Cape Town, South Africa
Part 108

Mark didn’t resist [me] as I unbuttoned the top of his chinos and pushed his briefs down to get to his boner.

“That’s a monster beef you’ve got there, buddy.”

“Oh, fuck, Cody, you’re driving me fucking crazy here. Stop!” He jumped up and then walked across to the refrigerator, got a glass of ice-cold water and drank it. Then he put his open hands on the fridge door and his head was [hanging] down. Every fucking muscle on his back was so defined and smooth. I walked up behind him and put my hands on those little lines [obliques] you like so much. Mark’s body shuddered a bit. “Just chill, Code – just for now.”

“What’s up?”

“I’m not sure. It’s you: the way you are with me, and what you’re fucking doing to me.”

“Like what?”

“Like I’m terrified where we’re going with this. It feels right – then everything in my head tells me it’s not – then when you’re with me it feels right again.”

I put my arms around him and had my hands on his pecs, and my head on his shoulder blades. “Why shouldn’t it feel right? We’re buds, right?”

He covered my hands with his – very gently – not like normal Mark. “We are buds, Cody. I don’t know why, but we are.”

“I love you, Mark. Have I told you that you’ve got a beautiful bod?”

“A hundred times already, and I love you for saying that. You’re good for my ego … and I need a joint.”

We sat outside while Mark smoked his joint. The moonlight threw shadows in all the right places [on his bod]. Did I tellya that Mark’s let his hair grow to a normal length now? He styles it like spiky every day before heading for work. It suits him and makes him look even more beautiful.

“It’s such a beaut evening, we should sleep outside.”

“We’ll freeze our butts off before morning.”

“Only you – cos you’ll be naked.”

Mark didn’t say a word when I got into bed with him. We were facing each other.

“Want to play follow the leader?”

“If I say yes I can only guess what you’ve got in mind.”

“I just need to touch you, Mark. Please.”

“What am I gonna do with you, Cody?”

I pulled his briefs down, and my hand started to stroke his thick boner, which was already wet with precum. He closed his eyes, and his fingers caressed my chest. I was enjoying the feeling of the small jerks his cock gave with each stroke. His balls felt huge when I cupped them in my hand, and then his body gave a jerk and he let out a stifled scream. My hand covered his cockhead and I felt it fill with his thick warm juice. I moved closer to him as his bod gave these little jerks with the last shots from his dick, and then he gave this huge sigh.

“Go wash your hands, Code.”

I got outta bed and went to the bathroom. As soon as I was out of the room, I took the juice out of my hand with my mouth. It tasted totally delicious, and I wished it was a bit fresher. :) I was totally horny and knew that Mark wasn’t gonna sort me out, so I jacked in the bathroom. Mark came looking for me as I reached a climax – typical bad timing. I don’t think he realized that I saw him when he came around the door. He just turned and disappeared outta there … cos when I got back to the bed …

“What took so long?”

“I dunno. Was I that long?”

He had his briefs back on. I laid on my side with my one arm over him. He was on his back.

He woke me up at about 5, and then I went home to shower and get ready for work. I thought I was gonna feel like death but we were so damn busy that the day just flew by.

Oh, I got an email from Steve. He and his folks are staying at the Copacabana and he’s raving it up. He’s made friends with a coupla American dudes and they’re clubbing every night. He says he has to stock up with condoms every second day. Hehehe – he says the girl from Ipanema was a tourist. He’s hanging with some American chicks and reckons he’s fucking a different one every night. Yeah, right!

Last night we went to see Scary Movie. Wingnut, Candy, Mark, Carol, Steph and me. It was a total hoot. Must be one of the funniest movies I’ve seen. An old couple actually left [the cinema] halfway [through the movie] when a guy was having sex and filled the room with cum – hehehehe. It was fucking outasight. The movie house was packed solid. Afterwards, we went for pizza and we were still hosing ourselves about the movie. Every now and again Mark would look at me and roll his eyes, and I’d mouth ‘what the fuck?’. He’d just smile and shake his head. So I made sure that he and I were the last to get home.

“So what was the eye-rolling all about?”

“Cody, you fucking animal.”


“Carol’s been burning my ear about you and Steph being on fire.”

“So Carol wants me, huh?”

