Part 26

To our mock surprise, Jason the pizza dude said he'd never experienced anything like this before.

"Really, Jason?" I gasped, trying to keep a straight face. "You mean to tell us that you've never had customers ask you to cum all over their pizzas?"

We all cracked.

"Take off your clothes, man," Kyle ordered. "Relax."

Jason peeled off his t, but when he tried to take off his Nikes, he lost his balance, bounced a couple of times on one foot and fell onto me. His boner was hard up against my chest. "Jeez, I'm sorry, man," he apologized.

I got him to sit on the grass so I could check out his jewels while I pulled off his shoes and jeans. A whiff of sweat from his bare feet drifted into my nostrils but it smelt kind of warm and sexy. He didn't have much hair for a seventeen year old, just a small patch of blonde pubes and a sprinkling of silver hair on his lower legs. His armpits sported a couple of little tufts of white. Although he was very conscious of six pairs of eager eyes drilling holes in his funky body, I got the feeling he kind of liked the attention.

Paul6 opened the remaining two boxes of pizza. We all stood over the food and jacked each other's cocks. Benny seemed nervous at first, but he soon got the hang of the fun. Buckets of hot, melted teen cheese splattered the olives, peperoni, mushrooms and ham, then we feasted on our gourmet creation. I grabbed a piece where I'd seen Kyle's cum land. He watched me eat it and lick my lips. Meantime, I tried hard to dismiss the thought of having to leave Cape Town in about twelve hours from now.

"Ew! A pube!" Gary cried as he plucked a curly hair from his mouth. "And it's a black one!" He assumed it was Paul's and belted him around the head with the tiny hair, which made us all laugh something wicked.

Kyle pushed his wet finger onto the cardboard pizza container, picked up the few remaining crumbs and ate them. "Damn fine pizza, Jason. Are they always this good?"

Jason cracked. "Well, dude, we don't normally have cum on our menu. You guys are just too fucking much!"

"Do you have a girl friend?"

"Yeah, Diane. She's been my steady for about six months."

"Does she give you head?"

"Hey, Kyle, that's personal, man."

"Yeah, I know, Daniel. So, answer the question, Jason."

We all cracked again while we waited for Jason's answer.

"Well, she reckons it's gross. She doesn't wanna do it."

"Has anybody given you head before?"

Jason paused for a second and appeared uncomfortable. "Guess not."

I interjected. "You mean to tell us that rad cock of yours has never had a pair of lips around it?"

I grabbed a plastic garden chair and made Jason stand on it. We all knelt in front of his awesome nakedness and its seven inches of funky beef. We clasped our hands and carried on like some primitive tribe worshipping their god, except we were just kidding around. He didn't have to say a word. We all knew that there was no way a teen's vanity could dismiss being adored, even in fun. We all took turns in kissing his feet. They were perfect.

"K, dudes, what now?" he said, with a nervous tremor in his voice. "This is totally off the planet. You're all fucked in the head."

"You're the god," Kyle said, "so pick a servant to suck your cock."

"I'm not sure I wanna do this."

"Let's take a vote," Paul6 suggested. "Hands up those who reckon Jason should have his throbber swallowed." Six hands instantly punched holes in the night air. "That's it then. Six to one. You lose, Jason."

The Adonis looked down at us from his plastic pedestal. "I can't make a decision about this, guys. I dunno who to fucking pick."

Benny ran over to a small bush in the garden and broke off some small twigs. He held them in his clenched fist as we each drew a stick. I got the longest one. Woohoo! I asked Jason to put one foot on the ground, leave the other on the chair and put his hands behind his head. Paul's tongue shot between Jason's globes. Kyle knelt on the ground and licked the guy's awesome hangers. Paul6 and Gary licked his nipples and armpits. Benny licked his feet. I moved my lips closer to the dude's long, fat seven and looked up at his eyes. He was on another planet, already.

I spent some time just letting my lips and tongue enjoy the feeling of the ridge of his swollen head which was way fucking cool. The taste of his pre-cum ruled. I was looking forward to buckets of the real stuff in just a few minutes.

I could see Kyle's tongue working Jason's nads as I slid my tight lips along that rock-hard shaft. He put his hands on my head and forced my face backwards and forwards. For a guy who'd never been sucked before, he must've been totally blown away by so many tongues adoring his hot, funky body. I kept mine busy on his head and shaft which went so far down my throat I thought I'd pass out. But I didn't. There was no way I was gonna miss one second of this rad trip.

