Part 77

Before allowing Greg to read Kyle's email, I needed to explain something important. "Kyle knows about me blowing you."

"You told him?"

"He lives in South Africa, man, not Tampa! Besides, everybody needs a bud to confide in. I could've told Paul or one of the local guys, but I didn't -- so peace out, dude. It's no biggie."

It took a few moments for Greg to consider my confession. "K," he smiled, eventually, "I won't get mad if you lemme fuck your funky face. Deal?"

hiya Daniel

whoosh! youve got fuckin big time probs and i thought that i had those. now im gonna come from someone who doesnt haveta share his fuckin house with anyone. i reckon if i had a choice id like to have steve as a bro - cos we both like the same things and then - guess what - wed be beatin each others fuckin heads in within a day or two - cos wed get so fuckin bored with each other. i reckon lifes not just about suckin cock or swimmin or surfin (well...... hehehe maybe) butya get my drift. theres gotta be a lotta things goin on or youd be bored to fuckin tears man. havin greg in your house - now that is somethin. havin a str8 hunk livin withya and he allows you to blow him - ok he doesnt needta know that you told me - hed probly beat your blonde head in if he knew. ok so im driftin here -

ok listen up and i hopeya sittin down and im thinkin here before my fingers start mouthin off cos i dont wantya to get fuckin mad at me ok. youve created a large part of the prob by givin yourself a label man - youve labelled yourself gay. gregs as bad cos hes labelled himself str8. those fuckin labels are like str8jackets cos they stop us from bein normal. normal? doin what the fuck you want whenya want to. i went clubbin for the first time the other nite with steve ross and kevin. if i felt like it i coulda screwed a hundred birds who were flappin their wet pussy lips around. all i wanted to do was dance and rave. i was bein normal. yeah so i admitted on my new homepage that im gay. it doesnt mean ive got a fuckin stamp on my forehead and im not gonna let that stop me from screwin lindy with the nice tits if i hadta meet her. she sounds pretty awesome and shes pretty lucky to have greg - even just as a friend.

what would i do with a new bro? well i think id get him interested in things i enjoy doin - take him to the gym to swim with ya, wrestle with him, argue, fight and then hug and make up - thats the best part of it. find out what things he likes doin and maybe join in. he might not like havin your cock in lindy at the same time as him - but hey what a thought.

you and greg like each other - no doubt about it. you feel like hes invaded yours and your moms house - hey dude youve got some fuckin wakin up to do. the house is now yours your moms gregs and andys - im not gonna tellya to like the idea - cos im not sure how i would handle it without goin thru that sorta thing.

i guess the first thing would be to lay down some rules for you and greg - protect your turf - your bedrooms - where you can do whatya like whenever - you can jackoff in private and so can greg - bet he jacks off thinkin about you sometimes. yep i do - why the fuck doya think str8 guys play rugby and wrestle and get physical - cos they get fuckin excited by the contact of another guy. str8 - gay - labels. all guys are basically the same i think. its society thats laid down the fuckin rules of how we should be. you and greg need to find some sorta balance - didya ever see the karate kid? - find a balance that you can both share and enjoy - you can get naked and he can keep his clothes on and thats normal.

i hate to seeya bein hurt daniel butya need to sort this out b4 it eats you up.

i dont know if ive been any help here - its not like i can even relate to what youre goin thru. find a balance - please - cos i loveya tons.


while youre about it - suck on this

8=================> and swallow ---------

hehehe give greg a hug for me


"What do those letters mean?"

"I lovya tons, Daniel."

"I guess he does. Seems like he really cares about you."

"And you."

"K, dude," Greg smiled as he dropped his shorts and thrust his boner into the air, "Kyle's not here so you'll have to suck on this one."

I looked at his throbbing six inches and wanted to wrap my lips around that killer meat straight away, but I resisted. "Hey, dude, I said it was a deal -- I didn't say when. Let's do like Kyle says and work out some rules first."

"Like what?"

"Well, until Andy can build your room out back, we're gonna have to share mine. Kyle says we've gotta find a balance, and I know neither of us is gonna change. So that only leaves one option -- respect."

"Lemme get this straight, you want me to respect you 'cause you're gay?"

"Labels, remember. I'm saying that you should respect me 'cause I'm me, period. And I'll respect you 'cause you're you. Deal?"


"By the way, have you screwed Lindy?"

"None of your business."

"She's my friend, too! Anyway, she told me that she didn't wanna get screwed 'til she's older."

