Cape Town, South Africa
Part 102

I've enjoyed Steve's graphics before and always thought he did a pretty good job, but the latest one is TOTALLY AWESOME.  I was wondering, is that the real Steve's and Mark's heads flanking Cody's?

Great job of writing Cody's story.  Can't wait to get to it daily. Fuck! That kid had a full and interesting life, even if it was so tragically short.  Later.


G’day Bill,

Yeah, the blonde Safrican surfer bombshell is a pretty talented guy and I’m fortunate to have him as a friend. But, no, the blonde dude in the graphic is not Steve. He would have chosen that pic for the hairstyle. Cody often remarked on how Steve was always flicking his fringe out of his eyes, and thought it was helluva sexy. In any case, Steve wouldn’t dare show his real face for fear of MrB readers saying that I was better looking hehehe. And the hunk on the right is the one and only Egor, a guy Cody found most appealing. Steve agrees and so do I. MrB

I removed Mark’s hands from his belt buckle and took over [control]. My fingers cruised against his bod as I slid his jeans down [his legs]. He was wearing white briefs with his dick neatly filling every inch of the pouch. I left his briefs on and then put his hands on my jeans. He was shaking like a fucking leaf as he took them off. Then I pushed him on the bed on his back.

“Hey, we’re buds, right? So stop being so fucking nervous.”

“Maybe I need another joint.”

“Maybe you don’t. Chill for fuck sake.”

He closed his eyes and my hands moved up his calf muscles [then] along the inside of his thighs. I could see his ab muscles twitching as I moved up towards his crotch. I cupped the pouch of goodies in my hand and then moved up to his stomach and chest.

“Hey, open your eyes.”

I felt his hand rest on the inside of my thighs and slowly move up. My cock was out of control by then and I had a mess of precum inside my boxer briefs. His stomach was heaving and he was really nervous as shit … although I’m not quite sure how nervous shit gets. :0

I slid my hand into his briefs and felt that thick warm muscle get harder. I pulled his briefs down and then he did the same to mine. PROGRESS!

I took his hand and put his fist over my dick.

“Now, the whole idea is to slide your hand up and down until some creamy white stuff shoots out and lands all over your pecs. AND OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES.”

I put my hand over his dick and slowly jacked him off. My stomach muscles tightened as I felt my juices rise.

“You’re gonna get a hand fulla my boyjuice in a sec.”

Then his hand moved faster and faster, and the ecstacy was almost painful. I let out a huge moan as my jizz left my dickhead and landed on him. Then he closed his eyes again as I pumped his manhood faster and faster. His cock was like skin-coated steel in my hand, and it was bouncing like a fucking bronco. He pushed his crotch up and his abs contracted as he let out a huge cry. The first shot of his juice shot all the way up to his neck, and the second almost did the same. I moved his cock up a bit and watched the third jet lazily somersault before landing on his stomach. He sighed as he relaxed, and just laid back. I still had his dick in my hand and felt it [begin to] relax. I stared at his nads as they seemed to float down against his bod.

“Lay there and I’ll fetch some toilet paper.” Then I wiped mine and his jizz off his bod. “Want me to clean your dick as well?”

“Hey, fuck – go for it. I’m way too relaxed to stop you.” Before Mark knew it, I had my mouth over his dick. “CODY! What the fuck…?”

I didn’t stop, though. I let my tongue clean his cockhead, and swallowed the bit of juice that he had there. It tasted totally different to what I expected. It was almost sweet – or maybe it was my imagination. When I finished, he was laying [there] with his eyes closed.

“There ya go – all clean.”

“Jesus, Cody. I can’t believe you did that.”

“Did what? I didn’t blow you or anything.”

“Oh, my fuck. That was totally, totally fucking awesome.”

“Yeah, I can see – you’re hard again. Want to taste mine?”

“In your fucking dreams, pal.”

“I feel like some coffee. Can I go make some?”

“Yeah – go for it.”

“Want some?”

“I’ll come with you.”

The two of us went through to the kitchen – totally starkers – and Mark’s cock was hard again. Mine was lazy or something cos it just lay over my nads. He took over the coffee-making while I stood up close behind him. I put my arms around him, with my hands on his gut.

“Now I wonder what’s going through your head right now?”