My flat hands were on his hot thighs when I felt them stiffen to steel. His balls were hard up against the base of his shaft as Kyle's tongue kept lashing them. I looked up to see Jason's eyes squeeze tight. His breathing was rapid. Paul6 and Gary were still busy sucking his brown nipples while I guessed Paul's tongue was half way up his ass. Then I heard Jason groan long and loud.

A huge wad of boy cum exploded into my mouth. His throbber got even harder. He kept a tight grip on my head as his solid beef pounded my face. I figured I was gonna drown in his juice! My adam's apple worked overtime to force that sticky stuff down my throat. Seven awesome jets later, he slumped. His softening meat slid out of my mouth. I squeezed his cock head and drank the last few drops.

We sat around looking up at him, waiting for a response.

"Well?" I asked.

"No words, man, no words."

"Are you gonna tell Diane about this?"

He thought for a moment. "Dunno. She wouldn't believe it, anyway. I don't either. I'm gonna wake up soon and realize it's all a dream."

He walked over to the bushes to piss when Paul ran after him and said something.

"You what?"

"I want you to piss on me."

Jason looked at the rest of us for some kind of explanation. I told him that Paul liked it and to go ahead. We watched in awe as his soft six released a torrent of warm gold into the kneeling dude's mouth. It bubbled out of his face and ran down his tanned skin, making it shine and sparkle in the full moonlight. As Jason shook the last few drops from his wicked monster onto Paul's lips, my bud looked like he was in seventh heaven.

"I reckon you've never done that to Diane either," I laughed. We all cracked.

"Not that I can remember," Jason smiled. "Jeez! You guys are just too fucking wild!"

The god said he'd have to get home. We all shook hands, hugged and said we hoped he’d enjoyed his new experience. We also thanked him for the extra mozzarella. Kyle and Paul6 allowed him get all the way to the front door before they reminded him that he'd forgotten his clothes. Doh!

All the guys were snoring as they laid on the grass. The air was still warm and humid as I crawled on all fours over to Kyle and kissed him lightly on his open lips. They were moist and warm. How I loved their softness and their taste. I breathed in his expelled air hoping some of it would stay inside me. His eyes opened slowly. I laid alongside him.

"I don't want tomorrow to come."

"It's already here, Daniel. You leave in about ten hours."

I kissed him again, this time allowing his tongue to explore my mouth. I was afraid to stop kissing him in case another hour had passed. I was kind of hoping that our tongues could make time stand still. Eventually our lips peeled apart. He licked the tear that trickled down my cheek.

"Are you gonna cry at the airport, Kyle?"

"No. Are you?"

"No. Too many people around. I'll handle it."

As I gazed into his beautiful eyes, I knew that he was also dreading what lay before us. I put my head on his naked chest and fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat. I hoped that I'd never wake up.

As I sank beneath the waves, I felt a pair of arms grabbing my chest. I opened my eyes to see Kyle's face still sleeping. The water was grass. I looked around in the early morning light to see a queue of guys waiting to piss in Paul's mouth. I was back to reality as Kyle stirred. I kissed his face all over. When his lips turned into a half smile, I kissed them, too.

The air was still hot, so we all hit the pool. The cold water felt rad and quickly returned our senses to normal. Paul knew that I'd piss in the pool seconds after I'd hit it, so he pestered me for his quota. I was worried about this kid. He was becoming obsessive about piss. I told him to chill as my bladder yellowed the water around me. Too bad, dude. Maybe next time.

Kyle obliged, though. He lifted himself out of the water and sat on the tiled edge of the pool. I swam over to watch his morning piss splash all over Paul's face. Kyle flicked his cock so that the end of his stream splattered my face. Something made me resist my instinct to duck below the surface. Fuck! This guy was screwing my brain, big time.

We stood at the front door of Kyle's house and waved goodbye to Paul6 and Gary. Benny also had to go back to his billet to pack this things for the trip home. I was sad to see them go. They all ruled, totally.

Paul wanted to walk with Kyle and me to the shops, but I talked him into staying home and to pack our stuff. Like a true bud, he understood.

"Only three hours to go, man," Kyle said as he kicked the shit out of an empty Coke can. We watched it bounce and clang along the sidewalk until it hit a tree.

I had a million words in a queue but none of them could get past the lump in my throat. We just walked in silence to the shops. We put the milk, bread and other groceries into the bag, then walked back home.

Before we left the house for the drive to the airport, Kyle handed me a small bottle. I held it up to the light and shook it. There was something whitish and wet inside. He smiled at me. I knew what it was. "Never forget me," he said.

Gary caught a flight back to Oz about an hour before ours was due to depart for the States. He was a great kid and I hoped we could stay friends with email. The rest of us sat in the airport coffee bar drinking Coke. The adults drank coffee and talked about the swim meet. Kyle and I hardly spoke. While the team chatted and laughed as usual, I kept looking at my drink to avoid Kyle's eyes. And when I did look up, he was staring at his glass. My heart felt like lead.