“Yeah, right. Carol says Steph was on the phone to her describing every fucking sensation you gave her. Were you on Viagra or something?”

“Fuck off. But, hey, that’s cool. Steph was bragging about me?”

“Says you were an animal. And I know what you did this summer.”

“Har-de-har. So what did I do besides make love to Steph?”

“You ate her out. And you said you hated seafood.” *He jumped up and down and hugged me*. “I can’t believe you ate her out, and she says it’s like you knew exactly what you needed to do to drive her mad [crazy].”

“Hey, I’m not fussy what I eat. Want me to show you?”

“Not fucking likely. Go wash your mouth out first.”

“Then can I?”

“See what I mean? I can’t fucking take you anywhere – ‘cept a second time to apologize.”

I thought about pushing it, but then I thought why ruin a good evening by pissing Mark off.

This morning, we both met at a coffee shop before getting to work, and had a long chat about all sorts of things. A cute waitress was serving us – a school student doing holiday work. She had really cute tits.

“My buddy says you’ve got cute tits.”

Mark kicked my shins broken under the table, and glared at me. She gave him a cute smile, though. “Fuck, Cody. I’m gonna kill you.”

“Hey, she’s been giving you the eye since we walked in here.”

“How can you say that? You’ve got no fucking culture.”

“Hey, check the smile you got [from her].”

“I can’t believe you did that. Do you know her?”

“Not yet. Her left tit’s name is Sam.”

“What are you on about?”

“Her left tit’s got a name-tag that says Sam.”

Mark hadta smile. “Fuck, Cody, you’re impossible.” Sam blushed every time she came to our table but she ended up coming to the table more [times] than necessary. “The girls would have a fucking fit if they knew what you did.”


“Cos they’ll think we’re hitting on the waitresses here.”

“Crap. You’re being paranoid. She’s cute, though huh? Reckon we could eat her out together?”

“Shhhh, Cody. The fucking people behind us can hear you.”

“Cool. Check that old dude when he gets up [from the table] just now. He’s gonna have a hardon just imagining us eating her dripping wet tight pussy.”

Mark stood up. “I’m going. You’re fucking crazy.” He was giggling, though. And guess what? Sam came almost running to the table.

“You finished?”

*Mark* “Yeah, thanks.”

“Do you two work around here?”

“Mark works at the harbor and I work at the surf shop.”

“You coming in [here] again?”

“Maybe tomorrow.” She was staring at Mark’s butt as we left.

Mark giggled at me. “Not fucking likely are we going back there.”

“Chicken shit.”

“I’ve gotta go [to work] or I’m gonna be late. Checkya later.”

“What? No hug?”

“Fuck off, Cody.”

Mark sprinted to catch a mini bus to the harbor. I watched for a while – really cute butt. He asks for fucking stares from all the chicks, though. His t hugs his pecs and hangs over what is obviously a flat gut. His furniture forms an obvious package in his shorts, and he’s obviously got good legs tucked in there as well, judging by his calf muscles. And besides, he is one good looking mother. OK, OK, I’ll shuddup now.

Just before I came over here [to the internet café], Sam popped into the surf shop on her break. We got chatting together. She was pretty cool and laid back to chat to. I couldn’t chat for too long, though, cos we were busy. She asked if Mark was attached and I said yeah, he was. She was pretty disappointed.

“And you?”

“Hmmm, second choice, huh?” *She giggled and shook her head*. “Yeah, I am. Nothing stopping us from being friends, though, specially seeing that you work so close.”

“Cool. I’m having a party at my house next week and maybe you and Mark can come.”


“You can bring your girlfriends. It’s going to be pretty wild.”

She lives in Llandudno [named after a British seaside town in Wales], which is like a three-million-buck house neighborhood, and she’s obviously got rich folks. I know the guys out there always throw wild parties – lots of rich spoilt dudes with too much cash. I don’t think Mark would go. It’s not his scene at all. I’ll tell him [about the invitation], though.


I see these dudes coming in [to the surf shop] and buying zipless suits for almost 4 thousand bucks [about 500 USD] and I just shake my head. I think of Wingnut who wore my old suit ‘til it crushed his nuts so much he was getting headaches. Now he’s taken over my chores around the ‘hood and wants to get himself a brand new suit. They’re expensive. No – by new I mean a good second-hand suit – about 800 bucks or so.

