his boxers. :)

“You gonna blow Cody?”

“Why? You want to watch?”

“Can I?”


That gave me an instant boner – the thought of Steph’s lips around my dick. When she finished cleaning him, she came and stood behind me and moved her hands down my stomach and into my cargos. Oh, jeez!

Wingnut’s eyes were staring at my crotch as her hands massaged my boner. That’s about as far as it went.

“Cockteaser,” I told her.

“Just building you up for when I’m ready.”

We kissed and then [Wingnut and I] went home.

“Why didn’t you go to her bedroom and screw her or something?”

“She’s due for her period.”


“What are you yucking about?”

“Just the thought of it.”

My folks were watching telly when we got home.

“Mark called.”

“Must I call him back?”

“He didn’t say. He’s at work [at the pizza restaurant].”

When I called, someone answered and said he was busy with a table and couldn’t come to the phone right now. I just left a message.

Wingnut and I listened to some music [in my room] until late. When he eventually climbed into bed it was pretty damn late. My folks had gone to sleep ages ago.

“Hey, Cody, can I ask you something?”


“What do you think of my dick? Like the size?”

“It’s pretty normal – bigger than most guys your age, I think. Why?”

“Sean’s dick is huge – like an elephant’s trunk.”


“So is mine gonna get bigger?”

“I reckon [it will]. Nothing wrong with it now, though. You and Sean do anything together?”

“Nah. He just jacks himself.”

“While you’re there?”

“Yeah. We jack together.”

“Has he been with any girls before?”

“Nope. Not even a blowjob,” he beamed.

“So you told him about it? Yours?”

“No way. He’ll tell Candy cos he fancies her.”

“You guys are good friends, huh?”

“Yeah. I dig him a stack. He’s an ace skater.”

Wingnut was laying on his back and I was on my side. I put my hand on his leg and worked my way up to his nads. He just carried on chatting even when I put my fist around his boner.

“Hey, Cody.”


“Uh … nah, forget it.”


“Nothing. What you’re doing feels awesome.”

I was gently playing with his pecs, and down his stomach, and stroking his dick with the tips of my fingers. His bod was shivering. His stomach was flat, and like a washboard.

He’s got really thick thigh muscles, and I could feel them contract under my hand. And his biceps are taking shape as well.

He put his hand around my boner as I started to jack him. I felt his whole body tighten, and he drew in a huge breath as he started to offload.

I threw my leg over and straddled him. I put both his hands around my boner and leaned forward. His two hands were [resting] on his stomach with my boner riding inside them, and I fucked his hands rather than having him jack me. It felt awesome cos as my [cock]head got to the other side of his hands it hit his chest cavity on the tender spot of my cockhead. As I offloaded, I rested down on his stomach so it like jetted out between us.

We cleaned ourselves and then went to sleep. [Just another ho-hum night, huh, Code? :-/ MrB]

I heard my dad’s alarm go off, and hadta shove Wingnut off the bed onto the [spare] mattress. He was bitching about how cold the mattress and sleeping bag were.

After my folks had gone to work, I went into the kitchen and made us some coffee. [Then I returned to my room and] I kicked his feet.


“Leave me [alone]. I’m sleeping.”


“Wake yourself up.”

“If you don’t wake up now, I’m gonna jump on you.”

“Go away, Cody.”

So I took a flying jump and landed on top of him. “OOOPH!” Then we wrestled, but he got caught up in the sleeping bag. I got my hands between his legs and grabbed his nads. “Say sorry, Cody.”

“Fuck Cody.”

“Wrong! Say sorry, Cody.”

“Sorry, Cody.” He was giggling. “Shit! That’s sore! I’ll be your slave for the day.”

“You can suck my cock.” *Squeeze*

“Yes, yes! I’ll be your slave for the day!”

Then I let go his nads and let my hand cruise up between his legs and up [the length of] his boner. His flat gut felt wicked. He spread his legs a little more so [that] I could get my arm under [his butt] easier. Hmmm. Cute buns.

What was totally horny was looking up at his wide shoulders and his muscled back.

“Hey! You falling asleep?”

“Nope. Just enjoying this.”

“Yeah … so I can feel.” His dick was oozing precum big time. “You gonna shower?”


“Can I shower withya?”

“Ifya want.”

