Part 66

It was such a warm night that Paul and I decided to sleep on the beach.

"What about when the sun comes up?"

"The sun's seen more dicks than you could count, Paul."

"I mean like other people, dickhead."

"Hey, there are like 2.5 billion dicks in the world, man. You and I ain't exactly unique."

Paul stared at the matt-blackness of space with its millions of twinkling stars while he collected his thoughts. "Danny's a cool guy. Did you fuck him? Dumb question. What was it like?"

"What was Jade like?"

"I asked first."

"Danny was cool -- not like I thought he'd be, though. He's like two different guys -- one's on the doorstep offering you a bunch of sweet-smelling roses and the other's fucking you like some wild bull," I laughed.

"Jade was cool, too. He kept talking about Egyptian boy-gods and stuff, and whispering poetry while he was fucking me. Well, he didn't say he was fucking me, he said he was making passionate love to me. I don't figure that, though."

"Figure what?"

"How could he love me? He's only known me for a few days."

"Jade's the kind of dude who loves a whole bunch of people. It's not like he wants to put a ring on your finger and chain you to the bed, man. He told me in an email once that no matter how many dudes came into his heart, there was always room for more, but that each place in his heart was special, and that no two places were the same."

It took quite a while for Paul to absorb what I'd just said as he gazed at the endless heavens. "Yeah, like I have a special place in my heart for you. Do you have a special one for me?"

"Jeez, Paul! Haven't we had enough fucking romance for one night?"

"Just answer the fucking question, dude."

"Yeah, I've got one for you. Now go to sleep."

The dawn was just beginning to creep over the hill that rose above the beach as I woke. The gulls were already searching for breakfast while assorted other birds greeted the new day with a cacophony of whistles, chirps and screeches. "Paul?" He was nowhere to be seen. I sat up, rubbed my eyes and looked around. Hmmm, 5am. This is totally, damn rad, I thought. I gotta talk mom into moving here. Waking up on a beach was wicked, and beat the hell outa my room.

"Oh, you're awake already. Here's your toothbrush. It's got toothpaste on it. I'll be back in a tick with breakfast. Don't move. And don't piss yet, either!"

"You shouldn't have said that word, man. I can't wait." Paul turned on his heels and ran back to me. He knelt on the sand in front of my semi as I locked my hands behind my head and just let my piss flow freely while I scanned the far horizon. Whoa! This was one awesome trip! When I'd squeezed the last few squirts from my dick, I looked down to see my bud wet and shiny from head to toe. "Shower before you handle breakfast, OK? Oh, and take those champagne glasses back to the house."

While I waited for Paul to return, a lone jogger gradually got to within thirty or forty feet of where I was sitting. "Hi," I shouted, and waved my hand. She waved back. It wasn't until she was a ways further along the beach that she glanced over her shoulder. I waved again. I guessed she was just making sure that I really was a naked teen sitting on the beach and not some figment of her imagination. Hey, this was too damn groovy!

"Muesli, fresh strawberries and milk," Paul announced as he handed me a bowl and spoon, then secured two glasses of fruit juice in the sand. "And I showered first, asshole, so don't gimme any shit."

"Yeah, you do," I said after a couple of mouthfuls of breakfast which tasted so damn good.

"I do what?"

"Have a special place, man. You crack me up something serious, dude, and I guess you're a pretty cool bud." I noticed him studying the wet patch of sand. "Yeah," I laughed, "there's only one Paul."

"Ah! I see you guys have already had breakfast." We turned to see the walking hibiscus standing behind us. "Oh well, doesn't matter. I'm not feeling too fancy. Gettin' too old for parties, dangit." As his butt crashed to the sand, I'd half expected the earth to tremble. "So what are you young whippersnappers gonna do today? And how come you ain't wearin' a damn stitch out here? What are my neighbors gonna think?"

The words had no sooner left his mouth than we all turned to see two horses with their riders galloping toward us. Even from a distance, I could tell that Jade and Danny weren't wearing a stitch either. "Dangit," Richard continued, "this place is turning into a nudist beach and folks around here are gonna blame me!"

Before we left to ride back to Jade's house, I figured I'd better phone mom. "Hi, mom."

"Daniel! Are you OK?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Fine. Missing you, though -- and so is Kyle."

"Give him a big hug for me."

"A hug? I've given that furry friend of yours so many I've lost count. Greg misses you, too."

"Give him a … I mean, shake his hand for me."

"I'll give him a hug like you meant to say, Daniel. I'm your mother, remember? I know you, son."