“Stop worrying, Cody. I’m not thinking what I think you think I’m thinking.”

“So what’s going through your head then?”

“Hehehehe. You don’t want to fucking know.”

“Try me.”

“I’m thinking what it would really be like for you to blow me all the way. But I couldn’t ask you to do that because there’s no fucking way that I’ll suck you off [in return]. I just couldn’t do it.”

My hand moved down and rubbed his stiff cock. “Feels like you’re about ready.”

“For what?”

“Well … turn around.”

“You’re not my fucking sex slave, Cody. You don’t need to do this.”

“Hey, does it look like I’m being forced here? Huh?”

He turned around and I knelt down in front of him. He leaned back against the table as I pulled his dick down and closed my mouth around it. The electricity was shooting through my body as my tongue explored every fucking sensational taste. This was like such an important moment for me. I savored every little bit of his dick – his swollen head bouncing with every movement of my tongue.

I felt his hands on my head. Then he’d put them back on the table and rest his weight on them. A moment later they were back on my head. He didn’t know what the fuck to do with his hands. It took ages for him to cum, and my jaw was aching by the time he eventually shot his load. His fingers dug into my scalp as his jizz shot to the back of my throat. I hadta swallow like hell cos even though he’d just cum a few minutes before, he obviously still had a truckload of juice left inside of him. I stayed like that for what seemed ages. I could hear his breathing was still heavy, and I let his dick relax in my mouth. Then he laid back on the table as I stood up. I sat on the chair and stared as his stomach went up and down, and his chest expanded.

“Oh, my fuck.” *His hands went up and rubbed his face*. “I never in my fucking life thought that a guy could make me feel so good.”

*My fingers tickled his nads*. “Yeah, and there’s still more [juice] left in there.”

“Oh, grief, Cody. Enough! I couldn’t handle another one like that.”

*As he laid there, I felt like fucking him but then I would have gotten myself beaten up badly. But I imagined my meat sliding in and out of this muscle hunk. I could smell the boy smell coming from him. I stood up*. “Guess I’m gonna haveta make the damn coffee [after all]. Jeez … [some] friends…”

He stayed on the table and laid on his side, almost encouraging me to take in every inch of him. We drank coffee without saying a word to each other, then we went to bed. Mark had a shower first, and then climbed in next to me.

“You mean I can sleep here all night?”

“Why not? Nobody’s coming home.”

I fell asleep against his back with my one leg over him and my arm over him, and my hand on his chest. I woke up with his hand on my morning boner.

“Hey, here’s some coffee.”

*I looked down at his hand and he moved it away. I grabbed it and put it back*. “Keep it there. I feels totally wicked.”

“You’re fucking wicked, Cody. You’re leading me astray. If Carol finds out…”

“She won’t, and neither will Steph. I’m sorry that the night’s gone. I had a totally awesome time. Fuck, Mark, I’ve got a lotta friends but nobody like you – ‘cept maybe for Paul.”

“I guessed about you and Paul. It was so obvious I would’ve needed to be blind not to see it.”

“Hey, if you’re not in a hurry, don’t you wanna lay back in bed? I want to feel you all over.”

He jumped on me and started to tickle me, and I am so fucking ticklish as it is. “I know which part of me you want to feel, you horny toad.”

“Oh, fuck, Mark! Stop! Please!”

“Please, uncle Mark.”

“Please, uncle Mark. Stop for fuck sake!” He had his buns on my gut and I was staring at his boner, which came up when he started tickling me. “Now that looks delicious.”

*I took it in my fist – then he grabbed my nads and squeezed*. “Let go, Cody. I’ve gotta get ready for work.”


I showered after him. *One day I’ll shower with him*.

When I got home, my folks were out and I found [that they’d left] a list of chores that needed doing. It was cold and rainy. I hadta get up on to the roof cos there was a tile that had shifted. Afterwards, I got down to some studying but I kept thinking about Mark and – I dunno – but I musta jacked more than a few times during the morning. I wanted to spend another night with him.

Wingnut came in after lunch. He’d just woken up.

“Hey, Code. Came [here] for my ten bucks. Never thought I’d do it, huh?”

*I gave him the tenner*. “So what did you get up to last night?”

“Went to the movies, and then to a friend of Sean’s [house].”

“Candy with you?”

