Cape Town, South Africa
Part 125

Friday: Yesterday was a rad day at work. Graham was in such a fuck-around mood, and we were play-fighting and hitting each other. I’ve got bruises on my damn arms that look like I’ve been in a torture chamber. The juniors wanted to know who beat me up. Actually, my arm’s feeling damn tender, and I told Graham if he hits me today I’m gonna turn his nads into a bowtie.

Junior swimming went pretty well. The guys have shaped up nicely. Wingnut and Jason are still dissing each other every opportunity they get, and they’re definitely heading for a damn fight. Jason doesn’t take any crap from Wingnut and Wingnut takes no crap from anybody.

No calls from Mark so far this week. I’m gonna wait and see if he calls, though. What was it you said? Set it free; if it comes back it’s yours?

[Six weeks later]

Hiya, Gary,

What can I say? I’m sorry. Guess that sounds pretty damn lame, huh. I don’t have any excuse ‘cept that I’ve been busy with all sorts of shit, mainly just trying to get my mind sorted out. Steph and I have become a real thing now, and I’m madly in love with her. I guess I can thank Mark for that. He’s made it pretty plain that while we have a very special friendship he doesn’t see anything the way I do as far as our relationship is concerned, and he’s also worried about me and how I’ll survive the way I am. I think he’s genuinely worried. There’s a lotta crap going on across the borders with gays being declared illegal in Namibia and Zimbabwe.

I haven’t looked into Eudora yet, and I’m shit scared about all the mails that are gonna be sitting there waiting for me. I’m sure there’s a couple from you as well – worried – like you usually get when I don’t write. I’m sorry, G. Serious. I seem to have dried up with the whole [writing] thing.

I’ve also gotten hectically into surfing now, and Steph goes with me most of the time. Wingnut and Jason have become huge buddies. Now that’s one for the books. It happened on the swim tour. I wrote a huge mail about that, and then we had a power failure and I stared at the PC monitor and just thought, ‘fuck it!’ It’s difficult to write a repeat mail, and it took me about an hour on a Saturday morning to do it. That’s when I got thinking about how fanatical I’ve been about the whole net thing. Hey, I’ve not changed much. I went into your site last night and got the whole guilt trip in my head and hardly slept cos I’ve been such a prick about [not] writing.

Anyway, the two of them became buds when Jason and Wingnut disappeared one night and we found out that they’d gotten into two chicks, and Wingnut had his first fuck. It was a lot more than that cos it turned into a bi-orgy, which kinda freaked Wingnut at first, but then he got into it. The two girls got into each other, and Jason got into blowing Wingnut. And from what I’ve heard - mostly from Jas cos Wingnut wouldn’t talk about it, and Jason wasn’t fucking fazed about it at all – he seems a bit like me ‘cept I wouldn’t go talking about it. Now you know why that email took so long to write, and why I was so pissed off about [losing] it.

My gran has been pretty sick, and it’s taken a bit of a toll here at home. My dad’s gone into a depression about it and he’s having a hard time with it. He’s up at the hospital every damn night.

I’ve been panicking about writing this letter, and thinking, ‘well, what the hell am I supposed to say? How do I say sorry to someone who’s been so cool to me and I’ve let him down?’ I dunno.

Anyway, I’ve written this quick while I’ve gotten onto the comp.

I’m gonna do another Cody News page soon. Just to let everyone know [that I’m still here].

Don’t put this email up [on MrB], G. It’s for you and I don’t need to make excuses to everyone out there. Yeah, I owe them an explanation but I’ll do something [about that] on the news page. I just want you to stop worrying about me for the moment. My head is fulla shit and I’ve got to sort myself out about where I’m heading.

Loveya, G. And I owe you more than you’ll ever know – besides my life.

Got out of the shop for a while and thought I’d spend some bucks and get an email off to you. :)

We have had the most outasight weather here the last week and a half. And the surf has been pumping. Last week we had a good solid 6-feet, perfect wave at the local. Glassy conditions, perfect weather – and – Wingnut and Steve. The three of us were totally raving every damn night until dark. The only prob is that it gets icy cold as soon as the sun disappears now cos of winter.

I know that Wingnut’s got his own life that he’s into now, though. He and Jason have become such good friends, and when you read the mail that I’m busy writing about the swim tour you’ll understand a bit more. Yeah, I’m working on it, and hopefully will get it to you by the end of this week or early next week.

Mark phones me about three times a week now. He’s going down to Durban soon, and crewing a yacht that is being brought to Cape Town.

“Hey, Cody, do you think your folks will let me stay over with you for a coupla days before I head back up here?”

*YEAH, RIGHT! WHAT A FUCKWIT QUESTION!* “You sure you can trust me?”

“Hmmm. Maybe I should bring Candy with me.”

“That’s cool. I’m sure she’ll enjoy watching.”

Then he quickly changed the subject – chicken shit. Our convos are now really more like the weather and the ‘hood and what we’ve been up to. But the main thing is that he’s staying in touch.

