Part 1

"Hi, mom."

The screen door slammed shut as I headed across the kitchen to the fridge, dropping my school bag on the floor.

"Daniel, how many times have I told you not to make a mess? Take your bag to your room."

"K, mom," I said, grinning.

"And wipe that ring of milk from your face."

"Not before I give you a big kiss."

I caught mom off guard and planted a big milky one on her cheek. She always tried hard not to smile when I acted like a kid, but I knew she loved it. I wasnít a kid, though. Shit, man! I had pubes and muscles to prove it!

"And donít spend hours on that damn computer!"

"K, mom."

A soon as I got to my room I logged onto the Net and downloaded my email. "Yo! Itís Mike! Cool!" I was hoping Mike would write. He was a way cool dude. He was older than me though -- about fucking forty or something -- but he was neat.

I was dying for a piss, but I wanted to read Mikeís mail straight away. I grabbed an empty Coke bottle and pulled out my dick. As the bottle got warm in my hand, I read Mikeís message. If only he could have seen me now! The thought made me crack and caused piss to spill over my hand.

The email said that Mike had sent me a present and that it should arrive any day now. Whoa! That really worried me because he was gay. My mom would freak if she knew I was talking to some fag.

"Daniel?" Mom was outside the door.

"Fuck!" I pressed alt/tab.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, mom." I put my dick away.

"I forgot to tell you -- a package arrived for you today."

I put the Coke bottle under the desk, went to the bedroom door and opened it. "A package? Whatís in it?"

"I donít know, son. Itís your package, not mine. Who sent it?"

"I dunno, mom. Maybe itís the wrong addy or something."



"You and your weird computer talk. Anyway, the address is clearly marked. See for yourself."Mom handed me the brown box. The name and addy were correct. "Well? Arenít you going to open it?"

At school the next day, Paul and I were in the showers after training. We were in the swim team. I could see he was checking out my dick, but that was cool. Even soft, it was about five inches. I was kind of proud of it, and it felt neat to have people notice it.

"So what did your mom say about the package?"

"She was totally cool, man. She said it would be good for my training."

"Jeez," Paul laughed, "all we do is fucking train! You need that chest expander like you need a hole in the head."

"Iíve already got a hole in my head, cock sucker. Check this out!" I gave Paul a good opportunity to take a close look at my dick.

"You got a licence for that thing, man?"

"You ainít seen nothing, buddy. I measured it when itís hard."


"Yeah. Almost seven inches now."


"Thatís the idea."

We both cracked.

I took off my shirt and stood next to my poster of River Phoenix on the bedroom wall. I could see the reflection of his image and mine in the large dresser mirror. I wasnít as well developed as River but he was older than I was. I was pleased, though. My chest and shoulders had good definition and I had a cool six pack. "Yeah, not bad at all."

After working out with the chest expander for ten minutes, I logged onto the Net and downloaded a bunch of email including another from Mike. He was glad I liked the present and that my mom wasnít mad. He went on to say that he often looked at the pics of myself that Iíd scanned and sent him. They were shots of me at swim meets in Speedos. He reckoned I was an Adonis. I went back to the mirror and took another look as I flexed and checked out the bod. It made me wonder what other guys would think.

"That was a fantastic dinner, um...."

"Call me Nancy, Paul."

"Thank you, Nancy."

My father died when I was five. Mom raised me by herself and I loved her very much.

"Now you boys go and do what boys do."

"Thanks a whole stack, mom."

"AFTER youíve done the dishes. Both of you! Now, get cracking."

Mom and Paul got along really well. I could tell that she liked him a lot. The three of us chatted about all kinds of stuff while we did the dishes.

Paul was a month younger than I was but about the same height. He was pretty fit too. He was one of the best swimmers on the team. But we looked a lot different. He had straight black hair and I had wavy blonde, and my tan was a bit darker than his. Our eye color was different, too. He had blue eyes and I had dark brown.

"Is it OK if Paul sleeps over, mom?"

"Youíd better let his folks know."

