Part 84

While the guys were watching some lamo movie on TV, I decided to check for email. Besides, once Lindy and Greg were in my room for the night, there'd be no way they'd want me there.
hiya Daniel

its 4pm here and im only just leavin school. i thought id check to see if my mail server was up before goin home. its been down lately.

so why am i late? remember mark? the guy who called me a fag in the quad at school - the one i decked? anyways hes on the swim team now and we get along pretty well considerin we had that fisty. so today he saw me after the exam.

hey bud whats up?

nothin why?

you look lower than shark shit.

just feelin a bit down - dunno why.

got some time?

yep - why whatsup?

i wanna show you what i do when things are gettin me down.

so we went thru to the gym.

you got any togs here?


so he threw a paira boxin shorts at me.

put these on.

then the two of us went thru to the small trainin room and theyve got a few punch bags there. he started to hit out at one and i sorta wondered how come he never just punched my lights out when he had the chance. the muscles on his shoulders and arms were like huge! even bigger than yours dude.

so i started to punch the bag - and it started to feel pretty good. the two of us spent like almost two hours in there - punchin the bag and doin situps and pushups and punchin the bag, and then he would hold it for me to hit and i would hold it for him. we were covered in sweat by the time we were finished. the silky shorts were clingin to me and showin my semi and ass. pity marks not gay huh? if it hada been you there you woulda fuckin raped me hehehe

anyway then we showered.

feelin better now?

fuckin hell yeah - and how! thanx mark, i needed that.

yeah i could see it. so whats the prob?

i dunno - i guess its not been able to surf and the exams and the studyin.

yep i know the feelin.

AND I FELT FUCKIN GREAT AFTER ALL THAT DANIEL! besides - i got a good stare at his awesome schlong while we were showerin hehehe.

anyways i know this mail has gone on for like fuckin ever but i just figured that you and greg oughta get a punchin bag at your house so you can punch the shit outa that instead of each other :) its wicked exercise and you can check out his bod while hes punchin

kyle 8=========D---- *slurp*
I wrote back and told Kyle that Greg and I were getting along pretty well, except for the odd glitch in our fledgling brotherhood. I also told him about Angela, and how I'd freaked big time when she delivered the pizzas -- oh, and the 'fashion' parade. That was a fucking hoot!

For the next ten minutes, I worked out with the chest expander while checking out my bod in the mirror. I looked pretty awesome, even if I did say so myself. I was proud of my physique, and I worked at keeping in shape. Anyway, Angela was pretty impressed with it and she was one hot looking woman. Actually, I couldn't think of anybody who wasn't impressed -- even Greg thought I was hot. "Yeah," I thought as I eyeballed my reflection, "you're one hunky mutha, Daniel boy."

"Hey, guys! I said as I entered the living room. "How much does a punching bag cost?"

"A what?" Paul and Greg asked in surprise.

"My dad's got an old one in the garage," Lindy said. "He never uses it. I'll ask him tomorrow if you can have it."


"What the fuck do you want a punching bag for?" Paul demanded.

"To shove down my Speedos, dickhead. What else?"

"You don't need to," Lindy laughed, despite a steely glare from Greg.

I explained to the guys what Kyle had said in his email, and that a punching bag would be a cool way to get rid of aggro, no matter what the reason for the aggro was. Everyone agreed that it was a wicked idea.

By the time we were all ready to call it a night, I decided on a quick shower. I was still sweaty from excercising with the chest expander, and my armpits were a bit rich. Ew! As usual, Paul followed me like a devoted puppy and stepped into the stall with me.

As I watched my stream of piss bubble out of his open mouth and dribble down his chin, then onto his tanned chest, I wondered about this kid. Sure, Greg and I had run around the yard pissing on each other, but that was a fun thing, not a sex thing. Or was it? Too many questions. Not enough answers. Maybe it didn't really matter. Maybe all that mattered was that Paul liked my piss. It wasn't doing him any harm, and it made me feel kinda... well, kinda special. One dude who emailed me called it god piss. I guessed that's what it was to my black-haired, blue-eyed bud.

"Jeez, you've got a killer bod," Paul mumbled as he soaped my arms and chest. "It looks so fucking horny when it's all wet and shiny -- like golden and smooth. Fuck, it's wicked!"

"Better than Greg's?"

"Bigger maybe, but not better. I guess it's just 'cause I like you more."

