Cape Town, South Africa
Part 96

The weekend is pretty quiet. Going surfing l8er with Steve – if he can get his ass outta bed.

Well, I guess the highlight of the week is probably Wingnut’s birthday. Not a fuck – the highlight was Wingnut sleeping over on Saturday night. Or was it? Yeah, probably.

What the little fuck didn’t tell me was that he and Sean and a coupla friends had arranged a private little party at another friend’s house. I’m not sure if I got any useful fucking info about it ‘cept that it sounds like Sean arranged it through this friend’s older bro. Anyway, Wingnut arrived at my house at 1am with another friend who was “seeing him home”. Yeah, right! He was as trashed – no, that’s a lie – nobody else coulda been as trashed as Wingnut was.

(Friend) “Hey, Cody. Here’s your bud. He’s a little fucked up.”

(Wingnut) “Hi, Cody.” *Giggle*

“How didya get so damn trashed?”

His friend left [us] and I helped Wingnut into my room. LUCKILY my folks were out with friends of theirs and weren’t home yet, cos he made such a fucking racket.

“I’m gonna be sick.”

I laid him over the toilet so he could hurl his guts out, and he fell asleep with his head in the bowl. I hadta pick him up and carry him to the [spare] mattress [in my room]. Then he kinda woke up and went back to the bathroom and got sick again. This time he managed to stay awake and he washed his face. He looked really fucking sorry for himself.

“Sorry, Cody. I was gonna get here earlier but my friends had a party for me.”

“Looks like it.”

I wasn’t mad at him, although he thought I might be. I was more worried cos of just how totalled he was. He couldn’t even stand str8t.

“Gareth’s brother arranged for a stripper to be there.”

My eyes popped outta my head. “A stripper?”

I found out [later] from Sean that they had all chipped in for a stripper that Gareth’s brother knew. She got down to her g-string and then had Wingnut standing stark naked while she kissed him and rubbed him all over. He had a crunching hard-on that impressed most of the other lighties as well as the girl cos she couldn’t keep her damn hands off of it. She ended her session by giving Wingnut a deep tongue session while holding him up close to her. I wonder who was more horny – him or the girl.

The little dudes were all shouting for her to blow him but she didn’t go down that road. She stroked him ‘til he almost offloaded, though. :)

The one thing that I heard that pissed me off was that one little dude had a bong that they put vodka in, and they all smoked grass through it, and that was probably why he ended up so fucked.

Anyway, Wingnut told me as much as he could remember, which wasn’t a helluva lot, and he never mentioned the bong. Then he just passed out. I took his clothes off and his cock reacted to the fresh air.

I actually decided – after sending that last email to you – that I wouldn’t blow him [for his birthday]. My reasons might be stupid but I figured that I’m 18 now and it would be me taking advantage of the little dude. If it happened, it would be cos of something he started.

But when he was laying on the mattress on his back with his semi and his fucking bod that was driving me crazy, I decided to go for it. I was kneeling next to him, and I held his semi, which just got totally hard, and put my mouth over his [cock]head and started to give it tongue. He started to groan and I stopped, but he never woke up. I was going crazy by now and just decided ‘well, fuck it’. I sucked him until he offloaded. Well, that musta been the best boyjuice I’ve ever fucking tasted, and he just carried on in his coma. I kept his dick in my mouth until it went totally soft. Well, it didn’t go totally soft. Then I covered him up and jacked [myself] before I went mad [crazy].

Sunday, we all went surfing and all Wingnut’s buds were there, including the one that brought him home. They were really taking him to pieces cos he was so gone the night before. A coupla them made a comment about his monster meat that shoulda gone into the girl’s oyster. They’re a cool bunch of dudes, and it looks like Wingnut is sorted out with friends.

On Tuesday morning, I wished him happy birthday, and he was amped. His folks gave him some clothes. I waited until after school before I gave him a pile of surfer mags that I had bought – about 100 bucks worth – wrapped in surf paper with a card. He was totally stoked. His room is already covered in surfing pics, so I don’t know where he was gonna put the center pages from the mags.

As for what’s happening with Mark – well, he roughed me up in the gym again on Monday morning cos he had a fight with Carol, which has now been sorted. But he totally fucking hurt me and I got pissed off with him. But he became his old self and started to dis me about not being able to handle it. I wasn’t gonna join him on Tuesday [in the gym], but I did. I just thought ‘fuck it, I’m gonna hit him just as fucking hard’, and I think he felt it. CODY’S REVENGE!

