Cape Town, South Africa
Part 118

Monday: Overcast this morning but it’s nice. Cool, not cold. We had a helluva wind on Saturday and Sunday so that put paid to any ideas of going for a wave. It’s cool, though – gave me a chance to get stuff done around the house. Helped my had paint my shower. Every now and then it gets this black mould on it and then you can’t get it off – specially on the ceiling. It looks pretty cool now, though. Bought a tropical fern and put it on the wall on the side of the shower. It’s quite full and green, and hangs down the side next to my wash basin.

[That was the first time I’d realized that Cody was not only a budding interior decorator but also had his own bathroom. He would often talk about Wingnut or Mark or Steve going to the bathroom, and I kept wondering where it was. I had no idea that he had an ensuite. He must’ve figured that everyone had an ensuite, so why bother to mention it? Well, Code, I came from a family of two adults and four sons – six people living in a 2-bedroom cottage with ONE bathroom. Cody never considered his folks to be rich, but they were a helluva lot better off than mine. Our ‘pool’ was a hose hanging over the clothes line. Our car was the company truck that my dad’s employer allowed him to bring home at night and on weekends. My pocket money [allowance] was four bob [40 cents], which rose to six bob when I was about 12. A ticket to the Saturday matinee was one shilling and one penny [11 cents], so that left me with lots to spend on lollies [candy]. At 13 I got a job at the local pharmacy, washing bottles and delivering prescriptions on my bicycle [a hand-me-down from my eldest bro]. I was paid one pound ten shillings [three dollars] a week. An absolute fortune. So there ya go, Code. You weren’t doing too badly. :) MrB]

Had a new guy start at work on Saturday morning. He’s also 18 and he’s totally cool. He worked at another surf shop before, so he knows his stuff. Knows a stack more than me. Anyway, we hit it off right away. His name’s Graham. I can hear your brain going overtime. Nope, no, nein, nyet. This dude is str8, G. And, yes – ja – I did give him the once over. He’s got hair like Mark’s but it’s a bit longer and wild and spiky and all over the place. It looks like he gets outta the shower, shakes his head once, and that’s it.

I had a heart-to-heart with Mark on the phone on Saturday, late afternoon. I had read your mail by then and decided to bite the bullet. I was pretty cheerful on the phone and so was he. He went on about how cool it was to have a bike to get around, and he thinks that he and this girl he met are head over heels for each other. She spent the night at his place on Friday. Told him that Steph slept over with me on Friday night, and also that the rumor about Steve and Carol is bullshit. Carol says that she and Steve are good friends and that’s it. Nothing serious.

“Is she OK?”

“Carol? Yeah, she’s doing fine. Mark, are you going to stay in Joburg?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t really like the place, but I’ve been happy here. Met my dad this afternoon, and my bro and sister. It was pretty cool. My dad wants me to study up here. He can help pay towards it – if I want. He’s not putting any pressure on me. He reckons I should stay with the yacht thing and maybe go to Durban and do a skipper course or something.”

“So you’re not coming back here?”

“I’m not sure, Cody.”

“Look, it’s cool. I’m learning to handle it – kinda. I just want to know cos I’ve like put everything on a back-burner here. My feelings for you are so fucking intense, and I need to know that I must move on.”

“You make it sound like it’s easy up here for me. I’m learning to move on a bit, Code. We’ve got such a special friendship that I can’t explain cos I think of you a lot – I do – really. I miss everything about Cape Town. I just want to see how things pan out up here, and take it from there. We both need to get on with our lives, Cody. That doesn’t mean losing what we’ve got, and we will see each other again. I want a repeat of what we shared that night at my flat. You’ve no idea how often I think of that. But we both need to look a bit further. This girl I’ve met: I know it’s only been a short while, but she’s really special.”

“Hey, don’t stress. I’m cool. I just want you to know that I’ll always loveya. So tell me about her.”

“Well, her name’s Candy, but she’s a bit older than Wingnut’s Candy. She’s 24 and she does public relations work for a company up here. She travels quite a lot.”

“24? Whoa! She could be your mom.”

“Hehehehe. Fuck you. Fuck you, Cody.”

“Hehehe. Well, at a pinch she could be Wingnut’s mom. She nice?”

“You’d like her.”

“Oh, good sex, huh?”

“Hehehe. That, too.”

“So, you two sleeping together?”

“What do you think?”

“So what’s she like?”

“Well, she makes me feel like a god. Says that I’m fantastic in bed. You know…”

“No, tell me. Hope you’re using a condom.”

“Nope. She’s on the pill.”

“I want to hear about all the disgusting details. How did it start?”

“You’re a pig, Cody. Hehehehe, but I loveya. We both got trashed on Friday night and ended up in my room. Next thing, she’s undressing me. Fucking hell, she must’ve gotten lessons from you or something. She lets her fingernails and tongue do the walking.”

*I had a major boner just listening to Mark, and imagining the whole thing happening*. “Yeah, and next. Come on.”

“Well, she starts eating me, and I start undressing her, and started to eat her out.”

“Aaaaaaggggghhhhhh! More! More!”

