Part 53

It was 4am by the time we'd arrived home from the pedestrian crossing. I was hoping that Kyle and I could get a 69 going and blow each other’s lights out but Paul was looking at me with his big blue eyes all sad like, and I knew he wanted to spend the rest of the night with me in the tent. Anyways, I still had my load on board and if there was one dude on the planet who knew exactly how to get it from my balls to his throat it was Paul.

I was in a bit of a teasing mood so I got him to lay on his back while I knelt over his chest and dragged my semi along his stomach, then over his tanned chest and all the way up to his face where I let it hang for a moment. I was enjoying his cross-eyed expression as he tried to focus on the head of my dick. I knew he was thinking about all the hot cum that was ready to explode out of my knob.

"Are you ready to blow me?"

"I was fucking ready five minutes ago, you fucking tease."

I loved it when Paul got mad because it totally cracked me up. "Tease? Li’l ol’ me?"

"Just quit the fooling around and let me suck the fucking thing, asshole."

"Lick my balls first."

I raised one leg so that I was kneeling on one knee and had one foot flat on the ground. Sure enough, his tongue soon found my asshole. While he was licking my balls and crack, I thought about what Steve and Kyle were probably doing. I figured they’d be doing a 69 before going back to sleep.

"I reckon it’s getting pretty close to boy juice time, Paul." He took hold of my throbber while I watched it disappear between his moist, red lips until my balls rested on his chin and my patch of blonde pubes covered his cute nose. That was always the point of no return. The magic that his lips and tongue worked on my hard meat always sent me spinning into orbit, as if nothing else in the entire world mattered. He had my undivided attention, and he knew it.

I leaned forward and rested my flat hands on the ground while he raised himself on his elbows so that I could fuck his face. Always a big part of the thrill was thrusting my pelvis and seeing my fat seven sliding back and forth. We were synchronized -- as I moved forward, so would he, and vice versa. He had his eyes wide open and was watching me as he kept his lips tightly wrapped around my shiny, spit-covered shaft, and his tongue working my tingling knob.

I felt the rush coming and dropped my raised knee to the ground. At the same time, I straightened my back and used my hands to pull his head to my crotch. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" I tried to keep my groans as soft as I could but it wasn’t easy to be quiet during that totally awesome moment. Paul was gagging and swallowing as each of my big, juicy wads shot into his mouth and down his throat. When the last of my load had subsided, I held his face to my groin for a moment and ran my fingers through his silky hair. "Thanks, Paul. Fuck, that ruled."

Just before we went back to sleep, I asked Paul what it was like when he fucked Kyle tonight.

"Pretty cool."

"Sounds like you were real impressed. Lemme know when the book’s in the stores. ‘Night, dude."

Mom had been up long before us and had already prepared breakfast of hash browns, eggs and bacon. We usually only had cereal and juice, so I guessed mom wanted to do something special for the guys.

"You’d better wake Kyle and Steve, Daniel. I’ve tried knocking on the door but they’re still sound asleep."

"I guess the swim finals kind of knocked them out, mom," I lied as Paul and I went to my room. The guys were still totally out of it. I shook their naked, limp bodies. Well, limp except for their piss boners. "Wakey wakies! Time to rise and shine, boys." They both staggered around the room like they’d been shell-shocked and disoriented. Eventually, they got their bearings and blundered their way to the bathroom, mumbling incoherently. Paul followed them. I guessed that two full bladders was just too much for him to pass up.

"What are you laughing at, Daniel?"

"Nothing, mom. It’s just Paul. He’s so damn funny sometimes. The guys will be here in a few. By the way, what’s the surprise Andy has for us today?"

"Surprises are meant to be surprises, son. You’ll have to wait and see."

Jack met us at the front door of Jo and Freddie’s house, then led us out to the pool area. Everybody was there! The first thing I noticed was that all the guys had their swimsuits on. I guessed it was because Lindy and her girlfriends were present, and there was no way the folks would have let a bunch of teens skinny dip while they were around. Even Frank and Nick were there. I figured Frank might have an interesting story to tell me about Nick when I got the chance to chew his ear.

"Hi, Daniel."