"We already did."

I didnít know what time it was but it was way after midnight when I woke to see Paul jacking off while he was looking at me. The sheet had been pulled down past my knees. I was buck naked. I always slept in the buff.

"What the fuck are you doing, Paul?"

"Shut up! Youíll wake your mom!"

"What the fuck are you doing?"

Paul covered himself with the sheet. His eyes avoided mine.


"You said it was about seven inches hard and I didnít believe it. I just wanted...." He trailed off.

"You were checking out my dick? And jacking off?"

Paul dissolved into tears. He was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Hey man, chill. Youíll wake the whole fucking neighborhood." I moved over to Paulís bed, sat on the edge and grabbed his shoulders. He immediately threw his arms around me and held me tight. I wanted to push him away but something stopped me. I felt sorry for him. I also remembered what had happened in the showers and how I liked having my dick noticed.

"Hey cock sucker, youíre dribbling snot all over my chest."

Paul began to giggle. I started laughing, too. "Iíve heard of guys jacking off together. They say it happens all the time. So I guess itís cool."

"So youíre not mad at me, Daniel?"

"Nah. Come to think of it, I wanna see what kind of load you shoot. We can have a competition. Biggest load wins. You go first."

"I feel pretty dumb jacking off in front of you, Daniel. Itís kind of geeky."

Well, I figured if I liked having my dick admired, this was the perfect time to show it off in all itís glory."Check this out, cock sucker. Sit up."

Paul obeyed my command and threw his legs over the side of the bed. I stood in front of him with my dick dangling a few inches from his face.

"Why do you keep calling me cock sucker?"

"I've got a feeling youíre gonna find out, dude."

"What do you want me to do now?"

"Jack off, man."

I started moving my pelvis in a circular, thrusting motion. My semi flopped around in front of Paulís face as he jerked his hard meat. It wasnít as big as mine but it was a good six inches or so.

"Hold my head," he said.

I grabbed Paul around the ears and drew his face closer to my cock. It was getting really hard as Paul started to lick my balls while my dick rested on his face. The swollen head was laying right between his eyebrows. I could feel the wetness of his tongue and his hot breath on my nads. All I wanted to do was to ram my throbbing meat into his mouth and fuck his face. Shit, I was horny!

"Iíve cum."

"Youíve what?"

"Iíve cum."

"What do you mean youíve cum? You didnít make a sound. No groaning, no nothing!"

"I didnít wanna wake your mom."

"Where is it?"


"Your cum, dickhead!"

"Itís all over your foot."

We fell about laughing as quietly as we could for a couple of minutes. Then, I lifted my foot and let him lick his cum off my toes as I watched his tongue wet my tanned skin.

"Your turn."

"Iíve got a better idea."

"Like what?"

"When you were licking my balls, man, I got so horny I just wanted to fuck your face."

"You did?" Paul paused for a moment and looked kind of uneasy. "Daniel, I have to tell you something."

"Fuck! I knew it! You donít wanna blow me. Shit, man! You get me so fucking horny and then you tell me this? You fucking asshole! Youíre finished, man."

"Daniel! For fuckís sake, listen to me!"

"What for, shit face? You fucking asshole teasing mutha fucker."

"Daniel, will you just listen for fuckís sake?"

I threw myself back onto my own bed, pulled the sheet over me and turned my back to Paul. After a few minutes, I could feel the mattress sag with his weight. He was laying alongside me. I said nothing.


"Fuck off."

"What do you think about when you jack off?"

"Chicks, you little faggot."

"I donít." Paul tried to turn me over on my back but I resisted. "Daniel, Iím trying to tell you that I think about Ö well, I think about you."

I rolled over and looked at him. He was crying softly. "Me?"


"What exactly do you think about?"

Paul wiped the tears from his face and smiled. I searched his blue eyes for several seconds and saw something Iíd never noticed before. I think it was love. Well, I didnít really know what it was but it was pretty special. My stomach felt kind of weird. Paul leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips. It felt odd but nice at the same time.

