Cape Town, South Africa
Part 126

On Sunday I had a really cool day of surfing – just spent the whole day at the beach. The weather was perfect with no wind, and glassy surf – small, but totally OK to just cruise. Wingnut and Steph were there as well. The water was freezing cold but Wingnut was just wearing cotton baggies. Well, I’m not sure if ‘wearing’ is the right word. His dick was holding the damn things up. Steph and I were both in wetties. I think Wingnut’s wettie is too damn small for him but he won’t tell anyone. Steph told me that she can’t believe that he can look so good for such a young dude. And I checked when he paddled. His back and shoulder muscles rippled as he powered through the water, and his butt was hard and dimpled. He’s also got a well developed chest – not just his pecs but his whole chest. And although his gut isn’t as cut he’s got perfect abs, and those muscle lines [obliques] to his pubes are perfect. Also, unlike most dudes his age, he doesn’t need to pull his stomach flat – it’s just naturally flat. I know I go on about how good he looks but he does. Even guys his age stare at him, and I’ve heard them comment about his bod to each other.

Mark eventually phoned on Monday night. He went water skiing over the weekend. He and Candy and some friends went down to the Vaal River and camped out. He’s sounding pretty relaxed and he is definitely enjoying it up there. I was totally cool on the phone, and never mentioned sex once. The only thing was when he said that Fingers walked into the shower while he was showering and spoke through the glass door and asked if Mark wanted him to wash his back. Mark said he was quite capable of washing his own. Mark said that Fingers was watching him through the frost-glass shower doors, and the water was fucking ice cold when he eventually got out with a towel around himself, and Fingers still there. He quizzed Mark about why he’s still so shy around him and Mark said it wasn’t like that. Yeah, right. I remember what Mark was like around me in the early days.

Work on the boat is going crazy. They’re hardly anywhere with the damn thing cos Mark says it’s slow cos of the high quality work they’re doing. They haven’t even started moving on the interior yet. They’re still doing fairing and shit like that – whatever that means.

The swim training during the week has gone well with the guys [on the team]. Wingnut and Jason now have two fucking gangs of guys taking sides out of the pool – like two armies. It’s so damn obvious what’s happened. At the moment it looks like I had to go on tour with them cos it’s only three days off work at the end of next week from Thursday to Saturday. We’ll leave on Wednesday evening and get back on Sunday night. At least that’s the plan so far.

THAT WAS A MAIL THAT I STARTED WRITING AGES AGO AND LOST – YOU CAN GUESS THAT FROM THE TIMING. And that’s not even the mail about the swim tour, which is gone forever.

Now I’ve gotta try and remember what the hell happened on the swim tour. I can tell you that on the bus Wingnut and Jason got into one helluva fight over whose group of goons was gonna occupy the back of the bus. Jason’s group was already there, and Wingnut asked them to move. They obviously told him to fuck off. The next thing, Wingnut had Jason bent over backwards over a seat and the two of them had fists flying – with loads of shouting and encouragement from their buds. I thought the coach was gonna send them both home there and then. They both ended up sitting in the front [of the bus] – hehehehe. That was when the two of them found a common enemy – THE COACH.

*Wingnut* “He’s such a prick for doing that.”

*Jason* “Yeah? I think he did that to save you from getting a hiding.”

*Wingnut* “Well, he saved your ass, didn’t he? Why shouldn’t he save mine?”

They both cracked, and that was it. They hung out and did everything together on tour. Everything?? You bet.

They both swam like demons, encouraging each other. And I think that’s what Wingnut needed all the time; someone who he could not only compete against but that he could encourage and that would encourage him [in return] – besides the old fart, Cody. Oh, yeah, they gave me the old ‘you’re an adult’ crap. I seriously didn’t mind, though, cos it was good to see Wingnut have a really good friend who was into sports and not drugs and shit. And they weren’t that bad, and actually did sit and rap to me when we had a chance. They’re sneaky fuckers when they’re together, though, and that can be a bit scary, especially for the other guys on the team cos they don’t know what’s gonna hit them next.