"Hi, Lindy." She looked way awesome in her red bikini which showed a fair bit of tit, so it wasn’t surprising that Steve was hovering around, acting like a panting dog waiting to be fed his bowl of meaty bites. "Oh, this is Steve from South Africa, he’s a friend of Kyle’s."

"Hi, Steve. Hi, Kyle. You were excellent at the swim meet, Kyle."

"What about me?" I protested.

"Yeah," she shrugged, "I guess you were OK, Daniel."

"Bullshit! I won both my events!" We all cracked because we knew Lindy was only teasing. What made it even funnier was the way Steve’s eyes were glued to Lindy’s boobs the whole time. He wasn’t faking, either, so I guessed he must’ve been bi. Kyle’s eyes spent a fair bit of time checking out those cute melons as well -- that was until he spotted the grapefruit tree at the back of the yard.

"Oh, so that’s the grapefruit tree where you and..."

"Uh, yeah." I could feel the heat radiating from my face. I must’ve turned brilliant crimson. "Say no more, dude."

It was shortly after the barbecue lunch that Andy stood to make an announcement. "As you know, this is Kyle and Steve’s first visit to the States, and no visit to the States, in particular Florida, is complete without a visit to one of our world-famous tourist attractions." He handed me an envelope. "Open it, Daniel."

"Wow! Tickets to Disney World!"

By late afternoon, we’d kind of run out of ideas for things to do. Swimming, chatting and eating were about our only options with all the adults around. I figured it was time for a bit of inventive thinking.

"Hey, Lindy. I’ve got an idea for some fun but I don’t want everybody to think it’s mine."

"What’s the idea?"

"Well, we’ve got you and your girlfriends here, right? So, you get this idea to have a male Speedo parade -- y’know, like a beefcake contest. What d'you say?"

"Could be fun." Lindy ran over to where the adults were sitting and talking. I couldn’t hear what she was saying but I could tell from the way her hands were flying around that she was doing the big sell. After about a minute, the adults were nodding and laughing. Meantime, I sold the idea to the guys as a bit of fun; nothing serious.

Lindy and her friends placed three deck chairs side-by-side, then sat down with their pens and notepads. We’d worked out five categories to be marked out of a top score of 10. Personality, poise, fitness, sex appeal and verbal skill [we each had to make a two-minute speech].

None of the guys wanted to be first in line. We kept arguing about who was gonna be in what position in the line-up. "I wanna be last," we kept demanding, so the girls used some of their notepad pages to write the numbers one to thirteen and put them in a hat. Andy held the hat high as each of us drew a number.

First cab off the rank was little Frank. He was giggling so much it cracked us all up big time. He was cute but not too sensational in the muscles department. His speech had so many ‘uhs’ and ‘ums’ in it, it was a pity there wasn’t a category for forgetting lines. But what he lacked in most categories, he sure made up for with his wide, toothy smile. He got a big round of applause as he made way for Greg.

If there was one thing Greg had in abundance it was poise. He was blessed with an agility and litheness that must’ve come from his Filipino mother. When he moved, it was with effortless grace and style. His bronzed physique was complemented by his long, black hair and mysterious dark eyes. His speech was short and to the point -- outlining his Eurasian background and his move from Virginia to Florida.

I figured Greg must have been a certainty to win until I watched Steve from Cape Town. This tanned nugget paraded his muscular stamina like he was a midget Mr Universe. For such a small package, he had muscle to burn after all those dedicated hours of surfing. When he spoke, he thanked us all for making his stay in Florida so much fun. [In other words, the smartass fucker was sucking up to the judges].

Jo was next. I think he was a little overwhelmed by the last two dudes, so he didn’t try very hard to show off his body. Instead, he kidded around and pretended to be a male version of Madonna. He even mimicked her voice when he made his speech.

The Coach and Benny followed with good performances but nothing that was gonna win the title. Then the Adonis took the ‘stage’. It wouldn’t have mattered whether you were straight, gay, bi or a Mongolian herdsman with a penchant for sheep, Dick was just too awesome to ignore. His Speedos made no secret of the fact that he had a cock the size of an over-stuffed Christmas stocking. The other obvious thing about Dick was his confidence. He strode back and forth, all six feet of him, flexing his totally excellent muscles and flashing his perfect white teeth. He had attitude; the kind of attitude that made you feel inferior, but which wasn’t an ego trip.