“Yeah. She was, but we took her home first. Hey, Code…”


“She is seriously touching my dick now.”

“I thought she was [already].”

“No … now she’s into stroking it, and she doesn’t even mind the juice.”

“Progress. Is she letting you past her panties yet?”

“I’m getting there. I tried, but she said it was tender when I touched her.”

“Yeah – be careful. If she’s a virgin she’s gonna have a hard time.”

“And I’m gonna give it to her – hehehe. And what do you mean [by] IF?”

“Just an expression.”

“What are you doing today?”

“Chores, chores and more chores.”

“Need some help?”

“Thought you were going out?”

“Hey, I can still find time to helpya.”

I think he might’ve been sorry after that. I had him up the ladder, scooping mud and bird shit outta the gutters. He had some fun, though – dropping some of it on my head.

“Oops! Sorry, Code. Hehehe.”

I held the ladder and stared up at his shorts. He was wearing my white briefs, and I could see the pouch [was] nicely packed. We had a bit of fun.

Saturday night, I went for pizza with Carol and Steph. Mark was chuffed that Carol was with us cos he’d hardly seen her [during] the weekend. Anyway, I’m sure he made up for it cos after work we waited for him, and then went [into town] for some beers. After that, he and Carol went off to her place, and Steph asked if I wanted to hang around [with her] until her folks got home.

On Sunday morning Wingnut came in [to my room] and told me to cover my boner cos I’d kicked the covers off.

“Why cover it? I wantya to suck it.”

“Yeah, right. I’d rather suck a lemon.”

“You’re pretty chirpy.”

“Yep. Cool, huh? Want to go to Long Beach? I hear it’s rocking.”

“Give me a sec.”

He listened to music while I showered, and then we hitched to Long Beach. Managed to get a ride with some guy in a Merc[edes]. I was sitting in front, and this guy had his eyes permanently in his rear-view mirror, checking Wingnut out. I’m sure Wingnut saw it as well cos every now and again he’d give his crotch a rub.

“You’re gonna get yourself into serious shit [by] cockteasing guys like that.”

“Fuck him. He’s a fairy. Couldn’t you see it?”

“I’m just saying don’t look for shit with guys like that. He was eyeballing you all the fucking way [here].”

“Fucking pedo.”

*Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, G*. [Actually, I was concerned about Cody’s relationship with Wingnut when Cody turned 18, and warned him to be careful. If things had turned sour, which can easily happen in any relationship, Wingnut had the potential ammunition to make Cody’s life a misery. MrB]

We had a really good [surfing] session. Too many guys out [there], but it was still good. Wingnut got some really fast rides, and I had a rave as well, with some bitching overheads [almost a green room]. It took ages to get a ride back home, and it was dark when we got in. My folks were out.

Mark phoned from the pizza place. “Hey, Cody, where the fuck have you been? Your folks have been looking all over for you. They phoned me here at work and they phoned Steph. Steph phoned here and my boss is totally pissed with me.”

“I was out surfing at Long Beach. So where are my folks now?”

“They went out with some friends or something.”

I watched the [2000] Olympic highlights on telly and my folks came home with my dad really pissing on my battery, and my mom giving me a hard time as well about not letting them know where I was going.

“Sorry. You guys were still sleeping when I left [early this morning].”

*My dad was raging*. “Then wake us the fuck up and tell us!”

*Mom* “Watch your language.”

“Yeah, dad.”

I thought he was gonna backhand me [for being cheeky]. So my battery was well and truly pissed on when I got to school this morning, and for a change I gave Mark some of his own medicine [in the boxing ring] and really belted him. The first time he said anything about it was in the shower.

“So now you’ve got last night out of your system?”

“I can’t believe my folks carried on like that.”

“They’re not used to you just jetting on your own. Just play their game and be cool.”

“My dad said ‘fuck’ and my mom got pissed off with him – hehehehe.”

“Like your dad never swears?”

“When he’s angry he always tries to control it, else whatever he says comes out wrong. I do that too when guys piss me off – try and control myself before beating the crap outta them.”

We never mentioned the other night at all. That was cool, though, cos I didn’t want Mark to think it’s like a totally one-off thing – not if I can help it. I enjoyed myself too much to not let it happen again. And to tell the truth, I think Mark wants it to happen again as well.

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