Jason had to go through the initiation thingy, and his brother was on the initiation committee. Bummer for Jason but exciting for me. I was allowed to be there, which was cool and funny. The coach was off at a reception for the team managers and coaches. I coulda gone but… yeah, right… like I wanted to be with all those stiff-collar dudes. Well, I also wanted to see the initiation – all those little naked gods. :)

Jason had to get naked and stand on a chair, and then down a beer in seconds. While he was downing his beer, his bro gets up with a school ruler and starts to slide it up the inside of Jason’s leg and around his nads. So, of course, the little dude is gonna get an erection. Not that it worried him cos he’s well fucking hung in that department. And not that were was too much ‘hanging’ going on. Then Craig whops his dick with the ruler. Jason’s not allowed to move. He’s gotta stand and stare right ahead of him. I thought he might start crying but he didn’t, and his dick didn’t go down either.

The other guys were asked what should be done with him cos he got an erection, and just about all of them, including Wingnut, shouted, “shave him!” Craig wouldn’t allow anyone else to touch Jason’s dick so he lathered up the pubes and then shaved his bro. He made no bones about the fact that he was pretty proud of his little bro’s piece.

At one stage he had his fist around Jason’s dick, and I thought he might even jack him. Aaaagggghhhh! Jason’t a pretty good sport, though, and just handled the whole situation. He paraded around pushing his hips forward and laughing so that the guys could see his pubes gone. It turned into a fun evening. After that, all the other dudes just let whatever happens happen. Not one tear the whole evening.

Craig and I got on pretty well. We went out to play pool for an hour or so each evening. Got back early so everyone could get a good night’s sleep. I actually jacked off the one night fantasizing about me and him. Just the way I am, I guess. Can’t help it.

The Saturday after the comp, a whole lot of juniors disappeared, including Jason and Wingnut, and this is where the story gets rough cos I heard bits and pieces from the guys, but I heard the juiciest bits from Jason himself. They met a few chicks and went home with them, and Jason was totally into both of them while Wingnut was shitting himself cos he’d never been with a girl before. So Jason got both girls into giving Wingnut a double header while he [Jason] screwed one doggie-style. Then he joined the girls in blowing Wingnut. THAT BLEW MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wingnut just totally relaxed, and the four of them ended up having an orgy with the girls playing with each other and the boys, and the boys blowing and playing with each other, and fucking the girls. Jason said that they didn’t lose their boners the whole damn night cos it was so horny.

“How the fuck could you and Wingnut blow each other?”

“Hey, we just went with the flow. The girls were into each other so we just showed them that we could [do it] as well.”

“You bi?”

“Hey, don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. It was just a show-off thing for the girls, anyway. We all get up to all sorts of crap. What? You worried I’m gonna turn Wingnut into a queen or something?”

“No, fuck. I didn’t say that.”

“Didn’t need to. And, anyway, the thing with Wingnut just kinda happened. It wasn’t a biggie. I haven’t told the whole damn team about it. And, besides, he seems pretty clued up on his BJs for a virgin.”

“How’s that?”

“Well, I’m just telling you this but I don’t really want Wingnut to know I’ve toldya. I don’t think I’m the first guy he’s blown. He got into it totally. Wingnut said you’d enjoy the story. Said I should watch your face. It’s a card. He said you’d freak out.”

“Hehehe. I’m not freaking out. I think it’s kinda horny.” (Fact is, I was wondering what was going through Jason’s head about who Wingnut might have blown b4).

“Serious? What if that was you and Craig? What if he blew you while you’re with a girl?”

“Yeah, right! Cool it, Jas, before your mouth gets you into serious crap. So Wingnut knows you’re telling me [this]?”

“Yeah. He told me to tell you that he fucked a girl. Said you wouldn’t believe it if he told you.”

“And the other stuff?”

“I told him that if I was going to tell you about the girl, then I had to tell you that he’s had his first guy as well. It was all just a party, anyway.”

Hell, G. I hadta do everything just to control my fucking boner at listening to Jason’s story.

Now it’s like weeks later. I’ve managed to get an email off to you about a night I had with Steve, and I hope you can make out what the fuck is going on with all the shit above [being out of sequence].

