Part 49

Lindy was dead right. When I saw Nick later in the day, his eye was blacker than the Ace of Spades. We observed each other suspiciously at first, then started laughing.

"No hard feelings?" I offered my hand.

"No hard feelings, dude."

We shook on it while Frank looked on. As we chatted during lunch break, I got the impression that Nick had a new respect for me, as well as for Frank who was flashing his toothy, trademark smile. That guy could have eaten an orange through a tennis racket. By the time lunch was over, and weíd returned to class, I figured Iíd made a new friend. Nick, as it turned out, was a pretty cool guy.

The rest of the week was study, study, study. The finals were to begin next Monday. Every night was spent sweating over my notes -- well, except for Kyleís emails.
hiya daniel!

hey! im countin the days before i get to florida - cant wait!!!! gotta tellya that my swimmin times are gettin better and better man hehehehe - im gonna whip your ass! glad to hear that you and nick are gettin along ok now - see? i told you that it would all turn out ok - he respects you now cos you stood up for frank and you stood up for yourself - bein gays got nothin to do with it - bein gay doesnt mean you dont hafta be a man and youre one helluva man daniel - the best! youve got a big heart - and ill tellya somethin else, its guys like you who can teach other guys about courage and standin up for what you believe in - thats why nick respects you now - i dont wanna sound like im suckin up to ya dude but youre my fuckin hero thats for sure - but im still gonna whip your ass hehehehe

cya wednesday!
"Howís the study going, Daniel?"

"OK, I guess, mom."

"Are you feeling confident?"

"Not sure. I mean, itís like a swimming race. You stand on the block shaking your arms and loosening your muscles but you really donít know how itís gonna be until you touch the wall at the finish."

Mom smiled at my wisdom. "Well, Iím sure youíll do your best, son, and thatís all you can do."

I didnít have to be a rocket scientist to work out that Nick wanted to be my friend. Heíd Ďcoincidentallyí happen to be around the pool during swim training or hanging around the bike rack in the morning or afternoon. I was courteous but not enthusiastic. If he wanted to be my bud, he could fucking work for it. What I did notice, though, was that he and Frank were good buddies again. I guessed they must have sorted things out.

One afternoon, Paul had to go into town with his mom after school. Nick seized the opportunity.

"Mind if I ride home with you?"

"No prob, Nick, but you live on the other side of town."

"Yeah, I know. Itís just that Iíd like to talk. Yíknow, like private."

"Cool, man. But I canít invite you in because Iíve got stacks of study to do for the finals."

"Me, too."

We rode two abreast along the quiet suburban streets that led to my house. My town was typical -- wide, tree-lined streets and rows of neat timber houses with lawns that were mowed religiously every weekend.

"So, what do you wanna talk about?"

"Iíll ask you straight, K? Are you really gay?"

"You tell me. I donít believe in labels, man. I just have fun."

"Itís just that you didnít back down when we had the fight. I mean, I respect you for that."

"Ditto, dude."

"And Iíd also like to apologize for calling you all those names."


The convo died for a while until we turned into my street. I guessed he was doing a bit of thinking. "You havenít asked me if Iím straight or gay."

"I couldnít give a shit."

"You donít even wanna know?"

"Nope." I smiled to myself knowing that my answer would have confused him big time.

We stopped at my house. "I sípose it wonít hurt if you come in for half an hour or so. You got your swim suit?"


"Doesnít matter."

Mom was sure surprised to meet Nick, especially after weíd had that boxing match just last Friday. "Well, half an hour in the pool and thatís it. Youíve both got study to do and I donít want Nickís mother threatening to sue me..."

"Itís cool now, mom," I interrupted. "She just over-reacted a bit, thatís all. Weíre friends now."

The late afternoon sun was still way hot which made the sparkling, blue water look even more inviting.

"Your mom lets you skinny dip?" Nick said as he dropped his clothes on the lawn for Kyle to investigate with his eager black nose.

"Sure. Why not?"

My new budís dick was shrivelled and not exactly awe inspiring, but I figured with the right stimulation those wrinkles could be ironed-out into something pretty respectable. His small patch of black pubes was the only hair from his neck down.

"Neat dog.

Nick had one of those physiques that most guys would kill for. Every single muscle was well defined and perfectly proportioned. He took his time standing at the edge of the pool before he dove in. He was aware that I was checking out every inch of his awesome bod, but he pretended not to notice. I didnít bother to hide my boner. What the hell. Anyways, I wanted him to get an eyeful of my hot seven. After a few casual laps, we got to talking again.

"So, you donít skinny dip at home?"

"No way, man. My dad would kill me." Nick went on to explain that his mom treated him like some fragile, ceramic doll while his father was just the opposite. "I was really pissed that my mom phoned your mom and threatened legal action about the fight. That totally sucked, and my dad was way mad when he found out."


