Cape Town, South Africa
Part 124

Monday, and we’ve got a public holiday on Wednesday. Cool. I know what you’re saying about me hassling Mark but it’s hard when he doesn’t phone me, and even though I’ve got his number I hate to call him cos then I’m doing exactly what you say I shouldn’t. I think the big diff is that he doesn’t feel the same way about me as I do about him. And why should he? I know that there’s really no future for the two of us together. Fact is, I know what I’m gonna have to do, and that is eventually get married and have a million kids.

You know, the funny thing is that when Steph and I are together it’s like we’re in our own private world cos we both make each other feel really special. And I toldya before, it’s not just the sex, which is fantastic, but we can talk to each other about anything. Well, not quite everything but you know what I mean. We really are good friends and lovers, and that is different to what I see other guys having [with their relationships]. And we do stuff together where some guys would be embarrassed. Like when I parade in front of her with the sarong, and she puts it in all sorta styles for me to model for her. We both get turned on by the whole thing of just doing stuff together. And when I go surfing, and she can’t go, she’s quite happy for me to hang out with the guys. Actually, she’s never bitched when it’s been a boys’ night thing. So I guess it’s just logical for me to start appreciating what I’ve got in Steph, and get to grips with the realities of Mark in my life. And that’s not easy. Wherever I’ve told Mark that I love him, I don’t think he realizes that I’m in love with him. Or if he does, he tries to make it go away cos it makes him uncomfortable.

We had strong wind the whole weekend so the surf really crapped out badly. Not a helluva lot happened. Work on Saturday, and the Brazilians didn’t show. Found out they had a rugger match. I was telling Wingnut about them, and he said that there’s another team coming from Brazil [made up] of guys about the same age later in the year, and they’re probably gonna be putting out notices for families to host them. Sounds pretty cool. Told my folks, and they’re game to host a coupla guys for a few nights. How cool is that?


Last night I was coaching the juniors, and the next thing I know Wingnut and Jason are facing up to each other.

“C’mon, Jason. Your big brother’s not here to helpya now.”

“I don’t need him. But if you want to have it out now, then c’mon let’s go so I can whip your smart ass.”

I sorta caught the action about then when Wingnut’s fist connected with Jason’s face. Jason’s eyes started watering and Wingnut musta thought he had the upper hand, but the next thing he knew he was flat on his ass with a broken lip and bruised ribs. Jason was like fucking lightning. I’ve never seen anyone react so fast. This was all happening in a few seconds, and I hadta pull Wingnut off of Jason before one of them did really serious damage to the other. Wingnut tried to hit me with the back of his fist, so I lifted him and threw him into the pool. Jason was ready to dive in after him so a few guys held him back. I called off the training and sent everyone home.

Wingnut was walking half [a step] behind me, nursing his lip which was quite swollen by then.

“So, want to tell me what happened [back] there?”

“Nothing to tell. I was jacking around with him and he got all fucking sarky [sarcastic?]”

“Like how?”

“I was letting him catch me [in the pool] to think he was swimming faster [than he actually was], then I held him back by [grabbing] his Speedos. Fucking things almost slipped off cos he’s got fuckall dick.”

“Stop talking crap. He’s as loaded as you are. But you got what you asked for. You’ve been wanting to fight with him for ages now.”

“Hey, it’s not the first time. Won’t be the last time. He’s a fucking prick.”

“You guys have battled before?”

“More like a massacre. He didn’t know that I would really hit him, hehehehe.”

“Well, he didn’t lay down for you this time.”

“Tell me about it.”

“So you just got what you deserved.”

“Oh, thanks a stack, Cody.”


“I know you guys are big buddies with each other. So now [are] you standing by him?”

“Didn’t say that.”

“I could’ve taken him out if you’d let me.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Hey, you think I couldn’t take him, huh?”

“OK, so now you’re a big deal, just like every other bully in school.”

“Yeah? Well, screw you, Code.”

“What’s that?”

“I said screw you. I’m not a bully. I don’t beat up on little guys.”

“Screw me? You’re acting like a little punk kid.”

“Screw you.” *His eyes were filling with tears cos he was getting so damn angry*.

“Yeah, well, I guess you’ll be doing your homework alone tonight, dude … ‘til you get some fucking manners.”

“Think I can’t do my own homework? Screw you.”