“Fuck you, Code. Do you know that I’ve never spoken about this shit before? I’m giving myself a fucking erection here.”

“Can I come play with it?”

“Anytime. Come and get it, bro.”

“She good in bed?”

“Hey, Code, stop there before you jizz on your folks’ phone.”

“She an animal?”

“Yeah, she’s a fucking animal, so stop already.”

“You juice her insides?”

“Bye, Cody.”

“No wait! Dammit! You can’t stop now! It’s like pulling your mouth away at the critical sec.”

“How’s things with Steph?”

“Pretty good. She spent Friday night with me.”

“You porking her in your bedroom with your folks around?”

“My mom’s not sure if I am or not. My dad knows for sure but he’s cool with it as long as she doesn’t get pregnant.”

“You made a good couple, you two.”

“So do we.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, I’ve gotta jet. I’ll phone you again in the week.”

“Hey, how’s Fingers?”


“The dude with the morning coffee and back massage.”

“Oh – he’s pretty cool. It’s like a ritual now. I wake up with Fingers caressing my back. He doesn’t go any further than that. He’s picking up some flack from his girlfriend, though. She reckons he’s paying too much attention to me.”

“Working hard?”

“Believe it. And it’s not an 8 hour day. I just work until I’m ready for bed, and then up early in the morning again. I’ve gotta go, Code. I don’t want to run up a huge bill.”

“OK. Hey, loveya, buddy.”

“Loveya too, Cody. Miss you, bro.”

Thanks. Cya.”


I felt on the up after chatting to Mark. Saturday night, Steph and I went to a movie, and then pizza, where we met up with Wingnut and Candy. Brian and his girlfriend were with them. We had a pretty good time. Took Steph home and then went to my place. Stopped at my tree and had a piss. Got a lump in my throat and moved on. The dark streets can be pretty lonely places at night.

[Like me, I’m sure you must get the impression that Mark is a very sensible person; quite mature for his age. When Paul visited Cody for his 18th birthday, he said that Mark was the ‘most mature of the bunch’. Much of what Mark says is beyond his years, so my guess is that he acquired that knowledge/wisdom from reading books. I was very impressed with what he wrote in his letter to Code: “Carol taught me how to make love. You taught me how to love.” That’s not the kinda thing you would expect to hear from a teen. Most remarkable, and a huge credit to the Codeman. MrB]

“Cody! Hey, Cody! It’s me!” Wingnut was waiting outside the wall of my house.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was gonna sleep over at Brian’s house but I couldn’t.”

“You should’ve arranged [it] with his folks first.”

“We did, but Alan’s drunk, and started smacking him around and wanted to start with me, but I scarpered.”

“You guys never learn. Leave him alone.”

“Brian started. One of Alan’s friends wanted him to fetch a beer, and Brian told him to piss off and fetch his own. So Alan smacked him, and I just thought it’s best to get outta there.”

Anyway, back to Saturday: It turns out that Alan and his buds were stoned and drunk; and Alan used to get aggro when he was str8, so you can imagine [what he was like stoned and drunk]. I asked Wingnut if he didn’t feel guilty about leaving Brian behind there.

“I asked Brian to come with me but Alan said that Brian had to hang around. He’s such a prick. It’s such a fuckup cos my folks aren’t expecting me home. What am I supposed to tell ‘em?”

“If you want, you can stay over at my place We haven’t had a chance to be together for a while.”

“You sure? I wasn’t sure you wanted me to.”


“You’ve been different – like I piss you off or something.”

“Sorry about that. It’s just that I miss Mark.”

“You guys were good friends, huh. It’s weird. I never thought you’d be friends [cos of] the way you guys used to fight and argue. So it’s OK for me to stay over?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

“Whoa! Me too! Can we go for a walk or something? I’m not helluva tired.”

We ended up taking a stroll down to the beach, and then up to Wipe Out. I went in and got us each a beer, and we sat outside on the wall, drinking it.

“Just keep that thing hidden. I don’t want someone from school seeing me give you a beer.”

“Too late. There’s a stack of guys here already. Some of them are only one grade up from me.”

After the beer, we walked home and I pulled the [spare] mattress down. Wingnut pulled off his t, and then sat on my bed and took his sneakers and jeans off. He was wearing really baggy boxers and took those off as well.

“You can sleep on the mattress, Cody.” And with that, he laid down on my bed and pulled the covers over him. The little shit. I got naked and climbed in next to him, and he right away cuddled up to me. “This is cool. We haven’t done this for a long time.”

“Yeah, I know.”

He laid on his back and I let my fingers gently explore him like it was the first time. His nipples went hard under my hand and his stomach contracted as I slowly went over his abs. He tensed his leg muscles and I let my hands glide up and down the inside of his thighs, and then to his nads, which had started to pull up tight. His boner was up away from his stomach, a lot like the way Egor’s boner looks when he’s laying down. I gently wrapped my fist around it, and let it glide up and down – just lightly caressing the skin. I pulled precum down from his cockhead onto his length to lube it up.

I was so obsessed with his bod that I hadn’t realized that his hands were exploring me, until his one hand lifted my nads and I had an aching boner.

