Cape Town, South Africa
Part 123

Wednesday: Went to help with the junior swimming after work yesterday. It all went OK. Most of them are pretty good swimmers. It’s just getting their work rate up. Craig’s little bro Jason and Wingnut had a war of words but Wingnut started it. Jason asked me how come I’ve come to help out with the juniors.

*Wingnut* “So he can teach us how to kick your brother’s butt.”

*Jason* “Piss off.”

*Wingnut* “Come and make me.”

The two of them were facing off and I just pushed them apart, and read the riot act about training or fighting. Jason’s not scared of Wingnut, and he could have his hands full in a real battle cos they’re about the same build and size.

On the way home…

“Went pretty cool. You guys are swimming pretty well.”

“Yeah. Anyway, it’s rad just to have you there – like a personal coach for us cos the [regular] coach is always concentrating on the seniors.”

“What’s it with you and Jason? He seems pretty cool.”

“He is.”

“Hehehe, so what’s with the dissing?”

“He knows I hate his brother.”

“Ever had a fight with him before?”

“Once. Nailed him good.”

“He’s not scared of you.”

“He is. Just doesn’t want to look like a wuss in front of everybody.”

“You’re sounding like a bit of a bully.”

“Yeah, right. Me? You know how I get beat up, and you used to have to come and pull Alan off me.”

“I just think if you and Jason were friends it would be good for the junior team. Both strong swimmers. And it would be a good vibe. Our swim team got on really well together so everyone worked hard.”

“Jason’s actually cool but he keeps standing up for his brother who’s a jerk.”

“I think it’s cool that he stands up for his brother. That’s what he should do.”

“You don’t know what goes on all the time, Cody. He gets Fuckwit Craig to fuck us [juniors] around and nobody dares to say anything to him or he gets smacked around. Anything going on, he gets Craig to see that he gets first choice. That’s total crap.”

We walked past a lady who was watering her lawn. “Hello, [real name]. Can you come and do my garden this weekend?”

“Yep. Probably on Saturday arvie.”

“Hehehe. That was some smile she gave you.”


“Her garden is looking great. So why do you think she wants you around? There’s a thing; why don’t you practice on her? Huh?”

“Phew! You are so fucking gross!”

“Hehehehe. Got any homework?”

“Done. But it’ll be cool if you checked it out and asked me a few questions.”

After supper, he came around and we only spent a few minutes on the homework, and then listened to music and just rapped. He was laying on his back reading a surf mag and I traced the contours [of his bod] with my eyes. When I got to his bulge, I tried a telepathic thing to get him a boner, but it didn’t work. :)

Thursday: Did the swim thing at the school again last night. Jason and Wingnut were dissing each other but at least without a fight looming. If I was coach, though, I would put those two in the [boxing] ring and get it sorted out once and for all. But, then, that’s me, I guess.

And guess what I did? I phoned Mark’s old work place [at the harbor] and asked if they knew how to get hold of him. And whammo!

A guy answered the phone, and then called for Mark. “Hello?”


“Cody? How the fuck did you get this number?”

“Spies. I’ve got spies everywhere.”

“No, seriously. It’s cool that you’ve phoned but who gave you the number?”

“Your old boss.”

“OK, so you’re not just a pretty face. Actually, you’re not even a pretty face.”

“Har-de-har. I’m sorry about the other night. I just miss you. And I won’t call this number again. Promise. And I promise I won’t talk about sex. I’ll just jack off while I’m talking to you and you won’t even know about it.”

“Have you any fucking idea how disgusting you are? Hehehe.”

“Sorry. What’s that? I can’t hear you.”

“Cos you’re not concentrating.”

“OK. So now seriously, howzit going?”

“It’s actually going pretty rad. The work is good. I finish up late at night, covered in dirt, and the best part is having a shower, and then just chilling with a beer before turning in. I’ve lost some weight cos of the heat in the warehouse.”

“Warehouse? I thought it was on like a farm place.”

