Cape Town, South Africa
Part 130

[I’ve just realized that I’ve been writing the last seven months of Cody’s stuff using my Mark and Wingnut notes instead of the complete emails I’d managed to save dating from mid November, 2000. The complete emails contain info that wasn’t relevant to the Mark and Wingnut stories, and therefore not copied and pasted to the notes. But rather than go back to each chapter and update it with the missing bits, which would take me FOREVER, I’ll include them here - bits and pieces from the last year of his life. MrB]

Oh, so here’s that little Cody punk. Had the time to visit MrB’s site but never had the fucking time to drop me a line and say ‘Hiya, G’ or something. [His words, not mine. MrB] Sorry, G. I know I’ve been hitting the site but I’ve really been brain fried, and just looking for an out to relax. I’m not sure when I’ve ever been so strung out or if I’ve ever been so strung out before. We’ve still got three weeks of this [end of school] shit to go – ‘til end of November, and then a month’s wait for the [exam] results. Besides all this going on, I hadta bail Wingnut out last Friday night [when his buddy Sean had slipped him some ecstasy in town] and I guess that’s why I’m writing – just to get it off my chest. [Code went on to tell me about how he, Mark and Carol looked after Wingnut on the beach until the grommet was well enough to be taken home. MrB]

Besides that, things have been pretty much a nothing but study time. I’ve taken the odd break to go for a surf, especially in the mornings while all the little Wingnuts are at school. Best time – hehehe. Haven’t seen much of Steve. He phones every now and again, which is cool but he seems to have moved on to his school friends circle and I can’t compare to that. Still love him to bits, though, and I think he loves me, too – too much good stuff (and some bad) in our friendship to throw it away.

Steph and I had our moments on Saturday night. I imagined her with Carol and that drove me crazy. All the times we’ve made love and her pussy is still incredibly tight, and she still does things that make me go like jelly [jello]. Steph knows how to push my buttons.

I’ve given my December [Cody] news stuff to John [Cody’s neighbor who wrote me about Cody’s death. MrB] and asked him to put it together for me, but I see it’s still not done. I know he’s gotta be careful [that no one in his family sees him] but, fuck, I hope he gets it up by Christmas. Hehehe. I wonder if he jacks off in the shower after he’s seen us walk by his place so his wife doesn’t check him. Either that or they have the best sex ever [after he’s seen us]. I’ve checked him looking at us from time to time when we come back from the surf. Actually, I must stop dissing him cos he’s pretty cool, and at least he can put the shit [on my site] together for me.

Anyway, G, that’s it. I’m gonna upload this note to you. Hope everything’s going cool. AND STOP WAVING YOUR FINGER AT ME! I MIGHT BITE IT OFF! [I once told Code that I’d walk past his pics on my dresser and wave my finger at him for being such a scallywag. MrB]

Hope that everything is going totally cool with you. We have had a real blast of wind here for the last two weeks. Fucking hell, is that the last time I wroteya? Oops! Sorry!

I’ve been managing to get down to the internet café near the surf shop in the morning but the damn connection is so gross and slow, and it costs 20 bucks [rand] an hour. I have been getting on to the MrB site, and those pics of Morgan are cool. Thanks, G. I know I pestered you for those. See? Pestering helps – sometimes.

Late lunch break, so I’m hoping to get this [email] off to you now. I see you sent another interview [for me to answer]. I’m gonna haveta download it to my disk and sort it out sometime cos if I get back [to work] late the boss is gonna hammer me. I’ve also sorted out a graphic I wanta send you – been working on it a coupla days, whenever I get a chance. John did that surfboard graphic. I was pretty stoked by it. Just told him that in an email [I sent him].

Anyway, G, I’ll write again but probably only after Christmas [2000]. Have a really cool one. I’m hoping that I can spend some time in the surf that day.

Went out with Steph last night. Actually, it was a really neat evening. It was just the two of us. We went for a walk along the beach. Not a breath of wind and it was warm. Sat on the rocks and watched the [day]light fade, and then we went and hired a video – The Green Mile with Tom Hanks – and watched it at her place. It was just the two of us there, which was cool. She said she was sorry for the way that she went on the other night with me, but she said that she rated it with some of the best sex she’s had. Pretty damn cool, huh? I told her how worried I was about the condom [not using one]. But I didn’t tell her that Mark was the one who was [most] worried else she would have thought I was being a wuss. She said that her mom put her on the pill when she was 14. 14? “Yes, Cody, I was an animal.” Not true. Her mom was being safe. After the vid, we got down to some serious foreplay.

“Know what I would really like?” she whispered.

“I know what you need – a vibrator with an everlasting battery.”

“Seriously, babe. I want you to give me some tongue. I know you don’t like it, but you’ve never tried it.”