When it came my turn to soap Paul, he threw his head back and moaned softly as my lathered hands glided over his velvet skin and sent him to heaven. "You've got an awesome bod, too, man."

"You really think so? Ow!"

"Sorry, dude," I laughed. "But I wanna make sure your ass is clean."

"So what about my bod?"

"It's more about proportion than bulk, man. You don't have a whole lotta bulk, but you've got excellent proportion -- and way cool buns."

I ran my soapy hand down to his throbber and balls. "No, Daniel! Not yet, man! I don't wanna blow my juice yet! I wanna save it for the tent."

"Me, too. Let's get outa here. I've got a bucket-load saved up."

After I'd lit the lantern and placed it where the light would shine on my bud's ass, I asked Paul to lay on his back and raise his knees. "You gonna fuck me?"

"Maybe later. Right now, I wanna see if I can get you hard without touching your dick." I must've had my bare ass sticking out of the two-man tent as I crouched between Paul's legs and examined his perfect nads and cute pinky. "You smell totally wild, Paul -- like fresh soap. Whoa! This is one horny sight, dude!" I took his hairless balls in my mouth and sucked them. Jeez, that felt wicked! At the same time, I ran my hand over his flat stomach and sensed his abs contracting under his smooth skin as I watched his lazy dick gradually come to life. It was so damn cool to see his chest in the distance, sloping upward from his sixpack, and rising and falling with his excited breathing.

The thought of his delicious, wrinkled rosebud just an inch or two from my face was too much to resist. I used my other hand to massage the hard muscle between his moist hole and his nads.

"You said you weren't gonna touch it!"

"Hmmmphhh," was all I could manage with a mouthful of Paul's hangers, so I spat them out. "I didn't touch it, dammit!"

"Daniel?" I recognized Greg's voice. "Why is your butt sticking out of the tent?"

"I needed to fart."

"Yeah, sure. And I'm fucking Boris Yeltsin. Anyway, Lindy won't let me fuck her, so I got mad and thought I'd talk to you."

"Not now, dude. Talk to me in the morning." There was a moment or two of silence. "Greg? Are you still there?"


"Did you hear what I said?"

"It's your ass, bro."

"What about it?"

"It looks fucking horny -- and I'm horny."

There was something wrong here. This was Greg talking about my ass looking horny? I began to reverse out of the tent but stopped when I heard Greg's voice again.

"Stay like you are, Daniel. I don't want you to see what's gonna happen. It's like I can see this cute ass just itching for me to fuck it crazy, but I don't wanna see the rest of you. It's just an ass sticking out of a tent in the moonlight. OK?" Paul and I looked at each other in astonishment, but said nothing. Was this a dream? It had to be! "Did you hear me, Daniel?"

"Yeah, I heard you, bro, but I don't believe it."

"You'd better believe it, bro. I've gotta tell ya, your cute, white ass hanging out of the tent flaps looks way, way fucking inviting, dude, whoa! And I'm right in the mood to ram my throbber between those smooth globes, especially since I'm so damn pissed at Lindy."

I didn't quite know how to react. This was all so damn sudden and unexpected. So I took Paul's throbber between my lips and began to suck, waiting for Fate to run its unpredictable course. I could think of no words to say.

"Your ass is still there, bro, and you're not saying no, so I take it you're saying yes. Anyways, I can hear sucking noises in there," he laughed.

I kept riding my firm lips up and down Paul's rock-hard meat, and savoring the salty taste of his pre-cum, when I felt Greg maneuvering himself between my legs. I heard him spit, then silence, until he spat again and rubbed my ass hole. "You ready, bro?"

His hot, hard sausage pressed against my slippery hole while his hands gripped my hips. Slowly, he slid all the way in as I kept my tongue busy with Paul's throbber. Pretty soon, Greg was pumping me like there was no tomorrow, forcing me to lurch forward with each of his aggressive thrusts. On the backstroke, it felt as though he was dragging half of my insides with him. Whoa! This hot-blooded, Eurasian dude could fuck like a wild bull!

At the same moment that Greg's first groan shattered the tranquility of the night air, my mouth filled with a truckload of Paul's thick, creamy, boy juice. At the other end, I sensed the warmness of my bro's sticky jelly exploding into my ass while I swallowed like hell to keep up with Paul's delicious torrent.

When both teen dicks were spent, I felt Greg's boner slide out of my hole. A moment later, I heard the back door bang shut.

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