Last week, Tuesday night, I stayed over at Steve’s [house] and went to work from there. His folks were away on a trip, and he begged [me to sleep over]. Not too hard, though. We’d had an awesome session in the surf [earlier] and the mood just flowed.

We had a coupla ales and I was sitting on the couch. We were listening to ‘Live’ and ‘Just Jinger’ CDs and the mood was cool. Then he pulled my t off and knelt in front of me, and started to kiss my nipples and my stomach. I lifted my ass when he pulled my jeans off. I was wearing cotton bikini briefs, and there was no hiding the wet patch from my bud.

He went down on it. Eventually, he took my briefs off and started to lick my nads and boner. It was the most awesome feeling, having his tongue lift my nads, and then slide up the length of my boner. Eventually, both of us were naked and it was the old Steve that I remembered. The old HORNY Steve. He laid on his side on the couch and started to blow me. I leaned over and let my hand play on his stomach and chest, and then I grabbed his now rockhard boner and stroked it. The one really cool thing about uncut guys is the way the [fore]skin slides up and down their hard dicks.

We kept stopping each other before we reached a climax, and then changed positions. Steve put his one foot on the floor and his knee on the couch while I blew him. We both knew where this all was heading, and I was ready for it. Fact is, I was craving it cos I was going mad [with desire].

We had a shower together and, while we were kissing, we had our soapy fingers in each other’s [ass] cracks, cleaning it. We didn’t bother to get dressed after drying ourselves, and went back to the lounge [couch]. I started to blow him again while his tongue explored my rosebud, and that drove me up the fucking wall [with pleasure].

I put the condom on him and let him go first. By now, there was no asking him to be gentle cos he was like a dog in heat. I leaned over the couch and felt the pressure as his cock slid slowly into my crack. I tried to relax as much as possible but when you’ve got a monster invading you, it becomes hard [difficult], and he had to wait a while before getting into a rhythm.

I felt his cock thicken even more, and it rippled as he reached a climax, and I could feel the waves as his cock pulsated in my crack. His fingers dug into my lats and I hadta tell him to fucking relax before he dug holes in them.

After he pulled out, I pulled the condom off [him] and made him lay down on his back. I enjoyed letting my hands cruise over his smooth bod. His stomach contracted as my fingers traced his abs. My tongue played in his belly button and down the light covering of blonde hair from his belly button down to his pubes. His shiny wet cock got hard again, and I started to clean him with my mouth, enjoying the funky taste.

Then it was my turn. I made Steve lay on his back and held his ankles while my tongue explored his rosebud, pushing it as deep as I could. The muscles behind his legs were stretched to the limit as he pulled them back. I stood up and pushed my dick down. The head gently pushed against his rosebud – against the resistance – and then gently slid in. It would’ve been better without a condom but it’s just one of those things. Steve’s eyes were closed and his head was [tilted] back. He was really gritting his teeth, but he was tight as hell. And I guess it was a bit painful for him.

I find that each time his cock slid out [when he was doing it to me] it felt a bit uncomfortable, like he was pulling my insides out with him. Guess he was feeling the same ‘cept that his crack was tight as anything and I hadta push quite hard to get my full length into him. His sixpack was tight cos of the way his legs were, and it was horny watching his thick lazy dick sloping across his stomach. I hadta keep telling him to relax cos every now and again he’d put my dick in a stranglehold with his damn butt muscles.

I guess we must’ve made love for a coupla hours that night. I remember looking at his bedroom clock at about 2 in the morning while we were still enjoying each other. I fell asleep with my head on his chest, laying between his legs, enjoying the feeling of his python up against the top of my stomach.

That’s about the friendship that Steve and I have. We enjoy the sex and the surfing. He’s still going out with Tammy; probably the longest relationship that he’s ever had in his life. I really do love Steve for his looks and bod, and fucking good sex. I could never feel the same way about Steve as I feel about Mark, but it’s good to have the understanding that we have, and what we really enjoy about each other.

[I’m totally chuffed for Steve’s sake that I saved that email to my Wingnut notes. Normally, I didn’t save much of the Steve stuff cos it wasn’t relevant to the Wingnut or Mark stories. I guess I was thinking that maybe Cody would mention some of his experience that night with Steve to Wingnut. In any case, I’m sure Steve will treasure it. It’s Cody telling it like it is, and I can imagine Steve becoming very emotional as he reads those words. Apart from the addition of a bit of punctuation, etc, it’s just as Cody wrote it to me. MrB]

Work at the shop is pretty hectic. A lot of overseas visitors now. Met a few Aussie guys the other day, and they were cool. In the mid twenties. They were following the surf all over, and staying here until July. Then they’re heading for the north shore Hawaii. What a life! YES, THE ONE GUY WAS A FUCKING HUNK. There, I said it.

As you can guess, even with what I feel for Steph there’s nothing I can do about turning my head when a good-looking dude goes by.

Anyway, G, this had taken two breaks from the shop [to write at the net cafe] and now I’ve gotta get back again.

I’ll try and get that other stuff [about the swim tour] sorted and sent by latest beginning of next week.

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