I thought about it, and then thought, ‘what the fuck? I’ve had my tongue up a coupla [ass] cracks, and could it be that bad?’ Steph straddled over me and started giving me head, and I stared up at her pussy. Steph shaves, and I must admit honestly that it looked pretty neat. Anyway, I pulled her lips away gently with my fingers and I felt her move down closer to me. I lifted my head up, and slowly put my tongue into her, and immediately she shivered. I could hear her groan as I put my tongue deeper into her. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I [had] thought it would be, and once you got used to the taste it was actually quite awesome. I think the awesome part was the reaction that I was getting from her. She had taken almost my whole dick into her mouth. She was whispering about how fucking fantastic I was, and how much she loves me.

I moved my hands down to my nads, and moved her face there so she could take them in her mouth. Her one hand was running all over my bod as we worked together. I was fondling her tits, and eventually she got off of me, and then put me on my back and slid down on to me. It was the most fantastic horny sex that I’ve had in ages. We both made it last forever. Sweat was running off of us, and eventually I had to hold her hips cos she was coming down on me fast and hard, and I thought she was gonna crush my damn nads. She got off of me before I started cumming, and then took my boner in her mouth as the rush came. She swallowed every last drop of my juice. We were totally fucked out and exhausted by then. She kissed me and said ‘thanks’.

“Was it that good?”

“You know what I mean, Cody. I never thought you’d go that far, but you did – for me. It means a lot. I love you so much.”

“Me too, babes.”

We stayed naked as Steph made us some toasted sarmies, and we had some beer. Toasted sarmies and beer – gross! We made love one more time before I went home. I was totally damn stuffed by then.

I know that what I’ve described doesn’t do much for you [G], but I wanted to tellya cos for me it turned into a very special night with Steph – and crossing another barrier of my mind. I didn’t use a condom again. I feel happier that Steph’s on the pill. It’s just a whole other dimension doing it without a rubber – for both of us.

Shop’s been busy today. Lotta young guys coming in with their folks to check out new wetties. So I take them to the change room and watch them change. One little dude was about 12 and he was wearing boxers. Told him it’s gonna be hard to pull the wettie on over the boxers so he just dropped them like that and stood in the change room naked as he pulled the wettie up. Hehehe. I thought he might be embarrassed cos I was there but no chance. Anyway, he had a really weenie dick, probably curled up cos he was slightly embarrassed – no pubes – but he had hangers that his dad musta been proud of. Not quite hanging, but they looked enormous against his dick. OK, so I notice these things. He had a cute bod, though, for a little guy. He’s been surfing since he was 3 or 4 cos his dad surfs.

Anyway, I’ve rambled and I promised to get into this interview.

I don’t know if those are the kinda answers you were expecting from me. I find it difficult to try and put my life into perspective at the moment. Maybe it’s just the time of year or maybe I’m still coming to grips with leaving school. Maybe it’s my relationship with both Mark and Steph that has intensified.

I loved the Kyle Christmas story. Thanks. I still needta answer that dude that made me that offer of the air tickets and stuff [to go see you]. I’m not sure how to answer him, though, without seeming ungrateful. I was so touched by his mail and his offer, and wondered how a stranger could actually do something like that. But I can’t accept it. You know why, G. Too many questions and not enough right answers. Besides, I don’t wanta ever feel obliged to anyone.

I’m gonna get this [mail] off cos I’m not sure when I’m gonna get another chance. I’ve still gotta try and finish that graphic for you – a Christmas pressie. And I’m gonna be in shit if I don’t get back to the shop in a few, so here goes.

Merry Christmas, G.

Hopeya have the best one ever.


Hiya, Gary

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’ve been typing up an email but left the disk at home at the bottom of my underwear drawer. Shit! Anyway, I’ll try and get it to you as soon as I can. I just wanted to write this quick one to wish you, and hope you had a good one and have a better one.

Also, Mark and I passed [our exams], both with matric[ulation] exemptions. Surprised the hell outta myself. Got our results last Thursday. Everyone is pretty chuffed, not the least my folks who pulled out the champagne, and the three of us celebrated at home for a while. They wanted me to go out to supper but I’d already made arrangements to go out with Mark, Carol and Steph. So they went out and celebrated with supper anyway. Mark phoned his dad as soon as he heard [about his results] and his dad went ballistic. His mom was totally stoked as well.

I’ve gotta get back to the shop. But I hadta write to you quick and letya know that I’m still alive after the new year party. WHOOOHOOOO!!!

[After Cody’s argument with Mark in the coffee shop, when Cody referred to Carol as being Mark’s gay girlfriend] I’m gonna read your mail again – and again [G]. I’ll try and get hold of Mark later.