"Hey, mom! This whole trip has been the bomb, totally! Richard is so cool and I met Jade and Danny and we've ridden horses and gone snorkling and a whole bunch of neato stuff."

"A whole bunch of neato stuff? Is that going to be the title of the book?" she laughed. "Well, son, I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation, and I'm sure you'll tell me all about it when you get back."

"K, mom, I'll put Richard on. K? Hang."

After Richard had chatted with mom for a few minutes, Paul phoned his mom, Then, we heaved our nekkid asses over Jet and Sally's rumps and galloped off to Jade's house. As I hung on to Jade's narrow waist and felt the hard muscle at the base of his six pack, I couldn't help but get horny. The rhythm of the black stallion's gate was causing my boner to rub against the small of Jade's back -- and there was no way he wouldn't have felt my solid teen meat.

"Have you ever made love on the back of a horse, Daniel?"


Jade kept one hand gripping Jet's mane while he placed his other on the horse's back to raise his ass. I got the message. I aimed my throbber at Jade's hole as he lowered it and consumed the whole of my rock-hard seven inches. I wrapped my arms around Jade's meaty chest and put my chin on his shoulder to keep my face away from his fluttering, black locks. Meantime, the stallion continued to gallop at high speed along the compacted, wet sand. Whoa! This was incredible! My boner was fucking Jade's ass stupid as our bodies rose and fell with the horse's natural rhythm. I looked over my shoulder to see that Danny and Paul were doing exactly the same thing. Fucking wicked!

As I felt my rush of cum about to explode, I grabbed handfuls of Jade's solid pecs and bit his neck. The wind was in my blonde hair, the breakers were scurrying to shore, the sound of galloping hooves on wet sand together with crashing waves was in my ears, the sweet perfume of Jade's hair was in my nostrils, his tight ass was squeezing my throbber like an angry fist.

"Oh, fuck, Jade!" I groaned as my load erupted. "Ooooooh, fuuuuuuuuck!"

After allowing the horses to graze near Jade's house, we spent the rest of the morning wandering nude along the beach, taking time here and there for a bit of snorkeling. Danny had also brought his soccer ball for practice. Man, that dude could make that thing dance like magic on his knees, toes and forehead. He was so damn cool to watch, especially when he arched his back to bounce the ball off his head, and his dick would be thrust into the air.

There were a few other people on the beach, including a couple of board riders, but nobody seemed to pay much mind to our nakedness. "It's a small community around here," Jade explained. "A lot of us are refugees from the big cities. We're pretty cool about nudity and stuff. Drugs are out, though. And we don't take kindly to people who come here looking for trouble."

A little further along the beach, I spotted a group of girls sunning their bare boobs. "Take my watch, Paul. I'll be back in a minute."

I was only a few feet away from the chicks when one of them heard me coming. She shaded her eyes with one hand and looked at me. "Hi." I gave her my best, most innocent smile. "Sorry to disturb your sunbathing, but I was wondering if you had the time." When I'd done with the question, all four of the girls were eyeing my bod. Cool! That's what I wanted. I needed to know if the opposite sex really appreciated me. Sure, Lindy and her friends back home thought I was hot, but it was the bomb to be reassured by strangers.

"Hang," one of them said, "my watch is in my bag."

"Damn!" I laughed as I placed my hand over my rapidly rising dick. "I guess the sight of your, uh, chests is kind of making me… well, you know."

"That's OK," the blonde smiled. "I'm Sue, and these are my friends, Karen, Rachel and Cynthia. Are you visiting?"

"Yeah, with my friends over yonder, except for Jade, he lives around here. I'm Daniel."

"Pleased to meet you Daniel, and you can take your hand away from your… what I mean is, it doesn't bother us. Right, girls?" she giggled.

I placed my hands casually on my hips and puffed my chest as my seven, proud inches stabbed the cool sea breeze. "Well, I guess it's only natural," I laughed. It was just so damn wicked to see those girls ogling my prize piece of teen meat like they wanted to devour it one by one.



"The time. You asked for it, remember? It's 11:30."

"Oh, right. Yeah, sorry. I forgot. Thanks a bunch. I'd better get back to my buds. See ya!"

Paul returned my watch as we resumed our walk along the seemingly endless stretch of beach. "What was that all about?"

"Man, you should've seen those chicks' eyes poppin' out of their skulls at the sight of my hard meat! Damn, they were like so fucking hungry, you could see it written all over their faces."

"You wanted to see their reaction to your dick?" Danny asked.

