Cape Town, South Africa
Part 120

Sunday morning I went out cycling with Wingnut, and then sorted my cupboards out again. Threw out a load of old ts and stuff, and gave them to Wingnut. Half of them he said he didn’t want cos they were lamo. Sunday arvie we were both back in the [school] pool. I’m getting into it now and enjoying it again. I’m training butterfly again cos it was like my best stroke [last year] and I reckon I’ve got a chance of doing something with it. Wingnut is cruising through the water. His training is paying off big time. Besides, he’s fucking cute. :)

Well, Carol’s got a new guy, and it’s not Steve. He’s got the same sorta looks as Mark – good looking, dark hair. Hasn’t got Mark’s personality, though. Fact is, he’s an ego-ridden prick. I found that out on Friday night cos we ended up at Carol’s after going out together. About the same size as Mark. Good bod. The big problem is that Mark had a better bod, better looking, and without the ego. In fact, Mark gets embarrassed when you talk about his bod. I think, though, what really pissed me off was that he was stepping in Mark’s place. Something happened – and I forget what it was – something really insignificant – and I made a comment that it reminded me of the one night we’d all been out together and I remember it cos Mark was in such a good mood. This cunt says, “Mark’s history, bro. Let’s rather not mention him, OK.” Steph whispered to me not to start anything cos I was fucking seething. The one thing that Mark and this dude have in common is the aggro cos this guy was itching to climb into me.

When Steph and I were in bed, I asked her when Carol had met him, and she said that Carol knew the dude a long while back, but they never had anything going. It was only last weekend that they connected.

“And she’s being fucked by this dude already?”

Tuesday: This morning is totally cool. Well, the weather is hectic and hot. But the first year varsity students are selling their ‘Rag’ magazine, which they do to raise money for the students’ health and welfare thing, called SHAWCO. The mag is full of jokes and it’s really cool to read. A bunch of them came into the shop and Ross was there. They were all dressed weird but Ross took the cake, and I can see why he was like the best mag seller in the group. He was wearing old stuffed-up sneakers and he had a pair of torn boxers over his Speedos and no top. The elastic on the boxers was broken, and he had them being held up by braces. I hadta try like hell to stop getting a boner cos he looked so hot. His hair was dyed bright red. Everyone in the shop ended up buying a mag. The girls were also totally hot, but I think they were all around Ross like a rash. Wonder why. :) Ross and I got chatting about the swim comp on Saturday and he’s pretty amped. He’s also determined that we’re gonna thrash the school guys. He said he’s seen Darren, and they’re ready for this thing.

Mark phoned last night and we chatted for a while. He says things between him and his Candy are going pretty damn good. Fingers is paying him even more attention. Bought a home gym set and set it up in a spare room, and he’s asked Mark to help him train.

“He’s done it so he can watch you train.”

“I know that, but it’s cool. He can watch all he likes. Bought a cool boxing bag cos I was telling him about boxing at school. You’d piss yourself laughing. He wants me to push him to get fit, and he pisses water after like two minutes of doing anything. He’s really cool, though, Cody. You’d like him.”

“He sounds OK. Doesn’t freak you out, though – him touching you all the time?”

“Sunday morning he did. I was making breakfast and he came up behind me – the normal thing – hands on the shoulders and massaging me. Then he put his hands around me and under my t and on to my stomach. Now that freaked me out. I told him to take his fucking hands away or I’ll break his fucking arms.”

“What the fuck’s the diff? Your shoulders or your stomach?”

“Cos he was right up against me, and as soon as he touched my stomach he started getting a fucking erection, and that freaked me. Anyway, he left the kitchen and looked pissed off for most of the morning. He relaxed afterwards, though, and was back to normal. He seems to be terrified of pissing me off, which is maybe cool. His girlfriend came around and she took him out somewhere. When we were alone [again] he started getting a bit quizzy. He asked me what the big deal was about him touching my stomach, and how good I looked. I eventually told him to shut the fuck up, but like in a friendly way.”

“Oh, yeah. ‘Shut the fuck up’ with a smile on your face.”

“Yeah, I did.”

“What does Candy say about this guy?”