I was next in line to board the plane. I gripped Kyle's hand with both of mine. His hazel eyes were brimming over but his teeth were gritted to stop the flood of tears. We hugged. I felt his body shaking.

As I was about to disappear from his view into the plane, I took one more look at my hero. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I watched his lips form the silent words, "I love you." He waved. I moved on. We were suddenly worlds apart. There was no turning back.

Through my window seat, I watched the Cape Town peninsula and Table Mountain slowly morph into blue sky and white clouds.

The trip home was totally fucked. I refused to talk to anybody. I didn't eat. This was the worst fucking time in my whole fucking fucking fucking life. It totally sucked. Paul and Benny tried to cheer me up. I told them to fuck off and leave me alone.

At the airport, it felt awesome to be in mom's arms again. I needed that kind of love right now. I was a mess. Mom drove to Paul’s house first, then to ours. Benny got a ride with his parents. Mom let me drive the car through the front gates and into the garage.

I couldn't believe that nothing had changed as I headed for the fridge and grabbed the carton of milk. I planted a big milky one on mom's cheek and answered her questions about what had happened at the swim meet in Cape Town.

"So," she said, "I've really missed you. It's been like a funeral around here. So, I did something about it."

Mom led me to the back door and opened it. A blur of black and white pounced on me. I fell back on the floor and watched in horror as the biggest pink tongue in all of canine history tried to lick me to death.

"I haven't named him yet. I got him from the pound. He's probably about two years old. He's part border collie and part shepherd. What do you want to call him?"


When I'd managed to untangle myself from this monstrous ball of fur, mom led me out to the back yard.

"A pool!!!! Woohoo!"

"It's above-ground, Daniel -- not the fanciest in the world, but it's a pool."

It was fantastic! There was a whole bunch of timber decking around half the pool that made it look like an inground pool. And all these new trees and shrubs were planted around the sides. It looked way, way cool. I threw my arms around mom before Kyle leapt up and pushed us all to the ground in a flurry of arms and legs.

I spent the rest of the day swimming with Kyle in the pool. Mom wasn't sure the dog should’ve been in the water but I'd convinced her it was OK. He was my bud, and buds did things together. Kyle took to me like he'd known me all his life. He rocked. I was so glad. It helped me to deal with losing my South African friend.

At the dinner table, I asked mom if it would be OK to allow Kyle inside the house.

"Dogs belong in the yard, Daniel."

"But, mom! He's not a dog! He's my buddy!"

"Well, maybe. Let's see how he behaves."

Kyle behaved really well. He shot through the back door like a ball out of a cannon and careered through the house, slipping on the hall rug until it was rippled into a small heap against the front door. Thwack!

"But, mom, he's gonna be like that until he gets used to being allowed inside. Give him a chance. Please?"

Over dinner, Kyle was terrific. He sat on the floor like I told him to and waited patiently for attention. He was one groovy dog. He did that cute doggy thing where he rested his jaw on his front paws and swivelled his eyes without moving his head. I was crazy about him already.

"So, did you make any new friends, Daniel?"

"Yeah." The lump in my throat came back.

"What were they like? I've never met any South Africans."

"His name is Kyle." I said, swallowing a piece of burger and salad to disguise my grief.

"So, that's why you named the dog Kyle? I thought it seemed a strange name for a dog."

"Yeah, well, I kind of liked Kyle a lot. He's a way cool dude."

"Tell me about him."

I got about a minute into telling mom about Kyle and I just couldn't handle it any more. I fucking dissolved into hysterical tears. I was bawling like a baby. As mom stood up from the table, I rushed over and threw my arms around her neck. I heard the dog whining.

"Daniel, what on earth is the matter? Did he die or something? Daniel?"

"I miss him, mom. He's special. He rules."


"He's the bomb. I think ... I think I..."

"Daniel, I think I know what you're trying to say. It's called infatuation. It happens to boys of your age. It'll pass."

I pulled away and looked into mom's eyes. My face must've been a mess. "Mom, you don't understand. It's not like with other guys."

"Are you saying that you love him?"

I couldn't have used that word in front of mom. It didn't seem right for a macho dude like me.

"Well, son, do you?"

"More than anything." I thought for a moment. "Except for you, mom. But it's different with him."

"Does Kyle know you love him?"

"Yeah, we both do. At the airport, we just couldn't handle leaving. Mom, what's happening to me?"

I felt Kyle lick my hand. I petted him as he nuzzled my leg.

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