Steve [Florida] and Nick were great and got a good round of applause each. But we hadn’t seen the best yet. Kyle started by telling us about his surfing in South Africa. As he explained the various manoeuvres, he flexed the muscles that had been developed by a particular stroke, paddle or stance. So, although he was showing them off, he gave his act a legitimate basis. There were lots of "oohs" and "ahhhs" from the girls when he rippled the muscles on his back and caused his awesome Speedo-clad buns to dance. As for me, I was hoping my semi would soften before it came my turn. That SA dude was fucking hot!

Paul got smart and dived into the pool before he began to strut his stuff. His wet skin accentuated his tanned muscles and caused his Speedo to cling to his crotch and ass. I guess the girls would have given him extra points for being creative, the little shit. Freddie decided to try the same trick but I figured he would have lost points for stealing Paul’s idea.

It was finally my turn. I was last in the queue. I knew there was no way I was gonna win this comp but I paraded around the place like a horny peacock anyway, pretending to be exercising with my chest expander. "To all the parents I just wanna say thanks for being the coolest parents on the planet, and thanks to Jack and Jill for inviting us all around here today for a totally rad party. And to all my buds here at home, I think you all rock big time for making Steve and Kyle’s stay something real special. You’ve all been way cool. As for my South African buds, well if the world took a leaf out of their book there’d be no more wars." I had to pause at that point and wait for the applause to settle. "Thanks for using up most of my two minutes," I joked, sarcastically, then had to wait for the laughter to stop. "Anyways, I reckon I’m the luckiest dude ever for having the best mom a guy could hope for as well as a bunch of the coolest guys for my buds. You all rock."

My cheeks flushed as everybody rose to give me a standing ovation. Mom made her way through the crowd to give me a big hug. "You’re a real credit to me, son. I hope your father is watching this."

Lindy was chosen to speak on behalf of the judging panel. "When Daniel... I mean, when I thought of this idea, I thought it was gonna be a fun thing, y’know. What we girls didn’t realize was that having to judge a winner becomes a major responsibility, especially when we have to choose somebody from a bunch of our best friends. So, just let me say that all the guys, in their own way, are winners. Each has his own special style, and each is totally cool. [Applause]. But even though it’s a difficult job, there are two reasons why we finally had to choose a winner ... well, three place-getters, first, second and third. The first reason is that I’m sure everybody here is dying to know who they are, and the second reason is that Andy was making a book on the results and taking bets from the other adults."

It was a full two minutes before the loud laughter finally died down and Lindy could continue. "We’ve tallied up the scores from each of the three judges and arrived at a decision. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. [More laughter]. By the way, we’ve destroyed our original notes so that nobody will know what each of our individual scores were." There was a hush as Lindy unfolded the first piece of paper. "Winner of third place with a total score of 45 out of 50 is ... da, da! ... Greg."

Greg danced into the center of the lawn, flexed and took a bow. As the applause settled, Lindy opened the second piece of paper. "Winner of second place ... and I might add that it would have been a dead-heat for second if Steve from Cape Town hadn’t tried to suck up to us with his speech [pause for laughter] ... with a score of 46.5 out of 50 is ... da, da! ... Kyle."

Kyle stepped in front of the audience and was about to take his bow when his bud Steve jumped in front of him with outstretched arms, pretending to shield Kyle from view. "No, no, no!" he laughed. "I’ll never live this down!" The pair walked off ‘stage’ as we all prepared for the big moment.

Lindy sensed the power she had at this awesome moment. She smiled at the sea of expectant faces and took her time unfolding the last piece of paper. The atmosphere was electric. "And now ladies and gentlemen, dudes and dudettes, winner of first place with a score of 47 out of 50 is ... da, da! ... oops!" Lindy bent down to retrieve the piece of paper that she’d ‘accidentally’ dropped in order to prolong the fucking agony. "Where was I? Oh, yes, winner of first place with a score of 47 points is ... Dick!"