“You’re sounding like a cracked record.”

“Stop looking for shit. Fuck off.”

“Stop bawling. You’re [behaving] like a little kid now.”

“I’ll hit you, Cody! Really I will.”

“Quit it, OK. You’re making yourself crazy.”

We never said another thing all the way home, and when I turned to say cheers he just ignored me and went on home. That’s when I logged on [to the net] to try and update the [Cody] news. So you can imagine the sorta evening I had.

Wingnut came around [to my place] later. Actually, it was pretty late. I would’ve thought he’d be in bed already or something. His lip was looking like an inflated tire on the one side.



“Just wanted to say I’m sorry for what I said.”

“Hey, it’s cool. You were mad as hell.”

“I didn’t mean any of it.”

“I know that. I’ve been mad before.”

“Do you really think I’m a bully?”

“Nope. I said that to make you mad. So how come you came over [to see me]?”

“Just to say I’m sorry. I hate it when you’re mad at me, and the guys [on the team] will think it’s my fault if you don’t come and coach the juniors anymore.”

“Think you and Jason can be friends?”


“So you really want to end up in a major fight with him?”

“You don’t know what’s going on in school, Cody.”

“So tell me.”

“It’s cool. I can handle it.”

“Finished your homework?”

“Yep, all done. Cool, huh?”

Tuesday, and what a load of shit. I couldn’t believe it when I found out my website had been scrapped, without so much as a fucking email from Tripod. I tried to download the news page, and then it was rejected. The first thing I did then was log on to my email and check if anyone was having a prob, and there was mail from you. The weird thing is that the original Cody News site is still up. I dunno how that one survived. It carried the first 9 Cody News pages. Hmmmm. Rubber burning. Maybe I can use that to get the latest news page up. I think the next thing for me is to go onto a gay page hosting site. There’s a lot of them around. I don’t wanta rely on folks to host my pages cos it becomes a huge hassle to upload files and shit, and I’ve got even less control than what I have with the normal sites [like Tripod]. I think the Cody-TJ story site can go onto a site of its own and it should be cool.

Tuesday night I was at the pool coaching the juniors and the coach was there. There is definitely a split of loyalties with those guys. Some of them are [with] Wingnut and others with Jason. The tour is going to be chaos. There were no fights but you could actually see Wingnut and Jason check each other out. Talk about if looks could kill. I think the prob for both of them is that they’re both strong and will end up causing damage to each other. I asked my boss if I can have the time off to go with them [on the swim tour] and he’s thinking about it. So maybe. Coach says I won’t have to pay for anything cos I’ll be on the coaching team. That is pretty cool. Anyway, it’s only in two and a half weeks time, and only for three or four days [duration].

[There’s a bit missing from my Wingnut notes about Cody going to Steph’s place. But Steph had obviously made Cody pretty horny. :) MrB]

I just about ran all the damn way home [from Steph’s] so I could jack off. It was great. :)

Wingnut woke me up early. “You need a piss!”

“Whatsup?” *I woke up with another erection just thinking about the previous night. Kicked the covers off to give the grommet a look at it but he looked once and then carried on talking. The little shit*.

“I’ve got a garden to clear out this morning. Tons of bricks to carry cos the stupid old fogey lined all her flower beds with fucking bricks. Now she’s doing away with the flower bed and I’ve gotta take all the bricks to the back yard. Need some help. I’ll pay ya. And stop stroking your fucking cock. It’s morning now and time to get up.”

*I rolled onto my stomach and fucked my bed sheets. I was horny as a fucking rattlesnake, and having a piss boner just made it worse*.

“So what if your folks come in [here] and see your fat ass sliding up and down on your bed. Huh? C’mon, Code. You gonna help me or not?”

“Why don’t you give Jason a call?”

“Jason? You trying to screw my head or something? A coupla bricks and he’ll be dead.”

“Why are you getting a boner? Cos I mentioned Jason?”

“Piss off, Code. It’s you laying there all naked and sweaty. You gonna help me or not?”

“I guess. Just need to shower. You can make me some coffee.”

“OK, but hurry.”

