Cape Town, South Africa
Part 122

Now Wingnut’s a prime example of someone who could end up in shit seriously. He has got so much energy but he has opted to use it for sport, and gets involved with everything he can. Someone needs sorting out, he sorts him out or gets sorted out [in a fight]. That’s why I think [the school] stopping his sports [cos of low grades] is like an invitation for him to get up to all sorts of other crap. And he’s no dunce you know, G. He’s pretty bright but not focused. He gets bored too damn easily. Last night, I was going through some math with him, and he’s always had a hassle with it. But he was cruising through the stuff, and I only helped him with one or two things. I was quizzing him on his history, which he really sucks at. But after a while the stuff stuck [in his brain]. I think the point is that he really does want to work and do well.

“Hey, Cody, didya say anything to Fuckwit?”


“Cos all of a sudden he’s being all cool to us [juniors] and everything.”

“Maybe he saw how hard you guys swam on Saturday. You should try and get on with him.”

“You still gonna help us train for school champs?”

“The coach has asked me to help.”

“Cool. The guys dig you a stack.”

“I haven’t said yes yet.”

“But you will, though … cos I asked you, huh?”

“Well, I want to train as well, so …”

“Hey, you gonna come on [the school swim] tour with us?”

“Whoa, boy! I doubt it. Time off from work.”

“It’s only like three days off work.”

“I don’t get paid for being off work. Anyway, I think Darren is gonna be junior coach on tour again.”

“Actually, he’s cool. Like a slave-driver.”

“Homework finished?”

“Yeah – that’s it. Thanks, Cody.”

Hey, G, do you know that feeling you get when you haveta do something and it’s like a major chore, but once it’s done you feel really good about it? Well, that’s the kinda smile Wingnut had – like this whole load was off his shoulders cos his homework was up to date. At least he worked. If he’d started to jack around then I would’ve just gotten pissed off and impatient.

Wednesday: Went down to the school pool last night. There were still a coupla guys training so it was cool. I didn’t need to hop the damn wall. They got out [of the water] before me but they waited [for me] cos one of the guys had the keys and had to lock up.

“Heard you might help coach the juniors, Cody. Is it true?”

“Yeah, maybe. It just depends on my time and when the coach needs me.”

“That would be cool. You were pretty stylish on Saturday – for an old dude.”

“Craig could’ve beaten me. Just let his guard down and I took advantage.”

“Maybe it’s cos you were hungrier to win. We’ve gotta jet. Hope you can come coach the taddies [tadpoles], Cody. That would be pretty cool.”

“Yeah, seeya around.”

I was kinda hoping that Mark would phone me last night. Nothing. Let’s see. What was my homework assignment last night? Hmmmm. Well, Wingnut thinks he did OK in a math test yesterday cos he understood most of what was in the paper. He didn’t have a helluva lot of homework, just some English, which he did while I was staring over his shoulder.

Thursday: We are having some really great weather and I’m wondering for how long it can go on for. Read your interview – pretty cool. :) [Can’t remember which interview Code was referring to. Maybe it was the mock one I had with myself. MrB] I didn’t have a helluva lot of homework last night – some geo, which I kinda left for the last minute, so it was a bit of a rush to get it done – like a mini project – but it’s cool. The word from school is that my work is reasonably up to date, and I’ve been doing some studying so my test results are much better as well – even math.

“Sorry, Code. I forgot about the damn project due tomorrow. But it’s cool. I can work on it [myself] if you need some time off.”

How the fuck am I supposed to get mad at him? Anyway, he was making me fucking horny cos of the way he was dressed. He was wearing a loose t over a paira tight light-cotton gym shorts that just flowed over his cute ass and his bulge. And, cos it was short, his fucking muscular legs just grew out of them.

It took us about two hours to finish the project cos we had to get the encyclopaedia and atlas out, and do some research. He’s doing most of the work. I’m just pointing him towards the right places to find answers. My folks went out for dinner while we were busy.

“Use the fucking back index. That’s what it’s for!”

“Oh, soooooooooory! Jeez!”

“Once you know where to look for stuff it’ll be easier – especially with [school] projects.”

“Yeah, I know that. But stop freaking, OK?”

“You’ve been working hard so I guess I owe you a reward.”

“Cool. You bought me something?”

“Nah. Stand up.” I put my hands under his t, and then under the elastic of the shorts.

“What if your folks come home?”

“They’re out for supper. They’re gonna be late.”

I slid his shorts down. He was wearing blue bikini pouched briefs, with his furniture nicely tucked away. Aaaagggghhhhh! I let my fingers trace the defined lines from his hips to the elastic, and they [my fingers] just kept on carrying his briefs down, letting my hands run alongside the hard muscles of his legs. His dick hung lazily over his nads.

“This is a first. How come your dick’s all lazy?”