Whoosh! I really screwed this whole thing up. I’ve taken every break I can from work to sit [here in the net café] and put this all together. Tellya what I’m gonna do now is wait. I don’t want to push Mark. At the same time, I don’t want him to move [away from home] without getting hold of me, cos I don’t know how to contact him once he’s left, and I need to get his dad’s [phone] number or the number where he’s gonna be staying. And I’m gonna see if maybe I can get a chance to visit him and see Joburg.

Hey, I’m OK. Got the same bruise as Mark on my cheek so it’s like we’re twins now. I think what’s given me a change of heart as well is that I never realized that he was still going through all the same crap at home [holding the knife to shitforbrains’ throat]. I thought that had sorta died down, but it hasn’t. And like you said in the mail, is it fair for me to ask him to put up with that? And even when we see each other casually we often end up in scraps. If we had to live together [at my place] we’d end up really hurting each other.

You’re right [with your surf analogy]. I’ve just had a wipeout. Now I need to paddle out and catch the next wave.

Don’t panic, G. I’m not in the mood to do anything that stupid right now [like suicide]. Writing this email has actually helped a stack. I enjoyed writing about the other night [when Mark and I had sex] more, though. Hehehe. Actually got a boner at the internet café. The guy [here] must’ve thought I was checking out some porn or something. The guy here and I have become friends and he doesn’t charge me unless I connect [to the net]. So it’s cool. He’s a totally skinny dude with glasses, and a hundred pens in his pocket. So NO, it’s not like that. He is good looking, though. Hmmmmmm. Haveya noticed that skinny dudes seem to have huge cocks? Unless they all shove socks in their briefs or something.

I was lower than shark shit when I walked in here but I’m feeling better. After writing down everything that happened, I know that Mark thought the other night was a special moment for the two of us. Can’t throw that away.

Saturday morning tried to phone Mark at home. Shitforbrains said that he’d gone to work. Phoned Mark’s work. He sent a message saying he was busy and couldn’t get to the phone.

On Saturday night I went out with Steph to the movies, and a pizza. Then we went to her place and her folks were out. We both got pretty naked but I wasn’t in the mood for sex. CANYA BELIEVE THAT?

“Carol said she’s got instructions that if you phone her place asking for Mark [she’s] to say that he’s out. What’s going on, Cody?”

“We had an argument. Turned to shit. I said something stupid.”

“Must’ve been something bad. She says that Mark has been a total shit and in a bad mood.”

“Yeah, well, as Mark says, ‘get to live with it’.”

“Doesn’t sound like you.”

I changed the subject, and Steph decided that I needed a BJ to relax me. She must’ve thought she was blowing a fucking plastic doll [cos] I was so unresponsive – besides cumming down her throat, anyway. I tried to get my mind right, and fondled her a bit to get things [back] to something normal but the vibe was really not that good. I just kept thinking about Mark. Every fucking minute of every hour, all I can think about is Mark, and the thought of not seeing him again drives me totally into depression. [The next day Cody went around to Mark’s house as Mark was packing. That was the day Mark gave Cody that special note: ‘Carol taught me how to make love, you taught me how to love’. MrB]

[After Code and Mark had made up]. Steve’s back [from Brazil]. Arrived back on Saturday. Says he’s got a helluva lot to tell me about his holiday in Brazil, and he’s aching for my dick. Hehehe. He sounded typical Steve – over the top.

Maybe a hill [is] on the way. Fuck these valleys.

[A week or so later]. You’re not gonna believe this but I got a call from Steve, and he’s flown to Johannesburg. Remember that old bird that he was screwing? Well, he’s gone up there to stay with her for a few days. He brought her something from Brazil, so I still haven’t seen him.

I’m trying very hard to be positive about the whole thing [about Mark living away from home] because I know that Mark is very happy about being on his own. I guess there’s a new freedom for him. He’s always been kinda self-dependent, anyway. Does his own cooking, ironing and stuff like that. I can do those things but my mom is always there doing them for me.

I was supposed to go SCUBA diving on Sunday but my manager has changed his plans, and he’s going away with his family up the coast. He could see that I was pissed off. Rather don’t tell me. That I can live with. But to make plans and then cancel them? I was looking forward to it.

Anyway, G, I’ve gotta jet. I’m gonna be late back [to the shop].

I’ve just got away from the shop for a sec. Last night I went into MrB. I clicked on the members button and it went right into the site without asking for a name or password. Check it out cos I’d hate to see guys fucking you over.

Gotta get back.

[Sorry about the stuffup, and having bits and pieces out of sequence. Tomorrow’s chapter is about Cody meeting up with Steve for the first time since Steve returned from Brazil. I’m sure it’ll bring back many fond memories for Steve. MrB]

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