Within no time, the two of us were shirtless [at the customer’s house]. It was hot as hell, and he wasn’t kidding. There were hundreds of bricks to be moved, and then the old flowers picked out, and the beds dug up so the lawn could grow over them. We were sweating like pigs… me more than him. He just got fucking shiny while the sweat was pouring off of me. The old lady was out every few minutes with [fruit] juice, and she brought some towels out for us as well. We finished about lunchtime and then headed home. She paid the grommet 100 bucks [about 15 USD], which was pretty cool. I didn’t take a share. I actually enjoyed the hard work and, besides, he needed it more than me.

We both dove into the pool when we got back to my house. Wingnut swam to the wall as soon as he heard my mom come out[side]. She brought us a coupla burgers and some more juice. Wingnut just stared when I walked out [of] the pool [naked]. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself, so I grabbed a towel as well. Might as well be decent while I’m eating. Mindya, it depends on what I’m eating. :)

“My mom would freak if you did that.”

“If I did it she probably would, but you’re her lighty so it should be cool.”

“Yeah, right.”

“So why’d you run and hide? My mom wouldn’t hassle.”

“I did it so you’re not dissed [by her] with that tiny little white thing. Hehehehehe.”

The hamburgers were delicious. My mom makes these great burgers, and then tops them with salads and pineapple and her own sauce. *Not what you’re thinking, G. Good grief!* When she came out to collect the stuff, I grabbed Wingnut’s towel and pullled it off of him.

“Hey, mom! Does this little dude compare?”

*Wingnut* “CODY!”

*Mom* “Cody! Shame, man!”

“Hehehe. Shame?”

By now Wingnut was wallowing at the bottom of the deep end of the pool, and I was cracking [up]. “Shame, Cody! How could you do that?” [my mom scolded].


“Why’s he shy? I’ve seen it before.”

“I’ve no idea. I think it’s the pubes. They’re getting all bushy.”

*Wingnut was glaring at me with his eyes just above the waterline. You could see every damn thing through the clear water, anyway*.

*Mom* “You got bushy pubes now [real name]?”

“Shuddup, Cody.”

*Mom* “Don’t let Cody rattle your cage. When he was your age, he was bald, and it was tiny.” *And with that she got up and left*.


Wingnut was beaming when he came out of the water … rivulets running down his cock and off its head. “Bald and tiny? That means like … uh … no pubes. Right? And maybe a bit like a little worm?”

“My mom can’t remember that far back. Happens with age. If you say anything to anybody, so help me I’ll drown you.”

“Hehehe. Bald and tiny? Hahahahahaha.”

He must’ve swallowed a gallon of water by the time he came to the surface of the pool, spluttering and gasping.

It was such a great day, I just stayed in the pool. Wingnut went around to Candy’s. Steph phoned after having gone out with her folks, and the two of us went up to Wipe Out for a game of pool. So it was a pretty relaxing day.

Hey, Code, you’re in the movies! Greg from Texas has made a Cody Tribute Movie. Actually, it’s not so much a movie as a series of stills that dissolve from one to the next, accompanied by music from one of your fav movies, Titanic. Here’s what Greg wrote me, followed by Steve’s response:

Hey Gary,

I made a small video tribute of Cody for Steve. His email couldn't handle the high format so had to send him the low format one. He asked that I get in touch with you (See below) to see if you would like me to send it to you. I wanted to ask before sending it so it doesn't bog down your e-mail. If your email can handle it I'll send both copies to you in separate e-mail's that way you can have one low for Dial Up and one high for DSL. The low one is about 2MB and the high is about 6MB. I'll send the high one in a compressed zip file that will help about 1MB.

Let me know,


----- Original Message -----

From: "Steve Shaffer"
To: "Greg"
Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2003 1:43 AM
Subject: Re: Greg/Texas/CodyTributeVideo

> Hi Greg.  The vid is fucking amazing and brought a huge lump to my
> throat.  A million memories came flooding back to me.  The big one
> didnt come thru cos my mail size is limited  with outgoing and
> incoming stuff.  So thanx for making it smaller.  It is still amazing.
> Im not sure when Ill get a chance to upload it.  Is it possible to
> get it to Gary and ask him to put it with Cody Stuff on Mr.B?  I think
> Code would be pretty stoked with what you did.

> Thanx bro
> Peace, Love, Respect - Always
> Steve

Click here for the movie page. And a huge thanks to Greg for going to the trouble of doing something so wonderful for my scallywag mate. Hey, Code, I’m not the only one who loves you a stack. We all do, strangers and friends alike. You really are One Awesome Dude. :)

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