Oh, fuck. Mark’s dad phoned him. He wanted to know when Mark’s birthday is and what does Mark want [as a gift]. Mark asked him if he was still coming down [to Cape Town] and he said he would try and get down soon. Anyway, at least he phoned – score one for the bad guys. Mark was pretty up about it.

I guess I have changed a bit. It’s weird. It seems after Paul left [here to return to England] I’ve gone into this slump thing, and it’s not cos anything has changed here. Same friends, all fulla shit like always. Wingnut still rocks over every afternoon, and the other day I hadta check out his dick cos he thought maybe there’s something wrong with it, and that’s why the girls won’t have it inside them. He’s desperate to fuck a chick. I just told him it’s too damn big – hehehehe. Offered to bite a piece off.

Wingnut and Sean are really rocking together now, and I think it’s cool. He still comes over [here] every day and I still can’t keep my damn eyes off of him.

Mark and I are really becoming closer now – very close – and that’s what the email [to you] was all about cos I needed to chat to you about it. I’ll try and write it all during the week. Steph and I are getting on like a house on fire. And Steve is still Steve, and STILL WITH TAMMY. She’s not the jealous type, which suits him, but she also takes no shit, which is what he needs.

I’m gonna be rooting for the Safrican swimmers at the [Sydney Olympic] Games but I’m gonna be seriously watching Thorpedo. He’s a fucking hero to all of the guys on the [school] swim team, but they’ll all be rooting for the Safricans. That Ryk Neethling is aaaaaggggghhhhh! One swimmer on the team, Terence Parkin, is partly deaf and he actually qualifies for the para-olympics but he chose to compete in the normal games. He’s an awesome swimmer. HE’S FROM CAPE TOWN. :)

Anyway, the reason I got into the mail the other day was to writeya about Mark. The other night he was working [at the pizza restaurant] and the girls decided to have a girls’ night out. I was at a loose end so I decided to wait for him after work. He was so damn chuffed. The two of us went to Wipe Out and had a few beers, and we chatted for hours. It actually got into such a serious convo. It was like Mark just decided to let everything out and get it off his chest – like – what he really thought of me.

He giggled when he said, “I would never have seen the two of us as friends. I used to see you hang out with the guys, and used to think what an arrogant prick [you were], cos you were always loud, always laughing, always fulla shit. Fuck, Cody, you still are. Then I got this brainwave cos you’re such a short shit, and there’s no way you’re gonna challenge me. So I shouted ‘faggot’ across the quad just to fucking burst your arrogant-ass bubble."

“Gotya, though, huh?”

“When you came up to me I had this thing of really putting you down cos I was gonna send you flat on your ass. When you hit me, I knew you were dead meat. I would do anything to fucking hurt you, and I did. So why did you bother?”

“Bother what?”

“When I ended up in hospital, I thought you’d be the first to party.”

“Nah. I hadta see you in hospital cos I knew you’d be naked under the sheets.”

“Fuck off, Cody. Jesus, I’m trying to be serious.”

“So am I.”

“I’m gonna smack you.”

“So you hated me because I was always laughing?”

“It just pissed me off. So why did you come to the hospital?”

“To make sure that you were hurting bad!”

“So you musta been pretty damn pleased then.”

“No. I came to see if you were OK cos I liked you.”

“For hurting you?”

“Nope. Cos you’re the tough macho Rambo type that nobody fucks with, and it was a challenge for me.”

We spoke about the girls and about school and about his mom and the bf, and about his dad. He told me that his dad has called him [by phone] a few times now since Father’s Day. He wants Mark to go up to Johannesburg for the hols coming up end September.

“You gonna go?”

“Probably. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit. Stop looking so fucking down – it’s only a week.”

“I’m not down. It’s cool that you’re going.”

“It’s just that I’ve been thinking about him a bit, and I’d like to get a good relationship going with him. I really fucked up as a lighty, and he tried his best – well, the best that he knows how, anyway.”

We really had quite a few beers by the time we left but were pretty OK.

“Hey, want to sleep over at my place?”

“Will it be OK [with your folks]?”

“My folks are out, and won’t be home ‘til the wee hours, and I’m scared of the dark.”

“Fuck off, Cody. You are so fulla shit.”

“So willya?”

“I haven’t got my PJs with me.”

“I’ve got some cool invisible ones.”

When we got home, I made some toast, and [we went outside, where] Mark sat at the pool.

“The water’s like ice. Want to get wet?”

