Cape Town, South Africa
Part 97

TUESDAY: Overcast with morning drizzle. Not too cold, though.


[August 29, 2000. My 56th. MrB]

Everyone is pretty chuffed about the release of the hostages from Jolo Island. They’ll probably be back here tomorrow. Herschelle Gibbs has got a 6 month international cricket ban and a fine so he’ll be back in the [SA] squad from January, hopefully. He’s cute.

BTW, congrats on [Oz winning] the rugger. Jeez, by one damn point in the last minutes of the game.

We’re getting ready to write mock exams, and it’s like a ‘trial run’ for the end of the year. Yesterday arvie, I was studying and Wingman came in [to my room] and flopped onto my bed.

“How come you’re wearing briefs?”

“For a change.”

“Hey, Code, can I try a paira your briefs on?”

“Hey, whatever blows your hair back.”

“Maybe they’ll blow my pubes back or something.”

So he found a paira white narrow-side briefs and pulled them on. Maybe it’s the air here or something but as soon as he dropped his boxers he got a semi. Anyway, he pulled them on and they looked fucking neat. It’s an old pair that doesn’t fit me anymore, so I told him he could have them. They clearly showed the outline of his boner while he paraded in front of the mirror like a teen body builder on stage. His nads hung in the pouch and he looked horny as hell. Maybe there’s just something about clean white briefs that makes me crazy. Or the way they cling to his ass cheeks. :) Or the way … aaaaaggggghhhhhh!

“Hey, Cody, these are neat.” He stood there with his damn arms up, showing his biceps, and his stomach flowing from his pecs in nice little packs of flat hard muscle. And it looks like he’s been putting cowshit on his pubes cos they’re like a damn bush. “Candy is gonna dig these briefs.”

“You gonna parade in front of her like that?”

“Nah. She’ll freak. But she sees me in my boxers if I change [clothes] around her, but she won’t look at me naked. She turns away.”

“Toldya – that thing is uuuuuugly.”

“Yeah, but you like touching it, and you’ve spoilt it like when people touch fruit and bruise it – hehehehe.”

“You going for a wave?”

“You want to come? Phone Steve and it’ll be like old times.”

Steve wasn’t in, so the two of us went down [to the beach] and hit it. There are whales in the bay now but they were far away. You could see the pods and the water spraying [from their spouts]. There were a few guys out and we all watched the whales in between sets. You’re not allowed to go within three hundred meters of them or you can be fined or arrested. They are so damn spectacular, though.

We surfed for about two hours and then headed home with our [wetsuit] tops down. Well, any further down and Wingnut’s dick would’ve been waving in the wind. Those little arrows [obliques] from the hips that you like are pretty well developed on him, and he looks like a real muscleball. The little puppy fat he has is fast turning into muscle. But he’s a hard worker. He surfs hard, plays rugby hard, and I think the only thing he doesn’t work hard at is school. He’s a little brainbox, though, but he just doesn’t bother, and it freaks his folks out.

When I got home, the phone was ringing. It was Steph. Well, it was quite cool cos with Wingnut parading around my room in those briefs [earlier] I’d worked myself up, so the two of us went into some really serious cyber [phone sex]. Steph’s voice is enough to make most guys offload, but when she gets into her ultra sex mode then she works magic. I was stroking [my boner] as we were talking. She hadta wait while I got some toilet paper, though. What I do then is – as I shoot, I put the toilet paper over my cockhead and juice it. SO – as I reached the point of aaaagggghhhhing on the phone …

“Hey, Cody! I forgot those briefs.”

So there was Wingnut staring at me with my dick in my hand, with toilet paper over the head, and I must’ve had serious ‘Chinese’ eyes [squinting], and my cock bouncing and shooting jizz.

“Fuck, bro.”

“Is that Steph [on the phone]?”


So he shouts into the mouthpiece, “Hey, Steph! Your boyfriend’s just wasted your babies all over his hand.”

Steph cracked totally on the phone and threatened to do the same to Wingnut one day. “You’re a wicked bitch. That’s why I loveya,” [I said to her].


This mail is getting to be a damn saga. Just in from school and I’m gonna be making a sarmie in a sec. Walked home from school with Conan and little Conan. One day, Wingnut is gonna go just a little too far, and Mark is gonna whip his ass for him. It’s not anything major that happened, it’s just that they niggle each other and dis each other all the time. It’s like a love/hate thing. I guess Mark actually enjoys it else he would’ve clobbered Wingnut ages ago.