“Cos you’re ugly. I dunno. Maybe I’m nervous or something.” He was nervous, too. I could sense it.

“You OK with this?”

“Yeah, it’s cool.”

His nads hung low, with his two perfect balls each in its defined pouch – like a little bull. I gently held his nads in my hand and felt them lift as his dick started to stiffen and rise. He lifted his arms up as I pulled his t over his head. I watched in the mirror as his stomach concaved and his abs stretched. His cock got harder and lifted more. I let my hands cruise over his pecs and over the little mounds of his smooth softskinned abs. “You OK, Wingnut? You’re quiet.”

“I’m just enjoying you touching me, Cody. I wasn’t expecting it now, though. You gonna get naked, too?”

“Want me to?”


I took off my top, and then grabbed his hands and put them on the top button of my shorts. He took the hint and undid the buttons. My shorts fell to the floor, and then he pulled my boxers off. Unlike his, my dick was pointing right at his chest, and it was such a horny feeling. I grabbed him and pulled him against me, and just gave him a huge hug. After a while, I turned him around [so that I was behind him] and put my hand around him and started to jack him.

“Check yourself out in the mirror.”

“I am.”

He looked at himself in the mirror as I jacked him off. My boner was right up against his back. I felt his boner start to jerk, and I went around the front of him and started to blow his lights out while I was massaging his smooth balls. I hope he was still looking in the mirror. I pulled him closer to me with my hands on his buns and I felt his boner jerk a few times before he offloaded his juice. The first few shots went like projectiles to the back of my throat and I fucking raved at the taste. I really think Wingnut should market the damn stuff. I kept his dick in my mouth as I jacked off. That was totally horny for me, and it didn’t take too long before jets of juice flew between his legs and on to the carpet. I pulled my head away and he released his grip.

“How come you didn’t want me to blow you?”

“Hey, it’s cool. I really just enjoy having you close, buddy – really. You can tell Candy your juice tastes outasight.”

“Do you really like just touching me and blowing me?”

“Yeah, I do. Does it hassle you?”

“No. It’s just that you make me feel so special sometimes, and I can never do the same [for you].”

“You do – just by being here like this. Anyway, I’m not sure that you’re into blowing me all the time.”

He had wrapped his fist around my shiny boner and was massaging it gently. “Guys your age have such huge cocks. Feels like a pole in my hand. Feels strong, though.”

“Yours is perfect, and it’s also strong. Hey, you probably need to get moving before your folks worry.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

I watched his rosebud and his hanging nads as he bent over to pull his shorts up. I held the picture [in my mind] to take to bed and jack again.

Friday: Wingnut never went cycling last night so he was around early [at my place]. Didn’t have a lot of homework, and we went through it pretty quickly. After that, he went home cos he wanted to get a few early nights in. His dad is taking him into Cape Town pretty early on Sunday to avoid the traffic but his section [of the cycling tour] only starts late so he’s gonna be kicking his heels, and probably gonna get helluva impatient. I turned in early as well, and read.

No major plans for tonight. Well, not yet anyway. I’m gonna be meeting up with Steph and we’ll just decide from there what’s gonna happen.

Hiya, G

I wasn’t planning on sending you an email right now but I need to before I go mad [crazy].

I’ve just read your Thoughts page, and you’re right. You’re always fucking right.

I remember thinking right at the time I hit the send button on my mail – ‘oh, my fuck! I’ve just pulled the trigger’.

I did it without thinking. I was mad as hell and I just sent that note without thinking. I never bothered to rewrite that portion of the note. It’s the same as if I had a gun and pulled the trigger without thinking things through first. I’ve just hung that kid on the Central Square without giving him a chance.

I actually got a lump in my throat when I read your Thoughts page, and I realized what I’d done. I’m actually no better than him. I pressed the send button in anger.

You’re a leader of the Dead Poet Society, G. You’re starting to make me think. Still won’t stop me knocking someone’s block off if he looks for shit with me or my friends, though. :)

Monday, and looks like the weather is changing a bit. Still sunny but there’s a cool wind in the city. We had the cycle tour yesterday and it was pretty spectacular to see more than 35,000 cyclists on the road. Wingnut’s folks took him and some friends through to the start, and a teacher from school took a trailer with all the cycles plus some of the boys. My folks and Steph and a few friends went up to watch them come past [the spectators] and it was really cool to watch. Wingnut looked damn wicked with his cycling gear and his wrap-around sunglasses. The cyclists were coming through about ten deep in places, and we were hassled that we might not see him, but we heard the runt shouting as he got closer to us. He was beaming from ear to ear. His leg muscles were pumping even harder – looked pretty funky – but then I notice these things. Actually, all the young guys looked pretty cool as their legs bulged with the effort. Didya know that cyclists don’t wear anything under their cycling shorts? Cos they’re padded with a chamois-hide cloth already to prevent chafe. *Gary holds up his small bottle of ointment. “Chafe, anyone?”* Hehehehehehe.