"Yeah, sure, why not?"

"Oh, Daniel, you are so cute, you make me smile big time. You puff your chest like a man but, inside, you are a little boy," he laughed.

"Don't be embarrassed," Jade commented at seeing the expression of bewilderment on my face. "It's the combination of your macho exterior and your vulnerable interior that makes you so damn loveable."

"He's right," Paul agreed. "You're so damn crazy but you're way cool."

"Well, I don't know about all that shit, dudes," I said as I kicked the sand and my face glowed with self-consciousness. "I just dig showing off, is all."

"But it's the way you show off," Jade laughed. "Sorry to sound like shrink, man, but you do it for fun, not for ego. Sure, you have an ego, but it's not offensive. If it were, your face wouldn't be as red as a beet right now."

Jet and Sally were still grazing peacefully as we arrived at the rear gate of the house where Jade punched in some numbers. Once inside, our host pulled a bunch of stuff from the fridge. "Pizza OK for lunch?" We all agreed, even though we knew that Jade was basically a vegetarian. The pizza base was one of those ready-made frozen ones but the toppings were all fresh -- mushrooms, onion, capsicum, chilies, tomatoes, cheese, pineapple, herbs and whatever.

"Extra mozzarella?" I asked as Jade removed the pizza from the oven, and the kitchen filled with the delicious, spicy aroma of our lunch. "OK, stupid question."

We decided to jack off one at a time so that we could perve on each other as our boy juice splattered over the toppings. Jade's was interesting 'cause of his uncut dick. Watching his foreskin completely envelop his pink knob, then retreat in a split second to reveal the whole head of his dick was just so fucking hot! Not only that, every muscle of his smooth, tanned body stretched, popped and danced as he tugged away at his boner. Danny's was cool, too. He would stop jacking every now and then to see if we were all paying attention. When he finally did blow his awesome truckload, he thrust his hips forward and aimed his knob at various parts of the pizza to make sure his juice was evenly distributed. "I just wanna make sure you all get a piece of my special Spanish boy milk," he laughed.

It was my turn last, and I decided to do something a little bit different. As I felt my cum building into an electrically-charged crescendo in my loins, I took my fist away from my throbbing seven and allowed it to go feral. I watched it bounce like a wild pony as massive jets of juice exploded from my swollen knob and draped themselves over the pizza like long, sticky strands of melted cheese. By this time, though, our food had gone cold, so Jade placed it back in the oven to warm.

After lunch, we followed Jade up his fav mountain to watch him practice his Shaolin, and to give us some lessons in the art of self-defence. It was when this tall, muscular, long-haired dude went through his martial-art paces that his special qualities became more apparent than usual. He looked like the prince of teens as his body moved in precise, smooth, perfectly co-ordinated action, as though his limbs and torso were made of bronze-colored elastic. Rarely before had I seen such a physique. Not too big, not too small. Perfectly proportioned, with each muscle complimenting its neighbor so that his entire body was absolute poetry in motion. As I tried to copy Jade's routine, I soon realized how difficult it was, and how many countless hours he must have devoted to his art of Shaolin to reach his level of expertise which, he'd told me, was the equivalent to black belt in other forms of Oriental martial arts.

"You're impressed, Daniel?" he smiled. There was something very noble about the way Jade spoke and acted, as though his family tree may have included royalty at some stage. But, despite his aristocratic demeanor, he was also a regular dude -- one of the guys. He rocked big time.

"Fuck, yeah! Shit, man, your body is like fluid the way it moves. Fucking awesome!" Paul and Danny nodded enthusiastically in agreement.

"And yours doesn't? My guess is that you and Paul are just as awesome in the pool as you power through the water like dolphins. And I'm sure that Danny is like a bull in ballet shoes as he weaves his way through the opposing team to the goal posts and sends the ball flying off his foot into the net. Shaolin is my choice, but I would love to see you guys do your thing. I'm sure that I would be very impressed." Paul and I studied each other, both thinking the same thing, as we visualized how each of us looked in the 100 freestyle during swim meets and practice. Then we both looked at Danny as we visualized the way he made his soccer ball dance on his knees, toes and forehead back at the beach. Yeah, we were all way cool at what we did.

By late afternoon, it was time to return to Richard's house. As we prepared to mount the horses, we all began to crack up like crazy. Each of us knew what the other was thinking and, as it turned out, I got to ride up front with Jade behind me, while Danny was behind Paul. Yeah, the ride home was gonna be fucking awesome, literally.

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