We showered together and I soaped him up, and washed his whole bod with a cloth and soap while he just stood there and enjoyed it. Not once did his dick lay down.

“So what are your plans for the day?”

“Said I’d meet Sean at the beach and maybe go for a wave if there’s surf.”

“I’ll meetya down there l8er.”



“Cya, Code. And thanks. I enjoyed last night.”

Then I tidied my room and the kitchen, cleaned the yard, and went to the beach.

The line-up [on the back line] was pretty packed with grommets. Wingnut and Sean were out there ripping. The weather was warm, which was neat.

When Sean and Wingnut paddled over [to me] I couldn’t help but stare at Sean’s crotch to see what Wingnut was talking about, and he musta been right cos it looks like Sean’s carrying a big bundle down there. Looks thick as well.

“Hey, Cody.”

“Hi, guys.”

(Wingnut) “I’ve got a ding [in my board].”


“Got hit by another stick.”

It was a shitter. The [fibre]glass had shattered and the foam was exposed. “You shoulda taped that. Better get it outta the water.”

So that sorted out the surfing [for the day]. They both came home with me.

“You’ll haveta leave your stick overnight b4 I can fix it.”

“How come?”

“Needta drain all the fucking water out of it.”

“Oh … OK.”

Then the two of them split to go skateboarding. “Wear your safety gear this time.”

“Yeah, yeah. YES, MOM!”

Sean nudged Wingnut in the ribs as they were walking down the road. He musta thought I was gonna clobber Wingnut or something.

I tracked Mark down yesterday. He was at home – radio blaring.

“Hey, Code.”

“Hi. Fuck! You deaf or something?”

“You’ve got fucking room to talk.”

“Howzit going?”


“The job [at the pizza restaurant]?”

“That and other stuff.”

“Why are you sweating? It’s fucking cold.”

“Situps. I’ve been doing situps and pushups and skipping.”

“Cool. Now I can watch you shower.”

“Fat fucking chance.”

“Hey, have you ever seen an elephant with white ears?”


So I pulled the pockets of my cargos out and undid my zip, and let my dick out. He cracked.

“You’re a fucking idiot, Cody.”

“Yeah, but only for friends. Hehehehe.”

“Want something to drink?”

“Something hot.”


“Cool. I tried to phone you.”

“And I tried to phone you. Thought you might be pissed off with me.”

“About what?” *I knew what he was gonna say*.

“What I said the other night [in your room].”

“You were pissed [drunk]. Anyway, I’ve come around [here] for that massage you promised me.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope. I’ve been hunting you down.”

I stood behind him while he was busy with the kettle and put my arms around him, with my hands on his stomach.

“Do you have to fucking do that now? I’m busy with boiling water.”

“Just want to feel if you’re getting soft in the middle.”

I took my hands away and started to massage his shoulders. He put the kettle down with his hand still on it [the handle].

“That feels fucking good. You should seriously think of being a masseur or something.”

“Feels good for me, too.”

“Can I finish making the damn coffee now?”

He put the coffee down on the table and then went through to his room, and came back with a joint.

“Think we should sit outside.”

We sat in the back garden, and he lit up.

“How’s the job going?”

“Well, I’ve had a few customers ask for my phone number. Don’t you dare tell Carol that. One of the African dudes in the kitchen is gay, and has taken a fancy to rubbing my butt. But I told him to move his fucking hand before I break his neck. The manager stresses as soon as we get busy and craps on everyone. Pay’s lousy but the tips are good.” He blew out a huge cloud of white smoke.

“This African dude a young guy?”

“What difference does it make? Yes, he is.”

“Just asking. So how many shifts do you do?”

“I’ve got one tonight, tomorrow night, and Saturday and Sunday [during the] day.”

"Cool. So you’re free on Friday night.”

“Yep, but I’m not going to any club.”

“What about a movie or something?”

“Nope. I told Carol [that] I’ll take her out somewhere special. It’s just gonna be the two of us – like a celebration type of thing. Thought of going to a restaurant and getting something besides pizza. It’ll give you and Steph a chance to be alone as well for a change.”

“True. What time you finishing Saturday?”

“Not sure.”

“You’re coming to the party [for my birthday], right?”

“What party?”


“Fuck, Cody, I’m kidding. We’ll be there.”