800 bucks for Wingnut is a huge amount of cash and a lotta time put into the ‘hood [chores].

Thursday today. And canya believe it’s raining? Not hard, but enough to get the garden soaked, which is making my dad pretty happy cos we’ve got water restrictions and you can only water [the garden] for ten minutes on even days before 10 in the morning or after 4 in the afternoon. [Surf] shop’s been quiet since Tuesday so my boss and the shop manager have gone for a wave [as I write this in the internet café]. Heard that the surf is cooking. The guy left in charge [of the shop] is Gavin, and he is only 20. Pretty cool dude, too. We’re always dissing each other and having play fights in the shop. He’s a strong fuck, though. Gave me a shot on the arm yesterday that’s still damn sore.

Still haven’t gone on the wreck dive cos of Christmas. Anyway, looks like it’s gonna be a dive off the rocks along the reef rather than a wreck.  Apparently, I’m not allowed to do a wreck dive yet. Oh, well…

Had a pretty awesome Christmas. Got clothes from mom and dad, and my grandparents gave me some cash, which I’ve put away [for college]. Mark gave me a surf wristband with ‘no fear’ embroidered on it. We both agreed not to spend money on each other cos we’re trying to save, but we both went out and got something anyway without the other knowing. I bought Mark a small pocket book with quotes about friendship in it. He was pretty stoked – even gave me a hug. :) I wrote on the inside cover: ‘To a special friend. Thanks for listening even when I’m not speaking’.

“OK, OK, so I think the book is pretty special, but what does that [note] mean?”

“It means thanks for understanding me.”

“Not in a million years.” *He laughed*.

My mom and dad decided to have a fondue at home on Christmas eve. We celebrate quite a bit differently here [in Safrica] than most of the world, I guess. Anyway, Wingnut’s folks were there [with us] and Mark, Carol, Steph, Wingnut, Candy and a couple from my dad’s office. It was a pretty cool evening. We disappeared to the pool after stuffing ourselves, and left the adults with their wine. Oh, fuck, Steph was wearing a bikini that she looked totally fucking hot in. Mark swam in a paira my boardies after turning down my offer of white briefs – hehehe. Hell, I tried. Carol and Candy had [swimming] costumes as well, and all the girls looked pretty awesome. I’m sure Wingnut was brushing up too damn close to Candy than she would have liked with all of us around. He also had a paira boardies on. I wore a pair of black Speedos. Steph doesn’t mind me wearing Speedos at home, but she fucking goes ape [shit] when I wear them on the beach if she’s with me. She says the damn things show too much.

OK, so back to Christmas. Wingnut got some cool stuff from his folks. I bought him the 2001 surf calendar, which he was totally stoked about. Mark and I got the same things from the girls (planned or what?). We each got a sarong – like really lightweight, brightly colored and totally damn cool. I was pretty stoked. I think Mark was as well, although he didn’t go totally ballistic about it.

Wingnut, I think, made my Christmas the happiest, though. [Steve: this was to be Cody’s last Christmas, and I think it would be wonderful if you could somehow let Wingnut know that he made Cody feel so special on that day. MrB] He didn’t buy a thing but he gave me a drawing on a piece of light blue cardboard. Wingnut actually doesn’t draw too badly. He’s no damn artist but he draws well. He copied a pic outta one of the surf mags of a dude hitting the lip [of the wave], and he wrote on it:

To my best friend, Cody
Thanks for everything you always do for me
Thanks for always being there for me
Thanks for being my big bro
Thanks for helping me to take the bottom turn
Hit the Lip!
Your little bro

I asked him if he wanted to sleep over on Christmas night. We had no plans, and after the day everyone was having an early night. After he showered, he wrapped my sarong around his waist and pulled the back up between his legs, and tucked it in the front, like Aladdin.

“Hey, now you’re taking a chance.”

“I knew you wouldn’t mind. This is pretty kiff (cool).” [That must have been the first time Code translated the word ‘kiff’ for me. MrB]

It looked pretty good on him – like a tropical island boy. I was laying on my bed on my stomach, wearing my boxers. My folks were home so we hadta be careful ‘til they went to bed and sleep. Wingnut sat on the bed and massaged my shoulders, and it felt pretty good.