“I haven’t told her what he’s like. You’re the only one who knows. I don’t want to screw things up for him here. He’s been pretty fucking good to me, and he’s being a good friend. Who knows? One day I might piss Candy off or something, and then she goes and spills the beans to this dude’s friends or shit like that.”

“Oh … Carol’s got a new guy.”

“I know. We spoke [on the phone]. He’s pretty cool, though. They used to be friends long before I came on the scene.”

“He’s a prick.”

“He’s good for Carol.”

“’Cept he thinks he’s like God’s gift to women.”

“Yeah, whatever. Her choice. He and I got on OK. Guess you and he have hit loggerheads.”

“I think he’s itching to fuck me up.”

“Yeah, well, don’t even start with that dude. He’s got a rep as a no-rules streetfighter, Code. If he gets you down, his boot is gonna go in.”

“Hey, I’m not gonna look for shit with him. He’s fucking built.”

“Anyway, I’ve gotta get moving. Candy’s pulling in just now and we’re going to the Randburg Waterfront.”

“OK. Cya.”

“Cheers, bud.”

Wednesday: It’s stinking hot again and I’m wearing the tank top I got FOR FREE!! [Will you stop that, Code! One minute you’re telling about Ross being shirtless and dressed in torn boxers, and now you’re telling me that you’re wearing a tank top. How am I supposed to concentrate? MrB] Met with Graham at the coffee shop this morning. He’s pretty cool. Always jacking around and laughing, so you can imagine the chaos in the shop when we’re not busy. He’s an awesome surfer and skateboarder. This weekend is the Red Bull Downhill Extreme so we’re gonna go and watch on Sunday.

Yesterday was a good day. Hot as hell. When I got home, it was cool to see little dude waiting for me cos I was amped to get swimming. There were a few juniors in the pool when we got there, and I think Wingnut was chuffed cos he came in with me. A lot of the juniors still remember the seniors from last year, and we had a kickass season, which makes it even better. There’s some cute little dudes swimming but they make Wingnut look like he pumps iron. I’m sure there must be one or two of them that get fucking hard when he’s in his Speedos.

On the way home he said that he felt totally stoked cos some of the newer guys in the squad were asking about me, and how come he got to hang with me.

“So I told them that we’re bros, right?”

*I ignored him*.

“Right, Cody?”


“Hey, shithead!” *He backhanded me in the stomach. Hope he hurt his fucking hand*.

“Hehehe. Yeah, cool. Fuck, Wingnut, that was sore.”

“Yeah, that’s cos it was supposed to be. We’re bros, right?”

I had a nice red spot just above my bellybutton where he connected. The little shit is getting too damn strong – and cocky. “Yeah, we’re bros.”

“Oh – you’ve gotta help me with some math [homework].”


“Yeah. I’m coming over after supper.”

Actually, he came over during supper. We were having grilled chicken and veg, and he sat down at the table next to me. My mom asked if he wanted some [supper] and he said, ‘no, he’d just eaten’. My dad quizzed him about school and how it was going. He said it was going OK. My dad told me later that Wingnut’s mom had spoken to my mom about Wingnut’s falling grades at school. He’s barely getting through his subjects. Apparently, they are thinking about suspending him from swimming and cricket until his grades improve.

Thursday: Had a helluva fire on Table Mountain yesterday. Saw the choppers dropping buckets of water onto it. They seemed to get it under control, though. It’s out now ‘cept for some smoke drifting around.

I’ve enjoyed the swimming, G. I think I’m gonna get a permanent health club membership. A few of the guys from school and the older dudes go [there]. You’ve just gotta book time, though, cos the pool is so busy. But it’s cool to get into the water when the surf’s crappy. Actually, I could even use the school pool whenever if I chat to the coach. Maybe give him a hand with some of the younger guys. Just basic stuff. I’m not really great at stroke coaching but, hey, I can give [them] a hand.

Had an awesome swim last night. Swam laps until they were coming out of my ears. Just casual swimming. Did a couple of 100m butterflies just to train up, else I swam freestyle lengths. Then I spoke to Wingnut about his grades.

“Hey, what’s this I hear about your grades?”

“They’re cool.”

“Don’t talk shit to me. We’re bros, right?”

“OK, so they’re not so cool.”