“Heard from your dad yet?”

“No. Actually, I didn’t think I’d hear anything. Made a right ass of myself phoning him like that.”

“Maybe he’s just tied up [on business] or something.”

“Don’t you start making excuses for him. He’s quite fucking capable of doing that himself.”

“Want me to massage your shoulders?”

“Thought you came [here] for one?”

“It’s cool. I enjoy it.”

“Go for it.”

“Can I pull your t off?”


“I could giveya a full body massage if you want.”

“So all I’ve gotta do is get undressed, right?”

“Put a towel around you if you’re shy. It’s not like I’m gonna grab your dick.”

“It’s OK, Code. Just do my back.” His eyes were going glassy from the joint.

I stood behind him and pulled the t off, and put my hands on his shoulders – just solid fucking muscle. His arms had these smooth balls of muscle on them. I slowly started to knead his shoulder blades with my thumbs. My hands were on his shoulders. He did some neck stretches while I was busy.

“That’s awesome.”

*Yeah – tell me about it. :)*

“I see you’re wearing briefs.”

“Trust you to notice.”

His shorts were pulling away from his back and I could see the briefs. Fuck! Of course I’ll notice! “Actually, I thought you had nothing under your shorts cos I didn’t see your boxers sticking out like normal.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” He was starting to doze cos I could feel his bod relaxing.

“Why don’t you lay on your bed, and I can giveya a decent back massage.”

“I’m gonna catch some shuteye, I think.”

“Want me to massage you to sleep?”

“I’m fucked, Cody. I need some sleep before going to work.”

“It’s the joint that’s fucked you up, I think.”

“Whatever. Listen, you can massage my back ifya want. All I’m saying is that I’m gonna drop off to sleep probably, and I don’t want you getting all pissed off and excited.”

He laid on his stomach on his bed and I sat next to him, and started to massage his back. He was really battling to keep his eyes open.

“Thanks, Code.”

“That’s what I’m here for. Makeya happy.”

He was deep breathing within minutes. That musta been some serious shit he was smoking. So it was time for Cody to play.

I rested my hand on his butt and he just carried on sleeping. Then I ran it gently down the back of his legs. I dunno – sometimes with Mark it’s not his dick, it’s his whole bod from his toes to his hair that excites me. Maybe it’s just cos I can’t have it that makes it interesting. He had his ankles crossed and his arms folded under his head. I gently uncrossed his ankles and moved his legs slightly apart. I pushed down hard on the bed to get my hand up between his legs; to feel if he had a boner. Well, he did – kinda. Anyway, I didn’t want him to wake up and find my hand under him like that – things are fragile enough [between us] as it is.

I covered him with a blanket that was folded on his chair, and then left.

Last night I went around to [see] Steph and the two of us listened to music, and spoke in her room. Spoke quite a bit about Mark, actually.

“What was it like going out with him?”

“It was OK. The best part was all the girls staring at him and knowing that he was mine.”

“What was he like in bed?”


“Just curious.”

“Want to know if you’re better?”

“Not really. Well, I’m not sure.”

“He’s different to you.”


“Well, when we were going out he was a total damn rebel – into some heavy shit and pissed off with the world.”

“Sometimes he still is.”

“You haven’t seen Mark go crazy yet.”

“The other night?”

“Carol got off lightly. You and he are like chalk and cheese. I don’t know how you ever became friends.”

“Well, I wouldn’t have met you if we weren’t.”

“You’ve both changed.”


“Mark’s mellowed and you’ve become more aggressive.”




“There. See what I mean?”

“I’m horny.” *SMILE* What I didn’t say [to Steph] was that I’ve been out-of-my-mind horny since leaving Mark sleeping ALL ALONE on his bed.

“I can tell.”

Steph must have one of the sexiest bods I’ve ever seen on a girl. She’s got a flat, hard stomach and really cute tits. So she comes up to me and holds my head while I snuggle up to her belly button. “You’re driving me crazy, Steph.”

She pulled off my t and then knelt down and started to kiss my nipples, and she drove me damn wild. She started to blow me. Damn, she’s good. It’s a pity she’s got her monthlies. She was fisting and blowing me at the same time.

“You and me, baby. We aren’t nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.” Words of a song I totally dig.

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