"That's what she told me."

"So you didn't fuck her?"

"Have you fucked Paul?"

"None of your business."

"K, so what about other rules?"

"I say we share the chores around here. I'm not gonna be your fucking servant just 'cause your awesome."

"How awesome?"

"Fucking awesome."

"K, we'll share the chores. Anything else?"

"Yeah, I want you to take up diving again like you used to do in Virginia. It'd be way cool to watch you in the comps, and you can watch me at swim meets. We'd be proud of each other."

"Cool. Anything else?"

"Yeah, do you jack off thinking about me sometimes like Kyle said?"

"No fucking way, man."

"Your face is as red as a beet, Greg," I laughed. Within a few seconds, though, I found myself flat on my back on the bed with Greg sitting on my chest.

"A deal's a deal, bro." There was a wicked gleam in his soft, chocolate eyes, while his irresistible smile revealed a top row of perfect teeth. He leaned forward and stuffed a second pillow under my head as I watched his long, black hair drape over his meaty shoulders.

I reached up and ran my hands over his strong, upper arms. His bronzed skin felt velvety smooth and warm, while the muscle beneath was as firm as a football. Then I placed my hands on his rad pecs and allowed his dark-brown nipples to caress my palms.

"One more rule."

"Fuck, Daniel! I'm as horny as hell! K, what's the fucking rule?"

"We don't argue any more."

"Deal. Now open up wide, bro, 'cause my balls are bustin'."

I kept my hands running over his wicked, muscular chest as six inches of rock-hard throbber invaded my mouth, and his hairless hangers draped over my chin. It was so damn cool to know that he really loved to fuck my face, even more so than Lindy's. There weren't too many guys as good looking or sexy as my new step bro -- and I could never imagine anybody, no matter what their 'label', not wanting to eat every drop of his delicious boy juice.

He must've been aching to offload 'cause it was only a few minutes before his back arched, his body shuddered and he pulled my face to his groin. I felt his pecs harden like steel in my hands while his boner rammed the roof of my mouth as if it were a gloved jackhammer. With each of his primeval groans, a jet of thick, sticky jizz exploded -- followed by another -- then another -- as I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up with the torrent. There was no way that I was gonna waste a single drop of his juicy, masculine prize.

He placed his clenched fists either side of my head and rested his exhausted weight on them while his teen meat got lazy between my lips. "I gotta tell ya, Daniel, that was so damn awesome. You are one mean cock-sucking mutha," he gasped as I licked his wet knob clean and admired its shape. "I wish I could return the favor, man, I really do. But, well, you know…"

"Yeah, I know."

"You want I should beat you off?"

"Dumb question," I smiled.

I remembered the time shortly after Greg and I had first met. We were in my room when he tried to prove that his ass was not a pretty sight by dropping his boxers and shoving his buns in my face. Whoa! Man, those smooth, golden globes and wrinkled rosebud were one of the horniest fucking sights I'd ever seen. He still didn't quite understand what it was about his ass that turned me on, but he was getting used to the idea.

As he lowered his butt over my face and began to give my spit-lubed boner a hand-job, I took a moment to savor his wild boy scent which filled my lungs and excited my senses. Just inches away, his brown and pink hole winked at me and demanded to be passionately tongued. His balls and soft cock were resting on my chest, just below my chin.

I raised my hands and smoothed his firm globes as I pressed my face to his ass crack and sent my tongue as far into his tasty hole as was possible. Meantime, his right hand was expertly stroking my rock-hard seven while his left was fondling my cum-filled hangers. I felt the rush coming but couldn't make a sound except for muffled groans. It was fucking awesome, though. Whoa!

"Has Lindy seen your ass?"

"Not as up close and personal as you have."

"She doesn't know what she's missing."

"Maybe she does."

That evening, we decided to rock down to the mall for pizza, and maybe rap with some of the guys. Kyle was right about Greg and me just being buds and finding things in common to do. We had a cool time chatting with Nick and his girlfriend and pigging out on Super Supreme. No extra mozzarella, though. Damn! Later, we spent a couple of hours at the games parlor where we were joined by Benny and Steve. It was a totally rad night.

On the way home, we arrived at the pedestrian crossing. It was close to midnight so the streets were deserted. I stopped under the overhead orange light.

"Hey, Greg, you got any juice left in those groovy hangers of yours?"

"Buckets, man. Let's get home."

"I've got a better idea."

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 Daniel's Diary Part 78