“Not quite a warehouse; a huge shed covering the boat. It’s gonna be broken down to get the thing outta there when it’s finished.”

“So you’re getting all skinny now?”

“Nope. Actually, I’ve buffed up. But I’ve lost any extra weight I might’ve had.”

“You had no extra weight. You were all muscle.”

“Well, even I can see that I’m more cut [defined] now. The work here is helluva physical but it’s really cool. I wish you would make a plan and just come up [here] for a short while – if you can get some time off [work] or something. You’ll be pretty impressed with this thing [the yacht].”

“Yeah, cos they’ve got a good guy working on it.”

“Thanks, man.”

“Yeah, well, you always did work hard.”

“How’s things there with you?”

“I’m coaching the junior swimmers at school.”

“That’s pretty cool. And the shop?”

“Yeah, well, I’ve picked up hassles with some of the guys cos they fuck around and I just carry on working, and they think I’m ass creeping [to the boss].”

“Fuck them. Just do your thing.”

“I am. Got a buddy there, Graham, who’s pretty cool. Also likes to jack around, though, but he does do some work.”

“[SCUBA] Diving?”

“Don’t even fucking talk about that. My manager hasn’t been diving in ages and now he’s talking about going to Thailand or some fucking place with his family, and they’re gonna be doing some diving there. How’s things with Candy?”

“We’re very good friends and lovers, but not committing ourselves to anything. She’s pretty much a career person. Also works late. But we get on really well, and [are] always hanging to see each other on the weekends. You’ll like her. How are your folks and Steph?”

“Folks are cool. My dad gave me a hard time about my drinking the other night but I think he was aggro about something [else]. Just a downer mood. Told me I’m a bad influence for Wingnut.”

“Wingnut’s a lighty, man. He can be such a toss sometimes. If it wasn’t for you he’d be a fucking crackhead now.”

“He’s a cool lighty. Just needs someone to talk to. I think his folks are helluva straight, and don’t discuss anything with him.”

“So now you’re his dad? C’mon, Code.”

“Hey, you know what he’s like and how he looks up to me. I like to be there for him.”

“Yeah? Next thing, he’s gonna be having you check his homework instead of his folks [checking it].”

“Yeah, right.” *Oops*

“And how’s it going with Steph? Still putting a smile on her face?”

“Hehehe. Steph’s rad. She misses you, though.”

“She said that?”

“She misses the old times, I think. All of us hanging together.”

“She and Carol still an item?”

“Yeah, they still hang together but Carol does her own thing over weekends. She’s got a real cunt of a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, you said. He’s OK, though.”

“Yeah. Listen, I’m gonna have to hang up. This call’s gonna cost. I’ve really enjoyed this convo.”

“Me too, man. Thanks for phoning.”

“Is it cool if I phone you again some time?”

“Hey, you’ve got the number now, so… Just remember I work late, though. So it might be best for me to call you, else your folks are gonna end up with one helluva bill.”




“Cya, Cody. Bye.”

Went up to Wipe Out and had a coupla beers. Met Ross up there as well, also on his own. It was just a laidback evening. Well, I would’ve laid back for Ross – if he’d ask – hehehehehe. Nah, it was cool. We just rapped about all sorts of shit. Coupla other guys from school were around playing pool.

Friday: I had a huge comp[liment] today from one of our suppliers [to the shop]. I’ve done a whole display of all his clothing, like a marketing thing, and he was pretty impressed. He’s like 22 and pulls around 22,000 bucks [2750 USD] a month already. How fucking cool is that? He’s studying marketing management part time, and says he has little time for anything ‘cept his studies.

Some other good news – there’s a team of Brazilian school rugby players here. They’re 15 and 16 years old, and a whole bunch of them came into the shop cos they surf in Brazil. They were all wearing shorts like the Aussie footie players and they looked fucking wicked. I couldn’t keep my fucking eyes off of them, and there wasn’t an ugly dude among them. They’re here ‘til mid week and it looks like I might be taking them surfing some time during the weekend. A coupla them speak broken English in like an American accent. Oh, fuck, I wish I could describe these guys. If you check the pic on my old guestbook page, they look like that, same sorta complexion but most of them have got shorter hair. AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! H E L P !!