As Dick strode into the center of attention and took his bow, I figured I would have voted for him too. The tall, blonde Adonis was totally awesome; the kind of guy who could turn both male and female heads when he entered a room. But it was interesting that he’d only beaten Kyle by half a point.

"It’s not over yet, folks!" Lindy yelled above the cheering crowd, waving her arm. "The girls and I have decided to award a special prize to one of the guys for putting into words what we were all feeling. We’ve called it ‘The Bestest Bud Award’ and it goes to ... can somebody gimme a drum roll?" Andy used a knife and fork to imitate a drum roll on the wooden table. "The award goes to the dude we all love tons ... Daniel!"

We were home by about 11 that night, but Dick would be around early in the morning to drive us to Orlando and Disney World, about three hours away. His VW Rabbit was too small to carry us all, so Jack and Jill said he could use the Voyager. Before we hit the sack, Kyle whispered to me that he and Steve would sneak out of my room and join Paul and me in the tent once mom was asleep.

While we waited for the guys, Paul and I chatted about the day’s events. "Who do you think should’ve won?" he asked.


"Don’t gimme that shit. Tell me. Honest."

"Well, I figure the girls got it right."

"Yeah, guess so. Did you find out who won Andy’s bet?"

"Nobody. All the parents bet on their own kids, and Dick’s parents weren’t there. So, Andy collected," I laughed. "Anyways, that was fair enough because Andy paid for our tickets to..." I was interrupted by Kyle and Steve crawling into the tent. They were both naked and had raging boners.

"Lemme guess," I said as I sat up and folded my legs to make room for our horny visitors, "you guys feel like blowing your loads, right?"

"Fucking hell, yeah!" Kyle laughed. "Man, I’ve been hanging for this all day. And seeing you strutting around at the competition made me so damn hot!" Kyle turned to Paul. "Listen, Paul, Daniel and I only have a couple of days together. So, I was wondering..."

"No biggie, Kyle. You guys stay in the tent. Steve and me will mess around outside." A second after Paul had disappeared, he poked his head back in through the flap. "And if you guys feel like a piss later on, I’ll be out here," he giggled.

Kyle laid on his side and supported his head with his hand. I felt his rock-hard boner against my stomach as he raised one leg and threw it over my hip. He ran a finger around my erect nipple while we gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment. Then he slowly leaned forward and kissed me. The sensation of his full, soft lips touching mine, and the smell of his hot, sweet breath, transported me to a place of indescribable bliss. I felt like I was floating and that it was his power that kept me suspended in this magic place where no possible harm could occur. Was this love? Was this how mom felt when dad made love to her? If it was, then it was no wonder that she married him. The word "no" would not have been an option.

After a few minutes, our lips peeled apart. Kyle used his finger to trace the curves of my face while I studied his hazel eyes and the cute way his spiky, black hair fell over his forehead. He had a half-smile and a gleam in his eye that spoke volumes about how happy and contented he was to be with me.

He chose the perfect moment to roll on top of me. Every nerve in my body was screaming for him to fuck me. An earthquake or a hurricane couldn’t have stopped us now. He spat on his throbber and used his spit to lube it, as well as my waiting hole. No words were spoken. His actions were telling me everything I needed to know.

I raised my knees as he manoeuvred between my thighs and rested his weight on my torso. I felt his monster begin to enter me. I grimaced for a moment, but soon my pain became pleasure of the most intense kind. He read my face and knew that I was ready for his passion. Our lips joined again as he thrust his pelvis forward and backward. My hands ran over the smooth skin of his back, feeling every solid muscle. I remembered how he’d flexed his back muscles at the party and how fucking hot he looked then. Now, he was inside me and it felt totally awesome. We were in our own personal heaven.

It wasn’t long before he began snorting uncontrollably. Our teeth clashed as our tongues danced. His balls slapped against my sweating skin. The fact that our faces were joined kept his groans to a low level. With a huge push, he sent his six inches deep within me as a truckload of boy juice exploded in my ass. With each jet of cum, he rammed his monster home again until he’d spent every last drop of his manhood. Finally, he collapsed on top of me, exhausted. And that’s the way we stayed as we fell asleep.

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 Daniel's Diary Part 54