Steph went for a wave with me after lunch, and the surf was pretty graunchy – coming through 6 feet. Steph got out cos it started to get just a little too gnarly for her. Wuss! A lotta guys got out of the water but those of us that stayed had a total rave. When we got back home my dad said that Wingnut had come around for a minute but then went home. When I went around [to his place] to check on him he was fast asleep. His folks said he was falling asleep in the car on the way home [from the cycle tour].

Tuesday: Mark phoned last night and we got chatting about the cycle tour, and I gave it to him in the neck about not phoning more often.

“Stop stressing.”

“Yeah, well, maybe our friendship means more to me than you.”

“Oh, for fuck sake, Cody, don’t start now. OK?”

“You know what I hate? I hate that I can never contact you. What’s happening about the fucking cell phone?”

“I haven’t got one yet.”

“So what’s your number there?”

“I don’t want people phoning me on this number.”

“Why? You scared Fingers is gonna hit on me or something?”

“I just don’t want guys phoning me here, Cody. Ah, fuck. I’m off.”

“Wait for fuck sake. I’m sorry. What have you been up to?”

“Working my ass off over here. But it’s cool. Went to a club in Sandton with Candy on Saturday night.”

“That’s cool. Sounds like you’re getting into the Joburg scene.”

“Candy and I have a few friends but during the week I work all day and night, so we really only have the weekends together.”

“How’s Fingers?”

“You must stop that. I almost called him Fingers the other morning by mistake.”

“Hehehe, cool. You still getting morning coffee?”

“Yeah. He hangs around me whenever he’s here.”

“No ice in your boxers yet?”

“No shit, Sherlock. I think he knows what would happen if he tried that. He started wrestling with me the other morning. He’s a strong fucker, too.”

“Hope you were dressed.”

“He started to tickle my ribs while he was massaging me and wouldn’t stop, so I got up and grabbed him. I was still in my boxers for fuck sake.”

“Bet he enjoyed that.”

“So fucking what? It was cool. It’s almost like having a dad.”

“Cept your dad wouldn’t get a boner when he fights with you.”

“Hey, can we have a normal convo here? Just for a fucking change.”

“How can I have a normal convo when I’m not normal?”

*Pissed off*. “That’s for fucking sure.”

“Mark’s getting mad.”

“What do you expect, Code? Huh? I phone you to have a convo and catch up with how it’s going [over there] and everything with you has something to do with sex. Oh, fuck. I’ve gotta go.”



“Did he hear what you said?”

“Yep. Cheers.”

“Was he just standing there listening to your convo?”

“Don’t know.”

“Still there?”



“Not sure. So I’ve gotta move. I’ll phone later in the week.”

“I’m missing you here. Loveya, bud.”

“Same here. Cheers.”


Wingnut came in in the middle of the convo and waited patiently with his [school] books. “Maybe I should come back later or something.”

“No, it’s cool. Let’s get it done now. What you got?”

“Math and bio.”

We spent an hour going over stuff cos he’s got tests coming up but he’s obviously been doing work at home as well, and pretty well knew his stuff. Then we chatted about the cycle tour and he really enjoyed that. He’s gonna do it again next year but wants me to go with him.

“Coach wants to know when you’re coming to help with the junior training. We’ve got a tour [coming up] and he needs a hand, he says.”

“He was gonna contact me and let me know.”

“He says you already said you would [help], and thought you were gonna be there today.”

“I’ll try and get there after work tomorrow.”

“I need to know so he can tell the juniors they’re training later [than normal].”

“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

“Cool. I’ve already told the guys that you’re gonna give them a hard time.”

“And you’re gonna have an easier time?”

“Cos I’m your bro, right?”


“Right, Cody?”


“Fuck, I hate it when you do that.”


“Don’t answer me.”

I quizzed him about a lot of the swimmers. It turns out that Craig’s [Fuckwit’s] little bro is on the squad with Wingnut. I’ve never really chatted to him but he’s got his bro’s aggro, which is good for a comp swimmer. As to be expected, he and Wingnut are always on each other’s cases cos Wingnut hates his older bro, and he [the little bro] worships his older bro. Brian is on the squad and he’s a pretty cool dude.

“Was that Mark on the phone just now?”


“Who’s Fingers?”

“Just a dude that Mark stays with.”

“Why’s he called Fingers?”

“Just a name.”

“Like Wingnut, huh.”


“So why did I get the name ‘Wingnut’?”

“Cos you’ve got fucking big ears.”

“Crap. My ears are normal.” *He leaned over and checked himself out in the mirror*.

“Hehehehe, cos you’re a grommet and I liked the name.”

“I USED to be a grommet.”

“OK, so now you’re a sex grommet.”

“Don’t remind me.”

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 Codeman Part 123