"I think about you fucking my face," he whispered.

"Are you gay?"

"No man, Iím super straight. Like, I just kissed you, right? You dumb fuck." Paul smiled down at me. His blue eyes were twinkling with a mischievous expression. It was irresistible.

"You really wanna let me fuck your face?"

"Stand up."

As I rolled off the bed and stood, Paul knelt down in front of me. My dick was as hard as a rock.

"Youíve got pre-cum."

"Wipe it off."

"Iíve got a better idea."

Paul looked up at me and raised his hands to my chest. He ran his fingers around my pecs and over my hard, brown nipples, then down over my six pack and around to my buns. He pulled my ass cheeks slightly apart. My boner was aimed straight at his face, so I moved in a little closer.

Paul didnít take his eyes off mine. He wanted to watch my expression. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue just below the swollen head of my aching throbber. He let my pre-cum dribble down onto his tongue and form a little blob. The smile in his eyes was totally wicked. He instinctively knew that I was loving every second of this. To see my cum on his pink tongue was driving me wild.

"Are you gonna suck it now?"

"Iíll think about it."

"Listen, you teasing little prick..."

Paul swallowed my pre-cum and opened his mouth again. I grabbed both sides of his head and slid my seven inches of bursting boy meat into his face until my blonde pubes touched his nose. I'd gotten into a pelvic rhythm and kept sliding my cock in and out of his wet mouth. His red lips were wrapped tightly around my shaft while his tongue was working my head. Every nerve in my body was tingling.

Then my sexy bud took his hands off my ass and started to fondle my chest again. His fingers were playing with my jutting nipples as my spit-covered dick slid in and out. He was watching my face. He was slurping and gagging a little but I could tell that he didnít mind at all. He was loving it as much as I was.

"Iím gonna cum!"

Paul took his hands off my chest, then held mine against the sides of his head. He didnít want me to let go of him. I kept fucking his cute face as my body began to tremble. My voice trembled too. "Fuck man, this is gonna be a big mutha of a load! You asked for it!"

I felt Paulís hand gently massaging my balls. I couldnít believe the electricity that zapped through my entire body. His other hand was on my ass, his finger in my hole. My knees buckled.

My whole body seemed to be draining. I was on fire. I could feel the head of my cock exploding with shoot after shoot after shoot. His lips kept working my shaft while his tongue made every nerve in the head of my bursting meat tingle almost unbearably. My ass muscles were squeezing Paul's finger with every jet of my cum. I could feel my tight balls bouncing off his chin with each thrust of my crotch.

Only when my cock threatened to split its skin as it rammed the roof of his mouth did my massive load begin to subside. I moved my hands to the back of his head, pulled his face hard against my groin and held it there until I had drained every drop of my boy juice. My legs felt weak. Every ounce of strength had left my sweat-drenched body.

I finally released my grip on Paulís head as my spent dick flopped out of his mouth. I watched him gently squeeze the head of my red-raw beef and lick the last of my cum.

"Man, that beats the fuck out of jacking off," I sighed. "Unreal, man. Totally unreal."

Paul put his arms around my upper legs and rested the side of his face against my slowly deflating meat. His biceps bulged from the pressure of his hug. I thought they looked kind of horny. He was silent.

"What did it taste like?"

"Yummy," he giggled.

"Donít gimme that yummy crap, you little prick. What did it taste like?"

Paul moved his face away from my cock and looked up at me with smiling, adoring eyes, then placed his hands on my chest again and massaged my pecs.

"Kind of salty. Sort of warm and creamy."

"Was it as good as what you fantasize about when youíre jacking off?"




Paulís face dissolved into a broad, impish grin.

"What did it feel like, Daniel?"

"Fucking rad, man. Way cool. Your face is as good as a chickís oyster any day," I cracked. "And itís better looking."

As our laughter faded, I thought to myself that this wasnít going to be the last time Iíd ever fuck Paulís face. Nothing Iíd ever experienced could compare to this. It rocked big time.

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