“How not so cool?”

“Very not so cool.”

“They’re gonna drop you from cricket and swimming.”

“Yeah, right. I’m like the best junior, and my cricket’s ace.”

“Are you listening to me? They’re gonna drop your sport if you don’t improve [your grades].”

“They just said that to my folks so they could crap all over me. But, hey, it’s cool. I can still surf.”

“And eventually drop out of school cos there’s nothing to keep you there. And your folks will probably stop your surfing as well. That’s not the point, though.”

“So what’s the fucking point then?”

“I’m gonna clout you. You’re not listening to me.”

“You’re sounding like my old man. Maybe that’s why [I’m not listening].”

“Want me to help you out with your studying and homework?”

“I’m a dunce, Cody. I don’t understand the shit.”

“Yeah. Keep that up and you’ll start believing it as well. It’s called the self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“What’s that?”

“When you start believing everything you think, and what people say about you.”

I think I got through to him eventually, but he’s stubborn, and then gets aggro when you try and reason with him. Fuck, he’s [getting] more and more like Mark.

Friday: It’s 7am. I want to get this off to you now, and then I’m gonna get some coffee. A few guys from the shop are going to be there. Getting to be like a morning ritual thing. The fire is still smouldering on the mountain, and there’s a chopper with a water bucket looking for hot spots. City is covered in mist but it’s gonna get hot.

I’m totally into this swimming after work now. I toldya that already. Wingnut and I had such a good session last night, and then he came around [to my place] afterwards so I could help him with geography – one of my fav subjects – and he actually started getting into it, especially when I point out the great surf spots around the world. And then I got him to understand how climates affect surf. :) Madness in my method. Or is it the other way around.

Anyway, G, I wanta get this off. I signed up with FunTB chat again, under the name codysw1m, and I’m still pending. I got the authorization code from Yahoo and entered it, so I dunno what’s going on. There’s a chance I’m taking a [tourist] group out surfing this morning. I hope so. That’s why I wanted to get this mail off early cos I might not have a chance l8er.

[We never did get to chat, Code. I wonder what it would have been like to chat to you in real time. MrB]

Last night, Steph and I just went to a movie and then str8 home. I wanted to get an early night. It was like being back at school and the early nights before swim comps. Mom made a huge pasta dish – carbonara with bacon and ham and mushroom sauce and tagliatelle. Shit, I’m sure that spelling is wrong but it still tasted rad. Totally pigged out, and then felt like a whale, which is cool cos then I could just float across the damn pool.

Wingnut came to fetch me while I was showering. He was dressed in his school track suit and looked pretty sporty. “Move your ass, Cody. I’m supposed to help put stuff out for the judges and shit.”

“So go ahead. So long.”

“No fucking way! You might not come then.”

“Yeah, right. My name’s not fucknut. Oops! Sorry, Wingnut.”

“You pissed off with me?”

“No … nervous.”

“You too, huh?”

“Why are you nervous?”

“Cos of you swimming today.”

We got to the school pretty early. Just some of the juniors were around, and they were busy cleaning [the pool and surrounds] – not that there was much cleaning [to do] – and putting clothes on the tables for the judges, and setting the lane markers out. I helped set up the blocks.

“You ready for this, Cody?” *The coach*.

“About as ready as I’ll ever be, Coach.”

“Well, just do your best. Don’t expect a helluva lot against the top boys.”

“I’m just here to enjoy the vibe, Coach. It’s cool to be back at school.”

“Wish everyone thought like that.”

Fuckwit arrived with one of the other guys, and then came over to chat to me. I actually like Fuckwit but I can see that the juniors have probs with him. He’s got an ego the size of a school hall, and he’s always looking around to see if anyone is watching him. And he talks loud. I’m sure you know the type.

“I’m sorry, Cody, but you’re definitely gonna see the back of my Speedos today.”

*Hmmm. That’s not a bad thing. :)* “Yeah, well … hey, you guys are in training, but I’m not gonna roll over and play dead.”

*He pats me on the back*. “You might as well, dude. Might as well.”

Wingnut was fuming [afterwards]. “How the fuck can you be so friendly with him?”

“Hey, he’s done nothing to me.”

“He’s a prick.”

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