“Hey, buddy, thanks for the pic. That was pretty damn special.”

“Sorry I never bought you anything.”

“No – that was better.” I had his card up on the wall already and he was pretty chuffed. It’s right next to my Endless Summer poster.

“I’m gladya like it, then.”

“How’s things going with you and Candy? She’s got a really cute bod.”

“And nice tits, huh?”

“Hehehe – yeah. Really cute tits. But you should know cos you’ve been into them already.”

Wingnut’s hands were sending me into such a relaxing mode. Then he smacked my backside. “Hey! You sleeping?”

“No – shit.”

“Hehehe – cool.”

My folks were up late so eventually we turned in. Wingnut climbed under the covers on the [spare] mattress naked. I pulled my boxers off and then I must’ve fallen asleep. I woke up with Wingnut’s hand on my stomach.

“Hey, bud. What’s up?”

He was on his knees next to my bed, and had pulled the covers off my chest and stomach. “Just checking how neat your bod feels when you’re sleeping.”

“Want to climb in?”

He didn’t even answer me, and slid under the covers next to me. His bod was cold, and he put his arm over me and slid it down to my lazy dick. “It’s sleeping.” He shook it. “Wake up! Wake up! Time to play!”

Yeah, well, that did it – didn’t it? I felt it going hard in his fist. He slid his boner into my hand and moved his hips forward and back gently, and stroked me at the same time. He put his head on my chest, and I played with his thick black hair, which smelt like shampoo. “How’s it going with the other stuff?”

“I haven’t even smoked this week.”

“I’m proud of you.”

“I know that.” He moved his head down, and I felt the tip of his tongue play with the tip of my boner – licking the precum off of it, and it drove me fucking crazy. “You taste cool, Code.”

“You’re going to get a full lunch if you keep that up.”

He fisted me as his tongue did its thing. I stopped fisting him cos I decided I was gonna blow his lights out for him – special Christmas pressie.

He moved his face away as he felt my hips rise and my cock jump in his hand. My jizz ended up on my chest and stomach, and it was a signal for him to jack me faster. Eventually, I hadta take his hand away cos my dick was so damn tender.

I cleaned myself and then asked him if he wanted to sit on my chest, and lean forward over me.

“You’ve gotta be quiet. OK?”


I hadta pull his boner down, and I slid my mouth over the thick shiny hard shaft, and he pushed his hips forward, and started to fuck my face. I hadta tell him to be quiet a few times. It was pretty special having Wingnut like that. He smelt clean and fresh, and his boner tastes different to most. I think that’s one thing I like about my little bro – he keeps himself clean and you can smell it.

“I’m gonna cum, Cody!” *He whispered between gritted teeth*.

I let him cum in my mouth, and I swallowed his sweet juice. My hands were on his buns, and I kept him in there for what seems like forever. His dick never really went completely soft. He was quite happy to stay there as his cock started to get hard again. I started to gently massage his shaft with my tongue while my fingers played with his nads. I pushed him down on his back so I could see his stomach muscles stretch out, and then I went to work on him. I was gentle, though, cos his dick was super sensitive. His legs were apart but the muscles bulged in this thighs cos they were so stiff.

“Relax.” *I whispered*.

“I’m relaxing, I’m relaxing! This is awesome, Cody. Make it last all night.”

I jacked myself with one hand while my other hand played with his nads, and my mouth played up and down his shaft. He came a second time – not as much as the first but his cock reacted just as violently as it gyrated in my mouth, and his arched back [was] stretching his sixpack right back.

He fell asleep with his head on my chest and his leg draped over me, and I hadta gently get him back onto the [spare] mattress. He was laying on his back and I admired him for a long time before eventually closing my eyes. That’s my buddy.

We went through to Long Beach and surfed the whole of 26th [December]. Surf was OK. There were some of Wingnut’s buds in the surf. I’ve actually not realized that in the time that Wingnut has been going out surfing on his own [that] he has built up a huge circle of friends – all guys about his age who enjoy surfing and each other’s company. He doesn’t need Sean’s shit. He’s popular without taking any of that crap [drugs], and he treats all his friends well, except when they steal his waves – then he swears like a damn sailor at them – even come close to scraping [fighting] sometimes, but then they’re friends again.

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 Codeman Part 109