"Because he doesnít want me to be some limp-wristed fag." He realized what heíd just said and apologized.

"No prob, man," I laughed.

"Itís just that dad pushes me, yíknow? Itís like he wants me to be some kind of fucking hero or something. Hey, I noticed you looking at my bod and I figure you were impressed, right? Most guys are even if they donít say so. I can tell by the way they study me. Thatís what my dad wants people to be -- impressed. He once told me that my face was too pretty and that itíd get me into a lot of shit if I didnít keep myself fit, so he gets me to train every day."

"Youíre right, Iím impressed."

Nick was a little embarrassed, I guessed, or at least didnít quite know how to respond. He took off up the pool and swam another couple of laps before pausing again.

"Can I ask you something personal, Daniel?


"Frank sucked your dick, right?"


"Now, donít take this the wrong way, K? But, well would you... I mean, yíknow, given the right circumstances and everything..."

"Would I suck yours?"

"Uh, yeah." He seemed a little startled by my frankness.

"Sure. Youíre one hot dude. Iíd blow you anytime."

"I canít believe you, man. Youíre just so fucking straight to the point," he laughed. "But I gotta say that it seems totally gross to me."

"Gross? And sticking your face in a cunt isnít? Gimme a break, dude."

The rest of the week was like somebody had changed all the rules. No parties, no fun. Just study, and more study. Even the weekend sucked because Paul didnít stay over like he usually did.

It was Sunday night when I answered the phone.

"Hi, Daniel, itís Nick. Can we talk?"

"Hang," I said as I took the portable into my room. "Sup?"

"Iíve been thinking about what you said in the pool the other day."


"Well, itís Frank."

"What about him?" I detected that Nick wasnít gonna find this convo easy. He sounded nervous.

"Well, weíve patched things up since all that fight thing between you and me and, since then, heís been at me to do the same thing to me as he did to you and I dunno what to say."

"He wants to blow you?"

Nick cracked. "Youíre fucking unbelievable, man. You tell it like it is."

"Well, does he?"


"Then let him."

"Youíre forgetting something, man, Iím not gay."

"How old are you?"

"Same as you in a few months."

"Then youíre fucking old enough to have more fucking brains, man. Getting your dick sucked by whoever doesnít turn you gay, got it? Jeez!"

"I guess."

"Listen, Nick, have you ever had your dick sucked before?"


"Then lemme give you some advice, pal. Let Frank get those sexy lips of his around your boner and itíll blow you away. Trust me. Itís the bomb! Just do it, K?" I wanted to tell him about Greg and me, since Greg was straight and all, but Iíd promised Greg Iíd never tell anybody.

"You really think I should?"



"Just fucking do it, man."

Monday we had English and Math. Tuesday we had History and Keyboarding. Wednesday we had Biology and Social Studies. By Wednesday June 17 at 3:00pm we were FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

I donít think Paul and I had ever ridden our BMXs home so fast. Kyleís connecting flight from Miami had arrived earlier in the day so we couldnít meet him at the airport because of our exams. Weíd made arrangements for mom to collect him and drive him [and his bud] to our house.

As we dropped our bikes on the front lawn, I suddenly felt way nervous about seeing Kyle again. Although Iíd ridden home at a million miles an hour, I walked to the door slowly. My stomach was churning and my heart was thumping like crazy. In a few seconds, I would be face to face with my Cape Town hero.

"Do I look OK, Paul?"

"Ugly as shit."

"Hi, mom! Whereís Kyle?"

"Out the back with canine Kyle."


The moment Kyle laid eyes on Paul and me at the back door he heaved himself out of the pool. He was naked as a jaybird and dripping wet as he ran toward us, grinning like a Cheshire cat. He hadnít changed at all. His body was still tanned and taught. His skin was shiny and bugling with well-toned muscle. "Daniel! Damn, what a sight for sore eyes! Paul! Hey, buddy!" He threw his arms around us both, then we danced in a circle, hugging and laughing. Fuck, it was so totally cool to see him again and to feel him so close.

When weíd finally settled down, I noticed his friend standing a few feet away. He was about my age, I guessed, and built like a miniature body-builder. He had long, curly blonde hair down to his shoulders and the physique of a guy two years older, except shorter. This kid was one fit dude. His deep, brown tan told a story of long hours in the sun.

"Oh! Sorry, guys, this is Steve, my friend from Cape Town. Heís not exactly in our school swim team, but we kind of wangled a ticket for him. Donít ask how. Long story. Heís an ace surfer. Totally rages! We brought some home videos!"

Steveís smile could have lit a whole town. I knew I was gonna like this dude a whole bunch. He slapped hands. "Iíve heard about American girls," he grinned. "I sure hope you guys know some."

"Uh, yeah! Sure we do. Tons." Something was weird here. Girls? I figured Kyle would tell me about it later when he got a chance. Meantime, Paul and I stripped and hit the pool with the guys.

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