This morning, Mark and Jumbo were sparring in the ring and a hornier damn sight you ain’t seen anywhere. You’ve just got to imagine a tall black shiny African god against his white counterpart. The best part was showering together. :)

[Not entirely sure where this next part should sit, but I think I’ve got it right. I would split Cody’s emails into separate parts, one for the Wingnut notes and one for the Mark notes. Now I’ve got the prob of stitching them together again to regain the original flow. MrB]

Had my hands on Jumbo’s bod this morning. He was a wreck after his session with Mark.

“My body is hurting where I didn’t even know I had a body.”

(Mark) “Get Codeman to give you a rubdown.”

“Would you?”

(ME? NO FUCKING WAY) “Yeah, sure, if you blow me afterwards.”

“Hehehe. That tiny thing would get lost.”

“Har-de-fucking-har. And all you other guys, too.” (Everyone was cracking cos they thought it was such a cool joke. Shuddup, G).

Anyway, Jumbo almost dozed off while I was massaging him. (SHUDDUP, G) I’ve always gotten on well with him. We’ve always kinda been good friends as far as the swim team goes. But – I’ve never really gotten to know him that well. He’s had the same girlfriend for about three years now – a white girl – and that was such a fucking talk around school when it [the relationship] started. Nobody ever comments about it now cos it’s as normal as any other relationship. And, anyway, Jumbo broke a guy’s ribs in the early days of that relationship and nobody dares come up against him.

“Hey, darkie. What are you thinking about?" (Anybody else call him a darkie and they’ll get flattened).

“I’m thinking to make you my slave, and you can massage me every fucking day. You should become a physio, Code. You got good hands.”

“Want to roll over and find out how good?”


“Fuck off. I’m kidding.”

“So am I.” (So everyone laughs again – SHUDDUP, G).

He’s got one of those deep African voices that seems to come from the gut, and the whitest set of pearlies you’ve seen on anybody. Mark was just smiling and shaking his head, and I can imagine what musta been going through his damn head. C’mon, be real. Jumbo’s dick is half the length of my damn forearm, and thick. I mean, I would love to see that thing rock hard, but that’s about it. Even an elephant would get hurt sitting on that thing. Mindya – hmmmm – I could probably get my lips over the head. :)

You see what I mean? One of the fantasies I’ve had is my hand around that shaft and watching him explode like an erupting volcano, and then cleaning that pure white jizz off that ebony log and his sixpack – or is that an 8-pack?

When you were a lighty [G] did you ever worry about the fact that you were obsessed with other guys’ bods and that’s all you ever thought about? I wonder sometimes whether I’m just totally fucking abnormal because I see erotic situations even where there aren’t any, and my mind starts playing games like – what if?

[I can’t remember what I wrote in reply to Code’s question, but I certainly thought I was weird as a teen. I think I was about 17 when I confessed to a local Catholic priest that I was gay. He told me to say The Lord’s Prayer and three Hail Marys and everything would be fine. Yeah, right. Then at 18, I booked myself into the local psychiatric hospital hoping to find some answers there. I was ushered into a shrink’s office and asked to take a seat. The shrink was a blind man. After I’d told him why I was there, he casually asked whether I preferred to suck or fuck. I’d never done anything at all – nothing – and I was horrified by his attitude. So I got up and walked out. I became my own shrink after that, and almost 40 years down the track maybe Cody’s shrink as well. I didn’t want Cody to go through the same bullshit that I had as a teen. Off the top of my head, I created Daniel who became a role model; a kid with doubts and fears but who managed to deal with them far better than I had as a kid. Daniel was an amazing experiment for me, and one that I could “test” on a real teen. I was amazed by the credibility that Daniel had in Cody’s eyes, especially when Daniel visited Cape Town. I remember Cody saying that he was half expecting Daniel to be in his room when he came home from school each day. So now I suppose I could say that I don’t have any regrets about my teen years cos Daniel made up for all the things I didn’t or couldn’t do. MrB]

Hokay – I’m gonna get naked and make a sarmie, and if the little shit [next door] comes in he can blow me. Cya, G.

WEDNESDAY: Slightly overcast and drizzle.

Hopeya had a good [birth]day yesterday, G. I ended up going surfing. I was busy making myself something to eat when Wingnut breezed in with his wetsuit.

“Haven’t you got any fucking clothes? You wanta borrow some of mine? They’ll fit – maybe a little baggy in the crotch, though.”

*Whammo* Caught him a beauty right on his bicep. He went down, holding his arm.