Fuck! The thought of that icy water was not all that inviting but, on the other hand, he seemed amped about it, so I stripped down and dove in. [Safricans and Aussies say ‘dived’ but I need to be mindful of the American audience, which gets confused about such things. So I’ve changed Cody’s ‘dived’ to ‘dove’. MrB] Then he got undressed and dove in as well – naked as ever. I grabbed him around his waist and pulled him down [below the surface], and he made a grab for my nuts right away, and squeezed. I let him go, and he laughed and sat on the steps of the pool. I swam up and sat next to him. He was still giggling.

“It’s not funny. How does this feel?” I put my hand around his nuts but didn’t squeeze. They’re more than a handful and they hang like a boxing spring ball.

“If you hurt me, Cody, you’re dead.”

Yeah, right. I felt his dick up against my arm getting all horny. I let my fingers slide up that stiff muscle on the underside of his dick, and it bounced a bit, then laid up against his gut as he leaned back. His bod is like something out of a teen hunk mag. I slid into the water and came up between his legs. His dick was roaring and his nads were pulled right up like two acorns.

“Looks like you’re moving to blow me.”

“You crazy? Then you’ll beat me up. I just want to feel your bod.”

“Only if I can do the same.”

*HUH? Nope, not aloud – just in my head.*

He slid into the pool, and then I moved behind him and let my hands cruise across his chest, and down his flat sixpack gut. He swam around me allowing my hands to run down his thighs. I shuddered when I felt his hands come around my gut, and move down to my stomach to my pubes. His fingers lightly explored my skin-splitter. We were both just swimming and touching each other – like swimming along each other’s hands and legs. A few times we went underwater at the deep end and just swam around each other. It seemed like it went on forever, and then he swam to the wall and lifted himself up, and sat with his legs hanging down [over the edge]. I swam up to him. By now we were both not even aware of the cold water. He had this silly smile on his face.

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m just thinking how crazy this is.”


“It’s just crazy that it feels so ordinary and special, and yet a while ago I couldn’t ever see myself in this situation.”


“Like … OK … can I say something daft without you reading my mind?”


“I sometimes wonder what it’s like for a guy to be blown by a guy, and just now when we were in the water I was waiting for you to take a chance, and wondering what I would do about it.”

“So what would you do?”

“Because it’s you? – probably nothing. Maybe even get a kick out of it.” *Was this Mark?*

“Ever thought about blowing a guy yourself?”

“Sort of. Nope, not really. I guess I’ve wondered why guys do it with each other.”

“Cos guys know how they like it, probably.”

By now my arms were resting on his thighs, and my hands were playing with his sixpack and his belly button. Every now and again I’d play with the head of his dick, which was rosy red by now.

“I’m not sure I’d have the guts to blow a guy.”

“In case the word went out, huh?”

“It’s not that. I’m not sure.”

“Would you let me blow you?”

“Not right now. But seriously, if I wanted some guy to blow me then I guess it would be you.”

“Want to have a comp to see who’s best?”

“Best at what?”

“Champion Jacker!”

“Hehehe. What the fuck are you on about now? You horny fucking toad.”

“We play in the water and try to grab and jack each other off. If I cum first you win. If you cum first I’m the champion jacker.”

“I think I’m gonna take you on – just cos you think I’m too scared, you little fuck.”

Hehehe. We were wrestling in the water [trying] to grab each other’s dicks, and he won cos even before we went in [the water] I was on the verge of blowing a damn gasket. Then he shot outta the water cos he didn’t wanta swim in the barrage of cum that I had shot.


“I’m not swimming in your jizz.”

When we eventually got to bedtime, I asked him if he wanted to lay in my bed with me for just a little while. When he got in, I started to explore his nipples and his chest, and eventually ended up with my fist around the fav part. He just closed his eyes and let me go [for it]. He started to fucking moan when he offloaded like he was in pain. I grabbed some tissue out of my drawer and wiped him clean. We just lay quietly for a while, and then he slipped off onto the [spare] mattress.

“You’re different, Cody. I think you’re an alien.”

“Yeah, from Mars.”

“For sure.”

So now you know why I wanted to tellya about it [G]. Mark’s changing radically and we’re becoming a lot closer than I think he’d like to admit. I don’t think I’ll take Carol’s place but it’s different and it’s cool. A lot more relaxed. Now to get my dick between his lips – nah – but I would love to taste his. When it’s totally hard it’s got a gradual bow in it as it curls up, and he’s got a vein that runs down next to the muscle underneath.

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 Codeman Part 97