I’ve been dying to ask Wingnut about him and Jas cos they’ve become quite tight friends since the tour. I still get a chance every now and again to touch his boner and jack him, and he still enjoys playing with me, which is pretty cool. But he’s not as motormouthed about his activities since the tour, and I wonder if he knows just how much Jason told me.

He’s getting stuck into his homework and working hard for school as well. That’s a positive cos Jason’s a straight A student, and it’s obviously rubbing off on my bud. He still comes around [here] most nights; sometimes to listen to CDs and do his homework in my room. And if the folks are out, well then……..

I also haven’t told Steph about the [swim] tour, ‘cept that Wingnut had a girl [there]. I know that Mark said that Steph and Carol were into each other the one time that he walked in on them [in the bedroom], but it might freak Steph out [if she knew about what’s happened sexually] with me or Wingnut or Steve, and she would never believe that about Mark. So that’s my secret from her. Anyway, she went on about how fucking lucky this girl was. When I asked her what she meant she reckoned that she and a few of the older girls have spoken about being fucked by Wingnut.

“Oh, yeah. So I’m not good enough?”

“It’s not that, Cody. It’s like having a boy virgin. Grief! They’re like hens’ teeth!”

Hehehe. I can just imagine some of the old ladies that Wingnut does chores for fucking themselves with broom handles after he’s left.

It’s Thursday, and I haven’t touched this email for a week, so I’m gonna send it to you, anyway. Hope you find it juicy enough.

Gotcha! Bet you were waiting for a 15-year-old grommet comment [like I used to make when we first met] round about now. Yeah, I miss the doctor comments. [I was often lost for words when Cody told me about his experiences, so I invented a doc [shrink] that I would pretend to phone while reading/answering Cody’s email, and I would use imaginary dialog to demonstrate my being totally flabbergasted. Cody used to get a real kick outa those crazy convos. MrB] I remember sitting in the comp lab [at school], and my buds thought I was outta it cos I used to giggle at the comp [screen] whenever I used to read your mails. Often, when I think about it, I still smile stupidly and guys try and figure out what’s going through my head. The sad bit is that I could never really talk about it to anyone. Paul couldn’t handle it that I was so into the net and your stories. Said I needed to get down to earth.

I spoke about it once to Steve a long time ago, and although he saw where I was coming from he couldn’t understand how I could spend so much time on the comp, getting so wrapped up in it. Cos the two of us got off with each other, Steve couldn’t figure how I could still fantasize about a picture. I could never speak to Mark about it. First of all, I think it would create a massive fallout cos, in spite of everything, I think Mark has convinced himself that I’m really a total str8, and that what we’ve done together has got nothing to do with anything except the feelings we share.

I wouldn’t speak to Wingnut about it, either. Well, the opportunity has never come up, and I don’t want him to start convincing himself that what I share with him is a gay sexual thing. He would hate me for that cos he also sees the things we do as a natural progression [of friendship/brotherhood] thing. And now I’m convinced that he and Jason have got a sexual relationship. He never really talks about it, and I’m not gonna ask him about it. I guess I was like him, anyway, [when I was a grommet, keeping my relationship with Paul secret]. The nice thing is that I can in fact talk to Wingnut about his bod, and he talks about mine. He makes me feel good cos he still likes to touch me, and loves it when I touch him.

Steph and I are going over a little hill at the moment, and we need to sort things out. She was at Carol’s place, and Carol caught Shane kissing her. She says that he came onto her but Carol believes Shane cos he said Steph came onto him. Fuck, G. I know what Steph’s like, and I still think about what she did with Steve. But at the same time, I’m convincing myself that the two of us have got a really good relationship going. Anyway, Carol phoned me about it and went fucking off at me. I eventually told her to keep a fucking chain on her boyfriend before I do. So she says why don’t I just tell Shane [to keep his hands off Steph] myself. She is itching for the two of us [guys] to mix it. She’s fucking changed since Mark left, and I’m sure that the Shane Mark thought is so cool is not the same fucker she’s going out with now. Anyway, I don’t want to mix it with him cos he’s got the aggro to do some damage.

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