There was no swim training last night. Wingnut was waiting to pounce as I got home from work, so he helped me in the garden – helping my mom clean out the flower beds. Hehehe. I got him to clean out some weeds around a huge rose bush that we’ve got in the back. He got so eaten up by the thorns that he looked like a victim of a car wreck when he was finished. My folks went out to McDonalds to get us some burgers for supper so the grommet scored [a feed]. While they were out we were swimming and jacking around in the pool.

Wingnut had a massive boner so I asked: “Hey, what’s with the boner?”

“I was just remembering what you did at the school pool, and it just came up.”

“[Did] you like that?”

“Yeah, I always enjoy [it] when you jack me.”

“You remind me too much of myself.”

“Sometimes the guys at school go on about guys being wankers, and they have to play with themselves cos they can’t get girlfriends or they’re faggots. I just laugh with them cos I know a few of them that jack off all the time. Brian’s got the biggest fucking mouth of them all.”

[There’s no way I’m suggesting anything about the twins’ sexuality, but I absolutely adore the expression on the twin on the left. What a wicked sense of humor. It’s one of my fav pics. MrB]

“Does it worry you?”

“If I didn’t know you it might’ve. But I know you’re not a faggot cos you and Steph go together.”

“So what’s a faggot then?”

“You know what it’s like. They walk around mincing like girls and talk weird, and the hands are always hanging down [limp wristed] when they talk – like girls.”

“You get some guys who are like that but who are str8. So how do you know?”

“Guess you don’t.”

There’s a pic that’s on the net of a guy laying on a pool wall having his boner sucked by a real hunky teen. It’s one of the first pics I saw on the net, and I’ve always liked it. I asked Wingnut if he wanted to lay on the side of the pool above the ladder and I’d jack him. He couldn’t get out of the pool quick enough to lay down. I watched the water run from his chest down to his stomach, and then follow the grooves [of his abs] to find an escape from the little god.

I stood on the ladder, and then rested my left arm on his chest so [that] my hands could rest on his abs. My right hand curled around his wet boner, and I started to stroke him. He closed his eyes. I felt his abs tighten. As his boner lubed up with his precum, I started to jack him faster. After a little while, he lifted his hips and his abs went steel-hard under my hand, and he offloaded. His thigh muscles bulged as his legs stiffened straight out ahead of him. The first three shots of his juice flew like they were from a rocket onto his chest. His teeth were clenched tight as I continued to piston his boner. When he was done, I put my weight onto his abs and he did like a half crunch.

“What are you doing?”

I leaned over and took his boner in my mouth. There was a wad of cum on the head, and I massaged it off with my tongue. He never lost his boner while it was in my mouth. I grabbed the towel and wiped his jizz off his chest and his stomach and pubes. *Crunchy midnight snack – hehehehehe*

He laid there with his stomach heaving for a while before I eventually grabbed him and pulled him into the water. He wiped water over his chest and stomach. There was still a little trail of white [cum] from his dickhead and he scooped it off with his fingers.

“How was that?”

“I think I’m gonna send Candy to get lessons from you. Hehehehe. That was totally wicked. Didya check how high my spunk flew?”

“You had your eyes closed.”

“Nope. Made Chinese eyes so I could watch it. So you want to lay down there now?”

But that wasn’t gonna happen cos we heard my folks’ car before I could even get outta the water. We pulled our shorts on. We all ate our burgers at the pool[side] cos it was such a cool evening. Dad and Wingnut got it on about the rugby and the Stormers, and how they better do well this weekend. Then we got into the argie [argument] about the F1 cos I like Ferrari and Schumi [Schumaker] and Wingnut and my dad like Hakkinen and McLaren.

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