“I think Candy’s getting ready to blow me.”

“How come?”

“She almost did the other night when she was at my house. She was lifting my t and kissing my chest and stomach, and her lips were like down on the tie of my shorts and she undid it. And when her mouth got to my pubes there was a knock on my door, and it was my mom. Candy almost pissed in her panties. Mindya, they were all wet anyway cos my finger was up her pussy, fucking her good.”


“My mom gave me the third degree about sex and making Candy pregnant, and maybe my penis was too small to do anything anyway.”

“That’s why I call you ‘little prick’.”

“Anyway, my mom said she’s seen me naked and it’s a loaded weapon I’m carrying, and I must be careful with it. I asked if my dad had one like that when he was my age and she burst out laughing, and said something about my dad wishing he had one that size now. So you see, it’s huge already. So she says it’s got nothing to do with size, it’s all about… And then she stops and tells me it’s best if I speak to my dad about all this guy stuff, and she doesn’t want me and Candy graunching in my room.”

“Want me to blow you?”

“Oh, yeah. And then I’ll do you.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to, though. I want to do you first, then I wantya to tell me how it is.”


“Cos when you do me I’m gonna fall asleep right after.”

I laid on my back, and Wingnut turned with his legs up alongside my head so that his dick was within reach. I played with his legs. I love his legs cos they are so damn cool and well built. I felt his fist close around the base of my boner, and then his tongue touched my piss hole. He closed his lips around my [cock]head and his tongue started circling the ridge. I felt [?] as he opened his mouth wide, and my now-sensitive cockhead slid on the top of his mouth.

I looked down at the side of my little spiky-haired bro as his head gently bobbed up and down [as he sucked me]. He had an awesome profile, and seeing my boner stretching his lips was driving me crazy. The position that he was laying in highlighted the muscles running up the length of his back, and his arm and shoulder muscles shone with sweat. I played with his hard nads as he eventually sent me crazy.

“Mmmmffffff! I’m gonna cum!”

He sealed his lips halfway down my boner and started to swallow as my jizz went into his mouth. He gagged and coughed once, and a spray of juice shot out of his mouth, but he sealed again and his throat worked overtime. My whole bod was in a spasm and I couldn’t believe what Wingnut had just done. Not what he’d done, but the way he’d done it. Eventually, he let my floppy slip out of his mouth, all shiny and clean. :) Then he turned and smiled at me.

“I guess it’s my turn now, huh?”

“Oh, my fuck! How did you suddenly get so damn good at this?”

“Brian and me. We practice.”

“You guys blow each other?”

“We’ve done it twice now. Brian is the expert, and I asked him to go slow and teach me so I could do him. I didn’t tell him that you and I do it – so don’t sweat it.”

I felt a twitch in my groin, thinking about him and Brian together. Oh, jeez!

Wingnut then straddled me and leaned over my head. His boner was shiny hard, and my tongue started at his nads and slowly slid up to the bright pink head. He started to hyperventilate as my hands flattened on his abs and caressed his chest and abs as I took in his hard boner. I left it to him to fuck my face, and he started slowly; just enjoying the sensations that he was experiencing.

I slid my hands up his legs and his buns, and then rested them on his lats, feeling them harden like cable along the sides of his bod. He started to fuck my face harder, and his buns relaxed and contracted into iron-hard balls. His breathing accelerated, and he had his mouth open. I grabbed his buns and pulled him into me, and I started to work his boner – my lips and tongue doing everything possible on it.

Then his whole body tensed, and he tried to hold his breath to stop screaming as his cock swelled and jerked in my mouth. Wingnut’s jizz is like no other that I’ve tasted. Very different. Almost sweetish compared to Mark or Steve or Paul, and not as thick as theirs, but just as much in volume if not more, and it comes out powerfully in strong jets, each jet causing him to gasp. He was whimpering by the time he offloaded his last jet. He let me hold him there, and I kept massaging with my tongue. Although his boner relaxed, it never really got soft.

Eventually, he slid down my chest and sat straddling me, and put his head on my chest. He was still oozing jizz.

“You OK?”

“Yeah.” *He didn’t need to say more than that*.

We both must’ve dozed like that for a while, and then we woke up and Wingnut laid next to me on his stomach and fell asleep. I caressed his bod – hard, tanned and smooth. I admired everything about the little dude. He’s been through what a lot of 20-year-olds would probably never go through. The whole drug thing that he seems to have sorted out. Yeah, I know he still smokes the odd reefer with his buds, and he’s gonna haveta deal with that, but he’s staying away from the chemicals. I think the morning that he was so sick on the beach gave him a wake-up call, especially when his buds just deserted him at the time he really needed them to look after him.

I fell asleep, and woke up about 4am. Wingnut had rolled onto his back and had kicked the covers off. How the fuck was I supposed to sleep? I rested my one hand on his lazy dick and jacked myself as it came to life. I gently woke him up and he sleepily rolled off the bed and onto the [spare] mattress. I covered him up with a spare blanket and he just passed out. He woke up early cos he was meeting some buds, and they were going cycling. I wasn’t into cycling in the crap wind.

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 Codeman Part 119