Surf was actually pretty damn gnarly with quite a few guys out. Typical winter surf – glassy and sizey. The waves were peaking great, and there were a couple of good tube rides, and both Wingnut and Sean got themselves into the green room once or twice. I had a real rad session. It was almost dark by the time we got back home, and my mom was pissed with me for coming home so late when mocks [exams] are just around the corner. My dad didn’t say a word but I could see he wasn’t happy either. He probably reckons I was getting it in the neck so much from mom that he stayed outta it. Anyway, they didn’t gate me from surfing, which was a plus. That woulda sucked – l8 and gated. :(

The sun has come out, which is pretty cool. Just finished first recess and I was busy with Ross and a few guys cleaning the [school] pool, and the pool area. Richard and Kev put on wetties to go down and scrub the sides to get rid of the bath ring – yech! I told them to get the fucking juniors to dive into the pool but the word got out and the lighties hid from us, including Wingnut. Just as well cos he would’ve been in the pool naked, or wearing those white briefs.

Had a bomb go off in the center of Cape Town yesterday. Nobody was killed, and a few people had like minor injuries, although the [news]paper doesn’t say how minor. Typi-fucking-cal. Hope they catch the fuckers. That’s the sixth bomb in the city this year. Soon they’re gonna head into the suburbs cos they just seem to be untouchable.

Wingnut’s just left [here]. He wanted me to hit the surf but I really do need to start working on these [school] notes. I’m not sure there’s gonna be much surf, though, cos it looks like the wind has swung around to onshore. *Huge smile*


Wingnut musta found surf else he and Sean have just gone into the slop cos he hasn’t come back here.

I think I’m gonna phone Steph and cyber [phone sex]. I’m going mad [crazy] here.

THURSDAY – raining and the wind is blasting.

Tomorrow is Steve’s birthday and I’m going around there this arvie. He phoned last night. He’s having a birthday bash on Friday night at his place. His folks are leaving home for the night. He says that it’s gonna be a wild one.

Wingnut said that I missed some good surf yesterday arvie. Apparently, the sets started to str8en out later. Anyway, I just had too much work to do. Last night, my dad came [into my room] and sat on my bed to page through the new surfer mag, and we just chatted for a while. He was talking about the bomb blast, and then it was surfing, and then the Olympics … all this while my mom was doing the ironing. :)

Do you know what “W-I-F-E” stands for? Washing, ironing, fucking, etcetera.

Do you know why a woman has got smaller feet than a man? So she can stand closer to the wash basin. When I told Steph that, she jumped on me. Told me I better get used to ironing and washing and cooking cos I’m gonna be her house slave. She’s gonna dress me in a leopard skin pouch and nothing else.


[Lunchtime at school]. “Avo[cado] and tomato sandwiches?”

“Yeah. So?”

“So you get up and hour earlier just to make your sarmies?”




“Why don’t you just make cheese sarmies or something?”

“Here – have a fucking zonk – AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

“Cool. Thanx.”


Shuddup, G. I knew he’d give me one. He couldn’t possibly eat those in front of me while I was eating a canteen pie. OK, so his bite of my pie took most of it outta my hand but what the hell. It was worth it. Most of the guys just buy [their lunch] from the canteen. It can be pretty expensive after a while, though. Mark should sell his damn sarmies – they’re delish. Avo, tomato, lettuce, salt, pepper, a little Tabasco. He must’ve felt good this morning – most times he doesn’t bring a damn thing [to school for lunch], and just gets a juice or something. Actually, if I had felt him I woulda felt good, too – hehehe. Shuddup, G.

I’ve just realized how I’ve been rambling this week [in this email]. I think it’s nerves. I’m a wreck cos I’m studying and trying to keep the info in my damn head. Aaah, well. Actually, it’s since I’ve seen the new pics of Kostik. He’s become a fucking animal.

It’s Steve’s party tonight. Whooooohooooooo! Ross and Mark have been invited. Mark’s working [at the pizza restaurant] but he’s gonna meet Carol at the party afterwards. Carol and Steph are going with me. Kewl. Two! Wingnut’s gonna be there with Candy as well.

Wingnut is totally amped cos he’s the only junior - well, that we know about – who’s gonna be there. He wanted to invite Sean but hasn’t been able to get hold of Steve yet.

“Just don’t go fucking crazy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t get all trashed and stupid.”

“Oh – like you and Mark and Steve [do]?”

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah – like you and Mark and Steve.”

“I’m gonna brain you.”

*Looking [to see who is] around the back of me*. “Oh, you got an army now?” *Then he runs like hell. Wuss*.

Mark told me this morning that when Carol goes with us [to Steve’s party] then Steph must walk between Carol and me.


“Because I don’t trust you.”

“It’ll be a quickie. You won’t even know.”

“Oh – take a pair of tweezers to the party tonight.”


“To pick up your teeth.”

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